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Verizon Pre 3 gets unexpected webOS Doctor 2.2.3; Another OTA update incoming? 48

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 28 Sep 2011 2:55 pm EDT

If you were surprised yesterday when the AT&T Pre 3 received an OTA update to webOS 2.2.3, what do you call your feelings for today's news? HP has followed up with the update for the AT&T Pre 3 with a new version built specifically for the Verizon version of the same device (one that we haven't heard very much about). 

As the AT&T Pre 3 received an OTA update yesterday shortly after the webOS Doctor was released, we're going to say it's safe to assume an OTA update is right around the corner for the Verizon Pre 3, and we hope that means other carrier-released models will get that same OTA sometime soon as well. This new version of webOS doesn't bring any added features to the webOS 2.x experience that we know of, but bug fixes are always nice to get. Especially since neither HP, AT&T or Verizon will be honoring any warranties that would normally come with the smartphone.

Get the webOS 2.2.3 Doctor for Verizon Pre 3 through the WebOS Internals Wiki right now, or just wait to see if an OTA update comes through soon. Our next question is, how many Verizon Pre 3 owners does it take for HP to release a minor OTA update like this one?

Source: WebOS Internals; Thanks, Ajay!


I wonder if this will quiet all the chicken little naysayers who say the wireless carriers will never, ever, ever, never release any more OTA updates to webOS phones. Hmmm.. I doub't it. Look! The sky is falling!

Since Verizon never actually released this device, this is likely just HP pushing an update through to devices that aren't officially available to the public.

No, believe me. Verizon or AT&T won't release any OTA updates unless it's tested first. They put man hours into testing this before it was released. HP has no way of going over Verizon's head to release at OTA.

HP is in control of the OTAs, not the carriers. It was probably in their contracts with the carriers not to release OTAs until the carrier tested and approved. Since they don't have a contract, they can release the OTAs at their discretion. The other question is, given this fact, will Verizon even let you activate a VZW Pre 3 should have gotten your hands on one?

I am wondering about actual VZW activation as well. Not that it matters for me.

This isn't correct at all. It is the carriers themselves that have 100% control over OTA's. This is even the same way with Android updates. HP had the 2.1 update for the Pre2 months before Verizon actually released it. The original Pre would release updates to the carriers and it would take US carriers infinitely longer to release while the rest of the world pushed them out.

My understanding is that the OTAs are on under HP's control, but they won't release it until they get the carrier's approval.


So what carrier approves all the unlocked devices and the WiFi only TouchPad? The carriers only have approval based on their contracts with HP. This could vary wildly at this point due to the current way of things.

Just saying carriers don't get to approve every update for webOS, and things are very much up in the air with current devices.

As of right now we don't have one current public purchased Pre3 confirmed to be activated on VZW.

I can't tell if this was posted before or after you wrote that due to the weird timing on forums (how can there be posts from the future??), but i think you were un-researched when you wrote this, as there was posted this:

Now I can sell my verizon pre3 to the highest bidder and rest easy..

This is true, Matt. But you are missing one key point here - the carriers never approved these devices. The Verizon and AT&T Pre 3 do not exist outside of HP channels. The carriers cannot approve OTA's for a device that is not in their system.

yes. at least mine activated with no problems. I got it yesterday (28 SEP) and it seemed to already have 2.2.3 on it when i cranked it up (unless it updated when it did the initial palm profile sync)

why should anyone believe you?

these are HP's devices. not yours. or even Verizon's.

nobody even knows if these devices are even running on VZW network.

it is possible VZW approved this, it's also possible they didn't

You don't have to take my word for it. Contact Verizon or AT&T and ask them. You'll get the same answer. No way in **** an OTA update gets allowed over their network without their approval. That doesn't even make sense.

What's the difference between an OTA and a full-on Doctor?

In other words -- what you say doesn't really mesh with reality. The past has shown that they needed to wait for the carriers to release the OTA.. OR THE DOCTOR! Palm has NEVER released a doctor NOR OTA without carrier approval, but that's on released devices. This is an unreleased device, it's more like an unlocked pre2/3, the updates (doctor or OTA, same diff) just come. It's a whole new world!

And there are too many people that have proven you wrong -- I don't know why you're still talking -- there's no way that at&t approved the OTA that went out yesterday. I'm not really concerned whether this OTA comes out at this point, the Verizon Pre3 that came out was unactivatable, so, by correlation/definition, it was un-OTA-able. This doctor fixes activation issues.

The OTA updates don't come from the carriers. They come from HP. The only reason updates had to be approved by the carriers in the past is that's what the contracts said. There is no contract between HP and the carriers for the Pre3, so HP can release whatever they want.

i got a VXW one on 28 SEP. running fine.

If that is the case, where is the updates to the Pre 2? I'm not even talking about the Verizon Pre 2, the unlocked one. HP isn't even supporting phones that don't have to go through carrier testing before an OTA is released.


Which OTA are you talking about here? If you think we're supposed to have 2.2.3 on the Pre2 then you're mistaken.

Palm was working on the webOS 2.X build for the Pre3, that build was targeted for the Pre3 hardware. Simply releasing the 2.2.3 OTA for the Pre2 would not work, the hardware is obviously not compatible.

there's no such thing as an 'unlocked' Verizon phone. ALL Verizon Pre 2's sold by anyone (including HP) are covered by a contract between Palm/HP and Verizon. It doesn't matter where you buy them and whether they're on-contract or off-contract.

I genuinely do not understand why there is confusion about this. The Pre 2 is an officially released phone. The Pre 3 is not.

It would be great if HP could just sell them at regular price - I'd buy one! I'm curious to know as well, how many Verizon Pre 3 owners are out there, and more importantly, how did you get one??!?!

why are they doing this for unreleased devices? Makes zero sense.

Is this a hint pre3 will resume production?

Does anyone even own a VZW Pre3?

I do!
And actually I have an extra Verizon and AT&T Pre3 for sale (as well as locked and unlocked Veers). Brand-new! Anyone who's interested email (or else PM) me at

Best offer gets it, serious only, international welcome though it makes more sense to be used on a US network.

I can also get unlock codes for the Pre3s or Veers for $16-20 each.

Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to sim-unlock the Verizon Pre3 yet. (Remember, it's a global phone!) So it will only go international on Vodafone from what i can ascertain.

I just got my VzW Pre 2. I would love an update that fixes the System Sounds issue with Voice Dialing.

So far so good with my Pre2.

Not really a permanent fix but the Pulse Audio Re-starter app will bring those system sounds back.

I loaded that and it works great! Thanks, mattbrad2!

I didn't think there were any Verizon Pre3 devices in existence?

I've seen it at least once on eBay.

OK, so tell me what the **** is going on... two phones that don't really exist on the market officially got OTA updates, and the Veer is NOT getting any update?

With these doctors dropping, I keep randomly checking my palm profile now... this is worse than the mashing of the update button we used to do

This was probably just Palm releasing the stuff they had already functionally completed.

It seems like Palm almost quite literally dropped absolutely everything that was not the TouchPad before the July 1 launch, after that they worked on the Pre3. I suspect the webOS 2.X branches for the Pre2 and Veer have seen very little work at all since May.

Where does one get a Pre 3 for Verizon???

I have one for sale to the best offer, PM or email

The general understanding among the webOS community is that the Verizon Pre3 was produced (in limited number) in preparation for retail sale. When HP cancelled all hardware sales, the inventory of the VZW Pre3 (along with that of its also unreleased AT&T cousin) was warehoused. They are both being sold in some way to HP employees. It appears that some of those employees may be reselling on eBay and elsewhere, explaining those few devices "in the wild."

The only way a VZW Pre3 would hit general release would be if HP (i.e. Meg Whitman) reversed its previous decision and went back into the webOS hardware business. {Jonathan}

Hmm, I guess I'll check Craigslist. I'm local to Sunnyvale and imagine that my odds are better than average in finding one there.

I did a search and there are quite a few brand new AT&T 4G Pre 3's up for sale. Are these legit devices?

What are the chances of getting a 2.2.3 metadoctor for all us Pre/Pre+ owners :-)

Currently, zero. 2.2+ was developed for hardware that isn't compatible with Pre/Pre+ or even Pre2 for that matter. Our only hope is that what ever Palm/HP's 600+ engineers are working on has to do with making those 2.2 and 3.x builds work with other hardware so licensing webOS becomes a more attractive option.

Cant wait to get my AT&T Pre3 in the mail tomorrow! OTA update ready and waiting!

I hope this means I have no need to metadoctor to the UK Sim Free Pre3 doctor.

My Pre 2 is ecstatic that the Verizon Pre 3 isn't around. I'm kinda depressed about it.

Hey Tim! Thanks for the mention!
I forgot to ask, I meant to have you link to my post on twitter ( and use my screenname instead :)
but whatever's clever.
Looks like sconix is close behind on the Vz patches, hopefully i'll have my phone up around the same time. I'm so excited, it was really crazy to see that the files on the Verizon one were dated from May, while the ATT one has file dates from August. No wonder all the Verizon employees had to return them due to the software not being ready.. hope HP gives them some pre3s so that they can actually support it!

I would like to get a Pre3...just sayin...that would be nice, then I could use this update...I like my Pre2 but I would really like a Pre3...That is all :) Thank you for listening/reading my crying.

Oh no this site is turning into crackberry. Everybody ranting and raving over incremental updates that fix bugs and annoyances with the rest of the articles dedicated to random app reviews and homebrew. Nothing official or interesting left here...*tear rolls down eye*

I would love to find one on Verizon

This is pretty funny: there are more posts to this story than there are Pre 3's in the USA to update!

Id love a Verizon Pre3. My Pre-Plus is dragging