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Verizon Pre Plus and iPad WiFi: So Good 99

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 06 Apr 2010 9:40 am EDT


Over at sister site TiPb (The iPhone + iPod + iPad Blog), they've published a full review of the Apple iPad and the gist for Pre owners is this: it's a perfectly reasonable decision to wait and see where it's going with iPhone 4.0. Don't think of it as competition to the Pre, it's not a phone. Still, comparing multitasking on the iPad to multitasking on webOS is surreal: the one that feels more like a computer is a staccato singletasking experience and the one which is a phone feels like it has an operating system from the future. 

So far we've only seen the WiFi-only version of the iPad but since I'm a Verizon owner and Mobile Hotspot is completely free, the lack of cellular data hasn't bothered me at all. It's fast and easy to just toggle Mobile Hotspot on the Pre and get to 3G browsing on Verizon's fast and reliable network with the iPad.

I've tried to make the case that free Mobile Hotspot means that business users should give webOS a second look. The ability to tether the iPad at no extra cost means that for dedicated Verizon users, the Palm Pre might be the best phone to go with this 'mobile companion' known as the iPad (yes, I went there).

Anybody else in webOS-land pick up an iPad? I know more than a few of us are dreaming of the possibilities of webOS on a screen this large.

(Full disclosure: I contributed to the hardware section of TiPb's iPad Review. And yes, I'm standing by that line about the teddy bear.)



is it worth the money what's ur impression of the ipad

It's like an iTouch for old people like me that don't want to put on reading glasses just to use the device.

I was thinking of getting an iTouch. I have a day one iPhone that is deactivated and kinda works like a touch. I know the limitations of the OS, I know how Apple operates. Therefore, my experience with the iPad has been very good.

As Dieter sez, it tethers nice with the Pre. The display is very nice. It does everything I expected it to.

Maybe someone can hack the webOS ROM onto the ipad? That would be amazing. I would buy it, no joke, if that was a possibility.

All the hype around the ipad had me going to Best Buy to pick one up... Played with it for half hour and changed my mind.
I wanted to want one, but couldn't think of what I would use it for.

That shows the difference between Apple's marketing and Palm. They made people want one, even if they have no use for it. Most of those clips that that the various news organizations have been showing of people using it in cool and creative ways were generated by Apple.


Yeah, I have yet to hear a valid reason why I should want over a laptop/netbook that is cheaper and does more.

For me, it's a combination of "instant on" and larger screen.

For example, if I'm watching a movie, and want to look something up on IMDB. The Pre does an ok job at that, certainly better than the Treo, but it's still slow to scroll around to find what I want.

Another example is if I'm helping someone play a video game by looking up hints etc online-- most of those sites aren't even close to being mobile-optimized.

Can I do all this on a netbook or laptop? Sure. But how long is it going to take to boot up, then go back to sleep?

The beauty of the Pre is that I'm basically entering my search as fast as I can draw it from the holster.

Even with my brand-new laptop, with SSD and high-end mobile processor, it still takes about 15-20 seconds to come out of hibernation before I can start searching, and it weighs 8 pounds.

If I can have a device that sits on the coffee table consuming virtually no power until I need it, then turns on in a couple seconds to allow me to search, I'm in heaven.

Frankly, I'd love to see Palm put out a tablet. WebOS is absolutely perfect for this sort of thing-- isn't it about time that someone started porting it?

Yeah, I went to BestBuy @ lunch today to play w/one. Seriously underwhelmed. It's like a really big iPod Touch. Maybe with some more time behind it, I'd learn how to love the thing. But a 15% restock fee means that trying it costs (at least) $75! I don't think so.

I'm sure that I'd learn to type on it after time. My typing wasn't actually that bad first time out. But what I learned today is that I can wait on this thing. Glad I went.

I have a Palm Pre Plus, and I considered a iPad. My brother did get an iPad, and we literally played with it in his truck for about 1/2 hour. It hooked up really easily to my Pre Plus, and was cruising the internet really nicely, but we both quickly realized as many have said; the IPAD is just an oversized IPOD Touch. When you factor in the price it just isn't worth it.

After that 1/2 hour he took it back into the store and got his money back. Ironically, where I live in Tampa Florida the radio station was taking phone calls about the Ipad, and who was buying them. I would say about 40% of the phone calls were of people that had the same reaction has my brother did. Bought it, played with it a bit, and then took it back. The biggest complaint was zero multitasking.

It sounds like an ample supply of refurb/open box sale units will be available then. :)

Great! Maybe palm should have a commercial out showing tethering of i-pad/i-pod/ with palm pre. That would be some positive commercial.

Anyone knows actual verizon ads for convert your dumbphone to verizon pre plus (if you are still within contract)

We tethered my daughter's iPod Touch to my MHS on a car ride on Sunday. She said it was kinda slow but didn't want me to turn it off. Now, if I can only get my laptop to acquire an IP address when connected, I'm golden!

Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions?

I bought one, mainly because i had my home buyers credit burning a hole in my pocket. Although its very very eye candy and sleek. I am returning mine. I mainly bought it just so i can see what all the hype of iphone is about. I can now say that this thing is a piece of junk compared to the palm pre operating system. I mainly got it just so i can say i used iphones OS and i still think its terrible. Here is my not so good experiences.

1. Ok so i try it out, i download some new apps like the AIM app, when i go to register it takes me twice as long as i would on a laptop, and the worst part is none of the security codes would show up when signing up to register an account. So i wasted about 10 minutes for a few different apps creating accounts, just to put this thing down and grab a real laptop, if i still have to use 2 devices its total fail

2. Ok so i finally registered AIM, im talking to my friend, he sends me a link from youtube, so i open the link, watch it. now i know i have to open aim to go back but when i went back it was like launching again for the first time.

3. The web browsing is sup par the way you have to minimize a window and select another. It auto refreshes on each page breaking my links or making me sign in again to whatever i have

4. They took functionality that could easily be incorporated and actually make it more user friendly like for example.."a simple drawing app" your telling me they couldn't throw in some MS paint type doke? but then i jump on the app store and the stuff that should be built in.. is 20 dollars an app. its ridiculous.

5. And the best part was people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I already had 3 times where the iphone locked up on a launcher page and wouldn't launch my icons.. 2 minutes later of waiting it became responsive again.. but aren't these the same kind of complaints iphone users make about palm pre?

6. The push notifications are non existent for most apps except the built in mail. for example i download twitteriffic.. its very eye candyish.. but if i leave the app, i don't know if im getting tweets. On the pre its all niceley stacked running in the background showing my tweets. on here i have to remember once an hour to run twitteriffic and then all my tweets are all old and crusty.

Plus throw in the fact it doesn't charge off any computers except new mac computers, it has no usb, it cant double as a usb device unless you pay some stupid ass mobileme account. ti has no flash. the html5 sites dedicated to it like ABCNews are pathetic to say the least. Its like using the sprint tv from 3 years ago to put it in a nice way.

this thing is all around fail. For an iPhone user though its awesome because it multi craps the same way the iphone does. iPhone users will be blinded by Steve until they see the light. So yeah i paid 750 with tax.. but its going back this weekend.

Wow, we have had completely different experiences. Mind hasn't locked up, frozen, slowed down, lagged or anything even close.

Also, with respect to drawing applications both Brushes (9.99) and Sketchbook by Autodesk (7.99) are under 10 bucks. As a matter of fact most the apps I have seen are under 9.99.

Check out all the functionality of GoodReader for example for .99 cents that allows you to view various file types, transfer files wireless or through iTunes etc...Sure maybe Apple should have added that natively but one could argue that Palm, Google or Microsoft have all left out stuff that the user community filled in.

Personally I don't use a laptop to IM usually just run yahoo and gmail on the Pre so I haven't messed with IM apps.

I am using this exact setup. Me and my wife both got a pair of iPads and had them both running on my Pre Plus hotspot! Perfect combination. Saved the extra 130 the 3g version would cost along with the 29.99 monthly.

Thank you Verizon for doing the right thing and making this a free feature (well at least the first 5gb).

PS - the wife stashed her laptop for school and gave a presentation with her iPad linked to an NEC projector. Gotta love that. The iPad runs silky smooth and is very fast.

It may not multitask yet (maybe 4.0 will add it along with some widgets?) but the iPod runs while I answer emails or surf the web. The pop up notification system sucks compared to WebOS or Android but seriously the level or refinement is very high.

I am super happy with the device and using the Pre in conjunction when you are away from wifi as its mobile hotspot is straight win!

I am happy with my iPad too. I have yet to tether with my Pre since I've been around wifi everywhere I've taken it so far, but the OS is like you said so refined and smooth. Sure you can't multitask and the notifications aren't as good, but there is something nice to a device that just does what you ask it too without telling you you need to close the 0 other apps running.

...Me and my wife both got a pair of iPads...

So, four all together? I guess that is one way to get your multitasking.

Yep, one in every crowd. Let me rephrase. Me and the wife picked up a coupla iPads. Or maybe I picked up an iPad. My wife picked up an iPad. Or how about I picked up two ipads one for me and one fore my wife. Me and the wife picked up one iPad each. Me and the wife both picked up an iPad. Me and the wife picked up an iPad, one for me and one for her. Damnit I don't like any of these. I need an editor...

I wanted to ask this the other day, but had to run out of the office. Just out of curiosity, does Palm have the patent on this Hotspot technology, or are we going to be seeing a lot of other mobiles offering this as a feature in the very near future? I'm hoping Palm has the exclusivity on this, but I am doubting it.

Apps are overly priced and still no flash support. No thanks.

It doesn't sound like Apple will add flash support anytime soon if ever.

I highly doubt it. When I had a windows mobile phone, I used WMWiFiRouter. It's a 3rd party app that does exactly what the Palm hotspot does. They had developed and released their product many years ago, and it works fairly well.

that's what I was thinking Blueray. I was hoping they could corner the market on it, and help to drive some business into Palms hands. I imagine we will be seeing a lot of devices with some similar offering in the near future.

is it worth the money what's ur impression of the ipad

Its really not.. read my review. you will most likely agree. i wont bash it really bad.. because it is good for one thing.. playing games/reading on the crapper. But can you justify paying 700 bucks for a crapper comic book reader/mp3 player? I am taking it back and getting patio furniture because in 2 years my patio furniture will probably still be worth more. lol.

You bring it back after you used it on the crapper? That's disgusting.

while I think there are "some" people who could benefit from an iPad, I think most are wasting their money. People just want to wait in line to say they got the iPad and for mostly no other reason. Everyone is hyped up about nothing. I can do MORE for LESS with a mini laptop that has touchscreen and the ability to flip the screen over as a pad. I just don't understand why people are buying into Steve's hype. Price alone should have people throwing this out the window. I thought this was a recession?

What happens when you get a phone call on your Pre Plus? I know AT&T has based VZW on the fact you can surf and talk at the same time and I'm guess in the Pre and Pixi plusses both suffer from this same CDMA issue...correct?

I'm on Sprint and I liked the idea of tethering until I realized that my connection dropped when I got a phone call or text. I'll still with my Sprint Overdrive 4G for now thanks.

As for the iPad, I can't wait for the HP Slate, a real business machine that will truly get some work done.

this is a carrier thing, not a phone thing. Sprint can do it in certain areas, Verizon cannot. Search the forums, as this discussion happened in great detail.

AT&T's Pre will likely not have this problem and I'm sure they'll advertise the heck out of this one. Verizon and Sprint aren't doing much to change CDMA since 4G is coming out and all of that will be moot.

See the whole I will wait for the HP Slate to get "real" work done thing is lost on me. There have been plenty of tablets running Windows on them already. Why didn't you own one of them? Truth is the HP Slate is a low spec Windows machine without a keyboard. I got a feeling that performance wise there will be quite a few unhappy campers.

Say what you want about the iPad (and I am not an Apple apologist I also own an Alienware m11x for gaming, a Nexus 1, Pre Plus and a Nokia 900) but just dropping Windows 7 on a tablet will not make a great user experience. If it DID then the tablet up to this point would not be an obscure, niche product.

The iPad runs VERY smooth as is and is a fun device to use for music, movies, netflix, email, internet (aside from Flash of course but BELIEVE that maannnnyyy sites will be jumping to get to HTML5 the Apple audience is too large to ignore), games, eBooks and even simple productivity tasks using iWork.

The iPad is good for the market like the iPhone was because love or hate them look how the market has changed. Not for nothing but prior to the iPhone (and I loved the treo as much as any Palm fan) the market was pretty stagnant. Even the Treos were getting long in tooth. I don't use an iPhone (had the 1st gen along with the 3G for a few weeks they weren't for me) but I am not so sure that the phones I carry today, or the ones dropping left and right, would be released as quickly as they are had it not been for the iPhone.

Comparing the iPhone and the iPad is ridiculous. One is needed. It's a phone. Everyone has a cell phone, so why not bump it up to a smart phone? An iPad is not needed. It's simply built to consume other products. It's a toy, not much more. It's in a gray area between a phone and a laptop.

And yes, I played with my friend's toy for about half an hour. Then I was bored.

I disagree. I think it is a great comparison. The iPhone is not a needed device either. It is simply a much improved and more expensive version of the cell phone. Its first implementation had all types of issues (no 3G, Apps, Camcorder, and poor coverage) and it was still very popular and it changed the industry. It is basically a visual iPod and phone combined or a media consumption device with a phone.

The iPad is also media consumption device in a nice sized package. Its current flaws (Multitasking, and lack of flash) will keep me from getting one, but I am not dumb enough to think that it isn't game changing. Its combination of size, speed, battery life, and, yes, price is unmatched by anything.

Apple will come out with a 2.0 version just like they did with the iPhone. They will claim it is revolutionary because it multitasks and has a camera and I will probably buy one then. That is unless Palm comes out with their own Tablet before then. One can dream can't they.

Um. Yeah. People use phones every day. They are integral to our lives. A better one with more features is therefore something that everyone will desire.

No one needs a tablet. It is a toy.

Sorry you can't see the obvious difference. But it's really, really obvious.

Look, mobile phones only became common in the last 15 years. Personal Computers had their breakthrough only 30 years ago. Back then, nobody could tell for sure how big they would become, but there were visionaries (like Apple and Microsoft, Motorola and Nokia) who saw the potential and made it happen. It's entirely possible that a new class of information devices was introduced last weekend and you just don't see it yet.

iPhone was easier to justify not because "everybody needs a mobile phone", but because "everybody KNOWS a mobile phone". Same for iPod Touch: People knew what it was, an uptrade from the older iPods or a cheaper iPhone if you couldn't afford going with AT&T.

With the iPad, we don't really know what it is. So we say it's "just a big iPod Touch", even though that explanation doesn't really satisfy. Should it indeed have the potential to become a meaningful new category we will only slowly find out as we learn more about it and become familiar and as the device and the apps evolve to their full potential. That takes some time, certainly more than a weekend.

The HP Slate will be a better tablet than this. It runs full blown windows 7, will have a nice overlay if needed from HP and it can multitask with multiple apps and use peripherals like usb and an sd/mmc card slot built in. I am sure however that this wont get 10 hours of heavy use since it will multitask, and run as well asa PC. Maybe 4 - 6.

The HP Slate will compliment the pre nicely.

However, the iPad is a nice piece of eye candy, just not for me.

For those of you who think its vapor ware, there are about 16 that have been built as a pilot. Steve Ballmer demoed one at CES. Its on youtube.

Ballmer did not "demo" one at CES, he held one up in the air, big difference. The HP videos of the device are very nice, but I really wonder if the Windows 7 apps on that Atom platform are going to perform any better than they do on my Dell Mini 9, which is nice but much much slower than my iPad (at least from a user experience standpoint). And once you get used to the iPad's 10+ hour battery as I have, its hard to imaging buying a device that is estimated at 5 hours and probably will be closer to 4 (if HP's previous battery life estimations are anything to go by). I also don't like that non-standard 1024 x 600 resolution, same as my Dell Mini and a pain in the ass when it comes to things like web-based Yahoo mail, etc.

The Adobe videos are great, they basically showed what the iPad CAN'T do and why a Windows device is superior to a giant iPhone.

Do you have Windows 7? If you did, I would expect you would know the power of W7. Atom processors are being used in many HTPCs these days that run HD content, the Atom is a VERY powerful processor for how much speed it doesn't have. I really don't think it will be a factor, especially when comparing it to the iPad processor which (from what I've heard) is the same processor being used in smartphones. I'm sure this attributes to the great battery life, but it shows that it wouldn't be able to handle the processing power that the Slate will most likely have. Personally, battery issue isn't a huge deal for me, so long as it has 4-5 hours, that's really all I would need it for. 10 hours is crazy good, but I'd hate to be stuck watching a movie on a 4:3 screen ;)

Which Adobe videos, and are you sure that these things won't show up on the iPhone sans Flash? Adobe is currently integrating iPhone export into their Creative Suite. Creatives can soon write Flash games, export them to Apple's SDK, compile and submit their native apps to the AppStore.

There are already a couple of apps on the AppStore that were actually created with Flash CS 5 Beta.

My buddy at work got an iPad.. he was like "can't show you online since we don't have wifi here"

So I busted out my Sprint Pre and MHS and it was up and running in no time. He is a VZW user and was VERY impressed with the data speed my phone was pulling over Siftel's Ev Rev A network =)

ipad sounds like the biggest joke of the century seriously why not just buy one of those small laptops that actually runs a real os? In my opinion that thing is just something some rich person is going to have just to say they have one.

News Flash - iPhoneOS is a real OS, not saying it is great, but I am sick of people saying it doesn't have an operating system.

This is my exact setup, iPad connected to a Pre Plus. I am going on a business trip tonight. Will be leaving the netbook at home and taking the iPad instead. So far I love it.


i have been running my WiFi iPad with my Sprint Palm Pre that has MyTether on it. It is a very good combo. However, i think i will still buy a 3G iPad next month.


I'm mildly tempted, but I'm wondering if 3G will effectively stream Netflix and whatnot or if it'd only provide a decent browsing experience.

THAT I can get by using it with a Pre's shared connection.

Just curious about your reasoning.

because i do not like carrying 3 devices. I do not use the Palm Pre as my phone. I use the iPhone. So when i carry the ipad out of the house, i have to now carry the pre, the iphone and the ipad.

Why do people all of a sudden want a tablet? With the size of laptops now, they are just as protable.

Because a new market was just introduced (granted it's existed, but not in the average consumers' mind). THAT'S why everyone wants them now.

We are *all* very susceptible to The Message, folks.

Because Lord Jobs hath declared it so.

and the Sheeple must follow. Or else.

I've got an iPad and agree with those who said that you'd do well to play with the demo before fully judging it.

i would NEVER
why buy a useless tablet that
A. cant multitask -- one of the effing basics for a nonmobile sansphone OS
B. is expensive for NO reason
C. has 0 flash.
D. is only being sold rapidly because people see that apple made it, and theyd buy anything from apple that shiny and hard
E. has no camera

i mean, cmon, the list goes on people
get a grip
you wanna apple product? the only sane one out there is the macbook
the iphone is played out -- also no multitasking, that btw my 4 month old pixi could do
the ipod has that weird circly trackpad thing that confuses the hell out of everyone, and also, whenever i hand someone my zune 4GB, they automatically circle round the trackpad like apple has brainwashed them to -_-

ill just stick with my macbook pro, when apple becomes the "revolutionary innovative" marketing wiz it used to be, ill come back to see an ipad that can multitask, take photos, etc
but i cant really blame them. apple is doing what palm did. they made a "pre" ipad. just to shut consumers up for a while. then they're gonna release the "pixi" ipad with at&t coverage that undoubtedly will include a camera, multitasking update, etc, to drive consumers back to the easily dying at&t XD
at&t bt, if you havent noticed WILL die when verizon gets the iphone. not to say that verizon is the best network out there -cough- sprint -cough- because personally i think verizon is like the mindcontrolling illuminati of cell phone sales with their $150+ plans -.o

comment your opinion.

I won't respond to every point, but regarding Flash...

I was surprised to find the PreCentral's videos play just fine. I guess the move to html5 is in full effect.

You left out no USB. That is a pretty big deal to me.

The best thing about that combination is that it allows you to do 51 things at a time. :)

OK, that was funny. :)


part of my interest would be doused if I could edit text documents on my pre. Other than that, might only think about getting one if I could hang it on my bulletin board, and have google calender with all of my family's calenders showing at once, like in webos, and have that all ways running when not in use so my mom knows what were up to. Unless I can use it for that spacific use case, I really don't think I can come up with another one

btw, I'm in love with the advent of the rotation block switch. Wish I had that on my pre, and now I think we'll be seeing more of those

The iPad has a really good hardware. But the software is a bit outdated. It does look great but without multitasking I can't imagine doing serious work. If Apple does something about the multitasking and stupid you-have-to-click-OK notifications, then I can start thinking of buying iPad.

For me, webOS is the best mobile OS on the market and the main reason why I haven't thrown my Pre away in favor of Nexus or some other Android phone (or even the iPhone).

But...if you've got an iPhone, you just can't imagine how great multitasking is and you think that the way the iPad behaves is just normal. So for Apple users, it's probably a good choice.

Maybe they will finally come out with the Foleo!

A closed system does allow for uniform and reliable experiences. I see the appeal.

But Android and WebOS have shown that it's possible to have a "closed" system, with an opt-in open system for more experienced users. The two can co-exist!

The biggest appeal of the iPad for me is that battery. What magical voodoo have they done to get it to run for 10 HOURS?!? (A feat that little iphone can't even accomplish?) I recently embarked on a 13-hour plane ride and it would take $600 in spare batteries to get my little 12.1" HP TouchSmart to last that long.

I would love to see HTC make a tablet based on that gorgeous new Sense UI (which borrowed heavily (stole) from the WebOS card concept) -- even if they kept the exact specs/features of the Evo and upscaled it to a larger screen, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!

P.S. What I don't see anyone mentioning above is that in another devious move by Apple, only the 3G version of the iPad has a GPS chip, so even if you're using a WiFi version w/free mobile hotspot, you're missing out on the joy of location-aware apps. :(

As mentioned in other parts of this thread, the WiFi triangulation works surprisingly well on the iPad, so location-aware apps are working for me just fine. Iagree however it was lazy engineering on Apple's part not to put a GPS chip in the iPad instead of relying on the 3G chipset they have.

Nothing magical about having none of the features and peripherals that a normal tablet PC would have. Battery life is great when it doesn't get taxed by all these features. But choice is good I guess. iPad isn't for me I guess. I like my devices to be practical and functional. The iPad isn't.

I've tried it for a good 30 min. Screen is nice. I still prefer my friends ipad mini (ipod touch) anyday. Same thing as the ipad, but portable. I still do not understand what the ipad is suppose to take over. You still need a phone, as a mp3 player it's not all that portable, you still need your laptop...guess you can read books and watch movies on it. I have good eyes, my palm pre screen is large enough for me :)

iPad is a Toy, not for seriouse buisness types. Im the type im not going to buy into the app thing, so might as well get a JooJoo and surf the web. Thats all I would do with the iPad anyways. I do love hooking my laptop to my phone though, to do buisness. We will see what the HP tablet with windows 7 looks like. Maybe that will be some seriouse hardware.

iPad + pre with sprint + mobile hotspot with patch has been working great. On day one after trying all sorts of apps on the iPad, I still had 85% battery on the iPad.

To all of you out there who are contemplating a Pre or I-Pad, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SKIP ON BOTH!!!! The I-Pad is an oversized I-PAD, get yourself a netbook for much cheaper that does more, As far as the Pre goes, I bought one and have had nothing but regrets since, The phone and platform HAD great potential but it was squandered by a terrible add campaign and horrible carrier choice as a result Palm will never have the development support of an Android phone. I definitly backed the wrong horse when I chose Palm, It will always be in 5th place due to their leaderships resistance to go all the way. Dont be like me who is stuck waiting for another year for my contract to be up so I can upgrade from this Pre and get a real device like an Android device. I OFFICIALLY QUIT ON YOU PALM YOU SUCK!!!!!!!

buh bye

P.S. What I don't see anyone mentioning above is that in another devious move by Apple, only the 3G version of the iPad has a GPS chip, so even if you're using a WiFi version w/free mobile hotspot, you're missing out on the joy of location-aware apps. :(

Wait, i bought the non-3G iphone and when i open google maps, it pinpoints me to my house pretty precise.. So i do have GPS then right?

Your first-gen iphone, although it doesn't have "true" gps, can approximate your location using cell tower triangulation. Since the ipad doesn't have any sort of cell radio, it can't do that. The best it can do is by a company called Skyhook, which uses a database of WiFi access points to fairly accurately locate you. This is good enough for things like weather apps, etc. on the ipad, but not much else.

It really is surprising how accurate the WiFi triangulation is, Google Maps on my iPad usually locates me within a couple of block of where I am.

Ditto. Quick as heck and surprisingly accurate -even when tethered.

I love my sprint palm pre and my new iPad.they do what they where meet to be.what I love about the iPad is the it has a stable OS everything is fast.I wake up in the morning turn the iPad boom I in pre central in like a sec.don't get me wrong it still missing multiple tasking. I have been spoiled by my palm pre is the best phone ever.I been trying to kill to get a replacement It does not die.hahaha

your mama's so fat she bought an ipad to replace her itouch...

ahhh hahahahaha



If you contributed to the iPad review, shouldn't your name be listed somewhere? At least an "additional reporting" or something similar line at the bottom?

"why buy a useless tablet that
A. cant multitask -- one of the effing basics for a nonmobile sansphone OS"

The new OS being announced on Thursday is predicted to include multitasking.

"B. is expensive for NO reason"

The iPad is technically less expensive then a Palm Pre without a contract. A Palm Pre Plus currently goes for $599.99 @ Best Buy. A Palm Pre is also made of cheap plastic. The iPad is made of scratchproof glass and a solid aluminum casing. The Pre feels like a cheap plastic toy in comparison.

"C. has 0 flash."

1996 called and they want their technology back. Flash is no longer relevant. A 14 year old proprietary programming platform is not important anymore. Let it die.

"D. is only being sold rapidly because people see that apple made it, and theyd buy anything from apple that shiny and hard"

This is the 1st Apple product that I have purchased. I love it and it makes all of my old computers obsolete.

"E. has no camera"

I don't see why it couldn't support a bluetooth webcam if you wanted.

Conclusion - The iPad can and will replace your netbook and laptop as it can do 98% of the things you need a computer to do.

iPad + Pre wifi hotspot = heaven

I haven't seen any comments on BATTERY LIFE yet. Since the Pre's battery life is pretty miserable with the hotspot feature working, the mobility of the Ipad is severely decreased.

~9 hours with wifi browsing. The thing should certainly have a large enough battery.

EDIT: Sure the Pre only lasts half that (??) when it comes to straight wifi hotspottin', but that's why you've got a spare, right? :)


JooJoo is a massive fail according to engadget review.

Other tablets are scrambling to create custom Linux/Chrome OS/Android operating systems.

Palm, you've got the BEST current mobile OS.

Partner with somebody and get WebOS on a tablet YESTERDAY. Show the world that you can have an App Store AND still support the homebrew community. That you can support Flash and Multitasking on a mobile device -- because YOU'RE ALREADY DOING IT on a mobile device!

Your company is sinking -- this and Pre 2 need to happen this year or your days are numbered.


the ipad doesn't replace the laptop though. didn't u guys read my review. i had to constantly pick up the laptop to register new accounts because the security codes (adobe) did not display. It takes me 5 minutes on this to do something that should take 30 seconds.

Verizon's fast and reliable network? I suppose if you compare it to T-Mobile. Sprint and ATT have been rated faster and more reliable than Verizon the past two years. Verizon seomtimes had reliability in the 70 percentiles in PC World's 13 city test. Verizon is overpriced and waaaaaaaaaaayyyy overhyped. Sprint is the way to go. More reliable than Verizon, usually faster according to many tests, and half the price. No question about it. The only reason you should go with Verizon is if noone else has coverage in your area.

I bought one Saturday and so far am really liking it. This is my first Apple product, although our household has an iPhone and various ipods belonging to my wife, who incidentally can't really work them so I do all the "support" on them (including loading music; so much for your "anyone can use it", Apple). Even though I hate iTunes and lament the fact the iPad doesn't have a USB port or flash memory card slot AND doesn't support Flash, I have to admit it really is one of the best ways to surf the web while sprawled on the couch (much better than hunching over my laptop on a TV tray).

I like how fast it is, I like how many applications are already available (especially things like Desktop Connect which let me run my RDP Windows 7 computers remotely, flawlessly), and I like taking it to meetings to take notes on (I always felt uncomfortable bringing a laptop to a meeting just to take notes, always felt like the screen was in the way, but the iPad is very unobtrusive, once you're done killing the first 10 minutes of productivity showing everyone the new toy). The size is perfect for carrying around the office and it slips easily into my briefcase.

I didn't plan on buying an iPad when it was announced but as I read the reviews Thursday a couple of apps pushed me over the edge: the Marvel Comics/ComiXology apps, the Netflix app, iBooks and the Zinio magazine reader (because PC Mag went all digital last year). Overall these apps all met my expectations (the Netflix and iBooks apps especially) and I've since found several more that I am using on a regular basis. And the games are really fun :) I heard Apple already has something like 25% of the mobile gaming market at this point, the iPad is going to keep chipping away at Nintendo and Sony's mobile market share.

As far as iBooks goes, I predict Kindle hardware sales will plummet at least 50% this year, the iPad is that good as an ebook reader. The smartest thing Amazon did was coming out with an iPad Kindle app (which is very nice, btw). There will still be a market for Kindles, as long as they are cheap, like $99 cheap. Otherwise why would you buy a black n' white device that only does one thing?

Back to the iPad: I've ripped some DVDs to it and loaded a couple of the "digital copies" that came with my Blu-ray movies and the video playback is outstanding. This is going to be a great device on trips (which I will get to try out next week when I fly from Chicago to LA for a couple of days). The case is almost mandatory, as the iPad is kinda heavy and the case lets you prop it at an angle on your lap or stand it up to watch videos.

Probably the thing I like about it the most is the battery feels like it lasts forever. It really does last over 10 hours "in use"; after using it at work all day and playing with it at home in the evening, the battery was still at 62% when I connected it to the charger when I went to bed. My Dell Mini 9 netbook gets about 4 hours, my Dell XPS M1330 gets less. And the iPad blows away the Mini 9 in speed, this thing provides a really fast user experience.

It's not perfect; I like the email client, but I hate that it takes 4 steps to switch from my work account to my Yahoo account. The fact you can't multi-task is a joke. I keep trying to use the Home button to bring up a "card" view like on my Pre, it just seems like it should do that! And why doesn't the browser have tabs for crying out loud? A lot of this stuff feels ported directly from the iPhone and doesn't take advantage of the larger screen real estate other than showing more of what you're looking at. I'm also a little frustrated there's no file system, I can't organize things in folders, but the Pre is pretty much the same way and its weened me off working via a file explorer.

Hopefully some of the quirky stuff will be fixed in iPhone OS 4 (but I don't expect to see updates like we've received on the Pre). Even with the issues though I really like this device and honestly it should be the benchmark for how fast any sort of mobile/portable gadget should work. I am now really annoyed with how slow my Pre is; since getting the iPad it feels like my Pre has slowed to a crawl, because the iPad has me conditioned to believe that when I hit an icon, or perform a screen action, the device should react instantly (imagine that). The 800MHz patch makes the Pre work better, but its still no where near in the iPad's class (and to be fair few devices are). Here's hoping there's some news on 2nd generation webOS devices soon, or I see an Evo 4G paired up to my iPad in the future.

What about the Palm FOLIO ?

I forgot about that, so I went to wiki to look it up. Does this sound familiar?

Initial reaction to the Foleo in the trade press was quite critical, noting that subnotebooks had never found a large market. A vice president of research group Gartner stated that Palm has "created a device that's not quite pocketable, but it's not quite full function, either".[15] Users on forums and news sites have widely mocked the name (calling it the Palm Fooleo), and criticized the apparent lack of ability to run Palm OS applications, the lack of multimedia features, and the price. TechRadar said "If you've got a mobile that can handle email, why on earth would you want the Foleo?"[16]

I found this review from the NHB (Normal Human Being) perspective to match my impression of the iPad.

It just seems like a netbook or a tablet PC would be more productive and be actually useful opposed to being some kind of toy.

like this

Please send that to Palm RIGHT NOW!

I so want that!

I'll give you $500 for it!

I've hooked my IPad to my Sprint Pre using mytether & it works great. Got the new Pre update working with tether. The wifi hotspot works much faster on the IPad than the Pre. Shows you how slow the Pre hardware is. Regarding the IPad - I think its outstanding. The screen resolution & brightness is fantastic. What is so hard about hitting the home button & opening another program. It always goes right back to where you left off. So it's not much different than hitting the tray button on a computer (Windows crap). Wish people would grow up & stp bashing new technology that is inovative. I can do most things I've done on my computer. Can even print wirelessly to my desktop machine.

I've hooked my IPad to my Sprint Pre using mytether & it works great. Got the new Pre update working with tether. The wifi hotspot works much faster on the IPad than the Pre. Shows you how slow the Pre hardware is. Regarding the IPad - I think its outstanding. The screen resolution & brightness is fantastic. What is so hard about hitting the home button & opening another program. It always goes right back to where you left off. So it's not much different than hitting the tray button on a computer (Windows crap). Wish people would grow up & stp bashing new technology that is inovative. I can do most things I've done on my computer. Can even print wirelessly to my desktop machine.

palm should make one and I have a feeling they mite you know after they drop there new phone

I think it's funny to see how defensive people are about this product. People are actually mad that it exists! I personally would love to see a WebOS tablet experience but Palm simply does not have the money or market share to go that route. It's not as simple as porting your phone to a tablet - you actually have to have developers program for it.

Apple has a HUGE head start in terms of courting developers to port their applications to the iPad. Once they throw in multitasking, beef up the processor, and get MS Office on board - the iPad will be a powerhouse.

I work in a hospital and we have had top of the line tablets for doctors for a long time and they have been heavy and beastly abominations. How anybody got anything done on them is beyond me. Now that the iPad is out, doctors want it and they want it badly.

Personally, I'll be picking one up simply for the eBook reading capabilities. It doesn't hurt that the thing can do a handful of other things too.

Upsetting because it could have been a tablet with a full operating system. It's a seriously limited device to push subscription based services from Apple.

The only thing "magical" about it is that Apple convinced people to pay $500 for it. It's as if the 1985 Lemmings commercial applies to Apple users now.

You guys are all nuts. Rather than tout a really cool feature of your little underdog phone, you spend your time slamming the iPad. This is not only stupid and a waste of time, but counter-productive. I found this post by googling "iPad pre plus mobile hotspot". In other words, I've got an iPad and I want to see how well it'll work with the pre+ MBH. So I get half a page of "it works" and 10 pages of you fools slamming a device I've already bought.

Now, if you actually cared about the Pre, you'd be talking this feature up and not alienating newcomers to the platform. Me, I'm a veteran of internet discussions and a long time Apple fan, so I'm used to this nonsense and I've been able to read the objective stuff. I decided that 1) I'm going to ditch AT&T and my iPhone and 2) get a Pre+ on verizon to use this feature. That's how cool it is.

Keep your priorities straight. You people could learn a thing or 2 from the Apple evangelists.

I traded in my Droid for the Palm Pre for the mobile hotspot for my iPad and it works great and best of all I don't have to pay money to AT&T for internet service.