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Verizon Pre Plus vanishes from HP store, Amazon,; Winston Smith unavailable for comment 68

by Derek Kessler Mon, 06 Dec 2010 4:07 pm EST

  The fading webOS family

If you were in the market for a Verizon Pre Plus, you might want to start a desperate search, because it seems that the device has all but fell down the online retail memory hole. Both it and the Verizon Pixi Plus no longer show up in the HP Wireless Central store. The Verizon Pre Plus is also no longer available from, and has disappeared from Verizon’s own online store (the Pixi Plus is still available at both). This follows the recent EOL'ing of the Sprint Pre.

We wouldn’t fret, however, as we know there’s a replacement coming. It’s called the Palm Pre 2, and it’s due out sometime in “the coming months” - though, really, shouldn't it have appeared by now

If Verizon’s managed to run down their Pre Plus inventory to the point that it’s no longer available, perhaps its glass-screened gigahertz processor brother isn’t far behind to take the Verizon webOS throne (assuming it hasn't gotten lost).

Source: HP Wireless Central, Amazon, Verizon; Thanks to kepaloa and Brian for the tips!


Yeah guys... lets get the Pre 2 out already... HP should have this out the door already...

I wonder if Wikipedia works on the Pre 2. I bet it doesn't.

What kind of bizarre, out of the blue comment is that?

I'm thinking he/she ment that the pre2 is so insignificant/ unknown that wikipedia didnt even bother to write about it

Looking forward to the Pre2. Love the software in the Plus and the revised hardware will be great.

I'd say I was excited, but the screen resolution on these phones is getting worse each day. I really want to get something soon or I might be jumping ship to Windows Phone 7 when it hits Verizon.

Are your pixels disappearing?

Still available in the HP Small Business Store, $399 no contract.

I find it odd and rather poor management that all the webOS phones are being EOL'd BEFORE new phones are out. Now we have the crappy Pixi as the only phone representing webOS in stores. Brilliant move HP.

agreed, im either going to get the pre 2 or just wait till ces to see what is announced...or ill get the pre 2...if it ever freaking comes out.

it's CES or bust for me. they need to wow the world (and me) with a phone or i'm off to Droid land.

I hear you on that but i like being different and flashy... the next gen of webos powered phones are going to be just that. So, I'm going to stay on board even though this ship seems to be sinking. Perhaps hp will toss us an inner tube sooner or later :)

Don't ya just love it when HPalm opens their big mouth for webOS 2.0 details? But when it comes to a release date, they keep their dumb mouths shut? Or a possible reason for delays? They anounned the pre 2 about 3-4 months ago. What do you guys think Andriod and apple are doing in this time? In another 2-3 months hp will release the pre 2 and expect customers. But by then, the pre 2's hype will be all gone and people will be leaving plam to get the lastest and alot better phones from Android and Apple. Hp's going to learn their lesson......."in the coming months" with and exact date to be told at a "later date"

Love the picture :)

I'm excited, but it has nothing to do with HP, Palm, or WebOS.

Then what?.....

same here, I was reading on wikileaks :)

Just chatted online with a sales person, was short and got the usual crap:

Brittany: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?

You: Hi, my update is in a few weeks and i want to havve a phone picked out for when the time comes, the palm pre 2 was announced about like a month ago or something and the pre plus is no longer on the site, do you have any details when the pre 2 will be on the site?

Brittany: Unfortunately, we do not have that information at this time, but you are able to sign up for our Email Updates and they will let you know if anything comes up. Hover over the Support tab and you wil be ale to click on the link from the list.

You: Okay thanks, will do.

anyone else that may be better at getting information from people, i say go for it and update to use what you find out.

Mind if I point out a small grammatical error in your post, Derek? "Has all but fell" should be "has all but fallen".

In any case, while I agree with previous comments that EOL'ing devices before their replacements are out is pretty sloppy, not to mention very confusing for consumers, the reality is I don't care about the Pre Plus or the Pre 2. I want to know what HP has up its sleeve next. Hopefully, we'll find out at CES.

When the Pre Plus came out, it read as little more than a slap in the face to us launch-day Sprint Pre owners, as there was absolutely no reason whatsoever that the same amount of RAM couldn't have been put in the original Pre. When the Pre 2 was announced, it just seemed like a dose of weak sauce over day-old leftovers, presented as a new meal.

If they don't announce something truly exciting at CES (and I don't mean printers), I think that will be the final nail in the webOS coffin. It pains me to say that because I HATE Apple, I'm mildly annoyed by Android, and I really love webOS. But there's only so much longer I can hold onto this 2.5 year old phone. I have to replace it with SOMETHING soon. I'd love for that something to be a spiffy new Palm device, but if that's not an option (on Sprint), then I'm gonna have to go Android, which would be a lose-lose for me and for Palm.

So come on, Palm. Dazzle me at CES. PLEASE!


Your phone is not 2.5 years old unless you managed to get it a whole year before anyone else.

I'm guessing he ment when it was first leaked that any existance of it was known outside of palm. However, u are correct. We shouldn't base the age of electonics on that date, but rahter the date it was released for purchase or at most the day it was officially announced by the company. In this case jan of 09 im think. Making it allllmost 2 years old. Eitherway, it still pretty old in the consumer electronic world. The last phone i had for an extended period of time was an LG potrait slider. It was awesome for messaging, thats bout it. had it for bout 2 years im thinkin then got a BB curve. Had that for like 4 months b4 i got fed up with its freezing and crappy/ unusable browser and got the pre. Remember the day we got our pres? I was like, "holy crap this thing is niiice." You know? Even to this day i still appriciate the pre for what it is.

Ah, you're right, Brendilon. It's 1.5 years, not 2.5. I'd love to say that was a simple typo, but it wasn't. For some reason, I was thinking launch day was back in '08, not '09. Oops.

I used a pre 2 for two weeks but all the issue I had withe the first just came back to piss me off, so I had to let it go (again.).

Now porting a HTC HD7 and loving it. webOS has been overtaken, honestly, the WP7 interface is a delight and the mail client and calendar are out of this world.

The HTC HD7 huh? How's the Flash support and does it integrate all of your e-mail addresses and chat clients, or just Windows Live?

if they don't bring the Pre 2 out this year I don't think ppl will want it after CES. It should have been out months ago.I'm waiting until after CES to make a choice. It's a shame that such a great OS has no hardware to match.While others(I won't mention) have devices coming out every two to three months.

any news on WebOS 2 being released in the UK yet?

Yea. "In the coming months".

CES c'mon!!!

it seems as if they are trying to make us leave WebOS. WebOS is so easy to use and it's simple.But it lacks alot of features that have been on other OS's for years now. I hope HP/Palm is viewing this page and taking notes.

That's the feeling I keep getting. I think HP is interested in what WebOS will do on Tablets and Printers. I don't believe any new Smartphone hardware is coming beyond Pre 2. No one has presented any evidence of any coming WebOS Smartphones.

It's genius if you ask me....

Right around the holidays as manufacturers and OS Developers are looking to create buzz around their respective products to boost sales and presales, and watch HP kill ANY buzz on their newly purchased OS and phone.

Further, lets take the largest consumer show, CES and minimize ANY presence and make sure there is nothing for future customers to get some hands on time with to eliminate the possibility of people discussing your products and getting any word out about it.

If my eyes rolled any harder, I would have a headache.

Repeat after me..... Droooooid

no thanks, id rather wait then repeat. if nothing happens at ces..then ill scream it with you...people might look at me weird though, lol

I guess I don't see what the big fuss is about with the Pre 2. Sure, it is better than the Pre/Pre+, but I don't think it is going to be that much better. I have no plans to get the Pre 2; I'd rather wait and get an entirely new phone instead of one that is pretty much just a spec upgrade of a 2 year old phone. That being said, I hope I don't have to wait 2 years to get that new phone, but it sounds like there are probably some new devices in the pipeline.

Now I am looking forward to webOS 2.0...

Oh my gods, those Pixi's look so lost without their big brothers.

So sad... :(

+1 if you agree.


My Pre is scratched, cracked and well abused. I can't wait any longer for new hardware. Come next month I'm heading over to an EVO or Epic on Sprint...Hurry up HP.

i always find it funny that people worry about cases and scratches cause people don't seem to keep phones long enough either way.

idk hop it come out be before xmas but I'm bettin all my money on ces that's there las chance with me if it's not good it's windows for me (spint)

It's final. The pre 2 isn't coming to verizon. If it does, Phillip. J. Fry going to be the 1st one to use it. "coming months" could be any second/minute/hour/day/week/month/year/decade/century/millenuim away from this point on but atleased hp you could say "before 2020".

Overclocked to 1Gz verizon pre plus is faster at loading web pages than Samsung Fascinate while on 3g and same wifi network. I would keep same form factor and 1Gz but screen needs to be a little bigger atleast 3.5 and better resolution

The mere fact that anyone would say that they would switch from a Palm PRE to a Win 7 phone makes me certain that most people holding on to this hope of a phone are really reaching. How would anyone opt for a Win 7 Phone over an Android? Love WebOS, but had to leave and support Sprint with the EVO. keep hoping for better things from WebOS, but this latest attempt almost made me tear up. So sad!

This seems consistent with a total relaunch of the webOS platform. Wipe out all traces of webOS/Pre/Pre+ and start over again. HP must figure that the real fanboys will wait for something new, while everyone else will join the Droid Army or enter Apple's walled garden. That way it's like the Pre didn't even happen, and HP can start from the ground up (which isn't that far of a fall for webOS).

So their plan is to lose as many customers as possible and let the platform become as irrelevant as possible in order to have a successful relaunch?

Until we see something otherwise, it sure seems to fit. How much more irrelevant could it possibly get? Mindshare is just over zero, marketshare is minuscule, the handsets are EOLing left and right, and they can't get the Pre2 on a carrier to save their lives. They either have no idea how to successfully launch a device (which I doubt) or they're counting on a clean slate when they release new devices/OS versions that are as polished as new hardware/software should be.

the phone did get a bad name for itself becauase of serious hardware issues. im sure we all know what they are. perhaps the "clean slate" approuch is exactly what they need to do

I was just visited by the ghost of xmas future, and she said 'Don't worry. HPalm will announce the Pre III at CES and Sprint will have it on the shelf by ground hog day. And oh, by the way, let me whisper this nugget in your ear: Palmpad by the Ides of March. The Pre 2? It's just a stop gap device."

I also visited the ghost of xmas future and he said "the pre 2 will be availible to verizon, sprint, and AT@T..................................................................................In the coming months."

Well the Ghost of Christmas Now, says wake up and smell the coffee. There isn't going to be any Pre anything because it's over for Palm Smartphones. You're getting an HPalm Tablet and new HPalm Printers with WebOS. And they won't be called "PRE" anything. They will be called iPaq's.

Since I'm willing to bet the Pre 2 was cobbled together using the old housing with new processor why not be nice and offer the phone to us for free!

This would be the only way I can stomach this wretched handset until the REAL HP handset becomes available sometime next year.(probably sept 2011)

excellent remark!!! I wouldn't renew my contract or/and pay for an overdue Pre2. IT's EITHER FREE OR ELSE!! :)

I'm all for that. Trouble is, HP wouldn't make any money if they gave them out for free and HP is a business. I'd definitely take one if they were free, but I'm not paying money for a spec bumped phone.

Who is Winston Smith?

LOL, was wondering how long it would take for someone to ask that question.

Honestly, that was the best part of this article!!!

i've read that book. didn't really get the reference though. it's kinda coming back to me though after reading the wikipedia post. I shall now insert the phrase "2 + 2 = 5" into random conversations for the rest of the week.

Well CES is about a month away, more than likely All we're going to see from HP/Palm is nothing till then I can picture it now @CES hey everybody its the Palm Pre 2 coming to Verizon in the coming weeks. This is rediculous...

For every palm phone that finally comes out, there is 4 Android super phones and two iPhones.

This is exactly what i was thinking.. The pre 2 and basically a reveal to the masses of webos 2.0...haha it really would not surprise me... Maybe a promise or hint of new hardware "during the year" :)

Nah, they'll be more specific. Something like "over the next 12 months."

they will show case a new phone; palm pixi 2

I see what you did there...

palm needs a true superphone to compete otherwise they are going to go belly up if they continue on this path

HPalm was doomed from the start.

this is ridiculous.SCREW THE PALM PRE 2. leave that thing overseas,dont bring it to the U.S. what we need is new hardware and the time is NOW. If you are finally going to give us new hardware dont you dare announce it at CES and release it 6 months later,are you kidding me? Yeah after we announce this new phone of ours lets give the competitor 6 months to come up with the same phone or something better. You idiots at palm better be taking notes from google, they announced the Nexus S TODAY!! And its coming out in 10 days!! If you guy aren't coming out with a phone with a 4inch screen soon like tomorrow soon then just give up.

I will bet a shiny penny that they will NOT take long after announcement to release whatever phone/phones they will b releasing. I'm sure the reason it took so long to release the origional pre after announcement was not really becuase of hardware delays, but because webos wasn't ready yet. it wasn't even ready when they did release it!! now, webos is quite refined. got my drift?

i hope more than anything that your right because this is ridiculous,there whole game plan was garbage last year. they cant keep releasing the palm pre. i mean really? they're just releasing new phones with new software,give me a break. 1st its the palm pre after it was the palm pre plus and finally the palm pre 2 that looks the SAME!! and next, if these guys dont smarten up it'll probably be the palm pre 2 plus with the same horrible hardware thats going to come out in 6 months.good job palm,announce new phone and release it EXACTLY 180 DAYS LATER.

you know palm won't do that. Palm has the IQ of a stickbug, even a fly could manage palm better.

These disappearing Pre's are EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING! My Sprint Pre now has a cracked screen. My work won't fix it, I tried to buy a new Sprint Pre through my work website and they say they aren't available! They don't offer the AT&T or VZ Pre Plus either. I may be stuck getting a Crackberry! HELP!!!

I find this as just another example of HP being asleep at the wheel....Palm was already having customers leave in droves and now the only physical phone left is the Pixi?! If HP thinks the tease "in the coming months" is a new thing, it's not, Palm tried it and you see what happened to them. The only thing giving people hope of a comeback is CES in January...i hope i'm wrong but if HP doesn't wow people in January, no matter how good webOS is...not many will care.