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Verizon Pre 2 cut to $49.99 for four-day sale 31

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 18 Jun 2011 1:53 pm EDT

Verizon is giving those interested in getting a Pre 2 a nice deal for the next four days: With a new contract and $49.99, you can get the latest iteration of the Pre line (until the Pre3 arrives) on Big Red. We already know that Verizon is expecting to bring the Pre3 to their network on July 21st, so this could be a bit of confirmation and preparation for (what is hoped to be) a much larger launch campaign for the Pre3 later this Summer.

While most of us will probably hold for the newer device to be released, a $50 Pre 2 could be the perfect way to convince some of your friends/family to try out the device. As our review shows, it might be a device made for 2010, but it is definitely not a phone to simply put off with a shrug of the shoulder. Grab it while you can at the link below.




Worth every penny.


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thank you!!!

Believe you will love it.



Can we get it now and return it when the Pre3 comes out in 30 days? Cause that would be sweet

I bet if you got one, you wouldn't want to return it.

You can if you don't mind paying the restocking fee...

Haha! You may be on to something...!

This is freaking awesome... if I didn't already have one I'd definitely get it. **** of a deal. Most underrated awesome smartphone ever.

wow, precentral does put the news very late. It has been on forums for days and even webOS roundup picked it up days ago.

It was not always like that. But lately.... YEA even engadget is beating precentral to the punch on news lately which they NEVER did before.

For what this is worth (probably nothing), the manager of a Sprint corporate store told me today that they are awaiting on some new Palm/HP products coming in July-Aug time frame. The reason that gave me some hope, is because he loves webOS and rocks a Sprint Palm Pixi :)

He can't be that much of a fan if he has a PIXI ....


that's the only webos phone on sprint at this time.

My unlocked Pre 2 is with me on Sprint. Problem Mr.Hesse?

Actually, of the two Sprint webOS devices, the Pixi seemingly is the less trouble prone one.

This offer should have been out there ... no way I would start a NEW contract now with all the dual core processor phone coming out... sorry verizon

Rogers has the Pre 2 for $24.99 if you're willing to sign your life away for 3 years. Personally, I would recommend the 1 year for $250. I jumped from an iPhone 3G to a Pre 2, and "it works like nothing else".

Pre2 is a wonderful device! Have been using mine for 2 months now. Absolutely no problems. I don't see any reason to jump to Pre3 at this point -- although I do have a tendency to chase the new, shiny objects!

Pre2 + Pre3 = Michael Jordan wearing a # 45 Jersey.

I got my Pre 2 unlocked from the HP web site, using it on T-Mobile. I qualified for six months no payments, no interest. I will pay $50 a month until the six months are up, then pay off the rest of the value before interest kicks in. Just a cool way to own my phone without paying $500 all at the same time. I hate contracts, after all :-D

if only they had it off contract so that i can franken pre my pre- on sprint. Im on my 10th pre and its starting to give me the usual problems again.........

I really hate seeing you guys with all these problems. I bought my Pre+ in July '10 and have had very minimum problems. I have the crack at the USB port, but it still runs. I had patched and overclocked it, but a couple weeks ago I wiped it and started over. Now I'm just running a couple patches and stock speed. I wonder if you're doing too much to it?

If Verizon really wanted to clear out its Pre 2 inventory, it should have cut the price to $49.99 when at&t released the Veer. That would've made for some interesting competition. I for one would like to see hp drop the unlocked GSM Pre 2 price to the $200-300 range. Now that would be a way for developers and unlocked phone fans to flock to webOS while we await the TouchPad and Pre3.

I love the 2 size and my Pre+ is hurting. I would definitely upgrade however my contract still isn't up. IsnT that the case for most Verizon Pre+.

If Verizon or HP really wanted to offer a good deal they would allow early upgrades.

You know, I was on my VZW account the other day and I noticed it didn't have the "Eligible for Upgrade on XX date". Ever since I bought my Pre+ last July, it has been telling me I wasn't eligible to upgrade until March next year. Wonder if I will be able to upgrade with a new contract when the 3 comes out...?!!

Yes - I also now have an upgrade when I was supposed to have to wait til Jan '12.

i will buy this phone when it's $50 with no contract, same way i picked up my pixi

Not worth wasting an upgrade for. Off contract, yes.

I sort if disagree. I have two lines. One personal and one business. I had Ple pluses on both. Both had overclocked and MD 2.1.0. two weeks ago I got a discount on a pre 2 for work and pounced on it. With the + overclocked on 2.1.0 and the 2 standard on 2.0.1 I found the + almost unusable compared to the 2.
I would have bought this today for my personal line but it's over and the 2 is back to $99.

I will get a Pre 2 from VZ once they offer it for $0. Currently I'm using a Pre + from them with another 6 mos. left for a free upgrade. I definitely like the Pre 2 form factor and hate anorexic slabs !

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