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Verizon snatches NFL contract from Sprint 113

by Derek Kessler Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:45 pm EST


Sprint users, say goodbye to the NFL app: Sprint has lost their contract with the National Football League. The Wall Street Journal notes that Verizon users have reason to celebrate (if you are into such things), as Big Red has signed a new four-year contract with the NFL to bring all the coverage and the popular RedZone Channel to Verizon phones. The new deal is valued at $720 million, a 50% premium over what Sprint was paying the NFL. And that’s not all: Verizon users are getting more from the NFL than Sprint did: they’ll have access to live footage of every NFL game and plenty of additional content.

Football fans on Sprint need not fret, though you may find yourself disappointed. With the NFL contract gone, Sprint’s football app will cease functioning at the end of March, as was posted on A new Sprint Football Live app will replace the NFL app, but all that exclusive video won’t be coming along with it. Apparently Sprint Football Live will provide all sorts of live coverage of the NFL draft, games, and more, but in the form of raw data, news, and commentary - not the official stuff with live audio and video that Sprint users have gotten used to.

Sprint Football Live is expected to be available before the end of the month, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it mixed in with the next webOS update for Sprint devices. Verizon webOS users may be disappointed for a while, though, as Verizon marketing chief John Stratton noted to the Wall Street Journal that their new NFL service will be available for Android and BlackBerry devices. The equally capable webOS devices like the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus? Not mentioned.

Thanks to mu7efcer for the tip!


what! Not one mention about it being available to palm devices. That stinks. I hope it makes it to webos phones.

...I so don't care. However, it stinks to see that Sprint does not seem to have any pull. Even though 50% more money is a big joke, too.
Good thing, only: I can get rid of the patch that used to hide the App... I still believe those are f*cking up my phone (>sudden crashes & reboots, frozen touchscreens etc. ). Better spend the money 'saved' to DEVELOP BETTER HARDWARE, Sprint..! --Thanks.

It is pretty sad how much they paid, but I guess with how much they make their customers pay they can afford it.

I mostly don't care about loosing the app. If they replace it with something to get scores and etc. Good enough for me.

you hacked your pre and want sprint to develop better software? Try palm, and try looking in a mirror!

...and live 'footage' of every NFL game does not mean live stream of every game. Sprint had live footage also, now i'll just stick to nfl ticket app on great!

Derek, you need to re-read the story.. Verizon did not snatch away the NFL contract from Sprint. Sprint simply declined to renew the deal! Sprint paid the NFL 500 Million for 5 years back in 2005, and now Verizon is paying an estimated 720 Million for 4 years. At some point, you reach a point of diminishing returns and Sprint felt that R.O.I. was no longer viable. I wish Dieter and all the other Verizon users well when they have to pay $5/month for a service we had for free for 5 years. Sprint has other important uses for that kind of coin.

I'm 100% sure that Sprint wanted to keep the NFL contract, but was out-bid by Verizon. Nowhere does it say anything that resembles Sprint "declining to renew" the contract.

Im 100% sure that your wrong.

No quote? OK.

I'd feel sad; except that I never used the app anyway It fact, I used the patch to hide the icon.

NOOOOOOO!!!! Now I'll have to buy the Best of Sirius on XM package. Sprint....u need to spend money to make money, or in this case get subscribers. Come on.

Yup. Me too. Now the real question is whether or not the loss of this service constitutes a material change in contract allowing us to leave Sprint w/out ETF. E.g. as discussed here for a different change:

man now with verizon in the mix with the same phone as sprint, i'm starting to see sprint as the half-azz company it is....what will they do with that money that they are saving now that they dont have football app?

I'd imagine they are gonna try to cut costs anywhere they can in order to continue rolling out 4G service. Football is great and all, but 4G is a bigger priority.

American Football is bollocks anyway ;) Sounds like cool features though for fans.

I personally don't give a sh*t! I just wish webos had a good NBA Application

I personally don't give a sh*t! I just wish webos had a good NBA Application

yeah +1 to NBA app idea


I didnt like the sprint NFL program. The connection was slow at best and the scores seemed to be 20 min behind the actual game. So goodbye NFL... dont let the door hit you in the butt. I'll stick to my 42 inch plasma and NFL Sunday ticket.

hey sly, if you have the ticket watch on ur pre on the direct tv webos app. Streams flawlessly...

Watching it on Thanksgiving, I was 10 seconds behind. But, I rarely used it. When I want to watch football, it is on my Plasma as well.

no big surprise about Sprint losing the bid, after all they had the contract for so long, it was bound to end sooner or later. Its sad to lose the functionality of the NFL app on the phone, however it really never functioned to the full capabilities anyways. And its really pathetic that WebOS still plays second fiddle to Verizon, and they want to know why the Pre and Pixi just aren't selling all that well.

well this fucking sucks the app was a pice of shit but now I'm stuck with a bigger pice of shit and my pre is also one less feature and with mlb at bat not coming anytime soon I'm wondering if it's time to move on as I don't see any big time apps coming down the pipe I know apps aren't everything but there nice to have if you want them

well this fucking sucks the app was a pice of shit but now I'm stuck with a bigger pice of shit and my pre is also one less feature and with mlb at bat not coming anytime soon I'm wondering if it's time to move on as I don't see any big time apps coming down the pipe I know apps aren't everything but there nice to have if you want them

I would say that I'm gonna miss it, but more I think about it. I never used it. Perfer to see it on tv. My sports app is good for scores. Can't really figure out who would watch a game on your cell phone over tv anways. But for you verizon fans, wait for the "not available in all areas" warning... Kinda like the vcast. Hardly worked anywhere.

Anybody know if this is grounds for contract termination?

wow are you serious? an NFL app is what making you want to leave a phone company?

No, it's just a convenient way to end a contract without having to pay an ETF.

A non-trivial part of why I am a Sprint customer is the fact that, since I moved out of Wisconsin, I could listen to the Green Bay Packers on my phone included in the price of my Sprint contract. I've lost that ability now, and it devalues the contract for me.

I'm undecided as to whether or not it means I'd prefer to leave for Verizon. If the cost of the plan change is > the cost of a sirius subscription then maybe not. But it does result (IMHO) in a loss of service that was part of my agreement to the contract in the first place.

Perhaps I'd rather move to T-Mobile (who have cheaper plans than Sprint) and subscribe to Sirius. I don't know. But I will be doing some investigation. And I may end up arguing that my contract has been materially altered enough to cause me to wish to change w/out an ETF.

I actually don't want out of my contract, but I have a friend with a blackberry that does want out.

Yes. Yes it is. Listening to Panthers games in MO was very much the selling point for me.

I would say that I'm gonna miss it, but more I think about it. I never used it. Perfer to see it on tv. My sports app is good for scores. Can't really figure out who would watch a game on your cell phone over tv anways. But for you verizon fans, wait for the "not available in all areas" warning... Kinda like the vcast. Hardly worked anywhere.

verizon has a good network so that probably won't be a problem

I just want the mlb premium on March 15.

forget NFL.

sprint has a good network, so what is your point? Personally, I think if people want stupid sports apps/services, then make them OPTIONAL and let THOSE customers pay for it, not the rest of us.

good point, except it already doesnt cost any extra for the nfl app...

First off, o0otoxic, calm down buddy. Second, the video highlights on that Sprint app looked terrible and the articles were poorly written. The only real loss is the easy to use radio broadcasts which stopped during playoffs anyway. Bummer? Yes. Dealbreaker? Hardly.

THANK you!!!! I'm actually a little glad this happened, since i NEVER use that app, and u can't delete it!!! only hide it. The replacement app BETTER be deleatable.

It really doesn't matter to me I always go to ESPN mobile anyways I just wish sprint would get ride of the nascar app or just let you delete it somehow.

this post is misleading.... it makes people think that Verizon took the contract from sprint when in reality the only thing that is happening is that sprint will no longer have exclusive content.... meaning NFL is not restricted to Sprint only.....

Verizon is not the official sponsor of the NFL, nor is Sprint after.... its just open for all....

Verizon simply has a 4 year contract to use the redzone name and use nfl content

Hmmm well this sucks giant balls... :\ being a sprint customer is becoming less and less enticing hopefully the wimax they roll out here in NYC will keep me as a customer...

I agree about the NFL video. It was horrible. The apps wasn't much use to me. I did like the audio stream of the games but I won't lose much sleep over that.

not a football fan so all I can say is thank goodness that this app is going away. I just hop that Sprint has the next app as a option rather than a neccesity for our devices, that and the frickin' Nascar app can go bye bye.

I'm a big NFL fan but never used Sprint's NFL app. It was slow and clunky and seemed like a complete afterthought on webOS. ESPN mobile was fine for keeping tabs on scores.

The NFL App was average at best, but I did use the radio broadcast a few times. As a Pre owner it is sad to see any Sports App taken away (except for that crap from BrightHouse).

Palm needs to step up its game and do what ever it takes to get some major league Sports Apps soon (ESPN ScoreCenter, MLB At Bat, NBA Game Time, PGA Tour, etc). Git-R-Done!

Does this mean Sprint will charge me less, that would be awesome. I'd love it if I didn't have to pay for stuff I don't want.

I also hate how even the most basic TV subscription REQUIRES you to get ESPN, even though at $4+/month it is the most expensive network for the Cable Companies, it's double the 2nd most expensive channel, Fox Sports Net, $2.37 and 4 times all the other channels, which top out at $1.

>I also hate how even the most basic TV subscription REQUIRES you to get ESPN, even though at $4+/month it is the most expensive network for the Cable Companies


I can't wait for the day when we can pay for only the stations we want. Cable prices are insane.

I could care less if its gone. Next contract Sprint could lose, is that fucking NASCAR app.

I wish this caused them to add an NCAA Football app. It would totally redeem them to me.

>Sprint users, say goodbye to the NFL app

Thank God. No more tackleball app. Now can you get rid of the stupid NASCAR thing too? If customers want that stuff, let them pay for it themselves and make OUR bills lower!

For those concerned about radio broadcasts, I'm pretty sure you can use the Radiotime App to stream the local radio sports station of whichever game you wanted to hear. Not as simple as using the NFL app but still a workaround...

I will donate for a patch. Big

I hate this app all it does is take space up on my launcher I don't even want it and I can't delete it

noooooooooooooo! i loved this app when im at work i know the scores and all the updates on my team im a big football fan now what will i do :(


No big deal! I'd feel sad; except I never used the app or had an interest in getting NFL results on my phone.

what! Not one mention about it being available to palm devices. That stinks. I hope it makes it to webos phones.

I am not happy, loved this app,used it almost everyday during the season,,there was no 20 min lag in scores like someone said,,they were pretty much on the spot,,fo me anyway. Live in ma. And this was my way to listen to the steelers. I cancled my sirius radio because I did not use it anymore once I had access to this app. Kept track of all my fantasy players with it. Not surprised that that a mainly tech. Crowd, to put it nicely as possible does not give a damm about this most excellent football app. Gonna miss it.

+ 1

jbarajasp,,, your theory can't be right or else we wouldn't have lost our NFL app!

p.s.,, if your bummed. You still have til the end of march with it, so live it up! :)

This really sucks. I used the app to follow the Chargers.

fuck you verizon!! I rather have cricket than verizon it sucks

Well, sad to see it go. I used the Pro Football Talk section to stay informed about everything going on in the league. Doesn't surprise me that most of the comments left are cheering for the loss of this app. Probably unathletic and always picked last during sports. Oh well, there's always the web browser!

You know what would be awesome? Not licensing these channels to individual carriers. Can't the major sporting leagues just license out to everyone and rake it in from everyone? Or allow people to pick up apps from respective stores directly?

Personally I'd prefer the latter so I wouldn't have to fret that the carrier's passing the bill onto me for crap I don't use.

wow that's some BS sprint! I love football and unlike some other people I actually used the nfl app during the season a lot. Sad to see it go...

if radiotime doesn't work, Directv's Superfan works on webos. It was bit choppy though.

if radiotime doesn't work, Directv's Superfan works on webos. It was bit choppy though.

Raise ur hand if you think this will actually lower your Sprint bill any. Anybody?

sux to see this app go, especially since I work on sundays from 6am to 6pm. Anyway hopefully the flash will be out soon and we can probably watch it on the browser, or atleast a play by play

Man that SUCKS! Don't know what people are talking about lag and the such, no problems in LA for the most part. Found it to be more up to date than ESPN. Loved to listen to the broadcast and watch the game tracker at the same time.

And why exactly would losing this deal cause our phone plan rates to go down?
In case you have not noticed, you are already paying some of the lowest rates around....bitching about the price of your plan is a bit funny to me.....go get a GO Phone.

Don't care for the app, but I'm starting to hate Verizon.
Especially how they screw Palm for Droid.


I think a UFC Sponsorship would be good. UFC app anyone?

w00000000t! One less app I won't need to patch to hide haha

Sprint saves money, who is going to watch this stuff anyway on a small screen, that doesn't feel right anyway.

I have a score live feed site for everything sports, that service is free information and enough for me if I wonder how my team of interest is doing.

Verizon is an expensive giant. Sprint can now lower prices again...

I dont have the NFL Channel and I watched a Charger game on my Pre. Very disappointed Verizon has this now.

I'm appalled...that they used college teams in the picture for an NFL-related story. ;-)

Seriously, though, I never really used the app b/c it just wasn't built well. I knew better what was going on by using ESPN Mobile and the live update feature in the scoreboard.

Nope, those were NFL. Lions and Bears, to be specific.

Can they take the Shit Nascar app.

shit just get's worse and worse. twenty crap apps every day and they take away a half decent one. Regardless if they don't get a lot of good apps and soon it won't matter. If it even does matter.

I maybe listned to one game this past season on Sprint. I won't miss this app and would only need something with live updates on scores, stats, etc. Most people prefer to watch it on a bigger screen anyway. Agreed, get rid of Nascar app too. I wouldn't fret, hopefully soon we'll be slinging all our media to our web os devices. Waiting patiently so I can get my sling box.

Sad day. I love the live radio.

Damn this is epic FAIL STATUS not for Palm...but for Sprint. I used this app a great deal during the NFL season and found it very good. Yes, the videos sucked really bad and the scores tend to lack 'real time' syncing BUT kept us hardcore football fans who followed our specified team, satisfied. It's sad to see it disappear from my Pre =/

Nice work, Sprint. Idiots.

@Derek: did you make that graphic/photo? That's a cools idea, The Verizon Player intercepting the ball to the Sprint Player. Nicely done. You guys do a great job with the graphics on this site.

Bummer about the contract though. I liked the app and used it frequently :-(

That's what I do. :D

I posted a message from sprint about this on the 9th!

If you want, discuss it here...

I will miss this tho. I did use it when I didn't have my Sirius around to listen to the Jaguar games.

I would much rather a ESPN app. The NFL app was pretty lame to me and I'm a football fan.

$720 Million for an icon I never used, and actually hated.....seems like a good move for Sprint. Have fun Verizon, hope it's money well spent for you......

Calm down everyone Calm down. VERIZON IS THE SUCKERS, Cause once we get Flash 10.1 please believe it that we will be watching that shit live..ha ha ha

What website streams live NFL games using a Flash player? does I believe.

There's a Brighthouse Labs app for that!

THANK GOD! Now there is one less app for me to delete. Verizon, please, take the useless Nascar app as well.

+1 .. One less app to hide with a patch.. agreed on the Nascar app too!

This app was terrible anyway. The alerts sent me updates that I didn't want. Would send me score updates for games at like 3am, well after the games had ended. Set me team news updates for teams that were not "my team." Nothing about it was in real time, which I thought was the whole point of thing. i found myself just going to the ESPN mobile site for up to date news and scores.

I would love to see an NHL app that actually had real time scoring.

Can anyone out there with a legal background answer the question posed earlier?

Would eliminating a premium service from a 2 year contract block Sprint from being able to charge customers that leave any early termination fees?

It's a breach of contract - right?

Just curious... NFL Live certainly swayed my decision to re-sign with Sprint back in January. I can't say this will definitely make me leave, but I'd like to know what my options are.

That is very good point. I will be looking into this.

Great yet another reason I should have stayed with Verizon. Thank you sprint for ripping all of us off who jumped ship to get the pre. That reward of the pre plus and NFL coverage is sure going to send me back to a carrier that competes.

No biggie. I only used it to check scores and occassionally stream some audio. Once Falsh arrives, which will hopefully be before the season starts I can stream via and the browser.

While I agree the NFL app never functioned as well as it could have I am going to miss it. I do hope they come up with a way for sprint users to get score updates via text message don't much care about the red zone just like to know how badly the Rams got beaten. Oh and I'm going to laugh when Verizon starts charging you guys 5 bucks a month.

Looks like Sprint will be saving money. That NFL thing is a waste. So is the Nascar one. Especially with flash coming you be able to watch all your sports free. And you can always get scores from Google or the thousand other apps in the catalog. Sprint won't lose any customers over this and Verizon won't gain any.

For me, the saddest part about this is that I'll *still* have to patch the OS to get rid of that fucking NFL icon in the launcher.

Sprint users, say goodbye to the NFL app


Here's a suggestion for a replacement:


Another fumble by Sprint recovered by Verizon. Pisses me off. The only thing keeping me with Sprint now is the "everything plan". I'm sure they will screw that up or Verizon will have similar plans and then I may have to "play on a contender". When my contract is up on my 6 phones I may have to try the free agent market. And right now Verizon seems to want to win where Sprint seems to be "rebuilding". Show me something Sprint because I don't give "home team discounts" I've been loyal. Your turn.

I agree with this. My hope, however, is that be ridding themselves of this cost that they can lower their pricing even more. We'll see.

I liked that app and will miss it, but I wouldn't pay extra for it. I do think it's too bad that Palm seems to be a second class citizen with Verizon. They should mention Palm/WebOS in the same sentence with Android and Blackberry, and the new app should certainly appear on the Palm phones at the same time.

I missed it this morning when I read the article, but I just caught it now: I love that picture. Very nicely done.

FINALLY!!!!!!! now I'll will be able to remove that crap, now Sprint can have some money to go for some real atheletes and get the NBA app. And some real World Class Football from all european leagues.

You do realize the NFL is the king of sports? NBA is a distant second place.

NBA is a distant third behind MLB. Baseball is more prevalent worldwide as well but is behind Soccer in that regard most likely. NFL is probably 4th of all the main US sports worldwide, behind even hockey.

So Verizon now has the better version of the Pre AND the NFL? (if they bring it to webOS phones). May be time to move.
Official Response from Chat rep: "I do understand, however the NFL Mobile is a free application that we included as extra features. This is not a part of the actual plan which would not result in the Terms and Condition change."

does that mean I can finally delete the app and icon that i never use. I hate football.

The NFL is a bunch of greedy asses anyway. Paying 50 more that what Sprint did for an inferior product(the video was pure crap); they deserve to be in bed together. The only thing food about the NFL app was the up to date scoring. Breaking news on ESPN would not be updated on the NFL app until the next day. Let's see what happens when the NFLPA finds out and the owners lockout players next year. So much for the NFL app being used unless you like to hear about labor negotiations.

jeeze man i liked having nfl mobile, oh well verizon can afford to pay nfl more anyway cuz they charge way too much for their services anyway. ill get over it. lol