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Video: How Hitler took the news 46

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 20 Aug 2011 3:07 pm EDT

While most of us have been mourning the loss of our beloved webOS devices for a few days, it looks as though Hitler is only just now hearing news of the demise of his TouchPad. While we were watching through the video above, we couldn't help but feel for the evil guy and even let out a little cheer of agreement as his wrath was poured out. Click the play button above and see what Hitler has to say about this whole ordeal; if you aren't laughing by the end of it, at the very least you'll find it fitting for the situation.



This video sucks if you are German and know what they really say.
So I've just muted the video ;D

Video was really good though. Emotions and words matched perfectly. (only if he is speaking giberish I guess). Was nice that they even threw the Stalin part in.

Ditto indeed. Now I can fully understand how the Sprint customers felt. :(

I was laughing so hard I cried.... and I know the context of the actual film (even though I have not yet mastered german)... still laughed my **** off.

I'm hoping someone makes a Xtranormal video like this one:

Video is still so relevant today.

By DavidVogt on Sat, 20 Aug 2011 3:52 pm EDT new
Don't forget my video! :D

And ironically, if you write "Hitler" in the forums, it gets sanitized to ******.

same with "fanboy" its a little overzealous.

These are good things.... the comments on the front page should be sanitized, too many trolls in the front page trough.

Hahaha, hilarious, still calling people who saw this imminent failure trolls?

Takes one to know one.


Funny or sad?

I saw this over on and was too good not to plagiarize.

This is me flipping a table after HP announced the webOS future.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I seen it as well and I still have no idea what it means :( WTB high IQ.

It's a little guy. He's got two arms up, two eyes and a square mouth. The arc is a little motion mark like in cartoons, and of course the last part is an upside down table.

Got it... I had the face and the table, but the arms were throwing me. TY

In this sad time it's nice to find humor. I almost peed myself laughing!

That was awesome. EXACTLY how most of us feel. The part about getting the new laptop was priceless, with everyone looking at each other, silently screaming "DON'T TELL HIM!!!"

This isn't to laugh if you understand what the original video is about...

Don't forget my video! :D


Apparently HP owns disqus because I tried to post your video link over at Engadget and disqus has taken a dive.

Actually, I think Disqus is down right now. Thanks for sharing the link! Glad you like it. :) I just had to get it out.

They have almost improved their text to speech to much. The charm was the robotic nature of it. The ending was fantastic though :). You have to wonder if they expected that big of a stock hit.

Well done, David! Nothing like a robotic voice calling someone a **** idiot!!! :)

Most of you realize this is an internet meme, I hope.. There are dozens of videos captioning this scene from "Downfall" -

funny and tragic.

I loved it!

that was funny id fell the same way if i was dumb enough to stick with web os left long ago so it looks like Sprint was right

exactly what WebOS needed
I wonder what AH would have to say about Apotheker being Jewish ;-)

This sight has fallen just as low as HP. Many Americans lost their life fighting Hitler as did many of our allies.

This is in complete bad taste and should be removed at once.

I have the utmost respect for people who have given their lives for our freedom and beliefs (American), but if anything this makes fun of Hitler. The sad part is that many of us can identify with Hitler's plight and in turn the video makes fun of us. America has been making fun of Hitler for the last 80 some odd years and in no way is an insult to those who gave their lives.

And, the most popular show on Broadway a few years back was Mel Brooks' "The Producers", featuring the hit song "Springtime for Hitler". Brooks is a Jew, for crying out loud, and he can laugh, but you can't??? Get over yourself, John. Thank God you didn't grow up when Hogan's Heroes was still on tv.

Don't like the end of this video.
I hate HP and they are stupid company


Work of art, the best yet.

He took it better than I did.

"I cant play that angry birds shiznit FOREVER!" LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

This was totally hilarious. Man you got to love you guys. Absolutely funny. Totally like the part at the end where his minions were afraid to tell him they would be no more computers made by HP. All the Android and iPad guys leaving up front was awesome. LMAO. Great post Tim. Just what the community needed IMO. Wish the same employee that made the video at HP could get it on the HP website.

For the record, this was the original spoof done back in Feb during HP's big announcement. No matter how many dubs are made it never gets old. Enjoy!

sad as it all is..... BEST LAUGH IVE HAD IN A WHILE!

I posted this in the forum 2 days ago and the mods removed it :(

I thought it was hilarious.

Brilliant! At this point we need to laugh to keep from screaming.

and the better one is the one after, showing "the decision". Priceless!

And a lot of us definitely need to lighten up about this. I know I do! I guess it says something about priorities when you go into a 3 day funk about a phone and tablet, when the weather is nice and your kids are great. I didn't realize how much I had let Palm take over my time and priorities until Friday.

Maybe open a chapter of PalmAnonymous...

"My name is David and I used to spend way too much time on my phone until HP pulled the plug..."

Of course for developers trying to put food on the table and Palm engineers, this really is a disaster. For the rest of us, money down the hole...

I know, right? My wife has been saying the same thing to me. But I guess it's a little hard to let go when you've grown up with a certain technology.

In some ways, being a Palm/WebOS user is like being a Jew (which I am, and thought the Hitler video spoof was hysterical and not offensive at all). You're a definite minority and you're always being persecuted (whether it's the Spanish or Germans or The Android and iOS fanboys, not to mention HP.) So hopefully WebOS is as resilient as the Tribe and will continue onward against the odds....