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Video: HP Employee Strikes Back 62

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sat, 20 Aug 2011 3:28 pm EDT

Think it's been a crazy Yo-Yo ride for the webOS community these last few days? Well, think about how crazy it must be inside of the Yo-Yo. It seems that some HP employee has decided to share their frustration on the recent decision by the company through a video. But not just any video; this video (shown above) was uploaded to HP's website directly and put in place of all of the TouchPad overview videos (you know, the ones that used to tell interested viewers about Touch-To-Share and Multitasking in webOS).

Looks like someone was able to get one final jab in at HP before getting the boot. HP will no doubt be firing an entire division of webOS hardware engineers in the process of killing off webOS devices. As the video says, if you're looking for an excellent employee, look to the people that will be affected at HP. There will be quite a few great workers looking for a job in the near future.

Update: The page where this video, and all HP TouchPad information, used to live is now gone. Thanks to our PreCentral forum user Baccarat for uploading it to YouTube.



Good man!

When will HP realize that their enterprise customers are also their retail customers. If you **** them in one market why wouldnt you **** them in another market. Dont give me this server 101% uptime junk either. Call their SMB phone sales right now and their phones are down. Now TIMN is saying that "some of HP’s servers are starting to buckle under the load of new TouchPad activations."
Leo just trashed a company in 1 day.

I wonder if there are any anonymous webOS users.

You are talking about "prosumers"?

If we were buying cameras or camcorders yes! But I believe we would be talking about CTOs or thier minions.

I totally agree i stopped trusting HP after the debacle with not allowing upgrades to webos2 for the original Pre. I'm so happy i didn't wait for the touchpad and went for an ipad 2. Don't get me wrong i feel the touchpad is by far superior to the ipad2, however after being stung once by HP.... This move of theirs justifies my decision. Who cancels a whole product line a few months after launch? Just doesn't make sense.

same here

You are right. Our contract with HP is about to end (in the coming monghts..^^) and we were just NOW busy with the decision who should be the next supplier of our Laptops, PCs, Monitors, Printers etc... (we ideally want to buy EVERYTHING out of one hand)

Well... that HP decision to dump PCs, Hardware in general etc just made the decision much easier.

Congratulations Leo, you just lost a company with 200k employees as a client for your hardware and will probably also loose your beloved "enterprise-services" and even the cloud services to some other company, as we now won't be able to take everything out of one hand and therefore as well can look for someone who is offering us a better service than you do.

PS: Oh... and your Printers also aren't THAT much better than let's say Dells, that we HAVE to buy them you dumbass. We just bought them because we bought EVERYTHING from HP.

Is it possible that we still keep on buying your printers? Yes it is, but now we are constantly looking at all your competitors and are ready to dump you as soon as somebody else has a better offer (very much as you dumped webOS).

Their printers aren't much better than many companies, but they are WORLDS above rebranded crappy Lexmark Dells.

buy all from one vendor? Or else?

Because this was the policy of this company for a long period. We have separate contracts for each part, but still as soon as contractor X wins one part it he gets a higher chance of catching the other parts. that's why we had HP Laptops, Printers, Computers, Enterprise Services, Server-Capacities, Helpdesk etc.

What I want to say: There are companies who prefer to get there stuff from one place and these are the very same companies who now might not just switch their hardware vendor but also their service provider.

Just got my wife a Cannon laser printer and the thing is great - much better than the HP's at work


Good Morning Sir,
myself Rajni K. Guposwami MBA
My career objective, sir, is to be your most hard working slave, uh huh, employee sir
Sir, I'm very passionate about my work, sir
I can do anything to keep you happy
I can manage the cash, accounts, software, hardware, customers, phone calls, everything, sir
Sir, I will work overtime, sir but I will not ask for overtime
I will get your employee of the year award, twice a year, every year ,sir

Sir, I have only one small weakness, sir
I can not able to say "Jela sir (here sir)"
You ask me to skip the lunch, come back and work in the weekend sir, I will say "yes, sir"
You ask me to do everyone else's work sir, I will say "yes, sir"
Coming to my salary package, I have only one humble request, sir
I just want "thoda sa" (little bit) peanuts for my work, sir

What is this referencing? I can not able (sic) to say "Jela sir (here sir)"

Sorry man, I meant that she says "I can not able" so its not a error. (You know, how they write "sic")

I think she's supposed to be an employee in India, who wants to replace HP employees at a fraction of their salaries. Her only weakness is that she can't say "here sir" if called, because she's not there in person, but on the other side of the world. At least that's how I interpreted it.

Wow, that totally makes sense dude!

'jela' stands for 'no' in Tamil. FYI

ah my bad. My languages run out at Punjabi, English, Hindi, and Spanish. "jelo" means "here you go" in Hindi, my bad.

"jelo" mean "pudding pop" in the Cosby language.

HAHAHA!!! :)

Nice Jab at the company by this employee...I have a feeling she will be fired though if she hasn't already.

I'm sure that isn't really an employee, but some stock video they found to mess with HP.

Is this on Art of Trolling yet?

HP deserves this



has the video been changed, or is the wrong video? if the video I just watched is the right one, then I flat out don't get it.

The video talks about how HP treats indian Employees

-work over time with out asking
-work for peanuts etc..

Basically calling HP a Nike sweatshop in a round about way.

same here..

I couldn't really understand parts of it.. for example when she said:

"I only have 1 small weakness..?" then what? I couldn't catch it...

and when she said:

"One humble request, sir I want.."? is peanuts for my work?? is that what she said?

Can someone type out the dialog, so maybe I can catch the Zingers lol

Zingers wenrt strong enough. They needed better writing, but the fact they jacked HP's website is the funny part. (Indian humor could be culturally different as well)

your right, the uploading it on their site is sweet.. too bad the video wasnt better :/

And mind you.. she has an accent even for other indians to understand. Sounds like she is from Kerala... anyway, regardless of whether u r an american or an indian, being laid off is hard to take, specially when you know your management goofed up. Besides, now she may have to deal with immigration issues... so sad

@ toofast4yourazz: Working for peanuts means work for too little money. Its a phrase - not from this part of the world.

Ya i know that, I just wasnt sure I heard it right.. What did she say her weakness was?

This is awesome.

Basically she is saying she is working overtime but not claiming overtime, work through lunch, do the work of multiple people and will only request peanuts for her work - and all the while her only comment in return will be "yes sir".

I don't think this is just about Indian employees but how HP has treated its entire division - her point, I think, is that HP has the hardest working people who have been lovingly devoted to the company, giving up their private lives and asking for next to nothing in return - and they just got shat on.

...all because HP decided to put a bullet into an already dying ecosystem?

First, the denials, then the shock, and now we are into the anger. Now, claims of company mistreatment. Of course. Don't forget to toss in a bit of "racism" allegations too, it'll give it a nice flavor, along with a few reports of "homophobia".

All over (at least from the POV of this site) a canceled mobile OS.

So whats next? Is the next article we see next week going to be about the assault of a member of HP upper management by an employee or a member of the "Faithful", with the usual "yah! **** HP! Leo's next!!11" remarks? Phone call death threats? Violent "threat emails" (if they haven't been sent already)? What about a couple of suicides? Then you could actually accuse HP and Leo of "murder" and really ratchet up the hatred.

Look at how far this place has fallen.

WebOS is dead, but it doesn't mean the devices will get ripped out of your hands. With TPs going for $100 (or less), and presumably Pre 3s soon to be liquidated, there is no reason why a WebOS fan needs to resort to unhinged rage.

This video was posted most likely by people who will be losing their jobs....There are reasons to be upset.

webOS was weak, but still had chances until HP put webOS in induced coma and shut down breathing apparatus. And HP didn't only shut down webOS, but also PSG with tens of thousands employees.

I don't think the video is expressing "unhinged rage". A lot of people spent a lot more than $100 for TouchPads, which are now worth much less (lacking future support, upgrade paths, the prospect of new apps). Devices won't be ripped out of anyone's hands, but without this type of support they're not nearly as useful. And a lot of developers spent a lot of time developing apps for products that they were led to believe would be competitive. And I suspect that HP employees are looking at a bloodbath, if they shed all consumer products as they intend to explore. I don't blame people for being unhappy.

What would you say if you had bought a new car and less than two months later the manufacturer announced they were closing up shop? Better stock up on spare parts....

The video isn't expressing unhinged rage. Some of the commenters on this site are.

I understand that rage and disappointment are at play in a lot of the comments (which probably wouldn't have been made under normal circumstances). I also know that its popular to bash "evil corporations" and to raise up "the poor, innocent worker", but come on.

Anyone interested in developing for WebOS should have known, at least since 2010 with the sale and purchase of WebOS/Palm, that the platform was on shaky grounds. If, with that in mind, they decided to hop in, that was a risk that they chose to take, and they should have been fully aware of the possible outcomes: 1. Being first in on a new and upcoming major platform, 2. Losing the time, money and effort when the platform crashes. Just because a developer (or, a WebOS enthusiast) decided to ignore those risks, or were "led to believe", doesn't make it entirely HP's fault. Anyone who is acquainted with WebOS (and apparently now, seems to have been the majority of people who bothered to buy the TouchPad/Veer before the collapse) should have known the history, known the score, and known the risk, despite what HP might have fooled them into believing with marketing talk.

I have a bit more sympathy for the employees. A lot of people today are in a "bloodbath" and being laid off, so thats not very shocking frankly, but I hold HP to the same standards I mentioned above. They should have "crunched the numbers" on WebOS chances of success before wasting the money, time, effort and futures of thousands of employees on something that should have probably died with Palm.

That said, that still doesn't call for some of the stuff i've seen in the past few articles. I'm bummed out like everyone that WebOS is done, but after Palm, I looked at the reality of the situation like others of the "naysayers" have, and I made sure my investment in potential development time and hardware (just kept my Palm Pre Plus for development testing/education) was low so that I wouldn't be the one of the ones ****** over if the bottom fell out.

well thanks Producer for being the voice of reason among all us raving, angry fools. we are so lucky to have people like you to remind us that we were all in denial from day one of the merger. when can we log on to 'blog of wisdom' where the our broken hopes can be healed and refreshed. perhaps we will follow you like we did HP because unlike you none of us have any commonsense.

Good for her. Her sarcastic expressions to her former employer are like knives and I loved every second of it.

I just got my TouchPad and during startup is wanted me to name the device, which was defaulted to HP TouchPad. I went ahead and renamed it Palm TouchPad.

Go to **** HP.

I called it the "PalmPad"

i just ordered 2 TP when i get them i will do the same.. also jailbreak it so the bootup logo is not HP anymore ;)

How would one do that? The boot logo, that is. I see nothing that can let me change that in Preware. Guess I'll investigate. Would love to get the Palm logo back.

You can get a theme in preware to do it or through webOS quick install. If you have preware than you should have WebOSQI. Just look around in the tabs.

Didn't see anything. Lots of themes, mostly for phones.

I think its under the tools menu, tweeks on WebOSQI, but I could be wrong its been a while since I did it and I dont have a device handy. Someone else can help you better than I.

This video might have been lifted from somewhere else and uploaded on the HP's website by one of the (upset) employees.

The video comments can be applied to pretty much any large Indian IT software companies. It is unlikely this video was actually made by an HP employee.

Hm, I interpreted this differently from the way that some others seem to have. Firstly, if it was made by a HP employee, and not just lifted from elsewhere as Presprit suggests above, I doubt the woman in the video is actually that employee- maybe a friend of theirs. But the way I interpreted it is that HP employees believe that HP would like to gut domestic technical workers and replace them by offshore workers, probably in Asia, who are willing to do anything for peanuts (comparatively), which is what's being satirized. Maybe HP has said that one reason their consumer products are less profitable than competitors is that Asian competitors have far cheaper labor costs. Or maybe I'm just interpreting the video wrong....

I can see both sides. Yours is the more likely. I dont think Indian employees want to work for peanuts and I am sure there are domestic employees that are not happy about losing jobs.

"I dont think Indian employees want to work for peanuts"- agreed, but that's satirizing HP's beliefs (I think) that they can replace many domestic technical workers with offshore employees without any problems, and much more cheaply.

Yup, after you pointed it out it made more sense. Makes me feel less easy about the video (not a fan of bashing a work force). Therefore, I will pretend it was made by an Indian HP employee dissatisfied with their pay. Kinda doesn't feel like it was made by a pissed off midwesterner/UK rioter.

She looks like an actor.

Its sad to see how HP squandered probably their biggest opportunity. If anything they should take the free publicity and answer the masses, but if they don't there are a number of suitors that could breath life back into webs, don't get me wrong, it far from dead.
Your conventional thoughts say a hardware manufacturer like sony, htc, samsung, LG, maybe even Nokia, but I am a little doubtful they have the balls to do it, I will definitely applaud them though if they do, wow a galaxy 2 running webos, that's a dream.
But then you get the google competitors that could while breathing life back into webos do the same for their companies, Take yahoo for example. Having a Mobile device could only help its ad business, it shopping business etc, in fact if Yahoo doesn't buy webos, how much longer can she stand up to google, all internet ad revenue will go to google and apple. If Yahoo wants to stay alive she needs to do something or she'll be gone in a couple of years, this might just be a great opportunity for her.
Another great company is Amazon, wow, All I can say is that if I were Jeff Bezos, I would have closed the deal this weekend. Amazon is basically besides being a Walmart of the internet, she has big investments in the cloud, she is iTunes and googles biggest competitor when it comes to internet sales of music, ebooks, movies and TV series. The kindle in a way is already a competitor to the iPad.
Amazon with a phone and mobile device section where people would buy all their songs books etc and download straight to their Kindle webos, I'll buy 2.
More unlikely companies could be Facebook, I believe at some point in time google and Facebook will have it out and 1 will be a lot better off, Facebook needs to think about its future. Computers might just be a thing of the past, mobile devices are where people are going to connect, if google is your main competitor you better bring it to them, especially since your revenue structure is largely dependent on ads.

What do you guys think, can't we get these companies to open their eye's, HP sure has their eye's wide shut. One day we will look back at this sand say this is where HP took the path that lead them to their demise.

Definitely appears to be staged/faked.

Someone trying to be funny or something. Weak.

HP = Epic fail. That's all that needs to be said.

obviously not an employee, but a funny video used to hijack their site. I predict this will be a new internet meme, if it isn't already...

Dude!, you're getting a Dell

Come on HP. At least give us the option to purchase the Pre3s you've already produced! I want one!


Think about it: The TouchPad has sold out almost everywhere now. What a way to get WebOS out into the world!
Just seeing this makes me believe that the software will not be tanked anytime soon! I want to see the numbers on how many were sold in the past day!!!!

She's cute :)

I feel sorry for the hard working people over there. As a technician who repairs hp printers and works on the PCs I have had alot of phone calls with them for warranty claims and assitance. Most of it is by script but I have always been very happy with the support and talks I have with the employess in India at HP and for Lexmark.

However, I am hoping like **** they loos another 20% on monday. Sorry!!

Is it just me or did anyone notice that the Touchpad commercials with manny pacquio, leah michelle, and russell brand are being shown more frequently . . Kinda funny seeing it still adverstised starting at 399.00 lol