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Video recording coming to webOS 44

by Derek Kessler Thu, 07 Jan 2010 5:43 pm EST

Video Recording

Soon you will be able to record, edit, and share videos straight off your webOS phone. That’s right, even editing. Navigate the through the timeline, select the thumbnails you want to trim, and voila, shorter video. From there you can upload it straight to Facebook, YouTube, email or MMS. And these uploads happen in the background. The video recorder update will be available to all webOS users in February.



I can not beleive this comment section is still quiet. This place is always littered with people begging for video!

The website is flooded with jams. thats why.. I feel bad for the people who just left Palm.

Keep it coming Palm! I'm almost back to the functionality of my Treo 650... and only 6 years later!

You could edit video on your Treo 650?
And upload it to a website in the background, while doing something else on the phone?

Not trying to be a smart-aleck - just saying.

I'm excited by this - and I don't even have a webOS device yet.

I could shoot video (built in) and edit it (3rd party freeware), and upload it, but I guess you are right, I couldn't do it in the background. I think the only real background processes in the Treo were checking email and playing music...

I, for one, am really impressed with today's announcement. I am not a big gamer, but it means the possibility for more robust applications. Well done, Palm.

Now let's hope after 1.4 they refocus on the PIM apps. :-)

lol I'm loving every bit of it...everything I expected from webos is being delivered and then there is no question, in terms of a mobile OS WebOS is king!


Can't wait for video. The editing was more than was necessary.

You mean....I won't have to buy a new version of the phone to get basic functionality like video recording?! Palm you've done it again you magnificent b*stards!

They are mentioning this to contrast with Apple because you need to buy the latest iPhone to get Video recording.

I've needed video on my phone a few times. I can't wait for this. Never done editing even on a computer so that should be interesting.

Does anyone know what the record quality will be like? Just wondering if I need to take back my new flip mino? Not sure how good the Pre's camera will be with video.

Watch some videos recorded with Precorder. I'd say they're pretty good.

I've read somewhere that the Pre is capable of recording H.264, which is an HD container.

Just in time for my trip to China in March. Blazes!


Thank you Palm! Finally!

man that editing bar is a straight iphone rip off.. its funny, maybe palm really wants to piss apple off lol

haha.... everyone steals apple's ideas..... they are just too good

Maybe I'm nitpicking, or maybe I missed something. But I miss the move/create feature on my old Palm. I liked the ability to create folders, and move pics/video around on the phone without having to plug in and sync via USB cord. Is there something out there already, or do I need to be patient.

But .... .Yea I'm excited about OS 1.4 too. February cant get here soon enough. Just when I was starting to loose hope... Way to go PALM

I miss this feature too! and the ability to rename and organize photos on the device.

Check out the Internalz app from Canuck Software. Jason Robitaille has given us the ability to move, copy and delete files.

Good call on this Acedirect. Thats just what I was looking for. I owe you one, because I completely missed this one. Someone needs to list all the apps and the descriptions, because if the name or pic doesnt catch my eye, I usually just flip past it.


Looking forward to this. There's been a few moments when I've needed video recording. Palm are really treating us now

Plain awesomeness

Definitely one of my more missed abilities on my old phone.

Definitely excited about this and many more features coming!! Glad I picked Palm Pre when I upgraded in Nov. I just knew I wanted webOS, even though Adroid was very tempting. Cheers to Palm, making us believer in the platform.

good things come to those who wait

hell yeah!!!!

i still feel like ive been screwed with this whole palm pre plus deal...

I kinda feel you. Being an early adopter really gets you screwed sometimes. But atleast they are not holding back alot of functionalty from the original. I don't really want more space. As long as the IS is the same, I'm good.

JUST as long as they don't do whap Apple does with each new iPhone. Holding features unless you upgrade phones.

Thank you Palm!! It's about time! I hope there is zoom in/out functionality though for both the regular camera and the recorder.

Does anybody know if you'll be able to use the flash as a spotlight if recording in low light??? i didn't see a flash button on the screen in the video..

Just leave LED Torch or myFlashlight running in the background and record video. The abilities of the Pre are endless, haha.

So to do video recording and 3d gaming, Do i have to get a Palm Pre Plus instead of keeping the one I have? Or will there be an update or something for current Palm Pre users?


That's the best thing about this announcement... no, everything works just fine on the current version of Pre. The 1.4 update will be coming in Feb for all Pre users.

COOL! THANKS...So That update would be for the video recorder too?

Did I miss any mention of sound recording? Or is this silent video only?

Video, with editing, will be awesome, and it is great that it will be a free upgrade. But without sound it isn't quite what everyone has been waiting for.

With respect to the Palm Plus deal, I'm happy with Sprint, and I'm nowhere near using all of the 8G on my "early" Pre - doubling memory capacity I haven't needed in 6 months isn't worth paying twice as much per month to Verizon as compared to Sprint.

Still, Sprint's "exclusive" on the Pre lasted only 6 months, who expects Verizon's "exclusive" to last any longer? Doncha expect the plus will be shipping everywhere once the standard Pre inventory is used up?

i'm sure they wouldn't skip putting audio in there... i hope they have a light on/off feature when recording and 16:9 video.

i'm curious if this is a promised delivery date and which part of feb... early, mid, late? i hope palm's promise is more solid than adobe's to release flash.

The Palm Gods have smiled upon us. This was something that was sorely missed and should have been installed in the begining. Now for voice command.

I just thank the Cell Phone Gods for this. I held, it seemed like forever, on buying an iPhone because it was AT&T. Earlier this year when I found out the iPhone was going to record video, I faltered, but did not give out. The Pre is so much better than the iPhone,after all it was developed by an ex-Apple employee. Now my decision is made. THANK YOU PALM!

this is the best news since peanut butter and jelly. Now, all we need is flash player 10.1, voice recording and command...It would also be nice to be able to edit and save word excel and powerpoint files directly on the phone once saved. Ooooh, I would love to be able to copy and save online pictures to a created file or folder on my pre. Lets Go Palm!!! I knew I made the right chice not to go android or Win Mobile! Don't let me down.

bout time hell!!!!! how does palm expect to compete and they are constantly updating their web-os... its ridiculous ... a video recorder should have been in the phone when it first came out!!! next they need to fix the ringtone problem for messaging its way to short

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