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View more icons on your TouchPad app launcher (homebrew) 9

by Adam Marks Wed, 22 Aug 2012 9:28 am EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0.5 and higher

TouchPad App Launcher More IconsEach of the three major versions of webOS has had its own unique version of the app launcher, with features being both added and removed in each subsequent version. The stock webOS 1.x app launcher was very limited, but was highly customizable with patches, such as giving you the ability to add or remove pages, resize the app icons and change the space between them, or even add page names. Many of these features were added to the stock webOS 2.0 app launcher, but the ability to resize the icons was lost due to the change in the way the launcher was coded.  Finally, webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad saw a total rewrite of the App Launcher, removing most of the built in features added in webOS 2.0. All that was left was 4 tabs with pre-defined names, each with a visible grid of 7 by 4 (in landscape) or 5 by 6 (in portrait), and a quick launch bar with 5 icons plus the launcher icon.

Despite the limitations of the stock app launcher on the TouchPad, the homebrew community has come to the rescue to give you some options on how to modify it to your liking. You can use the SubOrbital homebrew app to add, rename or reorder your pages, and now you can also install the More Applauncher and QuickLaunch Bar Icons patch by WknThDg to view almost twice as many icons on your launcher pages and add additional icons to the quick launch bar. According to the patch description, here is exactly what the patch does:

  • Enables Landscape/Portrait to have 9x6/7x8+ (56/54+) icons per App Launcher screen & up to 8/6 QuickLaunch Bar icons.
  • Reduces App Launcher horizontal & vertical icon spacing and vertical icon-to-icon label.
  • Lowers QuickLaunch Bar vertical height & icon positions.
  • Raises QuickLaunch Launcher Button above QuickLaunch Bar so 8th/6th icon won't overlap it.
  • Retains original icon dimensions displayed & App Launcher icon name font size.

So, without changing the size of the icons, you can see a significantly larger number of icons per page and more icons on you quick launcher bar (8 in landscape, the first 6 in portrait). One note of warning: make sure that you remove icons any extra on your quick launch bar so that there are 5 or fewer if you uninstall this patch. Otherwise, you will need to reinstall the patch, remove the extra icons and then uninstall it again.

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Sniff...I wish I could have more icons on my Pre2 running 2.1...biggest thing I miss about my Pre+ is 5 columns of icons and jumping from one page of icons to any other one in 2 taps.

I know, I'm off topic...sort sue me! Wait, don't really...

No worries, Rockbeast, we're not talking about Apple here so the threat of lawsuits is greatly reduced.

Awesome.. THANKS!!!!

Caution: you need to remove the "No laucher icon" Patch befor you install this one.

We need a patch that will enable up to 9 icons for QL, or to get that built into LunaCE, as LunaCE will automatically resize the QL dead space.

I tried this patch a few weeks ago. Too many icons, too busy. I wish for a patch that would enable 8x5/7x6 (40/42) icons (portrait and landscape, respectively).

The additional QL icons in the patch are just right though.

I'm the opposite. I do not like the QL with all the icons and the adjusted launcher button but completely dig the actual launcher pages. I need to spend the time and 'adjust' the patch to remove the QL items, but have not found the time. BTW, for those with Opal devices, the patch does work on those as well (as does suborbital).

For those who want more icons, but don't want the chaos of having all those icons being contiguous, I've posted a transparent, blank icon on the forum thread. Combine this with the homebrew Shortcut Launcher app, and you can create blank launcher icons that you can use to space out and arrange your app icons. Yeah, it's a kludge, but it works--and once you're done, it's wonderful.

Wow – nice I had already installed the SubOrbital and love that freedom, now with the “Patch” I can really rock – thanks guys.

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