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Villo says goodbye, leaderboard/chat/profile service shuts down 7

by Derek Kessler Tue, 11 Dec 2012 6:30 pm EST

Villo says goodbye, leaderboard/chat/profile service shuts down

Last week saw the Google Voice webOS app Voogle shutting down, and this week we can add Villo Services to the "inactive" column. The service, conceived and built by Jordan Gensler and hosted by webOS World, launched in June of 2011, offering a variety of services to webOS app developers. Features included online leaderboards for games, cross-app user profiles, and push-notification chat, among other neat bits. Several webOS apps made use of Villo services, including fxspec06's Wild'n Video Poker, Ultimate Hockey by Point 3 Software, and the Apollo Pandora Radio TouchPad app, though none were wholly dependent on Villo. Gensler announced yesterday on Twitter that Villo would be shutting down "later this month", though we weren't expecting that to mean the nery next day.

In a way, Villo attempted to bring some of the features of Apple's iCloud and Game Center to bear on webOS, but thanks to a few seriously mitigating factors, webOS never really hit the critical mass level necessary to justify continuing to support the service. It's not surprising to see Gensler shutting down Villo, but we can't help but be saddened to see another facet of the webOS app ecosystem shutting down. Now we just need HP/Gram to step up and fill the gap with a robust solution.

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Sure,and Santa will bring you a new Beemer for xmas.

Can anyone clarify how this will effect Apollo Pandora?

It shouldn't at all. Apollo was only using it for tracking app usage.

It's funny to hear that at the last sentence, let's hope that HP/Gram steps up.... I think people are saying the same thing for RIM 'Last Stand' with BB10, but it's hard to focus that even the incompetence of HP could make up anything for WebOS. If they failed once, what makes u sure that it won't happen again ?


I am sadder about webOS now than before I read this article.

I pull out my TouchPad whenever I'm charging my iPad. The browser is getting to the point where it's unusable.