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Virtual Enyo Hackathon set for March 4th - participate in person or online 8

by Derek Kessler Thu, 23 Feb 2012 7:22 pm EST


webOS has had a few hackathons in its history, but not many in the modern Enyo  era. With Enyo 1.0 fully open source and Enyo 2.0 almost there, it's time to bring back the hackathon! We're pleased to report that the New York, San Diego, Indianapolis, and Dallas webOS meetups are going to all be participating in a cross-country Enyo hackathon on 4 March 2012 between 12pm and 6pm Eastern time. And you don't really even have to go to one of the events - you can participate as a virtual entity right from your living room.

What exactly they'll be working on hasn't been made public yet, but the whole thing comes with the support of HP, with webOS Developer Platform Architect Ben Combee appearing via the Ustream at all four events and participating in a live Q&A session in the middle.

Interested developers should head to to register their teams. That's right - there's going to be some competition here to make this happen. And what's competition without prizes? Yep, there are prizes too. So go and register, dear Enyo developer, and prepare to hack!

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I don't kno how to hack! I just kno how to use the pretty interface

I just filled out the virtual registration. I'm planning to catch a few hours on ustream.

If you are in the San Diego area here are more details if you want to be involved. You dot have to be a deleveloper just a webos fanatic!
I hope to see all of you there at @charcoalhouse for this meetup!

My heart's content will be to sign-up for that hackathon(will like to do so), however i'm not an expert in either hacking or developing in coding. I've been having several good ideas for apps for WebOS, yet I got no one to turn to, when it comes to developing application for the WebOS platform. But I'm an an WebOS fanatic who wishes than someday WebOS platform could compete with the big leagues such as Apple's and Google's operating system in the mobile market space. Let's hope that I'm not dreaming too much into this, but will like to see what happen on that event.....

Just hate to see developers fleeing from WebOS because of the silliness/incompetent of HP, on not deciding to make an effort to create hardware and push WebOS even further than just releasing a bunch of codes than later on will be just useless. Seriously, opening up the platform as an open source was a nice idea, but without any hardware this great platform called "WebOS" wont see much of a future by next year.

well this is the perfect way to meet up with developers and work a deal so they build your app for you. if you are near san diego, we would love it if you could make it.

OK... for those who are worried about not being an expert...I am not and I was invited to the att hackathon in my area and worked on an app. The app took first place in two categories. Come with your ideas and hook up with a developer and LEARN all the basics to build an app.
I know a lot more going thru the process. I love webOS and want ENYO to get the attention it deserves so we can get more apps. You DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT...but you have to have the passion. YOU CAN DO IT!!! if I can anyone can :)

WebOS is dead like a hamburger. Who cares honestly! Looks like Mozilla announced their own version of a web platform. They claim to hit perf numbers webos only dreamed of. Not a very high bar; but still.

I'll believe it when I see it! Mozilla is in rough shape,Firefox is plunging as people are moving over to Chrome. Dolphin, Opera and Safari are also gaining ground. Companies in rough shape often make extravagant claims in a desperate measure to save face and control damage. As for webOS I would say that it is far from dead, in spite of HP's inspired incompetence.

Both Google/Android and iOS are enmeshed in all sorts of ethical scandals involving data mining and privacy violations that grow by the day. Both E.U and U.S penalties, regulations as well as enormous class action lawsuits are inevitable. In the past, Federal Wiretapping violations nearly brought down AT&T. When the dust settles, the landscape may change considerably. We are only at the beginning, more will be revealed. webOS is clean.