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VoIP Talk, Flash Discussion and more... From the Forums 31

by Robert Werlinger Sat, 20 Feb 2010 7:15 pm EST

Here’s some of what’s being discussed in the forums.

  • The Pre has a pretty decent camera, and while this thread might be an oldie, it’s a goodie: PreCentral forum members are sharing some of the best pictures they’ve taken with their phones. Go ahead, share yours!

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Interesting article, Can't wait till Flash get here, alongside video recording!!!

Yes!! Now I can get back to my second life as a Cop Watch hero.

Does Sprint have VoIP??

Is that a Pre Plus in the picture?

I don't mind though.. The more Palm love the better =)

Yeah... they'll come back to Sprint when it gets a better Palm phone I guess.

Anyway, that one sided poll, rofl.

I would say no, its just too dark to see the button. Take a close look and it says Sprint for the carrier.

It`s Sprint phone in the picture.

always nice to get a summary of all the action on the forums...thanks!

How you took that picture was very clever.

Verizon is making palm look good.

ok, all this talk about webos 1.4 and yet... No one has ANY idea when it will come! I am getting tired of waiting and I may sell my palm. So I am wondering when will it come out?

Seriously? You might sell your phone? Palm said 1.4 in Feb 2010. There's a week left. We DO have an idea when it will come. In the next week. Calm down, it's just a phone.

So you want to sell your phone with no video capture, no flash, and no voice recording?

I'll give you $20 for it.

You caught us. 1.4 was just a big lie. I'll buy your phone for $25.

Is 1.4 out yet?
I had to ask

I hope Palm isn't pulling a RIM with these updates. Come on 1.4!!!!!!

...I haven't updated my iTunes since the back n forth battle of Palm and Apple over media syncing ended, soooo I'm still able to sync my Pre to iTunes =)

Wow, just hopped on to see what was up with media syncing...

...I haven't updated my iTunes since the back n forth battle of Palm and Apple over media syncing ended, soooo I'm still able to sync my Pre to iTunes =)

correct me if im wrong, but i believe the current SDK still doesnt allow for microphone access. skype, or even it's development, obviously isnt going to happen until palm updates the sdk. and even after that, skype isnt exactly fast with their turnaround times. i fully expect there will be an android client before a webos one and even that one isnt out yet (has it even been announced?).

Whew hew! I made the front page :D

Seriously though, I give most of the credit to the MediaMonkey wiki. I just wanted to raise awareness of their syncing solution over here on this website. I used their screenshots, and just added my own notes.

The internet knows everything, you just have to look for it sometimes.

I appreciate the "From The Forums" feature, but it's frustrating to read and follow the links from my phone. Would it be possible to post the mobile formatted links alongside the regular links, for those of us who read primarily from our Palms?

i hate itunes anyway...i've been using mediamonkey for a while and i really like it. thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention!

Very good front-page article summarizing the forums hot items!

thx guys

IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK ??????????????????????????????????????????

OK now, slowly and gently pull your fingers off the shift key and place them on the steering wheel where I can see them. Now let me see your ID.

Ok, it says here your real name is "HondaCop".

That explains everything. Let me go check on that restraining order Precentral put out on you.

1.4 1.4 1.4
then maybe... D2G & a blue tooth enabled full keyboard.
I'll be set. I promise I'll never ask for another Pony again!

Verizon's TV and Print Ads are the best ever. There are posters plastered all over here in NYC and many more Cities across the US.

Now all we need is to get them to stop having their sales reps discourage people from purchasing the Pre over the Droid and we'll be good to go.


...finally, the last full week of February =) You all know what that means right? Yes, we'll all get what we've been waiting for (unless Palm releases it on the last day), but I'm thinking Tuesday or Thursday. Now if you want to sell your Pres out of frustration, I'm sure there are plenty on here who would gladly take it off your hands ;) Come March 1st however...you'll regret being impatient while the rest of us are messing w/ our video camera and flash player =)

Oh my dearest 1.4, why are you playing hard to get,&keeping me waiting for that promise 1.4 Update of urs. I want you 1.4, with ur upcoming beautiful features: Video Recording, I need that, got Bermuda vacation coming soon, need to video record the nice scenery out there. Oh&Flash 10.1, so I can watch flash content online like,HULU&everything I can't see right now,because I don't have it enable yet. Nice flash games will be nice too. So 1.4, now you see how inportant you are to me now. I waits you!