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Voogle 3.0 brings Google Voice back to webOS... again 35

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 27 Sep 2011 2:44 pm EDT

Remember last year when Connor LaCombe released the very popular Voogle app to the webOS App Catalog? Since then, Connor had actually decided to stop developing the app to work on other projects he's got under his belt, and the Voogle app could no longer be found in the app catalog. Other apps, like Gvoice by Eric Blade, have since been released to fill the void left behind by Voogle, but there will always be a place in our hearts for the first Google Voice app to grace our phone screens.

The world can rejoice once more, though. WebOS World (the same guys who build Villo) has released a new version of Voogle (appropriately titled Voogle 3.0) to the webOS app catalog; bringing support for new devices like the Pre3 and the notifications that were missing in previous versions of the app. Where Connor left off, WebOS World has picked up (at a cheaper price of $0.99, too), and so far they're doing a fine job. With the app you'll be able to make phone calls, send text messages and get visual voicemail from your Google Voice service with any internet connection. To put it simply, Voogle 3.0 works just as well as previous versions of the app, with a few needed updates.

We're told that more updates are planned for the future, and that they don't expect to remove the app from the catalog again any time soon either. You can get Voogle 3.0 from the webOS app catalog right now for $0.99. Let me just say this on behalf of the entire webOS community, thank you so frickin much for bringing this app back.


First! Awesome! :D

Not so much as your would expect.

NOT available in TouchPad App Catalog!?!?

Not seeing it today either

Wait, we have to re-purchase it if we already bought it the 1st time?

That's what I want to know. I purchased this just last week. I know it's not WebOS World's fault but man, that sucks. That Connor kid and Palm needed to include that the program was no longer supported so we didn't waste our money on it.

So, I bought Voogle once already, now I have to buy it again? Or is webOS World going to give promo codes to those who already purchased from the developer who started this app?

The new developers are working on a solution for that.

cool! Thanks much for that intel Tim, will be looking forward to that!

I wonder if they're keeping it open source, and are going to secure our passwords? (They're going cleartext across the internet w/ Connor's version, from what I can tell from source..)

I purchased 'Voogle' ($1.49) in June 2011 and it never worked for me. Then later it dissapeared from the app catalog and therefore was not even available to be installed after a trip to the doctor. My question is, do I have to pay again and be ripped off by these people a second time. How is this a good thing, that this developer was allowed to sell a bogus app and then now actually return to do the same once more.

I bought it first thing this morning. After swapping Veer's, I could no longer use the old version. I'm still seeing an error w/ text messages, but the developer has already said they were aware of it & are working on an update. :) It's well worth the 99 cents if you use your Google Voice a lot.

AWESOME! Thank you guys so much! This helps those of us who integrated Sprint with Google Voice a ton!

You should ask CLC what he thinks about webOS.O.S.

Ahmmmmmmmmmm..can we actually make google voice calls with this without an external device?

Perhaps people who previously purchased the apps can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the developer so that the developer can send a dollar bill back to you cheap a$$es.

Bah ha ha!! +1

Will we need to disable 2 step authentication on google account to use this app?

I guess it has to be disabled completely. I tried to use an application specific password, as I had to do for email on the Pre itself. This app doesn't seem to be accepting a one-time generated password though.

From app store description "This app does NOT support 2-step authentication"

I bought and got it now. It seems like it doesn't notify you unless you have the app constantly running. Is that the case with everone else?

To be more specific, I mean it doesn't notify you of incoming texts unless you have the app running...

what a freaking joke.
How dare they release this without FIRST taking care of existing customers.
I'm not paying for this AGAIN.
Word to Connor. Don't make an app, charge for it, and dump your paying users. If you want to switch projects, make a FREE app, and then no one will complain.

Just want to know one thing: I don't need to make any real call to use this App right? If I have WiFi, I can just make a call through Google voice on this app, without any call through AT&T?

no you cannot use google voice to make WiFi calls. You use google talk for that, which is only supported currently in text mode by the built in webOS messaging app.

you can use google voice to make calls but you need an actual telephone device.

YES :) you should be able to make Wifi calls -- you just need a DID phone number for Google Voice to call. The DID number allows you to intercommunicate with phones using voice, text or video.

I've done this with an iPod Touch, using something similar to Voogle.

i bought it yesterday bug i cant play my voice mails just says error on googles end. anyone else having this issue

So no SMS from TouchPad? Is it pending approval from HP?

im a little pissed that we have to buy it again... i hope they can get some promo codes out to people that already bought the thing.

I am not having good luck with the app so far and can't find any reference to the application on the WebOS World website. I restarted my device after installing.

1) transcribed message shows up as:
ge gc-message-read">

2) voicemail doesn't always play after pressing the play button (doesn't seem to be data related, I can stream Slacker just fine)

3) when a message is received from an unknown number, all of the previous messages are indented below and grouped to the first message, you can only access the first message.

Other observations:
1) when voicemail does play, the only option is to play via the speakerphone (maybe bluetooth, haven't tried that yet)

2) moving from screen to screen (Inbox -> Message Detail or Message Detail -> Inbox) is slow, approx. 5-7 seconds on Verizon w/ full 3G signal

3) I don't understand the indent/grouping logic

Voicemail playback has always been a problem with this app. I don't think it's an app problem so much as a Google issue.

Thank goodness this app is back, and just as important, actually working. I don't have a texting plan, and instead use Google Voice to text people. Google sends you an email when you have a new text, and you're supposed to be able to text back by responding to the email. However, that rarely actually works on my Pre+ for some reason. Voogle 2.0 stopped working for me some time back, so to text people I had to pull up the Google Voice mobile site on my phone, which was a pain in the rear compared to just using an app.

To those of you complaining about re-paying ... don't be cheapskates. webOSRoundup took over development of an app that had been abandoned and was very much needed for our phones. I, for one, have no trouble giving them $.99 for doing it.

I have a 32gb TP, fully updated and oc'd to 1.5 using Uber.

I can't find Voogle in the HP catalog. Any ideas/suggestions?

I'm already texting using Google Voice.

Is this app for phones only?

I just purchased it.... and I cannot login my Google Account with this App = ="

Does anyone have the same situation? I cannot login either using my WIFI or 3G

It doesn't support two step authorization. I'm not 100% up on what that is, but if you're using it, the app won't let you log in.

Correction: The first "commercially available paid" WebOS Gvoice app. Just sayin', there have been more than one ;-)