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Voogle Google Voice client shutting down at end of December 4

by Derek Kessler Sun, 09 Dec 2012 4:53 pm EST

Voogle Google Voice client shutting down at end of December

Options are about to become a little more limited for webOS users who are also fans of the Google Voice service. Voogle, one of the a leaders in the Google Voice for webOS apps scene, is shutting down at the end of the month. The announcement came from developer webOS World this weekend that they'll be shutting down the servers that support Voogle when December comes to a close. This comes after shuttling more than 6TB of data between the Google Voice service and webOS devices.

For those still using Google Voice on their webOS phones (excepting Sprint subscribers, who are blessed with the option to share their phone number with Google Voice), you still have options. You can use the Google Voice website to handle your device-independent calling needs, or you can pick up the excellent SynerGV v1 by Eric Blade for $2.49. It works in a similar manner to the soon-to-be-extinct Voogle, so switching for those that are dependent upon Google Voice shouldn't prove to be too difficult of a transition.



After reading this article and clicking on a few of the links, I'm intrigued. This google voice thing sounds like it might be useful and I'm always happy to hear of (and support) developers that continue to develop and provide updates for webOS apps!

I honestly have never used my google voice number, but have bought Erics apps. He is a good guy and still actively working on webOS (with his own development, and at times with HP/Palm). He is a forum member, and active on twitter... good guy to support and helpful.

Glad Derek mentioned Eric's app. :)

I use this app frequently on my Pre 3 and will sorely miss it. I do understand though given the dwindling webOS user base. I like it's integration with the address book and it's easier to use on a phone than synergv1. Syngerv is my preferred gvoice app on the touchpad where it's enyo based UI is better suited.

I don't know if this changed in the newer versions of Voogle, but proxying all data just seems a bit inefficient, and a little scary to have a third party explicitly getting our google passwords..

iirc SynerGV works by directly connecting to the google servers, saving the bandwidth expense as well.