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Vote now for the webOS Nation Best of 2012 Awards! 9

by Derek Kessler Mon, 10 Dec 2012 7:22 pm EST

Vote now for the webOS Nation Best of 2012 Awards!

This year for webOS has been, as they say, one for the books. We didn't get any new hardware, but we did get an open source release of a complete Open webOS and a renaissance in homebrew development to complement it. It's been a crazy year, to say the least. With the year that was 2012 coming to a close, it's time to look back at all of this madness and figure out what was awesome, what was insane, and what simply was.

Seeing how, uh, different this year has been from previous years in webOS, we've overhauled the structure of the webOS Nation Best of 2012 awards to reflect the current state of webOS. We're putting less emphasis on the App Catalog (where things have been understandably disappointing) and focusing more on the homebrew community and the news, which have been awesome and insane, respectively. And let's not forget about the 2012 Mobile Nations Community Awards, recognizing the awesome members of the webOS Nation community. So hit up the link below (sorry, TouchPad browsers, it won't work as well as we'd like, and we're aware of the irony) and register your votes for the best, the worst, and the all-around awesome of webOS 2012.

Vote now for the webOS Nation Best of 2012 Awards!



There were some great choices and I wish in some categories I could vote for more than 1 choice..

I think you mean Gram working with LG on openwebOS TV.


The biggest failure of the year was difficult... they all needed to be checked :P

I can't vote from my Hp Touchpad :-(

yea, it says it all,
I cant vote using my HP Touchpad

I like the unreleased devices question - surprising how well we know the products in that category!

I've only been following webOS for a few months, so I had to look up the WindsorNot, it looked like a nice phone... But of course HP killed it >:(

I would have liked to see a "app catalog free & paid app of the year" one.

Could this be added or done separately?