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The Waiting Game 44

by Derek Kessler Fri, 16 Nov 2012 9:13 pm EST

The Waiting Game

In this year of two thousand twelve, we've reached a point in our modern society where waiting is considered a bad thing. Patience runs thin. We don't tolerate lines, nor are we accepting of slow downloads. We get irritated if we have to wait for what we perceive as being too long for food in a restaurant, the arrival of a delivery, or for that idiot driver up ahead to make up their mind about how fast they're going to drive.

All of this makes being a webOS fan an excruciating exercise in patience. It's one thing to be waiting for a device to be released after its announced. You have a general idea of when it's going to come, even if it's something vague like "first half of 2011" or "late summer". You have a time frame. Right now, as we wait on whatever's happening with Open webOS to, well, happen, we have no time frame. At least with the open sourcing process for webOS we had a roadmap. Now that the roadmap was more-or-less fully executed upon at the end of September, we've ended up in a holding pattern here in the webOS community, waiting for something - anything - to come our way.

Three months ago we broke the news about HP spinning off the webOS Global Business Unit as a sort-of-independent company to be called Gram. Two months ago they moved out of the old Palm campus into a newly renovated space. And today the company still hasn't been announced, let alone discussed what they're going to do. For three months now, employees have been stuck in this sort of limbo where they can say they work for Gram, wear Gram shirts, and carry around Gram bags, but can't talk about what Gram is going to do.

So we wait for Gram to become official. And we wait for the webOS-powered LG TV (maybe - maybe - seeing a debut at CES this coming January) and for webOS Professional Edition and for the Android Compatibility Layer and for… anything.

There's been one bright spot, and that's been the WebOS Ports team working on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus port for Open webOS. They've been making progress, publicly showing off said progress, and making it available for the daring among us to even try it out themselves. But even then, we're waiting for the day that it might someday be a useful product instead of a novelty, and the WebOS Ports team has steadfastly and understandably refused to give even a broad estimation of when features might be implemented.

So we wait.

Thing is, when we have to wait, we get bored. When we get bored, our minds wander. And when our minds are allowed to wander, they go all sorts of weird and often goofy places while we try to pass the time. One of the best ways to pass this idle waiting time? Playing a game.

Since it's been a good while since any great games have landed on webOS (have you seen Angry Birds Star Wars on every other platform? It gives webOS a sad), we decided to play a different kind of game.
It's a game of doing random missions. Kind of like how Jimmy Kimmel has parents play mean tricks on their kids and video tape them for our amusement. Except we're going to be all webOS-y about it. We're going to call it The Waiting Game, because sometimes it seems like we have nothing better to do anyway.

Here's how it goes, at least for now. We reserve the right to tweak or dump the formula for something equally random. We want you to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger about webOS. Chances are they won't know what you're talking about, so you'll have a blank canvas to work with here. And once you're done, report back here to the comments and let us know how it went. We expect confusion, we expect wild gesturing, and we expect TiVo-style "I do want that!" revelations.

Passing the time by spreading the word. Let's hear it, webOS Nation.



I'm a big webOS fan, webOS developer, I had a lot invested in the platform. I got tired of the waiting game, went Android.

As an avid fan/user/proponent of webOS, I'm truly sorry to hear that rsanchez1.

That said, I can't say that I blame you. It would be nice for you to continue developing/supporting the OS, but I don't expect it.

On a related note...

Passing on the word about webOS is always a good idea, Derek (I personally do this as much as possible while trying not to be obnoxious or pushy). HP...I think that you could do the same and more by supporting developers like rsanchez1. You just paid out $500K to be on the Linux board (sic), I think that you could fork out another $500K (or more) for developers/supporters/etc.


Can't wait much longer with my Franken pre2. Volume control not working have to use app/patch to control volume. Still holding out for now........

there is no shame nor is it a crime to try other OS's. I once read a post on another forum where a user said that he was tired of not using the best tech available. I feel that this rings true for the webos platform more than any other. While the OS is still extremely capable, and superior in some instances, the hardware is so far behind it single handedly brings the experience down. If you had the ability to try an iphone/high-end android or WP you should. You have no reason not to try it because any new hardware is far on the horizon.

I still have my Touchpad. Sprint Pre went bad in May, and I went Android, which continues to get better without having the best multitasking. I'll keep waiting to be able to dual boot an Android phone. with webOS. Sucks, though. It is an up mountain battle for the faithful.

I don't find myself using my TouchPad very often. There's not too much to do. But the same thing can be said about my Samsung Galaxy SIIX. I honestly don't have any requirements for smart devices, and I don't want to go the same way as most other people (Angry Birds sequels? Pfft, I'm holding out. I held out on the first Angry Birds, tried it, found it annoying, and haven't touched it since). One thing that does keep me of having a higher opinion of webOS than Android is how webOS was designed for people to mess around with it. Retail Android has no root access by default, and it's less than straightforward trying to root devices (no official guides, and all sorts of hurdles). On webOS all one has to do to change something is find the source (JavaScript), and restart Luna. On Android there's rarely an easy way to change anything without decompiling something or recompiling something else. I'd rather have freedom over my device than have manufacturers decide what I should be able to access on my phone. I'd like to apply the same to other devices (Xbox 360: I paid for the hardware, and I don't give a crap about your piracy or whatnot. I just want to run my own code on it. Hence I have a few original Xboxes lying around (with one running Linux). When it comes to developer friendly, nothing beats webOS.

HP is a very weird, weird company, killed our dreams of having a new hardware, so sad, so bad, in the meanwhile there are a lot of tech companies producing and selling not only smartphones but also Tablets, HP is only working with Microsoft instead of using WebOS, so weird, so sad.

I enjoy my TP and Pre as much as I can.

Life without WebOS is not life.

Personally, I would think that trying to mobilize the readership of the site as a salesforce, would be far more useful when there was actually, or is in the future, product available.  What do we tell people? How great it could be, but no, you can't have it, because there aren't any more? 
Only thing I can think of, would be to talk to developer types all over the place.  We've seen some new developers show up in webOS world since the open sourcing.  That can only do good things.

Start up a conversation about webOS with a stranger? Done that quite a few times, talk about Enyo with people who are into web dev. Showing my Veer Panda to my friends got a "Awwwww! It's so cute!" from the girls n a "Woah, what is it?" from the guys.

We've never had to wait for anything before! Why now?

I can wait. There not too much I need to on a phone that I can't do on ny pre2

HP, if you can here me please change Gram to Palm for the grand relunch of the original smart device maker, and even if you have to outsource hardware production initially for webOS hardware, just do it. I see a huge array of cheap android tablets in the market, and I don't see why a company like HP can't afford to flood the market with cheap open webOS products. One you have enough market share you will see app developers swing by. Anyway, I can only dream.

IF WebOS ever debutes on a new smartphone with a keyboard, I'll be back in a heartbeat.

I dislike Android, although, as that is what Im rockin right now on my Samsung Galaxy S2. After CES this winter, I will be looking seriously at BB10 devices and matured Windows Phone 8 devices, as well as perhaps one of the larger (5"/1080p) new Android devices that will debut for a more permanant move, as a realistic projection.

So, I guess I can't use the word "waiting" any more for myself... perhaps a better word is "hoping"..


Launch day Pre user or should I say x-pre user. Just switched over to the Galaxy Note 2 last week. WOW, luv the hardware and the bigger screen. Big change from my tiny Pre. Miss WebOS, cards and multi tasking, preware, WEBOSQI and all the homebrew patches. Would come back in a second if there was adequate hardware.

The Note 2's battery life is better than anything I have used. After an entire day it still is at 50%.

I still have my touchpads!!

I decided to play with a nexus 4 while we wait and wait and wait some more.. Probably going to sell my pre3. Its like the red headed step child of

have you sold the pre3? pm or message me back...


your perspective is obviously skewed, since "R-H-S-C's" denote UNWANTED...

...but the prompt response above (and fleabay sales data) indicates the demand for webOS phones is HIGH.

i'm back to DD'ing my Pre- (#7) (which donated then reclaimed its comm gear from a FrankenPre2 I built/dropped), but i am also carrying a Pre3 I've been testing on T-Mobile to track their HSPA+(3.5G) migration to 1900 band (to attract ATT i4 users) in the Atlanta area. it's paired to the car stereo streaming Pandora thru Apollo awesomeness. (thx Jakeee n' crew)

When connected, the Pre3 auto-switches from E icon to 3G icon. results w/ the 3G lit have been 8Mbps at midday and 3Mbps around 6pm. so i just need more saturated coverage, while hoping the hardware lasts. But I already bought a 2nd Pre3 for backup hardware & spare batt. charger. It's working great streaming Apollo to my home stereo via wifi; and generally working well as a mini-TP.

the Pre3 is the UNICORN OF PHONES. let someone who appreciates that have it.

Had a pre on sprint, pixi plus on Verizon, then a pre2 on Verizon. Got the iPhone 5 now, just tired if waiting and not having 4G. I'm a webos fan, but the apps on apple are just much, much better. Webos has better features in the OS for multi tasking though...iOS is just so smooth.

Currently have a Pixi Plus on verizon.
Love webOS. The waiting game is getting old, but when you're a webOS user, you're just used to it.

Acquired a AT&T Pre3 and enjoy it for the basics that it provides - especially unified email and calendar. Most apps that other phone operating systems provide that I'd be interested in are easily replaced by mobile web sites. But the browser is limited and seems a little slow. So I'm keeping an eye on BB10. It's use of gestures seem a natural progression for a webOS user. Although the multitasking doesn't appear as user-friendly.

Would gladly get an aftermarket phone (maybe Galaxy S3 w/ touchstone mod) and put Open webOS on it if the technology gets far enough along to make it useful for everyday.

ok here it is...i am a webOS dude thru and thru and everyone that knows me knows girlfriend was in the hospital for a week she;s OK now but while in there she had her pre- to pass the time and told me alot of nurses asked about it and were curious so when i visited i passed the word here and there and showcased my pre2....

my girlfriends son's girlfriend came up with a palm pixi plus she bought a year ago to ask me if i knew anyone that wanted to buy it as she is on AT&T and can't use it...she lefted it with me and i found it was brand new in box with touchscreen sticker cousin dave stopped by and wants to graduate to a smartphone so i told him this would be a great starter phone for you....he was interested so i tried to broker a deal but the owner wanted to recoup full price of 70 dollars she payed for it on ebay.....

i got her down to 30 and the deal looks like its going to happen....another webOS fan created overnight


...if he doesn't have one yet, he should still be able to get a Pixi touchstone battery cover for ~$5 on fleabay. i picked up 2 (< $9 shpd) just a few days ago, in case I want to try converting some Samsungs to inductive charging capability. i have a half dozen t-stones stationed everywhere i want one. get those before the prices rise from the conversion mkt. touchstones are still the only decent inductive charging system on the market, and are now priced to sell fast.

I'm sitting here rocking with my at&t pre plus, the contract ends in a few days. So I've been toying with a few new phones Lumias of every sort... but the idea of buying into MS just gives me the heebie jeebies, and i just can't bring myself to part with my pre+...

I'm sorta an old curmudgeon when it comes to phones, I liked my Centro, I liked my Treo. Addressbook, Calendar, E'mail & Phone are all I need thank you very much. I don't play games, so the whole app store was basically ignored by me for the last two years. I love my Spaz app for deh twttrs though...

I guess I can't find a reason to move on. I'm pondering begging AT&T to let me go back to my >no data plan< status that I had for the first year and a half w/the pre+ and just wait to see what happens in the future from Gram/Palm/Samsung porting...

Also pondering buying a pre2 or pre3 for the speed and saving my at&t upgrade for later... Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?

I always go back to the Pre2. I must have sold mine six times now and bought another a few months down the line. I had a Pre3 for a while and while the KB is super it's a little big and the build quality isn't as good as the Pre2 (I find.) I'm alos really bored with these huge phones. I use a Nokia N9 as my main phone and the Pre2 as my backup. Mut have a thing for EOL'd products.

I think you would be very pleased with a Pre2 and they re cheap as chips now.

The N9 is such an amazing device. Much much faster, stable, and well-built at launch.

That's why I use it now as my main device - better camera, battery life and the PIM support is amazing.

I still like the Pre2 though, always loved the feeling in my hand.

pre2 would be your best bet.

try another phone. You are saving your upgrade for nothin. Just try a new phone/platform and if you don't like it come back.

if you're already willing to pay ATT prices, get an ATT branded Pre2 or Pre3 GSM and roll with it.

i had the Pre3 on ATT (via St Talk prepaid jus to try it) but ATT coverage in Atlanta metro seemed to be spotty, so I'm testing on T-Mo now. I've since learned (thanx to awesome webOSnation forum users) that an issue with the Pandora app pausing with 5 secs. remaining may have been what I was experiencing, not poor ATT coverage. So, now that I've got Apollo, I may reactivate my St Talk acct and try it again.

Meanwhile i'm still paying $60 monthly for unlimited Sprint on the Pre-. So yeah a few random months of testing has increased my expense a bit, but the goal for me is to find a carrier that will provide the best HSPA+ service while LTE moves right on by me.

I see it like a huge ocean wave, but I'm out in the water far enough to float up the swell; then it breaks and carries everyone else away in the whitewash. Let the masses move to LTE. I'm not paying $70-90 a month for LTE svc when HSPA+ is fast enough for me. (i dont watch mobile video at all) I'm betting on HSPA+ to be the best value option @ $50 or less, most likely thru T-Mo.

if you're on ATT, you're one of the few who can plug n play with multiple webOS phones. Heck, try a Veer just for fun.

Where can I find that clock widget in the picture.

@matt - that's just the built-in 'analog' clock for webOS. Just open up your clock app, and go to the preferences and change the theme to 'analog'.

webOS's core features are not limited to webOS anymore. Other OS's are starting to gain in UI cohesiveness (Android), while webOS stays as slow and as buggy as ever. The only thing I liked in webOS was the UI and the cards paradigm, however, the core was always problematic and being web-based probably hurt webOS a lot.

Thanks Hellon, never noticed that on my Pre 3 before.

that lil' clock (on my Pre-) wakes me up every morning!

Derek ... I'm still hanging in on this waiting game. Or Crying Game - lol

Just picked up a brand new Pre (not a rebuilt), to replace my 3rd (or 4th?) unit. My Touchpad is invaluable, despite the lack of apps. It's a great business tool. Co-workers are impressed with the card action and other features. Never knew how much I loved the word Synergy.

Where I'm from - Northern Ontario (about 200 miles north of Toronto) - it's always a unique experience to run into someone still working with webOS. I was at a party a few weeks ago, when a girl started tapping on her phone. It looked familiar, so I asked if it was a Palm phone. Once she confimed it was a Pre, she proceeded to tell me how much she loved the phone. Her hubby told me she was nuts about it - which brought a smile to my face. She had no idea what was going on with webOS - open source and all.

If only HP knew what they had. Maybe they do now. Maybe they don't. Hopefully someone (LG?) learns there's an opportunity if given the chance. One can only hope.

Until then .... wait ... wait .... and wait.


Any movement on the webOS Community Edition?

I turned the corner from my beloved Palm Pre Plus when freezing started happening and reboots were the only way out. Went WP 7, which is a completely different feel and a an enjoyable platform I have grown to enjoy. I am sure I will be on WP 8 before too long.

But I have said it before: Give me a reason, I would come back. Give me a device, give me some sliver of light from under that dark rooms door.

even though I love me some WP, I miss my webOS.

I love my frankenPre2 on Sprint. I've thought of upgrading to the Pre3 on Verizon prepaid but can't justify it plus the Pre 3 won't stay secure on my touchstone Mod in the car like the Pre/pixi :

I've helped put 5 friends on the Pre 2 and 1 Pixi on the $29.99 plan on kittywireless (verizon network). They all love webos and saving tons of $$$

We are a 2 touchpad household and I'd like to put a 3rd mounted to the refrigerator with a touchstone for Calendar access, photos, and recipes.

Also yesterday at the theater seeing cloud atlas the guy infront of me had a Pre -. Made my day! It was fate! Amazing movie too!

Webos fan for life!

So, I was in the AT&T store, waiting as they set up my new service. And I told the clerk, that I would rather have a webOS phone, completely expecting a blank stare. Instead, he responded that he would too. That he and one of the other clerks there were totally into webOS, and that they were sad to see it's demise.

I offered him the hope of a webOS base television, and he brushed it off. but regardless, he is still a fan of the OS.

Well like the article said waiting is nothing new with us webOS fans. If it wasn't for all those people who would be on the bread lines I would be happily waiting for HP to close their doors. What a frikkin' joke they are. I think it is just a matter of time for them Windows 8 notwithstanding. Long live webOS.

I've never had any WebOS device but I do read the blogs here regularly and it really is a shame that HP did this. I think they just don't know how to manage a platform. I was on Amazon the other day and almost bought a Palm Pixi Plus for the hell of it for a carrier other than the one I'm on just to get a little experience with it. It's the only other OS I don't currently have on a mobile device (other than WP which I couldn't care less about). Got my BlackBerry phone, PlayBook, iPad, HTC Android, really feel like I'm missing out on a great one by not having something WebOS. Might just go for it. I really want to experience it. Sad that I missed out when it was in its prime.

Derek, been following you on the Twitter for some time now as you always have something interesting to say and are always insightful.

A round of applause for those of you that have stuck it out. I hope the future brings great things to WebOS Nation!


if you want to get a webos device to play with get a pre2

Thank you. I will look into it. :)

Is this clock theme available for Touchpad? I see it as clock icon but its not one of the 3 clocks you can choose. I like its simple clean look.