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Wal-Mart to carry TouchPad, 32GB set at $599 [exclusive] 178

by Derek Kessler Thu, 19 May 2011 5:20 pm EDT

HP’s distribution advantage over some other tablet manufacturers is hard to deny. They have massive inroads with traditional electronics retailers like Best Buy and Amazon, their own online store, and a good relationship with rising electronics powers like Target and Wal-Mart. We’re expecting HP’s all-out assault for the TouchPad to hit all of these markets avenues and then some, and thanks to an enterprising tipster, we’ve got a better idea about how much these things might end up costing if Wal-Mart is your preferred shopping destination (though we’re no closer to knowing when they’ll arrive).

First up is the mighty TouchPad itself, which Wal-Mart will carry in at least the 32GB configuration, and at the price of $599.00. That’s right in line with the pricing for Apple’s 32GB Wi-Fi iPad 2, and right in line with what we are anticipating. While weren’t able to glean any info about when the TouchPad will actually be available at Wal-Mart or any other retailer, we got our first glimpse at the packaging. Well, actually just the size of the packaging: 9.5x10x1.78 inches – approximately the same size as the iPad’s packaging (weight was listed as 3 lbs). Seems it wasn’t just product design where HP targeted the iPad, let’s just hope Apple doesn’t pull a Samsung on HP.

Also to be available at Wal-Mart is the TouchPad-specific Touchstone Dock/Stand. Like the little puck Touchstone charger when it first debuted, the price for the stand-style tablet Touchstone isn’t cheap: $79.88. Granted, this is for what we expect to be a more powerful charger (it’s for the power-hungry TouchPad, after all), with two sets of inductive charging and communications coils (one for landscape and one for portrait TouchPad orientations). Plus it’s machined out of a chunk of metal, unlike the little smartphone Touchstones (or the TouchPad itself).

Apart from the TouchPad and Touchstone stand, Wal-Mart also stands to carry the webOS Bluetooth keyboard for $69.88 and the first-party TouchPad case for $49.88. Also listed is an AC charger, priced at $29.88 – the same price HP currently charges for the old Palm AC-to-USB adapter and micro-USB cable (okay, it’s 10 cents less). It doesn’t appear that Wal-Mart has yet placed any orders for the TouchPad or any of its respective accessories, but with the massive efficiencies that define Wal-Mart’s distribution system, our tipster says they could have it in stores as early as the 1st of June if the product were to hit Wal-Mart’s distribution centers by next week.

Thanks anonymous!


My first trip to Walmart in years? Only for you, TP.

You need TP for your bunghole?

Just say Touchpad...

Touchpad is only fractionally harder to construe as potty talk. Why not save the characters?

69% of people will find something dirty in any sentence.

That was totally uncalled for. I'm utterly disgusted. :D

You ought to be ashamed of yourself when using such percentages in a hostile environment such as PC.

We are a lot like caged animals, where we're waiting for products to be released because we're hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!

We don't mind getting dirty either.

90% of WebOS users think HP treats us like ****. TP is fine for cleaning up the matter.

84.7% of all statistics are made up on the fly.

After I read your post I noticed mine was down. Thanks!

aww man same here. i hate wal **** too. Always been a best buy kinda guy.

Two reasons to go to WalMart:
- TouchPad
- Ammo


HP and Walmart do fit together well in terms of who they're targeting.

Your either serious and from the South, or that's the funniest read I've had all day. Thanks for the chuckle.

4 reasons:

cheap but very capable HP computers
really good donuts!

Great to see it pops up...now where is my gift from California ;)

Nice! Let's get this puppy rolling...

In only its first week, 7 people from Precentral have bought Veers. http://forums.precentral.net/hp-veer/282715-do-you-own-veer.html That's simply amazing.

They said it wouldn't sell, but obviously they were wrong. I expect similar performance from the Touchpad and HP later.

its hard to detect sarcasm through writing. i hope you're kidding when you say that 7 people from here purchasing veers is considered a success.

keep in mind, the only people that even know the veer exists are the people that come to p|c.


so i really doubt that they sold many more than what the ones that were sold to p|c members.

I went to an ATT store today to see the veer, same thing, I asked if they had an HP Veer. The guy looked at me like I was talking a foreign language. He then said, "ohhh, that really little phone." I said yes.

He then walked me to the very back corner of the store, past all the nice android, iphone, **** even windows 7 & blackberry phone displays, and pointed the the last space on the wall of **** phones and said, this is it, but I don;t know anything about it.

The phone was not plugged in and I could not turn it on. I then put the magnetic cord in place and started it up, but I was shocked on how easily it came loose.

Best part of all, since they put the security connectors on the phones, you can even slide it open and closed.

It's not good, sad part is I looked at a lot of other phones, htc and everything and they were really nice, at this point, I think the only way to save webOS is to license it, HP has no clue about making phones people want.

I blame Richard Kerris.

I've seen Kerris posting in the forums. He seemed a bit surprised at the negative reaction. It's obvious that he seemed a bit clueless as he babbled on about having a plan. Doesn't bode well for HP with people like him and Ruby at the wheel.

$599??? are they kidding, who is going to buy it.

Iphone 5 is coming to sprint, i can finally ditch palm and this fanboy site hopecentral.net.

No one will buy the touchpad if it is priced the same as the iPad2. Because the iPad2 is better in all categories, thinner, faster, more cameras, more identifiable. MORE APPS! I'm not sure that Super Jump will attract many people to buy an TouchPad.

I'll wait to buy a touch pad in 7 months on dailysteals.com for $299.00, after it fails to sell at the ridiculous price.

I blame Richard Kerris, HP's VP of Developer Relations. He is asleep at the wheel.

i agree. $599 for this model = DOA

SMDH. Hpalm just doesn't get it.

Glad to see someone gets it..

Exactly. Gimme the Pre 3. Tablet for a cheaper toy one day, and for pushing webOS out to the masses I hope... but gimme a MacBook for getting stuff done.

Too many complainers here. Pre 3 looks awesome. Nice job HP!

If it doesn't come to Sprint, I'll prob just put a Pre 2 on Sprint...also good.

Totally agree, Pre 3 is higher on my priority list (still, preferably I'd have it bigger, around 4 incher screen with higher pixel density). Also, it remains to be seen if they can advertise/sale it properly - I'll not be an early adopter for the second time (already awaiting for my HTC Desire after my "day 1 Pre minus" developed a bad case of self-touching cracked screen, and could not be replaced for another WebOS phone by my insurer)

TouchPad is only so very important in my eyes, as to not have another failure under WebOS' belt, and it will indicate if the platform can rise at all, in the long run. Why should I buy into a dying platform, even the great one..

They really cannot afford another failure, but they inevitably head towards one with it - as you can get better-specced Android tablet for $200 less (though permanently sold out - Asus EEE Pad/Transformer).

Who's insane enough to cough up $600 for WebOS tablet, versus getting better-specified Android one for $400?

And I do not care if ASUS is subsidizing Transformers. First, unlike HP/WebOS, there's very little sense in them subsidizing their tablets - they do not own the OS, they can only make money on selling hardware, if their subsidy nets higher Android tablets adoption - well, that's just it, higher ANDROID (not ASUS) adoption, that would equally benefit their competitors. I seriously doubt it is the case.

Now, if HP starts to subsidize WebOS hardware, that would make much more sense. Like $500 TP + Pre 3 sans contract - and I am sold.

Reasonably specified tablets would sell insanely for $300-400. I don't know why most manufacturers fixed their gaze at ridiculously high price points, and for what - a freaking piece of LCD screen, an underpowered mobile SOC processor, bunch of memory chips and a free OS???

Tablet is by it's very definition a commodity, but by no means anything close to "must-have" piece of gear that professionals need to make money. So why the premium price points? I do not understand, honestly.

I've been considering the iPad on Sprint as well (*if* it shows up) but after browsing a few web sites the other day that incorporated Flash, I determined that Flash is more prevalent that I thought, so the HP TP W/ WEBOS is back on the table!

Where there's smoke, there's fire. I will be purchasing this at a Best Buy in Deleware (no sales tax) anyways for the warranty. Though, anyone know if SquareTrade warranty is good for tablets?

it is

Good news for another major vendor to sell it in case my prime choice runs out on launch day ;)

assuming 16G will be $499. I would like HP to tell me why this thing worth $150 more than EEE pad?

Coz its not sucktastic Android based...

I have a feeling all the millions of android users would disagree

Because it's running WebOS.

If you have to ask...

Because it is specs are competitive with the iPad 1?

they've got a defense for that now. Apple told them specs don't matter.

I wouldn't worry about Apple suing HP. HP has a patent library that is probably thicker than Apple's when it relates to computers (HP Labs actually invents technology). Samsung was mostly an appliance manufacturer for most of its existence.

But having it in Wal-Mart is a huge win.

"Samsung’s Galaxy line has been one of the most commercially successful range of Android products to date but have also been among the most iOS-like in terms of interface conventions, thanks to Samsung’s TouchWiz."
No need to worry, webOS looks nothing like iOS.

I don't know if you're being sarcastic here or not. In case you're not, I agree with you. webOS look nothing like iOS, unless you want to bring up the fact that they both have screens full of icons, which of course would be silly since phone screens have had icons on them for over a decade.

webOS looks, feels and operates like no other OS on the market. At least until they all copy it.

I was perfectly serious.

HP should throw in the Touchstone stand for their highest priced Touchpad. Otherwise this seems like a good deal although when trying to come from behind they should probably be trying to undersell Apple with their lower cost models.

that's not really HP's call. that would be more or less a call from Wal-Mart themselves on their sale prices. Remember, chain stores buy bulk items and then turn around to sell it at their premium.

How about a FREE Touchstone for the "Loyal Pre-" users to "Make things right"? :D

For the $599 price they should probably include a Touchstone/stand in there to be competative with ASUS and Acer tablets.

how about give us netflix streaming, words with friends, HBOgo, ESPN3, and be $50 less than the ipad. seems like HP just doesnt get whats going to work, and/or what appeals to the masses.

If HP wanted to be bold, they'd buy Netflix and leverage it.

exactly, HP/webOS needs big bold moves like M$ did buying Skype, if they want to be seen as "serious" and "all in" contender in Mobile space... Repeating "this is a marathon, not a Sprint" (ah, see that lovely pun!) will only take them so far, if everyone else will be moving along at twice the speed and apparent dedication.

OUCH!!! Thats a bit high, I was hoping HP would have undercut Apple sense we all no there will be little to no apps available at launch! Ohh well!

Does anyone think the Touchpad will sell more than a handful of units at $599? Hopefully they get it south of $400 very fast.

Not really. Only a few suckers will buy this at that price. No apps, sucky platform, HP will have a hard time selling this lemon.

Why are you here?

It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. There's some good comedy here as well watching the clueless try to rationalize every bad decision HP/Palm makes (such as this one). Even better are the ones who get frustrated yet still cling to some idiotic hope that HP will make things right for them.

I'm confused at your ignorance. Do you also believe the Earth is flat? I'm genuinely asking because if this is really your "opinion" then holy cow man, you have one seriously warped view of good technology.

lol u got mad

I think he's been "here" longer than you. Good technology is not worth **** if the provider will not let you have it. HP is good at "Show and Tell', they fail continuously at "Show an Sell"

I agree with cmil1212. It's the same reason I keep coming back to this site. To watch webOS burn and see everybody sit by and burn with it. It's just fun to see how everybody defends everything, but HP has yet to come up with anything that could seriously scare Android or iOS... including this thing... which is just a rip off in almost every way of the iPad.

At the same time, it's also sickening to see Precentral not act as the voice of reason. They're totally HP's tool. TreoCentral was never like this.

People post the most ignorant drivel cheering on HP and 20 mods rush to thank it. They ban or delete some posts of anyone who dares to be objective. Even writers don't even bother to be critical but instead appear to be tools.

Instead of helping to elevate webOS, Precentral is doing the opposite with their endorsement of every bizarre decision HP makes.

When you accept HP's help for homebrew, you become much less objective knowing HP can cut you off if you act up. By extension, Precentral is basically a puppet for HP now.

Speaking of homebrew... this is a little off topic, but I always thought it was a ridiculous when webOS fanatics tout homebrew as a "feature" of webOS. It's simply there because webOS is so sorely lacking in so many ways. Homebrew and Preware are just giant band-aids that are needed just to bring webOS up to a usable level. The fact that HP is supporting it just shows that they know they can continue to underdevelop the OS and put less work into it, because hackers will fix their **** ups for free.

Everyone has homebrew. By your logic, the existence of jailbreaking for iPhone means it is so sorely lacking in so many ways.

Eh, not really the same thing. Jail breaking is there to get things that apple won't let people have. Webos homebrew is there to make the phone usable. My pre minus was a god awful, slow piece of garbage until the over clocking kernels came out. The iPhone doesn't need jail breaking... The phone works well as is.

This comment deserves more credit.

If you look at the Other Devices forum, you'll see a locked thread equating Apple users to a religion. One of the mods on Precentral all but says he wants the forum to be a place where WebOS users can outright LIE about other platforms without fear of rebuttal.

I'm not even embellishing it. That's what the forum has become.

Dear Lord, ninja. Your comments remind me of rod piper in "They Live". I don't think I've ever heard anyone as paranoid as you.

Although I love webOS, I too mostly come here to watch everyone spin a really unfortunate situation into something that vaguely resembles positive news.

"The TouchPad looks fat."
"No, it's sturdy! People like sturdy. Who wants a thin, flimsy tablet?"

"It's taking HP too long to release products."
"I'd rather they take their time and get things right!"

"WebOS has no apps."
"Who needs apps? It's all about the OS, man."

It's a sad situation, it really it is. But making excuses for HP doesn't help anyone.

youre a drunk clown on haterAde

No one will buy it, not when it is specced & priced the same as an iPad 2(actually, taking into account it has no main camera, looks like shiite, is heavy and thick as a brick and has zero apps/developer support, it is "specced" much worse than iPad2).

Those who does not count their bucks and do not compare features, are already sold to iPads, long ago.

Those who compare features, prices, and count their spendings - know/will see that TP is already obsolete, and that you can buy cheaper, better and better looking Android tablet. Without taking any risks, and being 100% sure that your platform is on the rise and will not vanish after next corporate quarterly meeting, when the sour financial taste of yet another WebOS failure in the marketplace starts to threaten COE's shares prices. So it is a no-brainer.

God forbid if you are after a 7 incher - cyjanogenmod 7 running off the microSD card on the $250 Nook Color (on the market for how long, over half a year already?) gives you the best bang for the bucks, for sleek and robust piece of hardware, and if they (Barnes & Nobles) were selling globally, I'd be NC owner myself, for a few months already. And where is WebOS 7" tablet? Will it come out after all, or are they waiting to see how TP fails, before pulling the plug?

cmil1212, nice to see some voice of a reason here, amongst the usual cluelessness and taking every BS in as it was pure gold.

Ugh, Wal-Mart better not be the launch partner.

I don't want to see webOS fanatics getting trampled to death.


Why lock yourself to one partner? Wal-Mart, Best Buy, they need everyone.

walmart is the BIGGEST retailer in the world.. If I had to pick one... My money is on walmart.. The largest distribution network... Love it. This is a good call for HP..

Walmart is also a bargain store; people go there to save money, not buy lavish electronics like the TouchPad, especially when there are $300 laptops sitting right next to it.

I'm not saying HP shouldn't be selling in WalMart but rather not to expect a ton of sales because of WalMart. They'll do much better in places such as BestBuy, Fry's, etc.

Maybe they'll partner up with Big Lots next. Dollar Tree?

OH snap

So you're saying that Apple selling iPads at Walmart was a bad move for them?! I bet they sell more at Walmart than at BestBuy and Fry's combined.

This isn't about Apple but in their case they do enough to elevate their brand and brush off the hit selling in Walmart would give most brands.

HP is firmly establishing their brand from the get go as a cheap knock off. Look at the Veer and who they're trying to target. And they expect business users or prosumers to embrace this?

HP hasn't got a clue about this market. They're more successful as an OEM and letting others do this sort of thing.

It's a sort of surreal thing watching the biggest tech company stumble like this. Maybe they'll wise up when windows 8 is ready.

Unfortunately, "cheap" knock-off, it is not. It is expensive, not exactly a knock-off (but hardware-wise, true, it is just painful to see how hard they did work to copy an iPad 1:1, to such a degree they have removed gesture area, one of great things in webOS).

It only demonstrates how clueless they are - as if the external similarity matters...

They are "a" launch partner. Not "the."

I do hope so. :)

Reading comprehension seems to be an issue with a lot of people.

There will be bundling at some point as a way to put things "on sale" in locations where they don't normally go below the standard price for such things. That said there will be places that do (e.g., Costco). Anyway, now I'm allowing myself to get a bit stoked...

We'll also hopefully see what "make it right" means, though that will likely apply to phones and not this.

Why not sell it 25 dollars less than Apple?

it has to be more then that. if you're not an apple hater $25 bucks more is nothing to pay for an ipad2. It needs to be $100 cheaper in my mind. Because side by side its not a fair fight. i'm not sure it will top the Samsung 10.1. which was reworked and now thinner and getting some good words written about it.

E-xac-tly, sir. $100-$150 in favor of TP, and it _might_ stand a chance. As it is, they've killed it before even released.

Is there a 64GB model?

Probably 64 GB will be offered but I think real question is how much is the optimal memory. Is 32 GB the right amount? Is 16 GB too little memory and would it lead to buyer's remorse quickly? I think $599 is tolerable but $499 would be a much more desirable semi-impulse buy. Early adopters would need the reviewers to let us know asap before we pull out the credit cards!

I think with everything moving towards the cloud. You dont need very much storage...

If only battery technology kept up with the cloud

...and coverage, and open data plans costs, and reliability, and transfers rates...

I'm still a fan of bundling a couple of accessories together and using that to close the marketing gap between the iPad 2 and Touchpad.

Create a 16GB version for $599 that includes the case, keyboard, and Touchstone and I think it gets a lot of attention and doesn't end up costing HP that much more (margins on accessories are fantastically high).

I'm just not sure it is going to sell if its the same price as the iPad. I know it has pros and cons, but the TouchPad needs to win in almost every area, not just tie or win some and lose some others.

The prices given are the manufacturer's suggested retail price, so it would be up to the retailer to create the bundle that you describe.

Retailers may be forced to sell at manufacturer's prices. Because of Leegin v. PSKS (2007), manufacturers may refuse to sell to retailers who sell at prices less than the minimum specified by the manufacturer.

It was said by the Court that this ruling helps competition, while most consumer and retail groups said it would harm competition.

Really? HP can't put together a bundle at a manufacturer suggested retail price?

I see video game systems having different bundles for some time.

I don't understand how HP couldn't make a box that includes multiple things and put a suggested price on it. They don't need retailer's blessing to do this.

stuff is realllly playing it self out...too bad im leaving the country till june 28th and wont be able to scoop it up on launch day..sigh

ill live vicariously through all of you first day touchpad purchasers

Looks like HP is gearing up for a very large initial production run if offering at places like Wal-Mart, best buy and possible carriers too. Great places for the general public to find webos. They must be churning these out by the thousands as we speak.

exactly. so, where are the production run leaks???

locked up in some chinese factory :)

lol, yeah. come on people! give us some leaks =P

They're too busy trying to leak iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to worry about Touchpad.

I spoke to an HP sales rep late this afternoon. He confirmed(without hesitation) that the Touchpad will be available for purchase on June 20th. They were given this information yesterday.

ohh ya? lol

HP is chasing Apple so hardcore right now its not even funny. Down to the tablet specs, packaging, pricing, case.

If it'll get them closer to launch, so be it.

its like mini apple!!!

Or can we call them Crab-apple??

Except HP is technically larger than Apple. (market value is a theoretical value)


duhhhhh, tell us something we dont know. who isnt chasing Apple at this point in the tablet game??

i don't think you understood me. when i said chase, i meant blatantly copying all forms of life.

Like putting Flash on it?

No, Apple doesn't have Flash on any of its devices. It would be bad to use this as an example because HP isn't the only one who 'attempts' to run Flash on a mobile device. Android does this too. I'm talking about HP and Apple and the TouchPad and the iPad.

Is there some kind of male genitalia waiting for you somewhere?

I wasn't gonna call you a fanboy, but after resorting to ad hominem attacks to defend Apple products, I'm convinced that's what you are.

+....take how many you want!

Flash runs quite nicely thank you. AND is the #1 reason my kids get the iPad when the TouchPad becomes available.

Not being able to use 50% of the sites I normally visit IS a big issue. And is a very good example of one aspect which is superior. Just because Android also has this capability does not negate the fact the TouchPad will be superior to the ipad in this facet.

I think by Apple, you mean HP, and by HP, you mean RIM.

besides the whole cards fiasco i dont think rim is that bad. they will be gone soon.

...which is perfectly doable, BTW

well you can blame it on everyone since everyone cried out for so long that "Palm should do exactly what apple does.. unless the release an iPhone with webOS nothings ever good enough in my life" ****

Wanna bet we hear about some new apps right around launch time, too? Given the simplicity of moving apps from other platforms, I wonder if HP has agreed to do a lot of heavy lifting for the HBO's/ESPN's etc. of the world. And you gotta think rhapsody will suddenly discover a WebOS version of their app. More goodies to come, let's hope!

Companies like Apple and devices running android have the luxury now of developers begging to come to them. For now, I bet that HP is paying all the big apps to come to our catalog, till they eventually don't need to pay them to come, they will come on their own. Remember, some exec(don't remember who) said they would have 30,000 by the end of the year.

Here's a good idea: HP tells developers that they get 80-95% of app sales for the first year (or more). Developers are in this to make $ and right now Apple is still taking 30%.

Here is a question for you:

If an iPad developer sells 50 times more on the iPad than the Touchpad, and Apple takes a 30% cut, what cut does HP take to insure the developer makes the same amount of money from the TouchPad app?

I wish that was the case, but I'm skeptical. HP seems much more concerned about selling hardware than with the development of good apps.

But I found it interesting that you add the case, TS, BT keyboard and the touchpad, its $800... Same as the bundled Slate 500 but with less storage, hmmm

This is why everybody is chasing the tablet market. Fewer features and less power than a netbook but at twice the price.

Ever used a netbook? It really is a ridiculous thing to use.

...and no rear facing camera

Isn't the ipad2 $500?
why would they try to sell the touchpad for more than the ipad2?

Actually the 32GB iPad 2 is $620 here in Canada. (Future Shop)

The 16GB is $520.

The 16GB iPad is $500. That's where we anticipate the 16GB TouchPad to be priced.

Let us know when you review the Touchpad if the 16gb version is enough to run apps smoothly and hold a good number of apps. Any idea how compact or large Touchpad webOS 3.x apps are relative to webOS 1.x or 2.x? I want to know whether to spring for 16 or 32 gb TP. (is memory that expensive? $100 differential seems a bit steep. Maybe more of a marketing differential rather than solely cost of memory)

16GB is for USB storage. That isn't the memory used to run applications. The TP will have 1GB of RAM to run applications, which is 2x what is in the Pre2/Veer/Pre3

I think WebOS is great, but HP is delusional if they think the average consumer will choose a TouchPad over an iPad2 at the same price.


yep, yep, yep & Amen. But they have already proved they are delusional many times, so not really a big surprise here.

TouchPads are not really pushed for average consumers, but for prosumers who will find it useful to use both at work as well as outside work. HP will push TPs to their large clients for whom they help run their data-centers. So HP will sell these clients hundreds and thousands of TPs and smartphones in bundles along with other products and services.

If that's the case then they need the applications, and I'm not talking games, e-magazine subscriptions and **** apps. I mean REAL BUSINESS APPLICATIONS. For example we use the FileMaker client for iOS in our warehouse to aid inventory management and order fulfillment. It connects to our FM server over WiFi and requires no special hardware (beyond an iOS device) and no special interface software. iPads and iPod Touchs are both easier to carry around than a laptop and have better battery life... This kind of functionality is what HP needs to have in the TP if they want to sell it to business as a tool and not some cheesy freebie you get with every server blade purchase. I love the webOS UI, I love the access to the CLI without having to break anything, but the core applications are weak and without big-name developers on board it WILL NOT SELL.

I hear what your saying and I'm inclined to think the same way but if you were to give people the benefit of the doubt - and I mean to REALLY trust the average Joe (read: not the teany bopper Apple loving hippie) to make a well informed decision then you have to give the nod here to HP. However, most people just shop based on how many times they see an ad for something and if this is the case then HP has their work cut out for them. A few well timed, witty ads for the Touchpad (and WebOS specifically) could change all that.

I'm not sure why an average Joe would buy a TouchPad over an iPad, especially after doing research on the two products.

Cards and "true multitasking" is nice but we've already seen how that worked out when Palm took the Pre up against the iPhone.

They never took the Pre up against the iPhone. The hardware was a joke. The Pre Plus didn't fare much better. I'm not sure what your argument is but any self respecting computer user would choose WebOS over iOS. Its really not even close. We'll see what HP can do with the hardware side of WebOS. Honestly, I can't think of one legitimate reason why someone would choose the iPad over the Touchpad.


I'll give you three, all of which are more important to the average consumer than cards and swipe-based multitasking:

1. The recommendations of every tech writer, columnist, friend, etc.
2. A huge number of apps that do all kinds of things.
3. Thinner, nicer hardware.

I'll even throw in another one:

4. The Apple brand stands for a product that they will like. Who wants to gamble on some weird HP tablet no one has heard of?

and I will add few:

main camera
third-party accessories
battery life

do you have an iPad? I do.
Try surfing the internet with it. God Awful experience.

Visiting my sister for Christmas, they have 2 ipads. They use it to play games and read a couple news papers.
When they surf the internet they pull out a laptop.
Same thing I have to do.

yeah, that is exactly why tablets should cost $300, because beyond all the hype, it is the max of what they are REALLY worth.


everyone stresses the fact that Hpalm is going to move a lot of these in the corporate sector, which they will. but, they are also trying to appeal to average consumers as well. and at this price i just don't see that happening.

about 100 dollars to much i want a 16g touchpad. if they sold it along with the touchstone at 500 maybe. ill just wait till that baby drops in price. all this info coming in for the tp makes me think the pre3 will be out in july.

Would somebody PLEASE invent something to force people to actually READ the article before being able to post comments???

Maybe a quiz? You have to get the questions right before you can comment?

that's a great idea +

90% of commenters don't read the articles.

yup they just complain so they can be happy

There's more than one Slashdot effect out there. **** people don't even RTFS there anymore, let alone RTFA. It's getting that way in a lot of places.

Nice exclusive! Bring it on!

Wow, June 1st? That would be awesome!


Hopefully they carry the 16GB version for $499. I don't want to spend $100 extra.