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Watch (or re-watch) the Engadget show with Jon Rubinstein 26

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 08 Apr 2011 10:10 am EDT

If you somehow missed that Jon Rubinstein, Palm GBU Vice-President, was on the Engadget show not too long ago, you no longer have to live life not knowing what was said in the brief interview. We've already pretty well covered the more interesting bits that they discussed on the show, but just in case you want to watch the whole thing yourself, Engadget has released the full video for viewing online.

The three things that we got out of the meeting (other than the usual good-natured talk about the future of webOS) are those about expanding the Touch-to-Share technology (to the Veer?) for the TouchPad, running webOS in a window on the PC, and whatever fun they're working on with another iteration of iTunes Sync. Check out all of that and more by watching the video just after the break.

Source: Engadget Show | Thanks FliedLice!


not the best interview i've seen, to say the least.

Did Precentral go into reruns? :D

Yeah, didnt this take place about 3 weeks ago?

There is not much to talk about when the topic of your main focus has been MIA for a year. How many times can we look at tips about a phone that is almost two years old and speculation about phones that are coming "in the coming months" I give Precentral and its members a lot of credit.

i'm surprised that we are not seeing any campaigners, marketing for anything. The Veer has 'planned availability for the spring,' which the end is the beginning of June. Then the Pre3 and TouchPad will be released in the summer, which the end of summer is around September 20. Yeah, it's going to be a couple more months of reruns.

I don't recall seeing campaigners, marketers, or anything for the new iPhone over a month before it came out either.

Is it me or does Ruby seem to have dialed it in too? Not knowing the specs of two of their new phones, and not being able/not wanting to divulge release dates and carriers. What is the point of marketing a product through interview if you are not going to release any substantive new information? If I'm an average consumer and I actually want one of these devises wouldn't I want to know where I could grab one, from who, and at what price? HP and their folks are really starting to annoy me. I've been a Pre dude since launch and all of this no information makes me hesistant to think they will ever "make it right."

HP should definitely think of using someone else as webOS pitch man. Rubi's just not cut out for it.

even a mcdonalds's employee can tell what condiments they put on a burger. ruby has no clue what goes in the products he sells

totally. that is unacceptable on his part. Josh really should have booted him in the first 10 minutes. worthless information. the only thing i got out of it is that veer will support touch to share, which so far seems a bit useless.

Waste of time.

He may have "phoned it in", but dialing it in implies that he was precise and on target. I agree with you...I'm beginning to get very frustrated with all the non-information that HP is giving us! Why can't they just give us some release dates, so we have something to look forward to, and something to plan for?!

I liked the presentation, though it does leave you hanging. I don't know what it is with HP or Palm for that matter info wise, but they really don't have much to say. I love Rubi, but Rubi has been kinda left with his hands in the air response wise. In my line of work, if you don't have anything to say, you shouldn't be talking.

Actually, I've seen Rubi work better in a presentation that allows him to make a general overview and then other material is handled by presenters and Q&A people with more PR skills.

Still good to see Rubi on Engadget! Sorli...

As bad as his PR skills are, they become largely irrelevant when HP decides to truly take ownership of of WebOS and its direction. Hopefully moving this property to their laptop design group is a step in that direction, and the 2012 devices eschew the Pre look and feel entirely.

You were prophetic. It is now 07/2011 and they just put him to pasture and brought in a ringer.

That Joshua kid is rather dickish in this interview.

He is actually a really big proponent of WebOS though! He really just wanted Rubi to give up some info! I don't blame him for being like that.

no. he's asking real questions consumers are asking.

This whole lack of information game is getting ridiculous. I'm no marketing guru at all, but in my mind this is staining hp/palm reputation real bad. WebOS is awesome, and I don't mind waiting until FALL if that is what it takes; just say it! be upfront! and gain peoples respect. It seems to me that they are doing quite the opposite. The whole A,B,C,D,E,F metaphor and the "spring"/"summer" play, used to dodge all the questions, was NOT funny to me... hey maybe I'm simply sore from the wait and lack of information.

I'm sticking around, but my passion for webOS is really being tried.

interesting interview. It came off as evasive though when he got asked the tough questions. And not a lot of concrete answers on some key questions.

Stuttering... doesn't have command of the information surrounding the products HE'S pitching. Doesn't know how to give nuggets of info to keep audience interest. Doesn't know how to keep the convo flowing. He's absolutely the worst presenter i've ever seen. This is terrible for developers and shareholders who see a CEO who seems uninterested and knowledge-less.

Usually when Company officers are this evasive with the info, the company files bankruptcy within 30days!!! Not a good visual for business and consumer interest.

Wow, HPalm really is like the Valve of phone developers.

"When it's done."

Hey, that's me!

Not a whole lot of new information (none really), but I still can't get enough of this stuff... Hopefully I won't get bored with it too quickly after it comes out.

Edit: For being the ugliest dude in the world, that host sure is a ****

What was the point of this!? There was no information released at all.
What a waste of time for everyone.

It probably would've been more stimulating and exciting to watch paint dry.

Rubinstein brought a totally empty bag to this interview and the Endgadget guy sucks. It would have been nice to learn SOMETHING from this interview. A date, anything. Seems Touch Pad just falls farther behind, can HP catch up?