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Web Browser Preferences/Options 10

by Adam Marks Fri, 18 Mar 2011 12:25 am EDT

While you won't find the dozens of options available to you on your typical desktop browser, the web browser in webOS does offer you a few options to choose from.

There are 3 main sets of options that you can adjust:

  1. You can set your default search engine, although most user will only Google as the only option
  2. You have the ability to implement a pop-up blocker, accept cookies, and enable javascript
  3. Finally, you can clear your browser History, Cookies, or Cache

To access these options, simply swipe down from the top-left corner of the screen to bring down the Web Application drop-down menu and select "Preferences"


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You also have Flash options for 2.x devices.

Woooooow, a flash option. :( Sprint Pre minus. :(

I have flash on my Sprint Pre minus :-)

Where's the flash that was promised 2 years ago.

Via the WebOS 2.1 hack... I have it on my Sprint Pre too. But sadly its not that useful. Its ok on a *mobile* site that uses flash but on a standard site the flash content is more apt to freeze your browser. You aren't missing much w/o flash but the 2.1 hack is great for lots of other new features.

...you won't find dozens of options for your browser on WebOS either

...google is the only option for most users - why ya think that is ? Lack of forethought, support, laziness...all of the above? Another lacking attempt by Palm/HP



I'm not sure what you're talking about, but it doesn't appear to have anything to do with this article...

red5 is a bitter, bitter person. They keep red5 around to balance out the overly-enthusiastic Pre users. (just kidding)