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webOS 1.3.1 update available for download 383

by Derek Kessler Sat, 14 Nov 2009 10:39 am EST

webOS 1.3.1 update available

Coming days earlier than we were told to expect it is Palm webOS 1.3.1. Weighing in at 126 MB, webOS 1.3.1 brings a number of under-the-hood changes to the webOS, as well as a number of new features:

  • Yahoo support in Synergy
  • Improved notifications for emails
  • A track scrubber in Music
  • Text message forwarding
  • Custom ringtones for text messages (see changelog for instructions)
  • Google contact sync only now pulls from My Contacts all emails
  • Google Apps and Yahoo Small Business work with Email
  • PIN lock timer

Dozens of bug fixes have also been incorporated into webOS 1.3.1. Currently webOS 1.3.1 is only available for Pre owners on Sprint and Bell; GSM Pre owners can expect the update by the end of November. The full changelog is posted after the break.

A word of caution to all patchers and themers: before updating remove all patches and themes. We don't want you to accidentally screw up your Pre. We're doing it and so should you.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!

Version information

  • Version: webOS 1.3.1
  • Release date: 15 November 2009

New applications

  • NONE

Feature changes to existing applications


  • Backup now includes browser cookies, so that after a restart, for example, if you stored your username and password on a web-based email site, you can continue to access the site without needing to log in.
  • Backup no longer saves online account passwords. If you perform a partial or full erase or buy a replacement phone, after signing in to your Palm profile, you are prompted to enter the password for each of your online accounts. If you choose to skip this step, to continuing synchronizing this account, you must open an app that syncs with the account (Calendar, Contacts, Email) > application menu > Preferences & Accounts > tap the account name > enter your username and password.


  • Yahoo! now appears as a Calendar synchronization account. You can synchronize Yahoo! calendar events by opening Calendar > application menu > Preferences & Accounts > Add An Account > Yahoo!
  • An event's location now appears with the same formatting in Day view and in the event notification.
  • Calendar notifications no longer reappear after being dismissed.
  • All-day events that span more than one day now appear correctly in all Calendar views.
  • If you create a Google calendar event on the phone and the event location contains an apostrophe, the event now correctly synchronizes with Google online.


  • After taking a picture, if you tap the picture thumbnail in the lower-left corner of the camera screen, the picture now opens in full-screen view, not Thumbnails view. Making the back gesture returns you to the camera.


  • Yahoo! now appears as a Contacts synchronization account. You can download contacts from Yahoo! online to the phone by opening Contacts > application menu > Preferences & Accounts > Add An Account > Yahoo!
  • Automatic contact linking based on name matches occurs only if the first and last name fields are populated with the same names. If either field is blank, the Contacts app no longer links the contacts. In addition, the Contacts app no longer automatically links contacts with the same name but with different suffixes (such as Jr. and Sr.).
  • Contact phone numbers in an Exchange account display the same label that is used for the number in Outlook.
  • If you set up Contacts to synchronize with a Google account, the account synchronizes only entries in Google's My Contacts, not all contacts.
  • If a contact entry includes a linked Google instant message that contains a special character (such as an apostrophe or ampersand), the special character now displays correctly.

Device Info

  • If you copy a music file to the phone and then delete it, Device Info now shows the correct amount of available memory after the deletion.


  • Forwarded and replied-to messages include improved formatting, such as the original sender's email address in forwarded messages and correct inline image display in replies.
  • The list of mail types available in manual setup now includes Google Apps (Hosted Google Domains) and Yahoo! Small Business Domain email accounts. Selecting one of these types automatically enters the correct settings for these accounts.
  • If you have multiple Exchange accounts, doing a Global Address List (GAL) contact lookup searches all the accounts.
  • When you set up more than one email account from the same provider-for example, two Gmail or two Yahoo! accounts-in Account List view, the account names display the associated email address so that you can distinguish them.
  • A new Select All menu item selects message body text so that you can cut or copy it. A new Copy All menu item copies the entire message contents-sender, date, recipient, subject, and body text-so that you can paste it elsewhere. These menu items appear only when a message is open.
  • If you turn the All Inboxes preference off, email notifications now show how many new messages are in each of your email accounts.
  • Performing a message search in the All Flagged folder returns flagged messages only.
  • If an Exchange 2003 implementation requires a password, you can select an alphanumeric (strong) password even if the server does not require a strong password.
  • If an Exchange implementation allows use of a simple PIN (numbers only), the phone supports entry of a PIN that is longer than four characters.
  • If a notification appears for an incoming email message whose subject line contains an ampersand, the ampersand appears correctly in the notification.


  • Yahoo! IM is available as an instant messaging account.
  • You can select a unique ringtone for new message alerts: Open Messaging > application menu > Preferences & Accounts > Sound > Ringtone.
  • You can forward a text or multimedia message by tapping the message > Forward.
  • You can copy the text of a text or multimedia message by tapping the message > Copy Text.
  • If you receive a message from an email address, the sender's name (if in Contacts) or email address (if not) shows up correctly on the new message notification and on the open message in Messaging.
  • If you copy a conversation using the Copy All menu item and then pastes the conversation text, the pasted text now appears correctly as plain text, without any HTML tags.
  • Messaging notifications now show the number of senders and the number of conversations.
  • If you enter a message and start it with a standalone letter-for example, "R" or "r" for "are"-when the auto-correct feature expands the letter to a word, the word is correctly capitalized ("Are").


  • While listening to a song with album art displayed, you can tap the screen below the art to display a playback slider. Dragging the slider jumps forward or backward in the song.


  • If the you are on a call, calendar notifications no longer partially cover the End Call icon.

Screen & Lock

  • A new Secure Unlock preference allows you to set the time interval the phone is idle before the phone locks, requiring you to enter the PIN/password to unlock the phone. This can be the same as or different from the interval after which the screen turns off. To set the preference: Open Screen & Lock > Lock After.
  • If you select the Simple PIN Secure Unlock option, you can now enter a numeric PIN of more than four digits.
  • If you press power to turn off the screen, the screen locks at the same time. Previously, there was a gap of a few seconds before the screen locked.

Sounds & Ringtones

  • If you select a new ringtone and throw the card off the screen, the phone saves the new ringtone selection.
  • If you set the Ringer Switch Off setting to Mute and turn the ringer switch off at any time, the ringer is muted and the phone does not vibrate, regardless of any other Sounds & Ringtones settings.


  • The application information dialog box (accessed by pressing and holding the orange key/Option and tapping an app icon) displays the total (uncompressed) size of the app, including the amount of storage the app requires. For apps you installed, this number represents the amount of memory you free up on the phone by deleting the app.
  • If you change the apps in Quick Launch, after a backup and partial erase, the new apps still appear in Quick Launch. Previously, Quick Launch reverted to the default apps.
  • You can access USB Drive mode by pressing and holding the orange key/Option + Sym + U after connecting the phone to the computer. This enables you to access USB drive mode if the screen is broken or stops responding to taps.
  • A new option is available for restarting the phone: press and hold power > Power > Restart. The prior restart method (Device Info > Reset Options > Restart) is still available.
  • You have two options for shutting down the phone completely: 1) press and hold power > Power > Shut Down/Swap Battery > Shut Down; 2) open Device Info > Reset Options > Shut Down > Shut Down.


  • If a task notification shows a single task, tapping the notification now opens the details screen for that task, not the task list screen.


  • Widescreen videos now display in widescreen mode on the phone by default, instead of being cropped.


  • Backup now includes browser cookies, so that after a restart, for example, if you stored your username and password on a web-based email site, you can continue to access the site without needing to log in.
  • If you tap to play a YouTube video embedded on a web page, the YouTube application launches and the video plays in the app.


  • Widescreen videos now display in widescreen mode on the phone by default, instead of being cropped.
  • If you tap to play a YouTube video embedded on a web page, the YouTube application launches and the video plays in the app.


This release addresses several security issues with Palm webOS software.

We would like to thank Chris Clark for his help in identifying some of the issues addressed in this release.

Individuals interested in contacting Palm to report suspected security issues can find more information at palm.com/security.



hit exactly at 12 for me.

i installed webos 1.3 but overridden the os accidentally. how do i upgrade again? i am on webos 1.1

awesome...that's a lot of fixes/upgrades. I look forward to the future updates, I have a feeling that this update set up the ground work for things like GPU, Flash, and other requested features by the users. Keep up the good work, palm!


flash is happening for sure early 2010 this update scares me i havent updated yet that my patches will have bugs now is that happening

Yes baby!! Yes!! I've been waiting for you 1.3.1 We finna meet, I'm loving you so far :D

Nice! Pulling tweaks now!

how do you pull your homebrew apps? Do you have to do that?

No you don't have to pull the Homebrews off...

Holy ish!! You can change the ringtone for messages!! (Gets on knees and prays)

I concur. I don't know why other posters are saying they have a problem with the messaging ringtone feature. It works even better than I expected. It uses the ringtones, but only for a few seconds so it is much better than the da-doing, but not overly annoying. Great work Palm! It still vibrates as well.


LOL! I finally installed Preware and learned to install different patches yesterday. Now I got remove them all to update. I guess it's just growing pains as a new Pre owner.

just use Emergency Patch Recovery - uninstall them all at once

i had the same prob. i am doing a partial reset right now and i'll let you know if that helpd

I *really* wish there was a way for preware to remember all the patches you had installed across an update, so you could uninstall, update, then reinstall as many as are compatible.


how do I find the emergency patch removal

I installed WebOS 1.3 and didn't remove any patch, updates, or theme and now the patches are still installed but don't work and i cant remove them what do i do???

rinum009...i did the same thing as you. i wish i would have read the blogs before updating my pre and removed the patches before updating. ok, so i am no tech-y and i was able to get it to work. just follow the steps below...i tried everything and this is the only way i understood how to recover my patches. i copied and pasted it from another blogger's post...thank you jacksons2815...you saved my pre.

"to all of those that forgot to remove their patches before update, and or having promblems removing their patches quoting "error ipk log". what corrected the those promblems, was when i turn on my dev mode and went threw webos quick install, then connect my phone to the computer, then clicked the usb icon that's on the right of webos quick install box. i open up at the top, click onto webos internal feed all, then a drop box will appear and i selected emergency repair patches and then download after that then click install.that should fix your problems for patches. After that disconnect your phone from the computer and then turn off your dev mode to reset your phone.

p.s. those that had the virtual keyboard patch that will not show up on your preware patches until they udate us with further notice. Also that correct your some of your themes problems. remove and then reinstall.

i hope that this will help.

if your not sure of webos doctor do not use for any repairs unless your phone is at it's worst and you backed up contact, photos, calender and videos. because it will reset your whole entire phone to default. bring you back to udate."

READ SHIT i've read it like 39 times unistall everything before installing updates thats why that reoccurring web 1.2.1 38mb install was so awesome ....

No display by category in contacts? Shame on WebOS, Palm OS 1.0 already did!

WebOS is the code name for BetaOS...

YES YES YES I can forward texts! I can set my Pre to lock at a certain time. Yes

Yea!!!! WebDr here i come.. Worth being home ona Friday night! I need a beer for my private lil party!

Palm is on the f*!#'in ball!

One more reason it was worth staying up late to play MW2 after all.

I second that notion :)

me too :D

Me three. :-)

me four :D

i love updates lol

Wow, still in the process of updating, but according to the changelog this fixes almost all of the issues I had.

How soon will we know which patches are safe to re-install and use with 1.3.1?

Preware can detect your webOS version and sorts patches by compatibility. I'm reinstalling patches right now in 1.3.1/.

agreed on virtual keyboard

answers my question

Virtual keyboard is gone. That sucks. That was my favorite patch. Hope it comes back.

Virtual Keyboard is back. Just installed it.

this is why I always hit f5 one more time before hitting the hay. YESSSS!

i hope so.. ohh btw i got a pop up on my pre... it was talking about internet sharing is not authorized and it told me to call sprint....i know were stealing but .... i dunu will sprint get pissed at me???...or is it so much a buyer market that they dont really care

Does my tether still work with 1.3.1?

Mine doesn't

Not mine

Rock on. Downloaded. Installing now. Anyone know if this fixes the app limit issue?


Now, they need to implement OAuth and support Flickr natively.

anyone having problem signing into yahoo messenger? It keeps saying "Sign in failed. Try again" for me

I am having problems with it just not loading

Same here, but it can't connect (data) to Yahoo! nor Gtalk... It's just Fail!

yesss! santa palm is coming a little early this year!

AH! The new PIN entry screen is terrible. After entering your pin, you have to hit a done button! NOOOOO!

they should have just resized the white boxes to fit however many you chose =[

Screenshot? Still updating

granted, if someone steals your phone, they no longer know how many possibilities, or even the correct syntax, for your numerical code. its essentially unbreakable.

Wonder if Palm will give a Christmas surprise? (New Year maybe)

Nice... I just happened to try update about an hour ago and there it was. I came here to see what the word was because I figured I was behind the ball and it probably came out a few days ago (hadn't been to the site in a few days or tried a update). And here I go, I 'm one of the first to know... Yea!!!

Come-on. Up date up date. Finish up date, so I can play.

I finally got my home brews working and the update just came through. Oh well just means I have to stay up later.

lol i come to this site... and 5 mins later thinking im just gunna see the consumer reports article and bam 1.3 shows up. all i gotta say is... damn you guys work late on a friday night. you guys should be clubbing!! thanks for working hard to notify us

3 things disappoint me with 1.3

they didnt fix the youtube error yet i get when i view videos and get playback errors

no camcorder yet

the app download limitation

thats in the pipeline for webos 1.4.1 methinks P

three things that disappoint me about my life:
1. I don't have a helicopter
2. I don't have a hovercraft
3. I'm home downloading 1.3 WebOS on a FRIDAY NIGHT!
i love it!

things that disappoint me:

1. I have a wicked head cold and Claritin is doing nothing.
2. I suck at Call of Duty and keep dieing before i get my AC130.
3. Zoe Saldana and Meagan Good are not giving me BJs right now.

Download and Installing now. My internet is extremely finicky (even At&t dsl is a little sub par) but when that starts moving along it shall be done. Anyone know is this is the update with all the speed enhancements with CSS yet?

haven't had a chance to play with much... Gotta hit the hay... I'm getting married tomorrow haha... I will say I just tested the camera and HOLY CRAP is it so much faster and easier to use... Palms little wedding present for me! :)


+1 congrats

haven't had a chance to play with much... Gotta hit the hay... I'm getting married tomorrow haha... I will say I just tested the camera and HOLY CRAP is it so much faster and easier to use... Palms little wedding present for me! :)

its funny that I just added Palm to twitter and a few minutes later the first tweet I got was webOS update. Nice.

Whoo hooooo!!!!

I just happen to check for update before going to sleep and what do you know...will let everyone know if tether still works after install finishes

Is the overall OS any faster? It's been slow as molasses for me lately and it's making the HTC Droid Eris look mighty tasty, especially since I have great EVDO coverage with Verizon here, but am stuck with 1x on Sprint and have to rely on WiFi most of the time.

Try enabling roaming. Sprint roams free on Verizon. Also the Eris is much slower. It's essentially the same as the Sprint Hero and HTC myTouch. No keyboard. Same slow processor that's in the G1, etc. If you go to VZW, get the Droid instead. Still not quite as nice as WebOS but much closer in processor and capability. Also the screen is gorgeous. The one thing I missed going from Touch Pro to Pre is the higher res screen. 640x480 to 480x320 sucks. Droid is even higher.

The "ringtone" sounds that you can make for text messaging floats back in forth between the original and the new selected tone. weak.

I love how Yahoo! sent me an email about my Yahoo! being linked with Palm Synergy lol that's nice.

Yes, that was a nice touch. I synced an old Yahoo account and was surprised to see a new email in the inbox. ...

So glad I can finaly kill that message tone!

hallelujah thank you palm. you guys rock

The 1.3.1 SDK is also available from the dev portal... new version of VirtualBox as well. Launching the new Emulator gives the option of choosing between Pre and Pixi screen resolutions.

ewww why would anyone want to drop resolutions? thats like saying hey i know you bought that new LCD 1080p HDTV but ill give you a 50 inch SDTV with a soda dispenser for free

Clearly, it was intended for developers to be able to test if their app will work with both the Pre and the Pixi

pre is wayyy faster after update


pre is faster though, BUT STILL NO F***ING FACEBOOK APP!!

did you read the review of the facebook app? It's crap. So i wouldn't get my hopes up. Best to stick with one of the homebrew options or friendsflow.

thats all i can get friendsflow to do.
I bought it and used it for 1 day before I discovered you cannot see what someone posts on your own wall with it.

any way to get a refund on unusable apps??

Use the full proper site instead of some half-assed app.

Go into the App Catalog, there's now "Facebook for Palm" which appears to be Palm's facebook app. Description says "Designed to work with webOS 1.3.1"

facebook app is available for download from the app store :-)

do My Tether still work

Nope. Give them some time to check it out.

Anyone else notice the issue with making a ringtone sound for Text Messaging???

do anyone know if My Tether 2.02 still works

not working :(

hmm.. looks like MyTehter does not work anymore :(

Downloaded over WIFi, now installing.... let's see how 1.3.1 is....

Got it installed... does seem snappier overall... wow, wanna see some pretty substantial changes? Power down your Pre... new options, new screens, lots of newness! I hope there's more really new stuff hidden in here!

LOVE the swap battery function :D

Update is great overall but I am really disliking the new unlock screen...whats the need for an extra done button?

What the F are you talking about? Unlock screen is same.

Not if you have a pin.

Very disappointed that it doesn't auto-submit the PIN after 4 digits, but even more frustrated that in the "Secure Unlock" section of the "Screen & Lock" application, the "Lock After" setting can only be set to "Screen turns off".

I thought the whole point of enabling "Lock After" was to, you know, provide options for limiting the frequency of needing to enter the PIN.

Anybody else have this problem?

I have the same problem.

Wow. It's definitely zippier. At least to me.

yep, os is more responsive. not a placebo effect, lol.

That weird that blink notification was removed for you. I removed that tweak updated and it somehow still remained which I'm really happy about and so has the extra launch page :)

--Wow meant for the comment below me.

I would have normally removed my patches before hand..... but as I was due for a WebOS doctor sessions anyway I installed the update keeping my theme and patches intact....
- battery icon patch was removed
- 4x4 launcher was removed
- extra launcher page remains
- show dev mod patch remains
- theme removed (had black texture)
- shutter sound toggle in camera removed
- emsil landscape mod removed
- blink notifications removed

All on thier own, and device seems normal..... I might go ahead and Web Docter anyway though...

App Limit?

just updated and now i can't use data through the sprint network. only wifi is available. anyone having this issue?

Im afraid its just you.

that's what all my girlfriends say P

seriously though, i just fixed my issue. no need for anyone to call 911!

I have the opposite, cannot use wifi only evdo.

I'm new to homebrew, do I have to take off homebrew apps too or just themes & patches? Thanks in advance.

Homebrew apps are fine.
only themes, tweaks, and patches need to be removed


I have same question as Mr.Polo. Sorry for noob question but do we also have to remove preware (or file coaster) & the package Manager service? Thank you!

Just a note for anyone who's interested: I installed the update without removing my many tweaks (including onscreen keyboard) and it worked just fine. They're all gone now of course, but it didn't brick my Pre and (so far anyway) I haven't had any aberrant behavior.

Okay, so the first thing I run on 1.3.1 is Photos. It loads a heck of a lot faster than the older versions. Thanks Palm.

I just used the "reset button" app, and there is an animated reboot icon that I never saw before.

Saw that too -- looks like an animated LED button. Worthless, but kinda cool!

Well My tether is dead Aonic is still MIA so looks like we are fed in the but far as my tether goes bummer some one else needs to get on it i guess and do one better and make it free this time

Which sucks since I finally donated so I could use the Wifi sharing with out having to plug in my USB cable all the time. Since I'm about to take a trip where I won't have a good internet connection I just wait and see what Aonic does before I update. Since 1.3.1 just came out last night I'll give them some time to come up with their on update.

Gitit, Are you nuts Aonic has and will continue to do a great job. As for free, you need to go to the hospital and get your head looked at. Time is money, it is up the the designer for it to be free or not. SO LAY OFF.

To add to beavertanks reply, I went and unchecked the tweaks in WOQI after leaving them there during the update (got errors stating that they weren't there in the first place).
Trying to re-add them I received errors (before restarting luna) so it seems there will need to be a few tweaks to the tweaks and patches before we can reinstall most of them.
No errant behaviour so far....

I reinstalled the Black texture theme with no issues though.

So, I tried out the new text forwarding feature, and if you enabled timestamps, it will forward the timestamp as part of the message. I assume copying the text will also do the same thing.

How do you enable timestamps on your txt msgs?

It's a homebrew patch

I don't understand this --

"The list of mail types available in manual setup now includes Google Apps (Hosted Google Domains) and Yahoo! Small Business Domain email accounts. Selecting one of these types automatically enters the correct settings for these accounts."

I setup my hosted google email before I left the sprint store on june 6th with ZERO problem.
the phone knew it was a google account, and showed me the gmail folders in it.
it acts the exact same on the phone as my gmail account.

lucky you.

you have a non gmail domain?

I have a business domain through apps and using the settings from Outlook hand entered I was able to get it to dowload folders and email, I could not send though. Maybe a bad port #, but definitely didn't work by entering my email and pass.

As far as Apps, the google site said it didn't yet support it with 1.2.1.

yep, my phone gets gmail and a non-gmail google mail.
both setup the exact same.

maybe I was lucky?? I thought it was the norm.

The trick is to not set up mail first. See this link for instructions (click the plus sign to expand): http://google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=150695

I had to remove the mail account and recreate after the contacts were set up. Enjoy.

the only tweak I used before that gives me errors now is email in landscape

Its a shame the message ringtone update is broken. Doesn't always ring, no vibrate when it does. That's the one thing I was excited about. Really like the new camera/picture stuff. The youtube and video apps don't default to original resolution they just remember if you were viewing vids cropped or not. I hated the cropped video default so, yay to that. Mytether doesn't seem to be working, but I'm not all broken up about that, especially since it's most likely only temporary. I don't use Yahoo, so...

Seems like my Pre is becoming a better friend everyday... I just keep forgetting it can also be my personal assistant. Nice to know they are keeping it up, you know, in case i actually start using the calendar/tasks/email/synergy to its full potential.

I am having a couple issues with my phone.

1. Google Maps doesn't load anymore
2. When I get Text messages it is an hour off.

Does anyone know how to fix these issues, or having the same problem?

I thing Google Maps was updated. It seems to load quicker and now some businesses are shown on the map that were not before. Still no search history like the Palm OS version had and a bit to go to catch up to the functionality of some other platforms... but at least there is improvement.

for me owning a gsm pre there is o update available :o(
what a pitty. i thought we were about to reach parity of versions with this update for the same time.
why palm...why....
pleasy dont let us wait. please.

We get ours next week buddy, not long to go :)

ok..so I was really excited about this new OS update simply because there was going to be customizable ringtones..so if yu want to use the music on your fone..why does it only play for like 2 to 3 seconds??..I was hoping longer..what if I'm away from my fone??..hope the next update resolves this..not complainin too much tho

you did not need the update to play a ringtone, or to choose ur own ringtone (from ur music)

One more question, do I have to take off preware & the 'package Manager service' too before doing the update? I took off the theme, patches & linux applications but I'm not sure if the above needs to go too. Thanks

Going into Messaging, I see no option to add a Yahoo Messenger account. Am I missing something? I'm on Bell, if it matters.

Anyone know where facebook app is?

everybody keeps complaining about the lack of Facebook apps ..... Just delete the lame x.Facebook bookmark and go directly to http://www.Facebook.com/login and use the full site version? You are able to IM , play mafia wars, the whole nine yards. Just make sure that after you delete the x. version, clear your cache and cookies and history so it doesn't automatically redirect you to it. I DON't WANT NO STINKIN APP! GIMME SOME TRUE WEBKIT INTERNET! WOO HOO I LOVE MY BABY GIRL PRE, And ill be adding her sister Pixi on Monday.

Up at 3 in the morning on a Friday evening/ Sat morning updating and LOVING it!!! Keep up the good work Palm!!

my gf just picked up her pre today and as of midnight we both have 1.3.1. She has no idea what the bid fuss is for :-) but for all of us who have been waiting... Thanx Palm!

Good Lord man! Validation takes almost as long as downloading..

Ahhh Yeeaahhh.


Oh wtf.. Yahoo IM only available on Sprint, not Bell. That's just bloody retarded.

The MyTether thing is a big deal. Not a major deal, but since I payed for it, I'd and do find it useful, I'd love to see it updated.

I wonder if Sprint worked this into the update?

Oddly, my phone will not connect to the update server. The wheel just spins. I guess I'll have to wait for 1.3.1 to be avail via webos dr, it is NOT currently listed on Palms site. Still 1.2.1. Not sure why it won't connect, oddly I just doctored it recently and lost all the data in my Palm Profile. I might just stick with 1.2.1 till a new tether comes out.

Update just finished installing. So far it feels snappier and overall performance is much smoother. I've noticed both the text and calender apps are faster and the camera loads quicker. I'm lovin the new youtube placeholder feature where you tap on the icon in a web page and it automatically opens the video with the youtube app. Great work palm! Keep up the good work!

I've noticed a couple people speaking about the youtube app opening when a video link is selected in the browser.... This is new?? I've had this feature since 1.2.

me too

You're probably talking about the text that says "Youtube Link" that you always saw underneath a video here on precentral but now you can go to any site and click on any youtube video box and it opens with the app.

uff... thankx for adding the Forward txt message option!!!
Camera works faster!!.
yahoo messenger up n running.
im having hard time finding the option to add ringtone for txt mssge option.
My youtube is slower than before.
anyways the phone is way faster now.. i mean opening its app.
thank you all you poeple who worked on this update.
What's for christmas????
Greetings from chicago.

Go into your Messaging preferences and tap on the System Alert drop-down.

WebOS Quick Install compatibility? I gather the system will be refreshed with the 1.3.1 update, so all the tweaks will be gone. So not wanting to lose my my 4x4 grid, battery percentage, email buttons, etc what are my options?

Does Preware cover these? Do I have to wait for the new version of quick install?