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webOS 1.3.2 Released for Pixi, Pre Standing By 46

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 02 Dec 2009 2:12 am EST

note: webOS 1.3.2 is not Christmas-themed, that'd be an add-on

We're not sure what to make of this yet, but andidendel in our forums just let us know that webOS 1.3.2 is getting pushed out to the Pixi right now. A few of our members in this forum thread have installed to to much rejoicing. Where by "rejoicing" we mean "it's not clear what the update contains just yet." Our favorite guess comes from windzilla, who writes:

maybe it updates updating ;) so that you can download via 1xrtt

Speaking of things we're not clear about: whether and when the Pre will also receive the 1.3.2 update. We're firmly expecting webOS 1.3.5 in the coming weeks (and, by the by, now firmly expecting that it will do something about that pernicious app limit). For now, we're furiously tapping the refresh button on the Update app on the Pre and checking Palm's webOS changelog for the Pixi.

Update: Early speculation is that the update helps reduce lag on the Pixi, especially with multiple apps open. If that turns out to be the case, Pre owners shouldn't fret too much, as it may just be optimizations for the Pixi's processor.

Thanks andidendel!



Do we need to remove all of our patches prior to getting this?

It's always advisable to do so. My wife doesn't have any patches installed and I took the risk with the Christmas theme...

to be on the safe side, and not have any issues at all after the update


note that that does not say remove homebrew apps, there is a difference between both of them

Any word on the file size of the update yet?


Well then, you thought wrong, didn't you?

palm sucks then
palm should take care of pre as weel of the pixi

Unless it changes something that doesn't apply to the Pre.

The Pixi has been having stuttering issues because of the CDMA chipset they're using, so I hear. If it fixes that issue (which the Pre isn't having) there's no reason to have the same update for the Pre.

*sigh* idiot

Post of the year here.

I love that they keep coming out with updates! Eat your heart out Apple!

Ditto! LOL

While I *personally* agree with you, this is a double-edged sword... An Apple person would simply say "Well, we don't NEED as many updates..."

And a Palm fan might say likewise "Well, they STILL haven't delivered that blasted app space limit fix..."

I say, apple can't innovate the iphone any more than it is now.
Webos, the sky is the limit for innovation! ...well and the app limit too =p

Um, yes they can. There are already rumors about a 4G iPhone. http://mashable.com/2009/10/19/4g-iphone-verizon/

That's just ridiculous. In all likelihood, LTE won't be viable for 99% of the population until at least 2011. They'll have a rollout of a whopping 30 cities in 2010.

And the LTE network won't match their current EVDO network until 2013.

maybe not but i saw a story about a mystery iphone device being tested around the bay area. And they noted that this is the exact time period the 3G was spotted being tested. And given Apple's release schedule i would not be surprised to see an entirely new Iphone come end mid June or in July. I also think that is the exact time their aT&T exclusivity ends.

But i think it's utter fallacy to thing Apple will sit idle. They release a new phone, OS version, or change to capacity every year it seems. Don't see why next year will be different. Mayy not be 4G but something.

*COMPLETELY* agree. Long before AT&T (et al) roll out an LTE/4G network, they should think about completing the rollout of HSPA/3G network. Those maps that VZW put up comparing coverage for 3G are not wrong.

Sprint is the only company with any 4G rolled out, so I doubt it. Apple will release a new iphone with a wireless "N" reciever and then call it the 3GS 2 so that more apple fans can go out and spend more money on apple products. Why would apple worry about making they current phone any better when the people who use apple products have blind loyalty and will buy whatever steve jobs tells them to buy.

You are absolutely right!

my point exactly!

They are comming out with a new iPhone next summer. It wont be a 4G though. AT&T can not role out there system that quick.

Yea, apple wants you to buy a new phone every six months, to get their updated version.

Happy for the Pixi folks and looking forward to 1.3.5.

So do we have to remove all patches and just wait around to see when they are going to push this to us?

that's the price we've to pay for homebrews but it's worth it don't you agree?

Hmm...how can this be when the German O2 rep didn't mention anything about it?

haha. However, this time a Precentral rep did.

sorry,i didn't catch this one!

Always good to see updates. I am sure Pixi users are happy. Looks like Palm is busy these days, because they also added new apps. The number of apps is over 500.

What's with the Wi-Fi icon?!! First of all, it's upside down and made to look like a Christmas tree. Second... Since when does the Pixi have WiFi?!

Nice catch. Happy holiday!

It's not the Wifi icon, it's the phone signal strength icon, most likely.

And it's obviously a Christmas skin that whoever took the picture applied.

Really? I'm fairly certain that the two little bars next to it are the signal strength icon. Plus, that's what a WiFi icon looks like on all other phones. Just, up-sided-down.

I suppose you're probably right that it's just a theme though.

SIGH! it says this RIGHT under the picture....

"note: webOS 1.3.2 is not Christmas-themed, that'd be an add-on"

Ah, you're right. The red and green probably is the signal strength indicator, I didn't see that the first time I looked.


I sure hope the Pre does get this update and it fixes the problem with the hidden sms conversations.

anybody notice that the update didnt download it just went straight into installing.

WebOS has a feature that downloads updates when your phone is idle and has a high speed network connection. Odds are it probably downloaded the update over the night and then when you saw it, it was just waiting to be installed.

but it didnt say install now it said download now

Any chances that 1.3.5 takes the Beta tag off the App Catalog?

Two chances: Slim and None.

they said December is the month for the app catalog and SDK to come out of beta. That IS probably what the 1.3.5 is for. 1.3.5 may lay in some more gstreamer drivers and core flash support for next quarter.

Fail the release notes are not found on the Palms kb article for webOS updates on this device yet :


Re: WebOS 1.3.5.:

Just checked Preware for package updates and Terminal Service Plugin needed an update. Changelog relects: Updated for the transition to webOS 1.3.5.

I don't know enough about TSP or WebOS to know what implications that might have, but it's the first official indication I've seen that 1.3.5 is in the hands of developers (notably WebOS Internals) and thus looming for the rest of us. I didn't seen any 1.3.5 threads and I'm not the right guy to start one, so I'll just post this here for now.