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webOS 1.3.5 now available for download on Sprint [UPDATED] 445

by Derek Kessler Tue, 29 Dec 2009 12:27 am EST

webOS 1.3.5 update

Our Palm Pre phones just lit up with the news: webOS 1.3.5 is now available for download. The update weighs in at just 13 MB, but that 13 MB brings a slew of bug fixes as well as the fixing of much-maligned app limit. We're downloading it now, we'll let you know what we find in a bit.

As a reminder to all patchers and themers: Be sure to remove all patches and themes before installing any webOS update. We don't want you to end up with a wonky install. You do not have to uninstall Preware or any other homebrew apps - just the patches and and themes.

UPDATE [8:38]: Palm's servers seem to be being hit pretty hard, it's going slow here. In the meantime, Palm has posted the for both the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi, and we've got it for you after the break.


  • App limit fixed.
  • App Catalog downloads continue even after leaving the app's page.
  • App purchases have been expanded to US territories (sorry Europe, Canada, etc).
  • Switching between days in Calendar is now faster.
  • Sprint Navigation can be launched from a Contact.
  • Palm Profile app restores happen in the background, letting the user get to the phone faster.
  • Future webOS updates can be downloaded over 2G wireless (1xRTT).
  • Notifications now work in landscape mode (which has strangely lost the rounded corners).

UPDATE [9:06]: Cool, there's now a progress meter on the install screen spinner doohicky. It's slow going, but at least we can see that it's going now.

Also, the install has added one more step in the form of 'unpacking.' Instead of downloading the entire OS over again, webOS updates now come in the form of binary deltas, which essentially boils down to downloading only the new code, which then must be 'unpacked'

Additionally, the code genies over at WebOS Internals have dug into the update package and found some interesting stuff, notably opengles.ipk and opengles-omap3.ipk, which are part of the groundwork for enabling the GPU. Good times, coming right up!

UPDATE [9:27]: Preware appears to be broken in webOS 1.3.5. It's throwing up an 'OnFeeds Error' and not even getting to load the feeds. Let's hope this is a server-side fix.

UPDATE [9:45]: rem_kujawa notes that you can use WebOS Quick Install (make sure you have version 2.96) to remove both Preware and its Package Manager, reinstall, and you should be good to go.

UPDATE [11:12]: It seems that the app migration system Palm devised to move your stuff from the /var partition to the USB drive partition only moves App Catalog apps. All homebrew stuff has been left behind in /var. If you want to move homebrew apps to the new folder, you're going to have to delete them and reinstall.

UPDATE [11:23]: It also seems that the migration utility doesn't transfer some app data. For example, user data from Paratrooper was left behind and the game launches as if never played before with no saved scores or progress.

webOS 1.3.5

Version information

Version: webOS 1.3.5

Release date: 28 December 2009

New applications


Feature changes to existing applications

App Catalog

  • App Catalog significantly improves the application download experience.
  • A user can now download multiple applications simultaneously.
  • Downloads continue in the background if the user moves away from the download screen.
  • A user can manually pause, resume, and cancel downloads.
  • A user can also download all available updates for the user’s downloaded applications with a single tap.
  • App Catalog automatically resumes downloads in cases where a download was paused because it was interrupted—for example, if a user moves out of network coverage and then moves back into coverage.
  • Users can now take advantage of the full storage capacity of the phone for downloading applications. This gives the user more control over how to allocate the phone’s storage space across applications, music, photos, and other media. Downloaded applications are now stored on the phone’s USB drive.
  • App Catalog lists search results based on an improved search algorithm.
  • Locations from which users can purchase paid apps from App Catalog now include U.S. territories.


  • In Day view, switching between days happens more quickly.

Date & Time

  • When the user has network time zone enabled, a city and country are no longer displayed.

Device Info

  • A user can perform a full erase by pressing and holding Sym + the orange/Option key + power for 10 seconds.


  • A user can now edit forwarded text for all email account types.
  • When the user sets up more than one Yahoo! email account, the account names displayed in Account List view include the associated email address so that the user can distinguish them.
  • If an account mailbox is too full to send messages, after the user frees up space in the mailbox on the server, the user can send the messages successfully.
  • The default email signature no longer includes the macron over the “e” in “Pre,” so that the product name shows correctly on a recipient’s phone.


  • If a user deletes a conversation with a contact, new conversations with that contact are now correctly displayed in Conversations view.

Screen & Lock

  • When the screen is locked, the time displays in a new font.

Sprint Navigation

  • A user can launch Sprint Navigation from an address in an open contact entry in Contacts.


  • Users can now take advantage of the full storage capacity of the phone for downloading applications. This gives the user more control over how to allocate the phone’s storage space across applications, music, photos, and other media. Downloaded applications are now stored on the phone’s USB drive.
  • This update improves battery life in areas of poor wireless network coverage.
  • If the user is working in an application that supports landscape mode (such as Web or Videos), notifications now appear at the bottom of the landscape screen.
  • After a user signs in to an existing Palm profile, applications the user installed from App Catalog are restored in the background. The user can use other features of the phone while the apps are being restored.
  • Swiping to delete a list item that contains a link no longer causes the link to open in the web browser.


  • After taking the 1.3.5 update, users can download future updates over a 2G (1xRTT  1x title bar icon , GPRS 1x title bar icon , EDGE 1x title bar icon ) data connection by opening Updates and tapping Download Now.


  • The web browser now supports the display of animated GIFs.
  • Audio files with a .3g2 extension play correctly as audio files, not video files.


This release includes a security fix to the dev portal. Credit to Kris Siegal for reporting the issue. Individuals interested in contacting Palm to report suspected security issues can find more information at palm.com/security.


Got it just 5 minutes ago--downloading now!

Do not forget to run EPR (Emergency Patch Recovery) before installing this update on a patched Pre! Also.. Remove your theme prior to running EPR!!
See you on the other side of OS 1.3.1 Cheers:)

pREWARE doesnt work
PRELOAD does!!
which means you dont have to use quickinstall only to reinstall preware you can reinstall it via preload!!!

if you have the linux app MvApp installed on your pre, you can run the command 'mvapp upw' (without apostrophes) in Terminal and it will prompt you to install the latest preware version. easiest thing in the world. (or just us WebOSQI lol).

thank you works tried everything else but this actully works thanks

if you have the linux app MvApp installed on your pre, you can run the command 'mvapp upw' (without apostrophes) in Terminal and it will prompt you to install the latest preware version. easiest thing in the world. (or just us WebOSQI lol).

OK I am an idot.....got so excited that I did not remove my dexter theme and patches. I have used the EPR....removed preware and installed again thru quickinstall but get "can't read property 'length' underfined.....any help?....thougt of partial erase if I had to...thanks

ok..just did the partial erase and now not able to connect to the phone with qkinstall...any suggestions?

i went into webos quick install
went under file
go to options
click the novacom re(installation) icon
then it will rerun it and mine worked the 2 times i have doen an update and had that error

hope tht works

how do I remove a theme without preware?.....jsut tried to install thru preload..did reset luna and it did not work...still get the can't read property 'length' undefined...thanks

We did not remove the themes before installing the webos 1.3.5 update on our pre phone and we couldn't get preware to work again on 3 of our 4 phones.

I tried the uninstall directions I saw on various postings and could not get the "set to default" theme button to not be greyed out.

So here is my solution and it is working thus far.
I installed preware, luna manager via the webos install via computer to the pre phone. Once I did this I launched preware and installed the emergency patch repair and the emergency migration helper.

After I did this I checked and while the phones still had a theme the preware was not recognizing it as being installed. So I installed the theme again via preware, removed and then re-installed the theme. Preware then detected a theme was loaded.

This was a pain to do so next time there is a web os update on my phone I will first check pre-central to find out what is going on before installing the webos update and avoid the hassle I had to go through to fix these phones.

How come after the update and using the EPR and EMH I still can't install some patches I had before? Gives me the ipkg error message when trying to install?

I am downloading it now but is slow even on a WiFi


Downloading Now... Yes WiFi is slow for me too

Download is taking forever. Maybe everyone and their mother is hitting the update server right now thanks to this and the tweet from webosinternals.

Downloading as we speak!!!

me too...luvss it!

I live in Mexico and have 1.3.1 on my Pre

too bad I'm in Mexico... we don't even have 1.3.1 available xD!!

Ahh nice! So that means Mexican Pre's can still multi-task without getting a "Too Many Cards Error" Consider yourself lucky.

download baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unpacking! w00t!

Downloading now too!!!! I was guilty of hitting the update button all day on Christmas till now lol. It is taking forever to download!!!! I sort of feel weird that I am so excited for a phone update.

Slowest 13MB download I've ever seen.



wish my unthrottled download patch was still in there... :)
Baby steps to download...

no update on german o2 :(((

hope for sprint's or bell's doctor tommorow :((

people must be hammering this thing!!! so sloW!!!

cant wait to see wut goodies we have now!!!!!!!!!!

yeah i thought it was cause of my installing of a webserver

mines stuck on %100 unpacking lol

Mine seemed to be stuck at 100% unpacking for the longest time as well, but it just validated and is now installing the update. Woo hoo!

do i have to take preware and everything like that off before I update?

You do NOT need to remove any apps, homebrew or otherwise. Preware included. ****HOWEVER, it is highly recommended you remove all patches whether installed via WQI or Preware. Use the Emergency Patch Recovery patch in preware...takes all of 5 minutes, and you're ready to update.

Only patches. Preware and any homebrew apps can stay.

:) I have been checkin all day and now I'm PUMPED... please speed upmy Pixi a bit....


My Sprint Pre (on the US East coast) says it's up to date... Anybody know what the problem is?

Don't even worry about it... the download speed is so slow you should be glad you don't have the option of staring at a progress bar that moves at one pixel per hour.

Seriously though, if you can't get the update in 24 hours, go ahead and Doctor your Pre.

After third reboot and fifth refresh... finally pulled it's head out of it's a$$. Downloading now... slowly. ;o)

Coolest line from the changelog:

After a user signs in to an existing Palm profile, applications the user installed from App Catalog are restored in the background. The user can use other features of the phone while the apps are being restored.

I'm on Bell, and so far see no update. Hopefully it comes soon..

about to download now

i am goin to wait a bit to download myself

i think that was a good idea

Saddened it isn't in Europe.

downloading =) YUPPI!....

do i have to take preware and everything like that off before I update?

Validating!! yaay!

-Locations from which users can purchase paid apps from App Catalog now include U.S. territories.

Bet that stings for the Europeans. :)

in the old days europe was like a us territory or at least protectorate but these days not much.

Validating!! yaay!

Validating!! yaay!

Downloading now. Very slow. But thats ok. Just happy to be getting an update.

do i have to take preware and everything like that off before I update?

They just put this up and it is more than 35 comments and with the servers being loaded, with numerous people trying to download the new update--including me. lol

Downloading. Too funny I just doctored a Pixi for someone else and they just got done installing the patches and theme... LOL


Awesome! I just checked and it said up to date. Checked here and it has arrived! Like Christmas all over. Halfway downloaded. Let's go baby!!!

I'm so torn. Expecting great things from this patch, but at the same time it's only a '0.0.X' update, so it's not a big change version-wise.

On a separate note...Palm really kept us guessing with the whole "1.3.5. at CES" deal... Now maybe they have something REALLY cool to announce during CES instead of a measly patch.

*fingers crossed* X(^_^)X

Here's to hoping for GPU support finally being announced!

+1 for gpu!

downloading......downloading.......still downloading....

I hope it fixes some other bugs not mentioned in the change log.

at least I was... Removed theme, and after reboot now 1.3.5 isn't showing... :( Running EPR now, and we will see...

No updates availables in Spain :-(

Mines installing now! :)

After EPR, it is back... :)

I'm downloading 1.3.5 right now, I know i had to run the emeregency patch recovery tool to remove the patches before downloading but how do i re-install my patches? Do I have to re-install one by one?

One by one, but it isn't all that bad now that ya know what ya want.

I'm afraid so. One-by-one is the only option for reinstalling patches at this point. I believe that there is work being done to automate this process, but I'm not sure.

Look on the bright side though... ONE.THREE.FIVE!

installing now almost half way done i like the way it looks now when the update is installing

Follow @webosinternals on twitter for updates related to 1.3.5 and Preware.

-- Rod Whitby
-- WebOS Internals and Preware founder

1 question, is necesary erase preware before update, or not????

Buddy, your question has been answered about 100 times. Read.

I will be kind enough to answer rather than just criticizing you and asking you to search.

No. Normally you don't have to uninstall preware but notes are saying that it might be having issues in this case and may have to uninstall and re instal it wit the latest webs.

its done installing now its resetting!!!!!!!

Thanks guys, i guess i just have to remember all the 60 plus patches i installed...i should write these down for next time.

I've taken to creating a Tasks lists entitled "patches" where I list every one I've installed. It comes in *real* handy after an update.

Wow, this is painful. Taking just as long as 1.3.1's 128 megs, and I haven't even gotten to the reboot yet. 32 minutes and counting.

Alright, at least I'm validating finally. Unpacking took forever...


Seems like it validated three times here! Odd.

um. its stuck in unpacking, and its been like 30 minutes. Is this normal? does 13MB REALLY take that time to unpack?

after it turned off to reset the my pre is still saying it is installing whats goin on?

Wonder if iTunes works???

this has probably been addressed at another forum, since app limit is fixed, do we need to restore all linked files using terminal's "mvapp ra" prior to update?

Okay so mine is downloading. But I'm so disappointed that there is no fix for itunes. I just got a laptop and had to download the current version of itunes so my pre doesn't sync. Can anyone help me?

Double click My Computer.
Double click Palm Pre.

voila! You can drag n drop copy all the mp3s you want!

iTunes never stopped working. Unless, you let Apple update it. I think Palm has moved on. There are enough retro-iTunes out there to support the utility if needed.

A quick google search will yield multiple results.

Another such-site is:


Google doubleTwist.

New: Circle throbber during reboot indicates how far through the process you are.

Wait, it says "Do not remove battery". Should I remove the battery?!

LOL, reminds me of this:

* Customer: "Click 'OK'?"
* Tech Support: "That's right. Click 'OK'."
* Customer: "So I click 'OK', right?"
* Tech Support: "Right. Click 'OK'."


* Customer: "I clicked 'Cancel'."
* Tech Support: "YOU CLICKED 'CANCEL'???"
* Customer: "That's what I was supposed to do, right?"
* Tech Support: "No, you were supposed to click 'OK'."
* Customer: "I thought you said to click 'Cancel'."


#EPICFAIL - That is hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing man... hahaha!

Does this mean it is called a Status Circle now?

Uh oh. This is getting scary....

Ummm...anyone else notice their screen resolution changed after the update? Everything is a different size! :-/ Uggghhh....I dont know about this.

yes ... This browser resolution difference is really disrupting my browsing experience. Websites think my screen is bigger!

ok now my pre restarted again i have no idea whats goin on now

Yes it`s nice to have the update...But to bad still no video yet...And no edite document yet! I hope it`ll be soon...

Does seem a lot faster though! :-)

Could just be update restart placebo effect... we'll need a few days to see if we're anywhere near the speed of 1.2.0.

Actually, moving through the calendar... ya dont even get a the lag when it loads events for that day -- YESSSSSSS!!! Need some GPU usage, 'official' video recorder app, and Im a verry happy camper!

PALM FT(MF)W!!!!!!! Cant wait to see what CES about... Pre 2? webOS Foleo or tablet?! We shall see....

well while everyone is waiting on this slow ass download hit up www.mp3hustle.com/palm for a little collection of free wallpaper i put up for everyone.. enjoy

Downloaded, validated and installing! Up and running!

now it says updating system i thing my pre messed up

Perhaps you are confused.

Where is the video recording with sound....PLZ

One and a half months for this...

Yeah, it's not really that interesting. Just a bunch of fixes. Disappointed.

quit crying be happy they are working hard to make the OS better.


posted on palm's website. (no I don't have a Pre yet- in a few weeks hopefully)

Sorry you just updated. I deleted that lengthy description copied from palm.

yeahhhh download was super fast, but the unpacking took forever...
love the update though!

download takes exactly one hour in 3G in Los Angeles just so you all know.


If a user deletes a conversation with a contact, new conversations with that contact are now correctly displayed in Conversations view.

FINALLY!!! It's about time, Palm!

I hope you're not planning to highlight this update (1.3.5) at CES. It's a bunch of necessary and embarrassing fixes. Not the kind of thing you want to brag about at a trade show.

download takes exactly one hour in 3G in Los Angeles just so you all know.

I wonder if this breaks myTether... just got it working, now afraid to do the update since I need the tethering while traveling.

I'm in the same boat. I won't be updating until I confirm that it works. I just moved into this new apartment and use it as my internet connection to my computer.

I too will wait to download until I read a MyTether update. MyTether has been a lifesaver and one I am not willing to go without.

I have had a patch that shows up as needs a update but will not uninstall. EPR will not get rid of it, and I am lost on how to get rid of it. The patch is Jump one word at a time. I think i have had this problem since the last web OS update.

Any one have a clue how to remove this patch
please, thanks

Download WebOS Repair Utility to your computer and run it.

It will replace all of the system files with the originals, which will remove the patch the hard way.

PREware does not work after update!!!!!!j

Oh, so slow over my high speed wireless internet pipe.....so slow....going slower.....even slower.....

Calendar is much faster... next day slides over already loaded! Wow, back to Centro speed :)

Some day, not today, probably not tomorrow, but some day, Nova will equal Garnet! Patience!

download was quick but the unpacking and install are taking forever...... waiting and praying..........

there seems to be 2 updates? or something? cuz mine updated, and then it updated again saying "updating the system" probably moves the apps the the USB portion of the pre?

AHHHHHH PIN CODE IS SOO MUCH BETTER! no more messing up and emergency calling!

It took five tries, but the update has finally downloaded and installed on my Pre.

I rushed to download mostly to get rid of the app limit. I don't use my Pre for music (got me an ipod for that!) so apps is what I am looking forward to downloading again.

It takes a good 20 minutes to update the phone, so be patient and to be safe, plug in your charging cord directly instead of using the touchstone. For some reason, my touchstone stopped working tonight. Hopefully a reboot will take care of that issue.

I'm going to start playing with the new OS update and will report on any strange behavior or surprises I find.

For those of us who don't really care all that much about having over 40 apps on our phones, this doesn't really mean much, does it?

You could have five large apps instead. This paves the way for apps with things like major sound.

Plus there's all the speed, stability, and batter life stuff that's good too.

FAcebook events display correctly and calendar is much faster overall. I've noticed less lag overall, but we'll have to wait to see if that is actually true.

Yeah Preware seems to be messed up now.

I get this error right after tapping the icon:

OnFeeds Error

TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined


I started going through the 1.3.5 process when I checked for the first time for updates at 7:04 CST tonight.

All went well, but like you I find that PreWare does not work. This is the one thing I did not want to have to re-install, I found it so confusing. So now I guess we wait for a PreWare et al update.

Patience people and uhh..I belive we got a new loading bar around the circle while it install the update..Also the APp Catalog is not showing BETA...Last is the Lockk screen it was modified again.....this i think its new...really nice...Update worked really well....nice nice palm!!

Thanks keep it comming GPU is needed!

Unpacking.....slowly.....unpacking...waiting....more waiting


Oh, more unpacking.....

By The Way..PREWARE NOT WORKING...missing my themes!!

Appears the app store is no longer in Beta mode as well

Can I just say: I LOVE MY PRE!!
I did get a chance to play with the pixi today though, its tons faster...

Downloaded. Took 20 minuets total to install over a Wireless N network. Half of that was downloading. That server is overheating. Definitely faster on the calendar. Maybe its just my brain overheating, but it seems a little faster overall. It did go kinda nuts on me when I received a phone call. Blinking and acting crazy. A restart fixed this.

Your 802.11n doesn't matter when the WiFi chip in the Pre is 802.11g not 802.11n.

anyone know if itss possible to install a wireless-n chip in the Pre? I'd like to make a change if possible... that 'rumored' Google Phone is supposed to come with it... N is the future cuz w/ speed.. Faster is Always better.

nice update box now..tells u the version you running with the feature Highlights...Very nice again.

You can also pick Default Applications for certain things such as Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email, and Web links. Pretty sweet.

That was added in 1.3.1.

So, I'm pretty excited about a couple things listed in the change log.

Sprint Navigation, more and more coming back to parity with some of Google Android 2.0 Navigation. Contact integration looks awesome.

The App Catalog with a download manager? Can I get a Woo?

Animated Gifs. I was jonsin' for them, not going to lie.

And, I bet they pushed this out so that pre-central could talk about it tomorrow. Chuq, don't lie.

This is not a placebo effect, I recently installed fresh webos doctor other day. Browser scrolling, way faster. Checkerboard screen just barely flickers on before page replaces it when scrolling fast. Multiple sites that I used to not be able to scroll quickly to bottom without waiting for page to refresh, are almost instant.