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webOS Hits Sprint, Now Verizon Waits 125

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 31 Mar 2010 9:14 pm EDT


After watching O2 customers have all the fun earlier this hour, it looks like Sprint customers can now update their webOS devices to You can check out the webOS 1.4.1 changelog here - it's mainly bugfixes, but some of those bugs have been annoying quite a few webOS users.

We're not sure what the extra '.1' means or when Verizon will get some update action, but we'll let you know when we find out. Update: a couple anonymous tipsters have let us know that Verizon will be waiting for "several more weeks" for the webOS 1.4.x update.

Homebrewers, remember: simple patches should be fine, but if you're overclocking you must uninstall before updating.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!


We've set up a few forum threads for 1.4.1.x discussion:

 Update: ...and we have official release notes for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi on Sprint, but they're no different from what you've seen here earlier today.



Downloading NOW...first! ;-)

WOW! Seriously Palm?! updating and installing nearly done and I get the black screen of death with a exclamation point and www.palm.com/ROM taking me to run WebOSDoctor! Anyone else?

about to update mine now

I just uninstalled the 800mhz patch and I'm downloading 1.4.1

Great! Downloading it now!

- Doug

Downloading NOW...first! ;-)

Isn't it sad when someone screws up their firsties?

Mines rolling along as we speak (Portland, OR/Sprint)

Please release the 800MHz patch for 1.4.1 asap or I will cry. Think of me as Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka. Im horridly spoiled now.

Yeah, me too. I've only had the 800 MHz patch installed for a week but as soon as I put the original kernel back I could feel the slow oozing out :)

yay. me too!! in seattle, btw.

Wow.... hated to do it but I just uninstalled the 800mhz patch and I'm downloading cant wait to get back to 800MHz but worth a couple days wait if it means preware compatibility!

Sprint FTW!!

Anyways, I just want the bug fixes and to see the "Hottest Apps" category in the App Catalog.

Ima wait, my 800 patch is to important for me

I thought it was supposed to be small. Mine is showing up as 61mb.

the update gav me HTC EVO 4G. Yesssss I've been waiting for this update.

Seriously Verizon? You release the huge 1.4 patch the day after Sprint, yet want to take a few weeks to give us a bugfix patch? The hell?

Hey Naris it could be worse...u could grab yourself an Android device and not see an update of any kind for ages!

Blame your carrier for screwing Palm in the first place!

Me too ... hope it works. I like updating on my own terms me thinks ..... using same method..... 800 rulez

To be fair to Google, they've got so many different hardware configurations across so many carriers that it must be quite difficult to update. I'm actually shocked any of their phones receive bugfixes much less full updates.

I've temporarily blocked updates (by the chmod -x UpdateDaemon method [ http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/Blocking_Updates ]) until the 800MHz patch is updated for 1.4.1x.

Thanks for the info to block updates. So annoying when they fully download and bug you to death to install.

Several WEEKS for Verizon? Wow. I guess we know who was holding up 1.4 for so long. And it looks like Palm's little falling out with them means they won't be holding up any more releases due to the Big V!


Well they couldn't have held the update any longer since it is required for the App Catalog to have paid apps in Europe, Mexico, and Canada.

My guess is Verizon just took too long or is waiting for more bug fixes before approving of 1.4.x and that's that.

Yeah, no kidding.

You guys gotta remember that the Verizon versions have GPS and keyboard issues. Nobody else has plus phones. Everybody else is still on the 1st generation hardware.

just received, downloading now. mine shows up as 10mb.

Mine was also 10mb.

Bingo, Ditto , +1

WAITING: 800MHz patch trumps the 1.4.1 update any day! I'll wait thank you! (When I know the 800MHz patch is compatible... that's when I'll do the update.)

My guess is the extra .1 in the Sprint update is due to the NFL app being changed (don't know as I haven't downloaded yet.. just a guess)

most likely. +1 didnt think of that.

-downloading webOS FTW
i love how palm TOTALLY neglects the bitches at vzw for making their phones "mom" labeled, and making the droid superior to the pluses. although its just a simple 1-2 day delay, its still significant, and i cant help but find myself chuckle whenever sprint gets an update before big red XD

Uh, you must have misread the article. It said "several weeks" not 1-2 days.

Go Big Red V!


Seriously, I would be REALLY pissed if I were on V. I would love a Pre Plus but not with what V is doing to it today. I would demand a refund.

You guys gotta remember that the Verizon versions have GPS and keyboard issues. Nobody else has plus phones. Everybody else is still on the 1st generation hardware.

to address all of your comments at once:
i have an updated pixi on sprint so FTW
when i first posted my comment, it wasnt edited to say "weeks", actually it didnt mention time at all, i just guessed at a couple of days, because thats how it was with 1.4
big red charges too much money for so little, and no one cares to stand up and fight the power. sprint all the way bitches!
yes and agreed that vzw LOVES testing their devices till they break apart -.o so expect that 1.4.1 update when sprint releases 2.0 x_x

It's well known that Verizon is more stringent about the devices and software that are used on its network. They're almost certainly just doing additional testing on the software update before giving it the okay.

Enjoy your bug fixes; I will continue to enjoy running my Pre Plus at 800 MHz.

Yeah mine is 10mb too... I love Palm's loyalty to Sprint, and I'm sure anyone who has stayed with both will be handsomely rewarded later this year when Palm releases new hardware


i loves gettin me some new webOS yesness in the nighttime :3

Do simple patches include the virtual keyboard? Can I leave that on and upgrade?

sorry, triple post

sorry, double post.

seemed to have reset all of my patches. probably going to doctor and update to make sure nothing is screwy. or wait for a new webos repair utility

got myself some action. Sprint Football App replaces the NFL app, probably the .1 part as someone else mentioned.

Seems a little faster... We'll see!!

Exactly what I posted earlier about the extra .1 in the Sprint update.. I was just guessing.. good to see it confirmed. My pre is currently installing the update

I am glad Verizon is waiting. Now I can keep my 800 patch!

were do I find the 800 patch

do a search. don't be so lazy.

aaahhhhhh much better now new harware and apps

Downloading now in the USA Sprint

aaahhhhhh much better now new harware and apps

torn between two lovers...

I want me some 1.4.1 goodness, but a few more weeks at 800mhz would rox0rz, too!

Damn killed the Engadget app, it won't load anymore.

Too early to say for sure, but things seem much faster overall.

yeah seems faster to me too....

Is there a reason why the Engadget app seems to break with every update?

any mention of whether or not the update is coming to Bell anytime soon? i'd like to know if i should continue waiting, or just reinstall the OC patch again and keep checking to see if there is any word on Bell?

were do I find the overclock patch I can't find on preware

Try searching for the article that was on the main page a few days ago or look in the forum. There is a lot of infomation about the patch, including the fact that it is suspended temporarily pending a new distribution method.

Confirmed Engadget app is broken :(

@dbh123: LMFAO!!! :-D For some strange reason, when I post from my Pre...it posts 2 separate times. Scroll up to the FIRST comment and you'll see what I mean! ;-)

Just updated to, it seem a lil faster than Everything seem to load really fast, I noticed. The phone app, calendar, Email, contact, camera, music,photo,& message, seem to load really fast. It's almost like a new hardware again. I guess Palm slip in some speed, but didn't list it. Much better now. It feels good using this phone now.

how come my and my sister's phones (spritn pre) both work fine. no black screens, emails work, universal search works... r u doing using preware/patches and stuff? we're both running stock and no issues at all.

Nope. No patches. No preware. Not all Pres are experiencing same issues, but my issues are not unique to me....

Many people have this issue and Palm is actively working on it. Not everyone has it (as is evident since you say you don't), but that doesn't mean nobody has it either. The issue is difficult to reproduce naturally (but can be reproduced by using JsTop to kill the apps for Phone, Email, and Messaging).

My updates hasn't worked since the 1.4 update. Just sits there with the "checking for updates...". This is over Wi-Fi or 3G. I never get a message saying what update is available or that my palm is already up to date. I was hoping that with an update actually being available that it would work. But as of this writing I been trying to pull down my 1.4.1 update for almost an hour now...Any suggestions..This and the Camera problem is the only issues I had with 1.4

do I got too remove theme first I know I can keep the patches on here

so what happens if you dont remove the overclock? im about to find out in a bit... lol

The kernel was updated in 1.4.1(.1), so it could cause problems, but none were reported by people who tested it prior to 1.4.1 coming out officially.

dude! paleez keep us informed on the outcome. god speed.

it took off all my patches and the overclock, no biggie, jst gotta put everything back on

is it just me, or is preware not loading past the status page after the update?

nevermind.. i just had it reload the feeds and it seemed to start working

Yes, just updated and IMMEDIATELY hit preware to get patches back...and it

forward swipe unbroken HUZZAH!

So question... I have the 600mhz patch, does that mean I have to uninstall it too like the 720-800mhz patches?


hmmm... faster you all say? ... i'm gonna update my wife's pre first since she doesn't have the 800mhz kernel installed, and if it's at all any faster than it was, then i'll do it... and i too agree that we may all be in for a big surprise on sprint this summer... especially since sprint allows you to upgrade after only a year.. c'mon palm keep the pre movin forward. PRE NATION!One.

torn between two lovers...

I want me some 1.4.1 goodness, but a few more weeks at 800mhz would rox0rz, too!

downloading now in Puerto Rico!

I like Palm, but the only reason Palm release these updates so frequently is because its a new operating system and they're in last place. I will keep my 800 MHz patch on until they come out with a update that will truly make my Pre faster or until they release the Palm "C40".

They added ESPN Live to the Sprint TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......My Pre loads alot faster to...

I know it`s not come to a case, but remember to keep voting for the pre in laptop magazine march madness competition. the HD2 is getting back on track!!

I hope email accounts come back (not holding my breath) and the screen stops staying dark/off even though the pre still gets calls, texts... (just can't see them at times....), And universal search would be nice to be.. uh..universal with like small things like contacts again....

Since 1.4 this phone fails for its essential functions such as being able to use email and small things like seeing something other than a black screen... but I'm not complaining...nah... just feel a little used. I mean can you imagine how the salespeople sell these things when so much fails to work AFTER an update??? Long time Palm user (check my start date) but seriously now... NO EMAIL??? Black Screens???? Come on!!!!

POST UPDATE: I am pleased to report that after my email accounts have magically returned!!! Universal search now also searches contacts again!!!... yet sloooowllllyyyy.

Hope the intermittent screen blackoutages have stopped.... we will see.... finally installed. OMG, things are launching a LOT faster... TREMENDOUSLY faster. A lot faster than when I was overclocking to 800Mhz!

What gives???


Agreed, it's waaay faster seemingly than 800mhz overclocked. Load times are shorter for Gameloft games almost by half. Camera shutter & sound is near-instantaneous. Video recorder loads up faster second time around. Facebook app definitely snappier on wifi - album pics load quickly. The web-brower loads PreCentral.net pages as a whole versus parts at a time.

BTW, I Doc'd my phone before the update and might keep it vanilla to see if the performance changes. Anyhow, with this new speed, I hope Gameloft brings N.O.V.A to the Pre soon, please!

For some reason the unpacking phase is taking forever, but after a time it reports "Unable to connect. Try again later." It seems to be very slowly progressing, though. Very strange.

So I was going to wait on upgrading because I like my overclock patch. Then I went to restart my phone (bought a new game...), and when I came back my phone was updating itself!

At first I panicked, because I hadn't uninstalled the cpu patch, but seeing as how I had no choice, I just let it reset to see what happened. Thankfully my phone did not explode and is running totally fine. Interestingly, I did a quick check of the clock speed via webOSquickinstall and it showed my Pre back at the stock 498.7 Mhz. Even more interestingly, my Pre seems to be running just as snappy as if I still had the patch installed!

i'm about to find out for myself now... using my wife's pre as the test subject... DON'T JUDGE ME !!!!!!!

I must be a moron for not knowing this but how do i Uninstall the 800mhz capability? I'm getting nervous..

When you installed it you probably used SSH to connect to your phone and run the installation command (something like 'sh /var/home/root/800MHzOS14.sh install'). Just do exactly the same thing, but instead use "uninstall". If it fails at the reboot step, run the command "/sbin/reboot".

My keyboard lighting doesn't work after update. Anyone else experiencing this issue. Glad Chase mobile works again.

My keyboard lighting doesn't work after update. Anyone else experiencing this issue. Glad Chase mobile works again.

Keyboard is A-OK here.

My keyboard lighting doesn't work after update. Anyone else experiencing this issue. Glad Chase mobile works again.

My keyboard lighting doesn't work after update. Anyone else experiencing this issue. Glad Chase mobile works again.

engadget app is busted and virtual keyboard not working eventhough it shows installed... Other than that, seems ok. Camera is noticeably faster

My engadget and newsroom apps aren't working, gps dashboard plus wont even download, everything else seems fine and faster....

OK I notice a increase in speed. +1! One thing I've noticed is that I can't seem to open anything in the app catalog. No matter which app I choose I get the "This action could not be completed. Try again later." The catalog was working before I updated! I even reset my pre. Anyone else havin this prob?

Hope the devs get this update figured out soon, Engadget and timepiece(i downloaded it just yesterday)don't load.

OK I notice a increase in speed. +1! One thing I've noticed is that I can't seem to open anything in the app catalog. No matter which app I choose I get the "This action could not be completed. Try again later." The catalog was working before I updated! I even reset my pre. Anyone else havin this prob?

anyone on the bluetooth fix for Bmw's? Prior to this my whole address book would not load in the car....anyone else have this issue?

Also, bringing up the dialer seems a lot faster...

Hello PreCentral community! Been a member for some time now, however this is my first "official" post.

Just wanted to throw in my 2 cent...as far as I can tell the extra .1 with the update, for Sprint, maybe was to replace the old "NFL app" with the new "Sprint NFL Live app".

Maybe we can look forward to Adobe Flash 10.x as well. Since we had to wait for an update for the App Catalog to go international, maybe more groundwork was laid for Adobe as well??

Just my opinion...by the way this comment is complimentary of my Palm Pre!

Why is Verizon always last to the party? It's like Cinderella not receiving an official invite to the ball (dance) ;(

Verizon Palm Pre customers are treated like second class citizens!

Anyone getting ALOT of restarts?

I want to hear from others who have gone to without removing the 600/720/800mhz patch. I got the 800mhz patch and love it. My other issue is that I'm away from home (cant load WebOS Quick on company laptop) for about two weeks and I'm afraid my phone will auto update by then. I've seen a couple post where there were no 'seemingly' issues but has anyone or can anyone report if there are any. Also for the ones who had the 800mhz patch and updated to ....is it THAT much faster.

Yes..it is way snappier (launching apps) than any previous build =) It is worth to update & just wait for a new 800MHz kernal because runs more efficient and smoother. As for all the bugs I've stated in previous postings...they've all been fixed =)

Good job Palm!

Did they fix Sprint Navigation?

I'm glad I removed the overclock kernel last night, as this morning I found that the update had auto installed. I didn't realize that would happen, but good to know for any future overclocking.

With the 1.4.1 update on Sprint the Yahoo! mobile homepage isn't rendering properly. Anyone else having this problem with m.yahoo.com or any other website?

I downloaded the update while I was flying home last night. Got t love wifi on the plane even if it's $10 per flight. No more volume problems and faster, best of all is the camera is back to the speed it was before 1.4

APP CATALOGUE gets makeover. Looks nice, where recent use to be it now says What's New & Hottest Apps !
Agreed that it is faster!
I don't know if this is a bug or hardware issue but my screen keeps intermittenly turning itself on and off.

how do i uninstall the 800mhz patch???

search the forums to remove 800mhz patch.

They really should have mentioned that had performance enhancements. Holy cow things are much quicker now. Phone app pops up instantly. Camera switches from picture to video instantly. Browser popup is way faster. they must have done some form of caching on apps as well as second, third, etc.... requests for same app are much quicker as well. Great job. For an unheralded release, I think this is the one I am happiest with.

im not sure if anyone notices but my videos on youtube seem to load faster

i love all the info, insight and assistance you get on this forum and others from the PRE community.... we're the best.. ok i think these updates get me a bit too excited.lol :)

btw... you may have to reinstall the patch that allows for flash light during video recording if you had it before .. it was uninstalled on my wife's pre.

virtual keyboard is gone... Hopefully it comes back...i updated pandora and the phone automatically updated engadget too eventhough it didn't show an update available. Engadget is working again. Still having issues w/ yahoo sports sites rendering incorrectly but if I remember correctly, this happens w/ every update and usually fixes itself in a few days

VERIZON ... still hasn't joined the party!

When will Verizon wake up and get in the game!

Probably not until they begin to lose subscribers to other carriers! :(

What I shame!

what patches do i have to uninstall,,im unstialling my virtual keyboard right now...also do i take off sdk developer mode?? plzz helpso i can updte my phone

Just updated, used WebOSQuickInstall.jar to restore all of my patches and also install a newer version of preware, and everything is working great!

OK it's been almost 3 full weeks and NO update at all about for Verizon???? Really? installed, Engadget still works for me.

My update works seamlessly, faster speed, etc..anyone know about Flash 10?