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webOS 1.4.1 Brings Mobile Hotspot to O2 Users (Update: Germany and UK) 40

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 31 Mar 2010 6:40 pm EDT


The webOS 1.4.1 news is flying fast as furious. As Arne Hess notes over at the:unwired and as we noted a little over a week ago, Mobile Hotspot doesn't look to be exclusive to Verizon any longer. O2 Germany customers who update to webOS 1.4.1 should be able to download the Mobile Hotspot application from the Palm App Catalog and use it to tether their Pre phones much more easily than what was previously available.

Update: scoutcamper writes in to let us know it's now appearing in O2 UK's App Catalog.

More on webOS 1.4.1: webOS 1.4.1 release notes, webOS 1.4.1 arrives for O2 and Movistar customers in Europe.



Am I first? I wonder when we'll see this on Sprint.

scoutcamper is wrong

Ha, I just seen this in the App Gallery and tried to download it to mine (in Canada), this might be a good reason why it didn't work. I know Bell just enabled free tethering for data plans on the iPhone in Canada so hopefully we will get the same treatment as Germany.

it would be nice, I would think with 4g rolling out they'd want tethering on their devices as it'll be more atractive yo potential new customers, plus these days people use phons for tehtering more and more.

How about O2 Ireland/UK for Mobile Hotspot?


im not sure i want this update.. i love the overclock

Then wait. It'll only be a matter of time before the overclock is hacked into 1.4.1. Considering the small changes made to make it X.X.1, don't think it will take a long time.

probably not, but the rest of the changelog doesnt really inspire me to update, not a lot of those issues really affect me, so ill wait, BUT!!! 3 cheers to palm for final gettin the app store international and for fixing those issues for people that experience them

It would b nice to have mytether as an official app rather then trying to follow so much confusin directions.

What about Sprint!!!

Any chance someone can get this new 1.4.1 ipk for Mobile Hotspot working on Sprint Pre? I had the old one working until 1.4.0 broke it.

Don't see anything on the UK store !

It is still not available in the UK. Sort the lies out!

Just got it for my Pre in Denmark, where i guess there's at least one other Pre owner :P

- Very nice to finally get paid apps!

*wonders if, due to changes in plans, Bell will finally give us a tethering app?*

What a huge let down!
10 paid apps in the UK and they are all games. I dont see the hotspot app either.
Palm will need to get existing US apps on this and fast as we have waited long enough in the UK as has everywhere else non US. They need to speed up their implementation including new top of the line hardware as the pre screen is too small when you are 108 years old.

And we need an sd card slot as well.

And while they are at it they need to sort out biased Scottish Football refs!!!!

Aren't European Pre's the 'non-Plus' versions? I thought mobile hotspot was built into the Plus version (hardware).

Seems like it could be just a software thing?

If that's the case... it'd be nice to have this on Sprint in the near future!

double post...

Updating now, happy :-)

well..im sure sprint will allow tethering once EVO 4G is out because they mentioned being able to use EVO as wifi hotspot. As for this update...ill wait for da 800mHz ipk to come out to start my pre fresh and update to 1.4.1.

p.s. I'm hoping 1.5 isn't too far off and interested it what they will implement.

I had the Old Mobile Hot Spot app installed on my phone (Sprint user) and the app catalog let me update it to the newest 1.0.14 version. While the on/off switch now works. It still doesn't let me tether. It says to call my service provider.

I'm an O2 UK user and I cannot see the Mobile Hotspot app.

I'm also a UK user and don't see Mobile Hotspot, in fact all I have is a bunch of Gameloft games! Hopefully by the morning more apps will start to appear.

UK 1.4.1 - No Mobile Hotspot - Only 10 pain apps.
Even getting download link from a web feed for mobile hotspot it just tells me that it's not in this country. Also only 10 Gameloft games for paid right now. Some in the web feeds via appscoop, but they give errors if you try to look at them.

I am on O2 UK and have managed to download the new update for MHS 1.0.14

I'm on O2 (UK) too, cant see MHS anywhere, am I doing something wrong?

Do you mind sharing with the rest of us how you managed to download it when it's not even showing up on the app catalogue, please?

How it's not in the app cat?

Wish Sprint was including Mobilehotspot. It would solve alot of my problems. It's cool that Verizon has it but getting nickled and dimed isn't in my dna.

I'm on Sprint, I'm getting mine right now. But mine says that it is version

Same here, and on Palm's website it lists the update as also.

MHS update showed up for me as well. I installed it and it works once I enabled forwarding in freetether.

Thank god it's appearing on the UK app catalogue! I just hope it doesn't cost me anything extra, or at least nothing as much as what the Americans are probably paying for.

hi, please could you tell me how to find the MHS app? i'm stuck!

Can sum1 explain to me how to get MHS on sprint? Or can sum1 send me a link or directions for a proper update on mytether 2.1.0

where is the mobile hotspot to download ?

Wy are the updates and extra's on the pre always so vaguely reported...
This is such a brilliant phone i cant stop talking about it .
Where is my mobile hotspot app and more importantly where is my flash app!!!
UK user
love's his pre

No mobile hotspot in the o2 UK app list - can't download it from the web URL either - not for this country - please update this article.

Sprint hotspot over due