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webOS 1.4.1, paid apps to hit Bell Canada today? Update: Yep, go get it! 52

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 01 Apr 2010 12:21 pm EDT

With the sad news that we are going to be looking at several different versions of webOS out there for the near future, we had started to give up hope that Canada would join Europe in getting paid apps in a timely fashion, as previously rumored.

Likely we'll have to wait until this evening to find out for sure, but Cocolabaloune points us to Palm's Knowledge Base article for webOS updates for Bell Canada. New since yesterday: they list webOS 1.4.1 and they have the release date down as 1 April 2010. If it pans out, Palm is just one day late - but we figure Canadian users will be happy to be a dollar short. Because they'll be buying apps. See what we did there?

Thanks, Cocolabaloune!

Update: webOS 1.4.1 has landed for Palm Pre users in Canada on the Bell network, as Tyler tells us. Go get it, Canadians! As a reminder, here's what's new in webOS 1.4.1. There's plenty to discuss with 1.4.1.x, so we've set up a few forum threads:




not April Fools - I just downloaded the 1.4.1 update on my Sprint Pre, and now the PDF viewer works again! (expanding it with gestures to read my various medical notes that I've taken over the years)

Kudos to Palm and Sprint for getting the fix out!

Now we just need Docs to Go or Wordsmith.....


maaan I feel like staying home the whole day cus everybody is gonna try to fool everybody else lol damn april fools! :D

It does suck that there will be different versions of Webos however you can only blame the carriers that are control freaks.

It will show you quickly which carriers have been delaying the updates though.

I wonder if the hold up with Verizon's version has to do with the need to fix the Gps and keyboard issue.

Or just that Verizon is a bunch of difficult you-know-whats, evidenced by the fact that this isn't the only time VZW has held up a device.
I'm willing to bet that by the time VZW approves, Sprint users will have had another update.

Could be yours or it could be mine, who knows?

I'm downloading 1.4.1 in Toronto now

Downloading 1.4.1 right now!!! (Toronto, Canada)

The 1.4.1 is also available for the o2-Pre's here in Germany :)

Downloading, as soon as there's a new 1.4.1 720MhZ Kernel :P

Downloading 1.4.1 Gatineau/Ottawa now!!! on sprint is available right now!!!!

Downloading it, Montreal (Canada)

Downloading 1.4.1 NOW!!!!! ( Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada )

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...even w/ the variants of webOS out in the open in the near future (basically due to Carriers), I believe it will never be as fractured as Android or WinMo. Each webOS variant would be pretty much identical w/ the exception of specific apps via Carrier network. Essentials (i.e. Performance, core apps enhancements, etc.) will be maintained through all variants.

Go Palm =)

so is it me or did 1.4.1 make things run a lot smoother even without the overclock kernels? keep up the good work palm!

Mine says there an update but I get a 404 Page Not found error and the download stalled even after a full restart.

Sad Pre is sad.

I get the Page Not Found as well but it is downloading though. (Unpacking as I type)


I totally made the wrong assumption this morning, thinkibg bell would take a while longer I reinstalled the OC patch. Now my question is how long do I have before my Pre updates itself? As I won't have access to a computer or my usb cord until 6 tonight. And that's 7 hours away. What should I do?

I went to Preware, and installed Terminus. Entered the uninstall command, waited for reboot, then shut down and restarted my Pre again. Opened Terminus again, checked the current running speed.. Terminus reports it as 600, but only because the program itself runs the Pre at 600 normally, once closed the Pre will be at 500. Installing the update now. I won't have access to my computer for a few days, this has definitely helped. I also assumed Bell would take forever in getting this out lol

Download as we speak in Alberta.

So it looks like EA doesn't want to believe in the existence of Canada, none of their apps are showing up for me (I do realize that EA have a large studio in BC).

Guess it'll be a few more days till most apps appear for sale here, at least it's possible now :).

They're still recalculating there pricing into Loonies. Life is difficult near parity.


Just downloaded the update. No monopoly? No Need For Speed? Seems like we just get the crap apps up in Canada. I like my Pre but I don't think liking it is enough. So much potential. Get your shit together Palm, before you lose more customers.

Ummm....it's not Palm. It is the developers. If you want to bitch...bitch to them.

Don't crap on Palm. It's the developers that need to check the right boxes to make their apps available in other countries. Palm could make it easier for them, but ultimately the developers need to do it.

Come on devs! I have some good money to spend. Let me buy your apps!

got it things seem to be slightly quicker

Yes....Where's Nuclear Attack...comeon developers!!

I am looking forward to being able to DL apps in Canada but from the sounds of it, not alot of 'good apps'. There are a few specific apps I am intending to buy and hope that the devs are on the ball in the coming days.

does anyone know if you can still overclock with this update?

i never unpatched my pre :O i think it's still working ;)

First of all there Glenuendo, don't tell me what not to bitch about. And I do realize it is up to the developers, but it's taken so long just to get paid apps in Canada, seems a little ridiculous, no? There are things I really love about my Pre but sometimes the thing is ssssssooooo sssssslllllooooowwww I want to throw it at a wall. I'm starting to rethink my decision to buy a smart phone. Of course, I could never buy an Iphone, that would just be stupid:)

what the hell with my pre? Everytime I press update, only applications but not the webos available. I live in Vancouver. Did anyone have the same experience?

Nope, update went fine for me earlier this afternoon. I'm in Vancouver as well. Maybe try restarting your phone and trying again.. just a thought.

I remove all my patches include 800mhz and ERP. still only have application but not WebOS update

I recall last time 1.40 was the same. I could not update on line and I turned to using webos doctor.

Am I missed something?

Would there be any setting I have accidentially disabled?

No, that doesn't sound quite right. Maybe contact Bell or Palm to see if they can sort out what's going on.

Thanks and will try to contact Palm


I updated mine today, and the first thing i noticed was the time was wrong, and said i was in a different time zone than I was actually on

Then a few hours later the touch screen abilities crashed, I'm currently trying to reset my phone, beware!

I am the owner of a German GSM International Palm Pre in Hong Kong. Just up-dated to Web OS 1.4.1. Still no apps in Apps Catalog - paid or free. Very very disappointed.

I got this update overnight... i wasn't ready... I didn't get to remove my themes and patches first... I hope it doesn't mess anything up... it defaulted to a regular theme instead of the iphone theme I had when I went to bed... Hope all is well... I'll let you guys know if there are any issues... :)

I upgraded to new Palm Pre OS 1.4.1 with Bell from Toronto; and now cant get into Preware!?

Everything else is there and working, including paid apps in app catalog; however not Preware?

I open it up and loads, but it gets stuck halfway in the progress bar and never increases from there. I even decided to wait it out at that halfway point, and nothing happened for 10minutes. Restarted multiple times only to be stuck at the same spot.

Can anybody help me out? If I had a choice, I would choose Preware over paid app catalog (I love the great homebrew patches/hacks/apps).

Does anybody know if My Tether is supported with the new 1.4.1 os?


The last time we got an update, I had to remove preware, then reinstall it thru webos quick install on my laptop. Just FYI

I guess thats what I have then. Never had to before. Thanks for the quick reply Brandizy!

mine is downloading from Sprint WebOS
Build 278, Sprint Config

i have my palm pre hacked, you know with the virtual keyboard and everything, well i know yu have to do something before you update your phone, so what do i do? i just turned off the sdk developer mode, what else do i have to do before i update my phone?? please answer

Wicked, I love playing golf on my phone!!!

Does anyone know if you can update your phone and not have to redo all of your tweaks after?