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webOS 1.4.1 Release Notes 92

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 31 Mar 2010 6:20 pm EDT

 webOS 1.4.1 is landing on devices in Europe as we type this - O2 devices in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, and Spain are all seeing the update pushed out right now. 

Palm has posted the changelog for webOS 1.4.1 - for O2 Germany, Spain, and the UK. 

  • You can now purchase paid applications outside the US
  • Bluetooth Audio now works with BMWs
  • Pinch to zoom is back in the document viewer
  • Shutter delay on the camera has been tweaked
  • The volume slider bug appears to have been fixed
  • The bug where YouTube links on outgoing emails weren't working has been fixed
  • The forward gesture is back in the browser

In all, not a lot of huge updates or fixes. Anybody seeing anything not listed here? Talk about it in our webOS 1.4.1 new features thread. Full changelog after the break.

Version information

Version: webOS 1.4.1
Release date: 31 March 2010
New applications


Feature changes to existing applications

App Catalog

  • You can now purchase and download apps that are for sale, in addition to downloading free apps.


  • This release fixes an issue so that the phone now correctly connects with supported BMW car kits.


  • This release corrects a lag in the shutter sound when you take a picture.
  • This release fixes an issue so that newly taken photos and videos do not overwrite existing ones.


  • If you crop a picture before adding it to a contact, the picture appears cropped correctly in the contact entry.
  • If you previously assigned either the Z or the B key as a speed dial, you can now continue to create speed dials.

Doc View

  • If you open a file and perform the back gesture, the app now returns to the file list screen.
  • Pinching in/out to zoom out/in now works correctly.


  • If you try to attach a video to an outgoing multimedia message, the list of available videos now displays only videos you recorded.

PDF View

  • If you open a file and perform the back gesture, the app now returns to the file list screen.
  • Pinching in/out to zoom out/in now works correctly.


  • This release fixes an intermittent issue so that the volume slider no longer appears onscreen incorrectly.
  • This release fixes an intermittent issue so that after the screen more reliably turns on after a single press of the power button.

Touchstone charging dock

  • When the phone is on a Touchstone charging dock, the screen now consistently turns off correctly (displaying the lock icon and the time) after the shut-off interval.


  • If you record a video, upload the video to YouTube, and send a link to the video via email, the email recipient can click the link and view the video. Previously, clicking the link displayed an error message.
  • This release fixes an issue so that when you upload a video to YouTube, the file always includes both video and audio.


  • The forward gesture now works correctly in the browser.


Sounds nice, specially the GTouchStone fix =)

ughhhh Adobe i hate you

Confirmation that the camera was overwriting files. Things were very silent after I sent in my logs to Palm.

anyone know what's going on for the united states update?

Any news on when will it be available for Telcel?

i'm rather disappointed with the app store in germay, the only thing we got were the gameloft games. the things i want, are still not available, and i think it's because there is no german translation for them... that sucks

Yes, because Palm still thinks that nobody except the people in the UK and Ireland speak (or at least understand) English.

Czechdev - it is not Palm's responsibility to translate apps. it's the developers. Tool.

Weizen - if there's an app you really want, contact the deveoper and offer to do the translation for them in exchange for a free download. That way you get free access to the app you want and the developer gets access to a new market. Win-Win.

Yes, sure. But Palm has to understand that many people are able to use English (even paid!) apps though English is not their mother language. What's the point of saying "You can't buy that app because we think you can't speak English"?

Palm isn't saying that. The developer of the app is saying that. The developer chooses where he wants his app distributed. Point your anger in the right direction.

See this dev portal screenshot: http://twitpic.com/1c682e -- do you see any "English" option available for example for Germany, France or Spain? That's my point. A lot of Germans speak really good English but they can't download any English apps.

Speak really good English. Anyone else see the irony in this statement? =)

Not really.

He's got a point. Most Germans _do_ speak really good English, as opposed to "broken English". Good is an adjective here.

You certainly don't "speak really well English".

he meant "speak really good English", isn't proper English... it would be "speak English very well". apparently somebody needs to return to an English class...

You can:

- speak (good English), ie English that is good, like using a good phone. Adjective.

- speak (English) well, ie speak well, like write well. Adverb.

checked out the image and i do see your point about the language selection...but also did noticed the "other" category in which Palm claims it will distribute those apps in english...so either way Palm isnt providing devs options and also not distributing said apps to places that do speak english...

The developer has full choice over what markets they release the app to. They have to click the box for Germany or the UK/Ireland or Spain, etc. If it's not available, ask the developer.


no english apps in germany, that's what gets me. everyone in germany learns english in school...

and btw i want my apps in english, my phone language is english too. so i don't want to translate them.

And then you'll have people kvetching that the apps are available only in English in their countries.

Contact the app developer and ask them to release it in Germany in English. The developer may not want to deal with whatever complications there are to selling their app internationally though, on the other hand, they might do it. it's not something to complain to palm about though, it's a developer decision.

Palm does *not* allow us devs to release in Germany, France, Spain or Mexico with English-only. It simply is not an option with their submission portal, which to me is a bit silly. English is a widely used language for business, and while most of us here in the US don't know a second language, our smarter cousins abroad *do*. Posting a comment to Palm in the dev forums about this, because it's not good business. How am I going to justify paying for translation to a given region when I can't get revenue from the region to get a feel for demand? Frustrating.

"smarter" cousins? America-last-ism aside, English happens to be the world's "lingua franca". If it were still France, or Latin, people who didn't speak that natively would learn it.

What would make sense is for Palm to automatically include English as a second language everywhere, letting English devs simply offer their apps everywhere, and letting local users choose to view them or not.

As for the French learning German (or, I suppose, the occasional German learning French), remember that their countries are equivalent to our states, so imagine living in North Carolina and having to learn a different language to visit Virginia.

Smarter, or just inconvenient/inefficient. So they use English, and adopt the Euro.

as dbalmer said, it is a problem with palm and i have every right to bitch about this stupid business decision.

Same here.
I set webos to english (I'm german) and would very much prefer to get the english version of apps.

I bought Asphalt 5 yesterday and it is in english.

If your waiting on flash in an update you'll be waiting a long time. It's not coming in an update. It will come through the app catalog whenever they decide to release it.

So no fix for the DST errors in Calendar?

It should have fixed the accelerometer bug for games like Block Breaker and Topple Ball.


If your waiting on flash in an update you'll be waiting a long time. It's not coming in an update. It will come through the app catalog whenever they decide to release it.

If your waiting on flash in an update you'll be waiting a long time. It's not coming in an update. It will come through the app catalog whenever they decide to release it.

same text three times within four posts. I think you've made your point now!

what about us folks in Canada?? I want paid aps :(

guess when you comment from your phone it post it multiple times. Sorry everyone.

It's a 0.0.1 update, so don't expect any miracles here. At least they fixed some of the more important bugs the last version brought with it, like camera overwriting files or the constant volume change notifications when sliding the phone open, etc.

So as long as today's update doesn't come with a handful of new bugs, I'm satisfied... for now.

WAITING TO DOWNLOAD: I won't be installing 1.4.1 until the 800MHz overclocking patch is confirmed compatible with the update. That's how much I like the overclocking patch! Can live without 1.4.1... Can't live without 800MHz!

ya-huh, same here. I don't need the fixes that badly. 800 MHz is more important.

absolutely the 800 is the shit I'll be waiting to

I totally AGREE! The update can wait. Doesn't sound like much anyway. I'd rather have the overclocking. :)

cooommmmeeee on flash player we still waiting.

The update has broken my engadget app!!!!!!


Man. SCREWED again. Europe always gets everything first!

Because the US didn't get the phone first, or paid apps first, or most of the updates first, or the pre plus first...

Oh wait. They did. So no, they do NOT get everything first. Relax. It's a phone.

Ha! That's funny. I wouldn't have thought I could have made that sound any more sarcastic. I'm fully aware of who get's what first, there Mr. Relax.

Miss. And your sarcasm was clearly not evident. Try a little harder next time.

I thought that his sarcasm was pretty obvious. But that's just me, I guess.

yeah me too. and i was all set to write about how sarcasm doesn't come through on the internet so don't do it. But even so that seemed quite obvious.

When is Palm going to release the font for sarcasm?!?! Come on, it's almost been a year! Stupid phone.

maybe its because Palm have left it to the very last moment and are rolling the update out by timezone to enable them to fulfill their promise of paid apps being 'inter'national in march!!

Or maybe they're rolling it out in waves so as not to overload their servers. Like they have with just about every other update.

You got the Pre first, the Pixi, the Pre & Pixi Plus, about 10 software updates before Europe even new there is such a thing as a Palm Pre and you've had paid apps for quite some time now, so just shut up, ok? ;)

I see you are also in the Can't Tell What Sarcasm Is club.

what about USA!!!

I am so excited!

just updated, how comes there are only 10 paid apps... 492 in total

all my patches have been disabled and no updates obvious; any tips?

I have the same problem, I have just went into preware and selected my patches, uninstall each one and reinstall (without restarting LUNA), once all patches have been reinstalled, reset your pre; all your patches will just as you had them!!

Great! Paid apps are available also in non official countries! I've got some Gameloft games listed & available in GBP though I live in the Czech Republic (Vodafone SIM). http://tinypic.com/r/j0fyi0/5

P.S.: The Rebel SIM seems to work with the new update even without modem firmware downgrade but I've got the Always Roaming problem again. Better than "SOS Only" though :-)

What about double key entries and non-locking GPS on the Pre+

I have a UK pre and my GPS seems to be working fine, not sure about the double entries problem as I have never experienced that fault on my pre!!

What about the "too many cards"?

just updated my UK pre, got the full qty of apps (492) back plus some of the new paid apps(10 off all from gameloft).

Tried opening different 3d games to see if I still get the too many cards error and this seems to be fixed now. Does appear to be a tad smoother when operating - but not a patch of the '800 patch'.

engadget not working no more, will expect an update from engadget soon! Most likely due to the new webos rev no.

+1 for the Engadget thing. Not working any more on my just udpated Pre either.

As for Gameloft. I bet this is some sort of exclusive deal. Maybe their reward for releasing so many games for WebOS. Other than this I don't see a good explanation why all over Europe Gameloft titles are the first and only thing to appear on the paid apps catalog as of now.

Possibly, though I know Palm is working hard to go through all the app updates to make this happen. They got flooded this morning by app updates for sale outside the USA, including prices, non-english product descriptions, and region selection (sorely limited for English-only apps at the moment). I'd expect a bunch more in tonight's App Catalog update.

There were also some changes to the way the system does garbage collection. This should help with some of the memory issues introduced in 1.4.

as i have just posted, my pre is working alot smoother as it does appear to be getting rid of the crap. Only got the too many cards once after i tried to open all my 3d games at once lol, Pre 1st gen not got enough ram for that lol!

watchin the news as I type... How many employees does palm have? Apple hired 900 people from gameloft 2 develop on the ipad & iphone... I'm jus sayin.. It take money 2 make money... Anybody wanna donate their paycheck?

How is there still no Canadian paid app market?!?

What about the Luna crashes? Are they hiding it here?

"This release fixes an intermittent issue so that after the screen more reliably turns on after a single press of the power button."

sorry palm that's it I'm saving for the evo...

why well I'm waiting since septmeber to record voice and on many other things I never got a response from you guys via email...and then there's a phone called evo that is coming out with feat. That webos will never have even though it's linux it's what palm does with it they trying to get control over linux and then the will think of us....my stock market shares on palm lost all the money I invested and then you guys pay some people to design the app catalog to each countrys needs and what are there needs you have no idea and you think there limited to one language sorry dudes but only in the usa you speak only one language other countrys still want there people to have education...im on the third palm pre and this one is effing up too I have much patience but I just lost it...wheres my piggy bank sigh I was so hoping for a real linux phone it could have been a other company it was all about the power of linux palm destroyed the power of linux on there phone so I might as well switch to the dark side where it's more like linux the android planet where I can have basic phone functions and a great phone does it get better sadly no.... Rip palm long live linux

Downloading update in USA -NC.

downloading in South Carolina.

I hope we can now send videos without other phones saying the message is too big!

question... how do u guys take pictures/screenshots of your phones going thru the update and all that stuff?

Mehigh... You can perform a Screen Capture at any time by simultaneously pressing the FUNCTION (Orange on Sprint / White on Verizon) key + "SYM" key + "P" key. --- The capture will show up in your "Photos" under a separate folder/section called "Screen Captures". Have Fun!

Man, US or Europe, they are all shit updates..


Look at the picture: http://yfrog.com/b64u8j

Jesus turned water into wine. WebOs users (and Palm) turned excellent phone into Whine!

downloading in H-town! Next install right after will be some CPU scaling! Wish me luck!

Will this update fix the "phone offline" issue??? I hope so because that was such a pain in the ass.

I dreaded losing the 800 overclock but took it off and updated. The phone is much faster under the update. Not as fast as the overclock but most of the lag is gone. Camera and photos open instantly after the first launch. Same as with overclock. I'm not going to miss the overclock very much.

no apps cat for South Africa !!!!!!!!
Booo Hoooo
Just updated to 1.41.....no apps...we waiting Palm

large pictures in browser still broken...

Anyone happen to notice that new app, Unwired? I am trying to find any info about it, but haven't yet. (still looking). I've also not seen anyone mention this new app after the update

found the company's website, in case you're interest:


I just want to be able to upload pics to Facebook. I have tried everything and it still won't work. I hate I ever updated to 1.3 :(

Preware no longer works!

Just installed new OS with Bell in Toronto, and now Preware gets stuck halfway through load (progress bar stuck halfway)!? Ive restarted my pre multiple times and have waited for up to ten minutes and progress bar still gets stuck halfway. Never had this problem before, albeit there have been long Preware load times before. But not like this, it stops halfway everytime. Must be an issue with new 1.4.1 os.

If anybody can help me out with some tips, it would be much appreciated. Maybe I should re-install preware. Although dont know how to do it.

Damn! I'd choose preware over paid apps in app catalog anyday.

Im having the same problem with sprint,i re-installed preware and still gets stuck on palm catalog.. Help!!!!!!!!!!

My Preware won't load past the loading catalog part ever since I got the 1.4 update!!!..this is the worst!..please help!..on another note for some reason my file coaster that never worked before is now working (whomp)..I'd take preware over file coaster any day!..ugh

Still no flash?!?!?!? The no flash thing is startin to piss me off. I heard they were supposed to have flash in this update...so why can't i play games on addicting games, or watch videos on the browser. I love the web browser. I am using it to right now to write this on my Palm Pre Plus's virtual keyboard. I just wish i could use flash, so i could get the full browser experience on my phone.