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webOS 1.4.5 finally arrives for Sprint users (Update 3: working now, go get it) 142

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 11 Aug 2010 12:46 am EDT


Update 3PreCentral members are starting to report that the download is working now. Unfortunately, we don't have any information on when this update will arrive for Verizon or AT&T customers - Palm tweets that they haven't announced a date for those carriers yet.


Quite a bit later later than what we saw predicted in our forums and much later than most of the rest of the planet received it, the actual release of webOS is finally arriving right now for a bevy of PreCentral users on the Sprint network. Go on and get it, but if you're a patcher be sure to uninstall themes and custom kernels (standard Uberkernal folks should be ok) and check the list of patches that don't play nice with updates. Hit up your update app to get the update, folks.

We're still waiting on an official changelog from Palm, but in the meantime we know that Pixi users should be able to install PDK gaming apps and all users have some changes to PDK that will hopefully mean a big increase in the number of PDK apps from 'indie' developers in the near future - like ExZeus.

Also, if you are experiencing a crashed 3D game or other PDK app, head here for the details on the 1.4.5 PDK bug.

Otherwise, the expected changes are minor bugfixes, as we saw earlier today

  • Web podcasts download correctly
  • Correct entry of text on Web
  • Sprint branded default email signature corrected
  • Power use and battery optimization
  • Send video via multimedia messaging from Video application
  • Video trim feature now works to send in a message
  • SprintTV upgrade to V 3.5.4 and enhanced parental controls

Thanks to everybody who sent this in! Here's the official thread for talking about the 1.4.5 update process, which should be helpful since at the moment it's not quite working.


Update: Palm tweets that "we are aware of the problems downloading 1.4.5 for sprint customers. It's being investigated."


Update 2: While we wait for the update to, erm, work, we'll note that the Pre's update size is 8mb while the Pixi's is 38mb. Makes sense, as the Pixi is getting the PDK support that the Pre already had. Thanks @jpartain89!



Downloading right now, the Douche is very happy exzeus will be played soon!

where is ExZeus is the app catalog? Can't find it!!!!

Got it.

ya downloading now baby

Nope just checked joker stopped boo.

Downloading right now! Patches and kernels still installed! Here's trusting in webOS internals and OTA compatibility.

Please don't break MHS!

Mobile Hot Spot still works on my sprint pre

Will not download for me.

YAY!!!!!!!!! The wait is over!

Neither I, will try it later.

Will not download for me.

download but for got to remove overclock thunderchief

...where did you get the thunderchief kernal?!?


remember to uninstall themes and kernels!

if kernel is from preware you don't have to remove. Why do some people just love giving mis infomation

Thanks for that correction. What if its from the testing feed? specifically uberkernal 1ghz. i should probably post this is the forum, but while we're talking about it....

don't keep it remove it for. just in case. better safe than sorry.

it doesn't say on mine ? Just 1.4.5

Server actually seems overrun? Keeps saying "downloading" but then says "We'll download it over the next couple of days." Hmmm.

Not downloading for me either. Goes back to "checking for updates"... NOT FUN!

Took off UberKernel. Went back to stock kernel. Updating very soon.

hmm everytime I hit download now,it goes back to looking for downloads.

hmm everytime I hit download now,it goes back to looking for downloads.

yaa..wait... nvm nothin too see here ppl update is in a endless loop... move along and keep waiting......

same issue here. I hit download now and it goes back to "Checking for updates." Epic Fail

Now please don't get mad, but do we have to uninstall patches before updating or has this been addressed in Preware?

there are a few patches that need to be removed before updating (i believe they can be reapplied after, though.)

but for the most part, the AUPT will take care of you.

remove themes or non-preware kernels.

I installed the 1.4.5 update and installed it with all my Patches, Themes, and Apps still installed, not knowing that the patches should have been uninstalled. My patches were not (immediately) working (had to be reinstalled). I've reinstalled my CPU Temp (name avoids me at this time) 3 times, and it still isn't working. As well as the "Silent Switch Icon" on the Top Bar, doesn't work either after being reinstalled multiple times. Something is up with the Battery Icon Menu, as well. Tap it once, and it shows up. Tapped it again, it USED TO go away. Not anymore. I have to push the "white button" to get it to go away. Those are my experience with 1.4.5.

I hope your's go better.


It says downloading but then it starts checking for updates agian.

here's hoping it doesn't force download. I want to wait a week before updating.

Plus, I figure i'll just downgrade my F105 to the Uberkernel since I know it works and then i'll let'er rip whe the coast is clear.

I also have it here in cali, I'm going to wait a bit for the servers tocool off a bit.

You DO NOT need to remove patches or Uberkernal from Preware.

c'mon Sprint servers... be the little engine that could!!

ahhh it's 38mbs for my sprint pixi by the way... My update keeps failing though and the update app keeps auto checking for new updates! :(((

epic fail

I also have it here in cali, I'm going to wait a bit for the servers tocool off a bit.

wAT IS WRONG EVERYBODY IS TRYING TO DOwnload and it just keeps on saying checking for updates

please everyone stop trying to download it so i can get it

Dang, no sleep tonight. "Hit download. Hit download again. Hit download. Hit download again."

No sleep?? For something billed on the download screen as, "This update contains a variety of minor software improvements" ???

Palm has starved us if we are really willing to get that excited over something called, 'minor'.

I'm going to sleep.

Sprint is doing evo 4g fix too right now..maybe to much for towers to handle...


HTC EVO 4G Maintenance Release

That's only for the "early adopters" that grabbed Android 2.2 a little too quickly. I doubt that update is having much of an impact.

Why is mine 38MB?

mine also says 38MB... won't download... just keeps searching for updates everytime I tap download

If I'm not mistaken, the larger download is for Pixi users. Do you own a Pixi? ;)

won't down load, keeps searching for update. I've even restarted my Pre. Hope H/Palm or sprint has an answer.

Same here.

I wish Preware would automatically highlight the patches or anything else that needs to be removed prior to an update. I think I removed them all, but I am worried I might have missed something...

i removed all patches and my pre still checking for updates

If you want to play it safe, make sure there's nothing in Patches, nothing installed in kernels, only services related to Preware, and no themes installed. Maybe try emergency file verification to be safe? I know I never have problems rolling like that.

Palm is aware of the download loop issue and is investigating. This comes via the webosdev twitter feed.

wow, i didn't realize all 100 palm users could overload their system.......


11:45 pm EDT, keeps going back to the "checking for updates" screen. Oh well, I'll try again in the morning.

ya, this is the first time I am just gonna download it in the morning... This blows!

Ahh, Sprint. You really need someone to help coordinate your deployments. You'd also think that with an extra month of QA, this stuff would work itself out. I've done some mobile deployments for the big tech players...granted, they were mainly WinMob, and it's been a couple years, but I'd throw my hat in for a job if they paid right and I wasn't currently in the middle of a pretty good contract.

I am sick of it - I a got my Pre on 6/6 and spent $700 on 7 replacement ones and a grip of apps. I am getting the Evo tomorrow. I wanna say thank you to the whole webOS community you guys were great.

Yeah, we welcome you to the Android army.

Palm's website has been updated!


I tried a restart and still no update in my part of NY

I attempted downloading webOS Doctor 1.4.5 for the Sprint Palm Pixi, but that isn't working either... Palm's website has 1.4.5 change log listed now for the Sprint Palm Pixi as of 10:50 Central Time.

Change Management epic fail... Total disaster, Sprint.

it is already 11 August and your update, while shown, is completely unavailable.

first time ever there was an issue with an update. Palm has had several updates since it's inception with nare an issue.

Chill people. Sprint will have it fixed.

mine will not work it starts then just pops to the beginning screen saying it will download over next few days? It's 8 MB give me a break.

Dieter it is 1.4.5 and not Sprint servers are over loaded due to EVO update hitting at the same time. I wonder if sprint pushed the old files 1.4.5 instead of the new ones

yeah first time i ever had an issue with updates for my Palm Pre. This will get fixed soon most likely. Everyone does something wrong once in a while so I can forgive them.

this isn't our first rodeo

really?? haha xD...i guess i forgot then :P...

mine will not work it starts then just pops to the beginning screen saying it will download over next few days? It's 8 MB give me a break.

finally its downloading :D!

working for me now

mine will not work it starts then just pops to the beginning screen saying it will download over next few days? It's 8 MB give me a break.

MY UPDATE IS FINALLY DOWNLOADING! I tapped download and I just kept tapping it and it finally kept going! Thank frackin god!

Sprint Palm Pixi

Location: Iowa

Mine is working on both Pre's. Had to continue to tap download until just now.

Seattle, WA

Just wanted to post that I'm laughing at all of you who kept tapping download. When I tapped it the first time, I came to precentral to see what was up and to stay updated... When update #3 from precentral came up on the front page, I went to the update screen on my pre and the download was halfway done. HAHAHAHA

1/3 down in Reno

Yeah, think it's all good now, got two pre's almost done unpacking.


Mines done and now restarting i wish all of u the best off luck.

I can wait for 1.4.5 a few more days until everything I need is working properly. Thanks to xorg tools for allowing me to block my update :)

I can wait for 1.4.5 a few more days until everything I need is working properly. Thanks to xorg tools for allowing me to block my update :)

I can wait for 1.4.5 a few more days until everything I need is working properly. Thanks to xorg tools for allowing me to block my update :)

What an exciting day for webOS.

IM Running WebOS 1.4.5 Right this minute

all my patches wer deleted

Oh if ur Patches were deleted like me just go to preware and it should need to update them


downloaded, installed and all is well .. so far lol

opened preware and have 20 updates to do .. starting now!

Argh, status bar was finally moving, then went back to "Download Now." Ooh, but it went back to how far it previously showed. *stares*

well I'm all set,after I installed update I went to preware,had 70 updates,including uber kernel. I hit update all and 15 mins later all is back to normal. Aupt kicks a z z z.

well I'm all set,after I installed update I went to preware,had 70 updates,including uber kernel. I hit update all and 15 mins later all is back to normal. Aupt kicks a z z z.

Everything is running good. Updated pathes already. Sprint TV is only at v1.5

OMG!!!! i never seen my google maps so accurate!!!! everything it so smoothy!!!!!! thanks so much to all who working hard on this!!!!! 1.4.5 its a boom!!!!!

WOW you are right! my google maps opened within seconds not minutes!!

omg settle down.. its not much of an update anyways.

so I'm going to keep typing in this text field and see what happens. What's going on? The screen isn't moving....isnt it supposed to move with my curser in 1.4.5? I can't see what I'm typinh... Did palm lie to me? :(

I jus downloaded it and I downloaded piano it mite simple but it jus goes to show that webos apps are on par with apple apps

mmmm... I update my wife phone too at the same time that i did my, but i notice that her patch (flash light one) for the video its not working, I check the phone 3 times already and nothing change... any ideas? I go into Preware and I unistall this patch and instaled againg and nothing, the funny part its that i still could take pic w/ flash but I could see the flash light when I use the video ....... help please!

Everything else works nice with her phone....

Any ideas?

idk, maybe its not compatible with 1.4.5 yet. did u try it on your device? if its not compatible yet, keep it installed, and if the maintainer updates it for 1.4.5, it will show in preware once the update is in the feed. once it gets into the top category, "package updates" you can update it, and perhaps it will work

thanks body! And yes! My phone works amazing, but with her the flash light doesn't work at all, I'll try late on and see if anything change! Thanks one more time! Oh! Ilove my pre! Hahaha! Thanks one more time to you and all ppl to make pre amazing!

Now it keeps timing out on "unpacking"...

wat do I need to remove? Email me at palmprepitstop@ymail.com if you know what I need to remove.

Dude, that has got to be the laziest post I have ever seen on so many levels.

yeah well not all patches work with updates. W

This may be a silly question about AUPT, but do you need to do anything in Preware to set it up or will it automatically save the list of patches for you? Thanks!

Downloaded in the middle of the night. I had removed patches and uberkernel (just in case). Re-loaded everything and downloaded ExZeus and Crusade of Destiny this morning. Game ON!

A great thread to review prior to updating (because some patches DO NOT play nice with AUPT) is


Installed 1.4.5, and the AAC/AAC+ streaming is STILL broken. I am unimpressed.

Update wouldn't install for me it kept trying to install, then I got the error message that I needed to visit the doctor. I didn't have any of the patches installed that need to be removed prior to updating, so I am not sure what happened. Just finished doctoring to and I'm about to run the update now.

Thanks to Palm and webOS internals!! Once the Sprint servers caught up I was able to update both Pre's and the AUPT worked flawlessly. The Pre's seems a little zippier!! I will go without the uberkernel for a while and see how much battery improvement I get.

Don't know about anyone else, but I see a HUGE performance boost on my Pre. Lightning fast load times, even on Jump o' clock. Can't wait to try out some new games.

just keeps saying checking for updates even though I am connected over wifi any advice?

I had the same problem try rebooting your phone, it fixed mine and it is now downloading.

Half way done Finally!!:)

good luck!

downloading in Omaha! Imma go grab some coffee downtown while I wait.
Next update is gonna be wicked, 2.0...pumped. Love my Pre!

Yes downloading as well in Mass. I like that coffee idea I think I'll get some while its downloading too.

Just did the update. Hardly no patches up and running and can't overclock in Govnah right now. Preware wasn't loading feeds right before update. Can't load my theme back on phone. AAAHHH....I hope this is jist me missing something. The stock Speed is soooo slow.

I love my pre! Thanks to all of you to help to make this phone amazing!!!!

my not SprintTV upgrade to V 3.5.4 and enhanced parental controls.

Update: after reading through the forums, for Preware, have to update the feeds. After I did that, I was able to reinstall all my goodies. All patches are running without problems so far.

Removed all patches - updated last night at midnight - everything went well... can't install any preware patches etc. until I'm guessing the version numbers update?

Thanks Preware and Community! Love what you all are doing and contributing to the comments and forums!

I removed my theme and left my 60 other Preware-managed patches intact; ran the update; installed all saved packages and all was back to normal. Great process!
I'm back to my 500/800 screenstate profile in Govnah and the interface seems to be moving faster at the expense of smooth transitions, which are now a little jerky. It almost seems like it wants to go faster but something is anchoring progress. Google Maps, as well as other laps, anecdotaly load in half the time it did before the update (it took way too long before). However, when you load a destination for directions in Google Maps, the response is so fast it's hard to believe it ran an algorithm - it's faster than my desktop.
The phone seems to get hot faster but I'm in a hot place so it may be in my head. So far I'm very pleased. Kudos to the Preware guys for AUPT!

mmm I love Massachusetts coffee. Ever been to Gloucester?
And, 1.4.5 on my Pre is pretty good right now!
As a side note, the Pre's multitasking kicks iOS4s butt

loaded most of patches back ..bout to load F105 and maybe check for another theme

updated with no problems last night. Thanks to the webosinternals devs that made patching so much easier!

I installed the update last night. I have Thunderchief and did not uninstall it and had no problems.

"Correct entry of text on Web." this working for anyone? Anywhere? It's not on the full site of precentral. It was going to be the most obvious upgrade...

none of my patches will reinstall!!! Lame I knew I shoulda waited to update. Oh well. The homebrew community has made the pre a 1000 better than a stock pre.

man, i just don't know if this is enuff to make me patient for the next piece of hardware...

may give it a few days till preware updates. not a big rush. nothing in the update really caught my eye so i can be patient just in case there are kinks with the patches.

double post

I can't remove a theme on my phone in WOS Quick Install. I used WOS QI to install it but it is not allowing me to "revert to default." I need this thing off before installing the update, any help given will be much appreciated.

After updating from to 1.4.5 my contacts now display funny. When opening a CONTACT and looking at any NOTES for the contact, the notes display as continous text without any line breaks, but instead list the HTML coding for the line break as text. Here is an example:

NOTES: Hours they are open are 0900-1730{br /}Use main phone number and ask receptionist to transfer you to manager{br /}{br /}Manager's name is John Doe{br /}

except replace the { with

This update officially SUCKS! I was updgraded by Sprint to a Pre as my Pixi experiences got worse. On the second day of having the Pre, I installed a kernel and some patches and was thinking I could hang with Palm indefinitely. Then a "minor update" comes out and my growing contentment turns sour.

It took forever to find a fix for the theme problem, then the update kept aborting itself, and then when I finally got it installed and go to reinstall preware, govnah, and the kernel, the kernel won't install. So I select the recovery kernel (1.4.5 9) and it appears to work, but after Luna restart the kernel is still not present. Anyone want to help, contact me at tvanderson112@gmail. My phone is whack...

Damn, I love webos, but idk the issues are driving me freakin nuts!!!

Big yawn...

I have about 60 patches and a theme or 2 and did not need to uninstall anything before my update last night. Phone is noticeably faster and working smooth as silk. Patches make my panties wet...love my pre!!

For the past few months my Pre has been so slow I've had to fight the urge to smash it thousands of times, but now, finally, they sped it up! It works so much better now! Maybe HP fired the devs that were apparently procrastinating a significant speed update, haha!

It's best to connect to a WIFI before you download and install. It will speeds things up a bit

I thought this update was suppost to fix problems with the browser..so far it has created problems with my browser..some websites aren't loading at all or they only load half the page..is there anyone else having these problems?

Can't search in Youtube app after webOS 1.4.5 update, very annoying , reboot doesn't fix it : o (