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webOS 1.4 Arrives for Telcel Mexico 23

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 05 Mar 2010 4:14 pm EST

@palm and PreCentral reader dantex both let us know that Palm webOS devices on Telcel's network in Mexico can now get webOS 1.4.  In just under a week Palm has managed to release webOS 1.4 for all devices on all networks - a significant feat given all the complications of carrier testing and given that there are technically five different webOS hardware types out there (CDMA Pre, CDMA Pre Plus, CDMA Pixi, CDMA Pixi Plus, GSM Pre). Palm has also released the webOS 1.4 SDK and the webOS doctor for 1.4 in the same span.

The wait is now on for the next revision of webOS - many are hoping for a small 'point' upgrade to fix some bugs that appear to have cropped up in 1.4 - including phone freezes, bluetooth compatibility (especially with cars), email bugs (setup screen popping up), Luna crashes, mysterious battery drain, volume pop-ups, and more. Yeah, that's a long list of bugs and it's tough to say which are universal and which are per-user flukes - but our official webOS 1.4 issues thread is up to 83 pages and we've gotten emails aplenty on the above, so we're sure some of them are real.

So kudos to Palm for getting 1.4 through all the carriers, now let's kill some bugs.



Spread it around. Now waiting on Adobe for Flash.

That is an incredible feat when you put it in those term. Just look at the different versions of Android that is enough to make your head spin.

Horale Palm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, shouldn't the update be in spanish?

That is a universal pic that has been used for all the update posts

I know, I was just funnin'

Well boy howdy! Good for you guys on Telcel! Enjoy 1.4!

Forget the bugs.
What about the "Too Many Cards" MONSTER??

Muchas Gracias!

I have been with sprint for 5 years and my insurance has always been $5. I got my Pre 1 month ago and the insurance stayed at $5. Is it the same? Am I missing somthing?

You don't need insurance though unless its stolen or actually broken broken. I had a few palm phones so far that i messed up with patches or overclocking. they just smile and give me a new one.

Yes!!! at last :D

Por cierto cuantos de que usen telcel?

MYSTERIOUS BATTERY DRAIN... That's happening to me :(

Check your apps that enable GPS. Some apps use the GPS when not even open in Card View.

which apps that you know of that drain?

nice... downloading now. i hope this update fix the problem with the bad quality of mms pictures.

now you guys shouldn't have to try n hop the border into our country! Thank god, puttin a real drain on our economy! You got ur update now stay in ur own dam country! Thanx

btw, the pic for this post shouldve been a pre with a sombrero LOL

did you really have to go there? Why did you come and even read this story if you had nothing to share but your self-reflected ignorance?
your comment about the sombrero is the equivalent of saying the american pre should be depicted wit a mullet and a confederate flag bandana across it's forehead.

The fact that Telcel can have (and afford) the same technology as Sprint & Verizon should tell you something.

@ jimbohsp;????????? nitwit!

Awesome, in fact is the pre in mexico a gsm phone?

hahaha yess!! Mullet and an american flag bandana would be greatt! I is just yolkin guyzz I was just sharing the irony that is the equivilance of some american pig headedness. Mexico is a great country :D

I already downloaded 1.4 but now I can't download any app, it says that I have to delete some files or apps. I have 5.7 Gigas free memory. Wath can I do?

i already downloaded 1.4 and i lost my preware and i cant install it again, what can i do?
i wanna have the music (remix) app again !i miss it!