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webOS 1.4 Changelog! 284

by Derek Kessler Thu, 25 Feb 2010 10:42 am EST

We still can't say for certain that webOS 1.4 will land today (but that is the rumor). What we can say for certain is that an anonymous source has sent us what looks like the changelog for webOS 1.4!

Read on for the details on video recording, fixed bugs, alert lights, improved universal search, and more! Which is your favorite?


  • Time Zone bug Fix

  • Network time sync bug fix to reflect accuratenetwork time

  • BT car-kit transition to device corrected

  • No EV-Icon bug fixed (random)

  • Random browser formatting bug fixed

  • Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming


  • Phonebook Transfer

  • Supports Video Capture Capability

  • Performance enhancement within phone and calendar



  • Dial phone # from within a meeting event

  • Allow custom Alerts sounds for Calendar event and reminders

  • Added AM – PM detail within Calendar events


  • Embedded phone $ or email address (embedded inemail) can be easily added to Contacts app

  • New email sort options  (date, Sender, Subject)

  • Return to inbox view after send – email


  • Ability to forward SMS to email

  • Ability to dial phone # from SMS chat session (No need to open contact any longer

  • Press and hold on a phone # to get more options( Call, SMS)

Universal Search now includes EAS (outlook Exchange) GAL corporate address look up.

Application Launcher – Easier user interface providing usermore feedback during an application launch

Pre Button in gesture area blinks when notification pending

Added Adobe Flash 10 Beta – Palm Pre only

Supports Flash 10 Beta – download available in Palm AppCatalog

Thanks anonymous!



Nice find if real!!


My phone just flashed Updating PRL across the screen and I have NEVER seen that before... maybe something coming down the pipe??

I got that message yesterday. False Alarm! Not sure what caused it though.

Same thing here... Are you in the southeast?

In Ohio

That means Prefered Roaming List.

ya you can update this manually in the phone prefs. It might be set to go off when it needs too. Although I have not seen it yet.

This happened to me today too.



Odd to see a typo in what should be a cut/paste:

"phone $"


I thought the exact same thing!

I'm not normally a nay-sayer (like a lot of these wet-sponge, parade-raining, bubble-bursters in the forums here), but the typo alone made me think,


Actually, full of typos. I have already found no less than 6 mistakes. I hope it was a re-type, rather than paste.

Actually, if a programmer wrote this for other programmers, it would make sense. I read "phone $" as "phone string" and that would be correct.

Man, this site has been a huge tease to me. Always something new that has to do with the same thing. Reminds me of boxing forums when a fights coming up, someone will make a story saying the fighter said he's going to win or that he's looking good in training.Haha. Good stuff, though. Love that they keep us on our toes.

i can not wait for the update, hate the terrible wait... but we all have to look calm before the storm.


Downloading now Canton,MI. What did you guys uninstall to have a safe download

I want it

do want

looks great!

Can't wait to test all this out when 1.4 hits!

Sadly, not enough. Where is the OBEX object push for bluetooth? the virtual keyboard? the possibility of seeking a phone number within the phone application without the physical keyboard? etc?

Where's that collection of stuff Plam Never suggested was coming!

Where's the troll?

seriously... relax and take it one step at a time


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No need to get personal. There are MANY features found on the Treo that are not found on the webOS devices. I do not think it is unfair to expect AT LEAST the same features on a new device manufactured by the SAME COMPANY.

you've always been able to scroll through your contacts without opening the keyboard with the phone app.....

Yes, you can, but they should copy the interface from "Music(Remix)" that has a "&-Z" scroll bar on the right.

It's funny; I've often wondered why that code hasn't been used more often.

That's one feature (ok, i'm gonna say it) I love about the iPhone.

Let's hope it comes out today! Verizon is hozing Sprint up!!!!!!!

Maybe Sprint is going the hozing. Or worse yet Palm;).

Now am I the only person who is sitting in high school right now clicking on the update app a million times waiting for it to say something other then phone up to date. I can't wait for them to release this so I can make it through the rest of the week someone tell me they're releasing it today and if they don't I think it's that verizon is holding it back because they haven't fully adapted their network for webOS and it's holding us sprint users back

lol I'm also in highschool waiting for the update

Exactley. I am telling ya'll. VERIZON is hozing this update.... TRUST ME.

Sadly, yes. I too cannot seem to get through the day without hitting the update app every five minutes. Dam I love technology

I am (or should be) in school and constantly checking xD can't wait! And yes, it is most definitely Verizons fault

I have noticed that often since the last update that when I look for new updates it will tell me updates available in the app catalog, but when I go look there is none. Once in awhile it will say I am up to date like it should, but randomly messes up. Anyone else with this issue?

yea same here it says the same thing

me three!


I hadn't thought of that. This IS the first webOS release since the release of the Pre Plus, isn't it??

(Sorry guys. I just found the "strong" html forum tag. No worries: I'll get over it and move on soon, I promise!!) LOL

if true has a little more then I was expecting so it would be great!

2for1 KY Jelly, Hellz yeah!!(adam sandler)

I so want Palm to just blow this market wide open...
stock at 6 bucks...
little back-up from just about anybody...
1.4 will it be enough to get the party going? Will anybody show up?
I so hope so...

I don't get the last two ... added the beta of Flash 10, but Flash 10 beta is available in the app catalog.

Seems a little fishy....but would love it to be true!

yes,I agree.Sounds like palm pre gets flash embedded with update.

This update gives the Pre the ABILITY to SUPPORT Flash. You still have to elect for the beta on your device. Perhaps when it is fully baked we will see it rolled out to everybody.

Flash should remain separate from webOS. Let the user decide if they want it or not. Given Adobes security problem of late I sure want the option to add and remove Flash. Looking forward to having Flash support.



Bring it on already. i might dump my pre if the email does not become more robust. I need filters like crazy!

Set up the filters on your server... Gmail? Hotmail? EAS? They all have server-side filtering that prevents stuff from ever actually getting to you.

Exactly, in this day and age who would prefer a client side filter to a server side filter. I'd hate to have to setup the filters in outlook on my phone and then have them not work when I have to access my email from a web browser.

I'd like client-side filtering, for one. There are some e-mails that I get in my mailbox that I don't want to deal with on my phone, but may still want to see from my PC. Client-side filtering takes care of that - most server-side solutions don't.

Concur. But the palm mail app *REALLY* needs to start checking and alerting on all favorite folders, and not just inbox, for server side filtering to be effective.

Pretty cool. Hope it's released today.

I so want Palm to just blow this market wide open...
stock at 6 bucks...
little back-up from just about anybody...
1.4 will it be enough to get the party going? Will anybody show up?
I so hope so...

What in the hell does this even mean? It has to be some pretty deep stuff seeing as you took the time to post the exact same thing twice.

looks good but with the time it is taking to release I was hoping for a big surprise but it does not look like it.

I'm not excited. Still so much more needed.

Really? We should be glad we even get updates as often as we do. My co-workers and a couple friends of mine are still waiting for Milestone and Eris updates for their Droids. We've gotten an update since the Droids were released, and are about to get another. They've got none.

Palm is doing a great job, but you have to understand that they are the underdogs. If they try to roll too much into an update, the risk of borking something gets too likely and THEN is when they'll lose customers.

You don't need an update when you are on top of the game. Palm is behind, that is the only reason they are doing updates so often. Don't think that if they were in the same place as iPhone or Android that they would be putting out this many updates this often. Just my opinion.

Palm is behind in the game, that's a fact. That being so, would you rather they did or did not push out frequent updates in an effort to catch up?

I definitely get where you are coming from, and that is one way to look at it. I tend to view things from the stand point of Palm is going to accomplish with the 1.4 update (and 8 months) what took Apple and the iphone 3 years and a 3.0 update to accomplish. Kind of the same thing with Android. That OS has been around for a couple of years now and depending on the device still only at 1.5, and with all kinds of market separation between the different versions. If you compare the platforms based on progression from original launch, Palm is actually leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. Lets just hope they keep moving at this pace once they're "caught up"! If so we might actually end up with a platform that actually doesit all!

that is something to think about.

you're right about that. what about a virtual keyboard. what since does it make to have a keyboard that you can't use in landscape mode. come on palm. what about a nice visual voicemail?

if palm can release a statement at 6am in the morning regarding financial stuff why the fuck can't they just release webos at the same time???

you do realize the people working on palm's financials aren't the same people developing these updates? just relax. it will be here soon enough.

Hahaha - we'd all be hosed if Palm let some guy from Accounting deploy the updates to our devices...

What about that time that Palm let their best engineer come up with the marketing plan???

That was a hosier right there.

Now now.... Where IS my tranquilizer gun, anyway?? It must be around here somewhere. :)

lmao. you are so right.

Not bad, not bad.
But i still can't believe there's no official OSK yet for landscape at least.

Bring it to the table today everywhere :-)

omg palm stock is really going down the toilet, down 10% yesterday, down 20% today.. wtf is going on

Palm stock was at $1.43 in December of 2008 and came back. Don't count them dead just yet.

**runs off to buy some.

I doubt it is happening today. If it was seeded for dist. today someone would have at least 'd (screenshot) a "OS 1.4 is available for download". No one has posted one yet. Until you see precentral with a screen cap of the announcement screen...STAY CALM.

Read the article! It says that the list came from a tipster, not a screenshot or the Palm site.

can we get a fix for the conference calling. i like to make a 3-way call maybe hang up one line than make another call. i still can't understand why the older palm phones could do it but the pre/pixi can't.

older palm phones on what network?

Treos and Centros made this simple, on all networks.

Wrong. The same issue exists for all phones on CDMA networks. CDMA networks don't handle conference calls as well as GSM networks and therefore any cell phone on a CDMA network will exhibit this limitation.

You are stupid and should slap yourself. Google CDMA Vs. GSM...

This actually bugged me just the other day... If I'm on a call and answer another, I can't actually hang up on the first...

This is actually a more common problem than I initially thought it would be - for example, if I call my friend and he's too slow to get to the phone, I get his voicemail. Then, while I'm leaving a VM, he gets to his phone and sees the "Missed Call" and calls me back. If I answer this call, I can't hang up on his voicemail - so it just keeps recording...

lol. Yup! I started a thread about this a couple of days ago.

On an unrelated note, the other day I was on a phone call and google maps continued to work. I thought we couldn't do data + voice at the same time on CDMA? Is it different if we are on Sprint's EVDO?

You were probably still on WiFi. CDMA users can both talk and send/receive data if the data is being piped through WiFi. When 4G releases (and Palm has a 4G device) you'll be able to do it regardless!

I uninstalled all patches but my LED notifications continue to work. Might this cause problems if 1.4 enables the LED????

You need to re-install the LED patch, turn them off, then uninstall the patch. The patch simply makes the option visible.

Thanks, will do. Might as well be safe.

WHY ARE THEY TORTURING US?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHY????????

I can't say 1.4 is very impressive after reading the list.

Especially considering the delay.

Delayed? Are you kidding me? It's not delayed. It's still February isn't it?


You sound level-headed. You sure you belong here???

no mention of calllog enhancments!!!

why aren't there any changes being made to battery life improvements

Yeah... that's an interesting question... Did they say that we would be getting better performance AND battery or just performance?

...And I'm starting to think that the new way of loading cards is their placebo effect for "more performance"...

no mention of calllog enhancments!!!


OMG i just started squealing like a little schoolgirl!

Is it just me or does it say Flash 10 beta.

where do you see that at? why when i try to open the app catalog it says " the action could not be completed?

Those are nice but their slipping in the market. We need new features not JUST fixes to the old ones. I know fixes must come first but I really don't want Palm to fail. They just need to get on par with Android and Iphone in terms of features...visual voicemail, voice command, 3d maps etc. If they can't do it and do it soon, they shouldve stayed out the market. Strictly business. Btw, I hope they're working on a Webos tablet! Maybe if we start a rumor, it will become fact.

Visual Voicemail is being blocked by Sprint, not Palm. Check out the YouMail app if you want a good alternative. 3D Maps hasn't been pushed out by Google, that's out of Palm's control as well. No alternative that I know of... :-(

Doesn't sound official imo.

is not coming today i bet you it will be here maybe in the begining of march yeap...

I'm fine with that as long as they actually add some good features.

Bring it on Palm!

no fixes around push email? email hasnt been pushed from my gmail accounts since the 1.3.5 update. i really hope this corrects the issue anyway, even if they havent formally documented it.

I have multiple gmail accounts pushing to my phone with no problem. This is probably a problem with your phone or settings as opposed to something endemic to WebOS

i don't have a problem with that either. its your phone.

lame updates... :(

Ummm Supports Video Capture Capability?

Isn't that supposed to say "ADDED: Video App"?
So now we have to wait around even longer until an app for it is made?
This must be why they're taking so long...they lied.

You're making the assumption that this changelog is official.

Did u see the video??

Have you even seen the videos previewing 1.4? Video capture comes from within the existing camera app.

if palm can release a statement at 6am in the morning regarding financial stuff why the fuck can't they just release webos at the same time???

That's a completely different department?

Flash? Really? I don't think so.

I want the fucki*g update now !!!

i'm with you whoever you are.

it is amazing that palm has the best operating sys & can't capitalize on it you don't see any games advertised on pre ads

I love palm and i honestly love my palm pre. I'll wait until 1.4 arrives...

Battery life improvements?

Looks fake

Minor tweaks to the calendar = disappointing

minor tweaks across the board = disappointing.

They need to add the ability to schedule a meeting from Calendar.

it is amazing that palm has the best operating sys & can't capitalize on it you don't see any games advertised on pre ads

even tho this month is the shortest it feels like december when u cant wait for christmas day....only thing thiss suuuuckkkssss i need my camera i dont care about anything elsee..

Have I missed the Flash Beta app in the app catalog? Someone mentioned it above... What the deuce?

Much like 3D games only showing up when you have a WebOS version that supports it, you won't see Adobe Flash in the app catalog until you upgrade to 1.4.

Notification LED! Flash Support! GAL searches from Universal Search! I'm in heaven.

A friend told me that there is already some additional enhancements slotted for 1.5:

Cures Cancer
Eliminates Debt
Establishes World Peace

Can't Wait!!

And I hear 1.6 will support Duke Nukem Forever.

I've been waitin for that game forever lol

Actually that got pushed back to 1.7 now.

Wait, isn't 1.7 was the one that officially made you immortal? Oh well.

As much as I'd hoped this would be true, I'd also hope that if this really WERE from Palm, that they'd be more careful with their typos. ;)

C'mon, Palm. We're all pullin' for ya.

Guarded optimism here. Can't believe stocks are down so much for Palm. They'll probably continue to go down until the update comes...we'll see!

This looks and sounds fake to me. The wording used makes it look like someone made this up.

Have I missed the Flash Beta app in the app catalog? Someone mentioned it above... What the deuce?

I hope that we can turn off the global email search, I don't need to be searching the entire army global when looking up someone that is in my address book.

Nothing new here. Could be made up.

Guarded optimism here. Can't believe stocks are down so much for Palm. They'll probably continue to go down until the update comes...we'll see!

Guarded optimism here. Can't believe stocks are down so much for Palm. They'll probably continue to go down until the update comes...we'll see!

I'd rather them get the update right with no bugs, then have it sooner.


Stop complaining and let them release it when it's ready and no sooner. Jeez.

*why can't we be friends...why can't we be friends* everyone sing along!