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webOS 1.4 Hits Bell Canada 42

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 04 Mar 2010 2:24 pm EST


Several Canadian readers have let us know that Canadians are finally able to download and install webOS 1.4 on the Bell network. Y'all may have had to wait to record video for a few days longer, but you did beat us at hockey, so we guess we'll call it even?

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!



That game was a fluke.

Now how insulting is that comment to the Olympic hockey players who sweat blood for the last few weeks (or years) for the chance to get gold. Nice.

@Vij To answer your question, it isn't insulting at all. I merely meant that I would've liked the U.S.A. to have won that game, especially due to their killer effort and that goal scored just before the end of the third period to tie it. Obviously team Canada outplayed U.S.A. that game, and they won, and that's great. It just would've been greater in my opinion to see the U.S.A. take home gold because they haven't done so since the 80's.

No worries. I didn't get that from your one-liner :-)
Team USA had an awesome series indeed. I was a mess in the 3rd period and that last minute goal aged every single Canadian out there!

Woot! Woot! Good on ya! Please download responsibly, take two aspirin, and call us in the morning!

Well you are a Superpower at everything else, we have hockey & beer.

and 14 gold medals

after it says "unpacking" i got this
"unable to connect"


@PreLover29. Word. Watch some hockey, drink some Molson. Maybe some Labatt blue.

James Ready 5.5 for those of us in Ontario.. give it a shot

yah!! i was about to pm dieter...but not now. bell, bell, bell...

Yay for the Canadians who have been up in arms being the last to receive this amazing update lol. If it were us (Americans) that were the last to see this update...any day after february 28th...we'd put Palm out of business!

...but I love Palm for attending to our needs as THEIR consumer. Yes some of us had to wait longer than others...but we all got it. Yes some of us have devices w/ twice the memory and storage...but hey we all have the same killer devices in essence. Yes some still lack the App Catelog in full form...but they too will have their gift from Palm this month.

How often do we hear about significant updates to OS of Android, RIM, iPhone, WinMo, or Symbian? Ha...rarely. A bunch of us complain and such, but we are the luckiest in the smartphone arena...and if we stick behind Palm and promote webOS to friends and family - we'll see our beloved Palm climb up to the top until it's staring Apple right in the face >=]

PS: iPhone & Android are extremely overated. WM7S is nearly nine months away...but I don't think it will change their outlook in the mobile world. It may catch steam, but all of it will be over exaggeration of what is truly there: the same crappy OS with a few tweaks - oh and linkage with xbox live, etc.


I just hope that when flash does come to the App Catalog that it does come to canada since we still only have to beta version

Edmonton, Alberta here. Downloading 1.4 now. WHOOO HOOOO!. So we have 'support' for flash now. How long until we actually get it from Adobe?

Downloading in Banff. Might not ski this afternoon just to get this all done. Still concerned about iPhone spoof patch. Think I'll hold off on that until more info comes out.

and what about telcel? we are waiting Palm..

As it has been said 500 times before, your CARRIER is responsible for the delay, not Palm. If you are concerned about the delayed roll-out of 1.4 on Telcel, take it up with Telcel.

I concur...take it up with your phone carrier, Telcel. By the way...which country does that carrier even distribute?

I am very impressed by palms(& carriers?) ability to get webos updates to all carriers within a week of eachother

I am very impressed by palms(& carriers?) ability to get webos updates to all carriers within a week of eachother

*edit* I mean majority of carriers :)

I think the hold up was Bell on this update....from what I heard.

jstutz - Hit the hills and record some vids in the pow!

Congrats Canucks!

I'm happy it finally hit us too, I almost wonder though if Palm should have an off-line updater app or something too. Kind of like apple's firmware update. For those of us that are impatient and to relieve the stress and delays on each carrier.

It is called the WebOS Doctor. Available for the platforms and carriers typically a day or two after OTA release.

Welcome to the land of 1.4!!

Enjoy the Ooey Gooey chewy goodness that is video recording (among other cool things)!!

Finally. Who knows, maybe next month we'll get a real app store!

Wouldn't that be something!?!?


Canadian launch-partner fail. Bring me an HSPA Pre Plus and all will be forgiven, Bell. Until then you're on notice.

I was willing to overlook your little affair with the iPhone, but this lack of commitment lately has really hurt my feelings. I'm beginning to think you don't deserve my unlimited data plan. Maybe we should just go back to being 500MB friends for a while. I'm usually near a wi-fi hotspot anyway.

I really *want* to love you, Bell; but sometimes you make it difficult. We can make this work, can't we?

That was such a GOOD GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!! hey?

I will be at the pens game saturday watching your pride and joy sidney score.. hopefully ill get video of it.


Here is black doctor. lol. sorry had to make a funny

No deal Bohn!
We agreed to no such trade off.
We like our hockey teams winning and our Pre's updated in due time.

The reason why we got the update so late is because, us Canadians are to nice. I believe not a lot of people are complaining, the more people complain the more Bell is forced to bring sh*t out on time! So start calling, emailing, whatever go in person to Bell stores and COMPLAIN. That

Canadians have always been very nice to me. But please don't give up being nice...but if you have to raise your voice a little to have Bell hear you, please feel free!

Now who do we bitch at for paid apps?

At Bell.

Downloading it right now (Montr

Those poor Canucks! Last but not least!! They probably get Monday Night Football on Thursdays!!


NO we dont get monday nite football on thursdays, its friday damn it lol. that aside, i am very impressed with 1.4, i personally have little use for the video, but what the hey,,, i may find a use for it. the rest though is excellent, my calender loads faster, scrolls and slides faster, my email is faster, hell everything is faster. a few more tweaks to this web os and it will be everything that they promised. i now laugh at my friends with their iphones an BBs.. im also laughing at bell, unlimited data, weeeeeeeeee. the package i got has no limits what so ever. my coworkers with their 500 meg limits with rogers, regularly run over and pay huge. sooooo between a damn good phone, an excellent plan, thhhpppttt iphone and bb.


Happy to FINALLY have 1.4, but I was really hoping this one would finally take the app catalog out of beta and give us paid apps... :(