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webOS 1.4 to Land Feb 15th? 153

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 09 Feb 2010 4:13 pm EST


Well well, what do we have here? Benjio in our forums has posted up an email detailing future OS upgrades. We're all expecting webOS 1.4 to land in February and the document doesn't disappoint: it lists February 15th as the release date. Of course, that date could move depending on carrier (i.e. if you're not with Sprint and Verizon holds things up) or delays, but at least it's something more definite to pine for than the end of the month.

The enhancements listed fall in line with what we knew before: video capture, assorted calendar and messaging enhancements, and apparently improved phonebook transfers.

So the day after you're meant to show your love to your significant other, we're hoping Palm will show some love to us. 



I hope that this also marks the price drop of the sprint pre and pixi


One thing people are possibly leaving out is that this date could be the day Palm actually releases the update to carriers, not the day that customers get the update. Carriers must approve it first.

We'll see. Seems a bit odd to release 1.4 on a national holiday when support will be light at the carrriers in case it doesn't implement smoothly. I think it will be soon, but Monday doesn't seem like a logical fit.

how can any of you get webos = 1.4?
all version is doing is catching up sprint pre's to verizon pre's. I have had this version of webos on my verizon pre plus since I got the phone in Jan, 2010. Yes the rumors have it that webos 1.4 is due out in Feb., but this little screenshot is not your proof.

It's saying 1.4 is the update to - the next one. Obviously you don't have video editing on your phone.

Which national holiday is on the 15th? Maybe they want to have the release coincide with the big MS Windows 7 phone news supposedly coming from MWC. Maybe steal a little thunder, if you want to call it that.

umm... president's day?

So glad to see "Calendar enhancements" listed as part of 1.4. This is a serious shortcoming for WebOS compared to PalmOS. I hope the gap narrows.

No mention of flash :(

Flash was never supposed to be in the update, nor was it ever said it was. In fact in has nothing to do with Palm dev. it's all Adobe. I don't know why people keep bringing the two up together.

Right. They said that Flash would be a download from the App Catalog.

I, too, don't really understand why people keep thinking otherwise when Palm's been pretty consistent/clear about it.

Exactly, I think it's because both were talked about at CES, but like you said, they've been very clear that the two are seperate entities.

People hear what they want to hear :/

From what I understood Flash would require features of WebOS 1.4. So I think that requirement made people think they were coming together. It was made fairly clear on some blogs that Flash would be a seperate download. Flash 10.1 beta is already out for windows PC's, but not as a simple installer. Flash 10.1 is the first flash that uses the GPU, hence why it's the first full version of flash to go on mobile devices.

I wish we knew when flash was coming, almost seems like not till the Pre 2.

No.... Flash (at least in Beta form, if not release) will be sooner than that. Most likely this month. The underpinnings in webOS are already in place. Just waiting on Adobe, from what I understand.

Did anyone else notice what starts on Feb 15th? Mobile World Congress...Yup, they are gonna release it to steal the HyPe for Windows Mobile 7.

Good thinking. Though it may not steal from WM7, if they release Flash at the same time, it could take some of its thunder...

I agree with swieder's post above. Good on ya' Palm for much needed calendar enhancements.

But what about Flash? No mention of it. I thought 1.4 was needed for Flash.

My Birthday is the 16th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! Thanks Palm. Better than Cake & Ice Cream.

My birthday is the 15th! If this is true, thanks Palm for the gift!

Mine too. Not expecting much from the wife but here's one gift I know I'd use and love

lol... wow, that wife comment was cold.. lol...

Mine's the 18th, and that may be when Flash is released. See, birthday wishes can come true! :) {Jonathan}

I dunno man.. Cake and Ice Cream are pretty hard to beat.. :p

The cake is a lie.

mine is the 16th too. shwing

Wishful thinking TwistedMinds87. I doubt that a routine WebOS update will upstage WM7.

Especially one adding a capability that was commonplace more than 3yrs ago.

"Today Palm is proud to reintroduce video recording and announce our inadequate calendar and battery suck slightly less!"

wow, but you can go get a Nexus one they have all that and more. We certainly see that by their sales (80k).


I actually can't wait! Hopefully some speed improvements as well

and a little battery improvement as well, would be a wonderful addition.

This is what most of us were wanting to see and hear =) Even if this is not the actual release date for the update, at least it gives us something to go on rather than of being left in the dark hitting the UPDATE icon 123456789 times for the past 9 days lol.

In response to the no mentioning of Flash 10.1: webOS 1.4 will support the coveted software that most of us are looking forward to. The actual Flash Plug-In will be available in Beta form free of charge inside the App Catelog...most likely on the same day webOS 1.4 is outted =)

I don't know why but for some reason I felt that Palm was going to give us the update as a Valentine's present. I am dying for it and for the PDK to be release, I am really confident that we will start to see a bunch of good things coming to WebOs once it is released. Why? because must of the current hot apps are built in C/C++ in the case of the iphone is in objective C, porting this apps to WebOs will be easier for developers and less time consuming (cheaper for them).

I, too, was thinking of valentines day. But it is doubtful a major update would release on a sunday. They want to do that on a day there is plenty of staff in the office in case something goes wrong.

gosh! I hope this fix the too many cards crap! I have 1 app open and it won't even let me open a new one!

it should, but in the meantime remember your phone is like a mini computer so try deleting your cache, history, and cookies now and then. Also resetting the device, or just restarting lunar thats all it would take.

now i have two things to look forward to, sex and 1.4x. I love u Palm!

If you only get sex on Valentine's Day, the 1.4 update and it's release date is the least of your problems, kid.

I think both of you may be a bit PREmature.

Holy cow, did I just make a triple entendre? :-)

Thanks, Dr. Phil.

You're welcome, Dr. Hoax.

Yes, don't forget to wipe.

@PreDogs -- LOL!

Did you mean don't forget to Swipe?

I'm glad Adobe Flash will be an optional download. I sure as heck don't want the web browser to be even slower!

have you seen any of the flash videos...you douple tap on a flash "box" and then it activates

Still hoping us non-US pre owners can have access to paid apps. I doubt it but one must maintain a certain level of hope that one of the biggest features of the phone will be available to us... someday.

i believe Palm said March for non-US paid apps. But I will hope right along for you.

yes yes! Paid apps PLEASE! But isnt the word that paid apps are coming in march?


huh? that's BS

Yes sure :( I just checked keep waiting for it!!!

Are you on mushrooms or something?

How many people wanna beat the crap out of HondaCop now?

Recall that Honda!!

If Flash was officially released on the App Catalog, I'm sure we'll see an official blog posting here on Precentral within minutes. This guy's just blowing hot steam...


That was unnecessary :-(
You sir are a Suckopotamus.

i hope it resolves my gmail push with wifi on issues :) but i know it probably won't!


Now, I got a real good reason for not buying anything for Valentine's Day: I need to save my cash for apps that I can buy now that they work in 1.4! What's that you say, they could already work? Yeah, but does my wife know that?

Awesome, my belated Valentine's gift!

+! for calendar enhancements! Anyone have ideas about what kinds of enhancements we are likely to see? Quicker rendering? New features? Old features (from Palm OS Calendar)?

I am hoping to see noticeable speed enhancements. I love webOS,but it is so freaking slow.

Heh. Release on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.

all I hope is the dam phone stops randomly shuttin down, gets annoying also it's bout time we get video recording, I mean think bout it we should of had it when the pre released back in june 09, my old piece samsung instinct had video recording, and plus my reg full site bofa won't load correctly when my instinct worked fine. I'm tired off the whack apps, this update better wire 1000 bucks to my bofa account then I'll b excited, but flash does sound tight lol

Longest. Sentence. Ever.

Nobody likes the grammar police

If Palm really loved me, he would release it on the 14th. :)

I love you. (hope im talkin 2 a lady)

One doesn't have to be a woman to be a true Lady....



Video recording is what I've been waiting for for months. It's the only thing keeping the Pre from surpassing the iphone. The Flash, if it comes out on the 18th, will be the icing on the cake.

Is Verizon waiting until this update to start their advertising? All they're doing is advertising to old women. I think this phone is for guys just as much as any Android device.

I love when you guys make cooments like this! If you're using the phone and you're a guy, then it's for a guy! Now if all the Pre's came in a pink color,then I'd be like now that's a girl phone....

Oh no no no, don't say that... not in pink!!!

All I know is that it's about time we got video recording. A friend of a friend was undecided between the Hero and the Pre, but finally went and got a Hero - the tipping point specifically being that it records video. I told him the Pre will in a couple of weeks, but it was too late.

To bad for him. I went the opposite direction, because it looks like the Pre actually gets updated once in a while. My Pre will be on its 2nd update in the same time that the Hero has seen nothing.

My Pre will be on it's 10th update since June 2009 - eight short months; awesome! WebOS 1.3.5 was pretty big - enabling OpenGL 3D hardware support for 3D gaming. And now webOS 1.4 with Flash 10.1 (providing GPU hardware support) and video recording.


Remember that this is not official... just reminding everyone.

I hope this is true and that it delivers everything they said it would (including better battery life).

Cool. Nice love from Palm since my ohsolovely girlfriend dumped me for some other guy. Yipee.

lol yeah... same here :/

Misplaced "Yipee." Unless you hated her to begin with.

I sure hope the "Messaging Enhancements" include predictive text. The cheap, free phones even have this. I'm beyond happy to FINALLY get video...just seems that both of these features would be considered "meat and potatoes" these days. Especially for such groovy phones like the Pre!

I sure hope the "Messaging Enhancements" include predictive text. The cheap, free phones even have this. I'm beyond happy to FINALLY get video...just seems that both of these features would be considered "meat and potatoes" these days. Especially for such groovy phones like the Pre!

looking forward to video,,this is a nice birthday present

Anyone see that Palm 2G update app?
It has to be true 1.4 on the 15th!!

Very interesting. It's like they're psyching us up for this update.

I am so lost and new to this Pre! But thanks to a frind I found this site... And I to would have stayed away from the Pre if I had kown it didnt do video!!

So, am I correct in thinking that the pre will now have video editing, but still no image rotation editing???

let me guess Bell will release their update sometime in August.....

damn Canadian carrier eh!

good i cant wait...will this change the EV icon to 3G on my pre plus?

I'd rather have an OS that comes out early and updates every month than one that comes out with "everything" and never updates. Remember Apple with their cut-and-paste and video recording on the iphone. Those poor chaps had to wait how long for an update?

I hope the "Calendar Updates" adds an option in Tasks to choose the Due Date from a Calendar and not just manual input... I doubt it, but I hope for it.

Would the webos 1.4 will be compatible with my tether? I'm using 1.1.0 .and my tether (wifi) works fine! .that's why I haven't upgrade to , cause i'll be kissing mytether good bye.

I am really looking forward to this update. My Pre won't let me play any 3D games unless I restart it. Am I the only one with this problem?

I think that's the norm for Pre owners. Pre Plus owners have enough memory to prevent this.

Still, be happy. Pixi owner's don't have it at all and many of our brothers and sisters in other countries can't even see paid apps.

I have a message on my update page that states "HELP WILL BE AVAILABLE AT LAUNCH". This has been happening for about 2 weeks when I search for updates. Has this happened with anyone else? The Sprint Advance Tech Support said that this phone might have selected with another batches of phones to receive the new 1.4.1 first? Please Advise............

It's the 15th, anyone got the 1.4 update? I'm still waiting :/

me to still waiting

Been checking all night and still nothing this morning:(

ditto... c'mon release it already!!!

it's 3:18 still nothing

yea, if you recall from the last updates, theyve usually dropped after 5PM....

Im guessing it'll be no different this time around...just a guess. Patience is a virtue....(Dont get me wrong, I check updates every half hour)


You know, Ive had my Pre since last July, and I like it.......BUT........the lack of video recording capabilities AND inability to watch videos (no flash) is really a LAME thing ! All the other cell phones do it....Palm is dragging their asses when it comes to getting up to speed. Its the only 2 real missing functions to a pretty hip and innovative phone ! I dont understand why Palm is so g** Damn SLOW at getting it RIGHT ! They cant compete with other OS's out there the way they are going at a snails pace here. I am about ready to get rid of the Palm, and give something a try !
If this OS 1.4 upgrade does not fix these 2 missing functions,and SOONER than End of Feb.... then Palm is a Looser !!

iPhones do not have Flash capabilities.


don't worry thay will

don't worry thay will

it's 4:40 still nothing



will we need to undo patches when the update hits... i rmember reading something about the update to preware that allows updates without removing patches... did i remember that correctly

so you need to re move all patches before update it's 5:14 stil no upadate

4:53pm CEN.

it's 6:02 still nothing


Cursing and screaming will certainly make them release it right now!

it's not coming today! They said febuary so you still have 13 days.....


cach some zzz

6:35 still no update

I had a dream last night about the update. It was marvelous...then I awoke to the nightmare of checking for the update every 5 minutes of the day.

it's prolly not comin for a week sprint and verizon have to release it to the phones

And we all know what kind of jerk off session that will be...

...not an enjoyable one.

6:35 still no update

6:55 still nothing

seems like it's been released cheack you phones

it was released where r u located

6:55 still nothing

seems like it's been released cheack you phones


19:17 EST, Sprint. No update

726pm est and no update

I didnt get until after 8pm so i still have little faith

How does it seem like it's been released. Man this would be hot if this comes out tonight.

its 8:05 here in the southern us and theres no update

I give up :(

im close to giving up 942 pm est and no results

10:02 still no update


ok, so lets stop posting on how the update is NOT here and just post if it IS here....

it's a waste of space otherwise.

you are completely right. But i cant stop checking... 10:14 no fly zone roger dogder

well it's good and sad to know that "EVERYONE" (from "the profesional" when gary old man says get everyone, and the cop says who? and he screams "EVERYONE!!!!!!!")
is also waiting for the update. I bet it will be the 16th. Right after midnight.

it's my update and I need it Now.

This is sad to know that many Palm Pre users are eagerly anticipating the release of the 1.4 update and we have to continue to wait.....not good!!!

People seriously palm or sprint never said Feb 15 sum doosh did. For all we know that could be a fake picture. Enough of the bitching and whining. Now palm did say February and there's two weeks left so start the bitching march first.

i like you, your smart