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webOS 1.4 web browser jumps to a 92/100 Acid3 score 103

by Derek Kessler Sun, 28 Feb 2010 4:43 pm EST

Acid3 score: 92/100 There is this test call the Acid3 Test, and it is designed to test a web browser’s compliance with web standards, with an emphasis placed on Document Object Model and JavaScript. For an operating system based on web standards, you might think that webOS would have been scoring fairly highly with the test from day one. Not so, it would seem. In the early days of webOS, the browser scored a pitiful 1/100. With the update to webOS 1.3.1, the browser scored a 73/100 - better, but still not great.

Now, with webOS 1.4 out and about, the browser’s standards compliance has taken another step forward, scoring a 92/100. Obviously, that’s a great step forward as far as the browser is concerned, and we have been receiving reports of better performance and rendering on all manner of sites as a result. The score also vaults the webOS browser (seriously, it needs a name) to the upper tier of mobile browser compliance, topped only by Mobile Safari (100/100), Opera Mini (98/100), Firefox on Maemo (94/100), and Android’s browser (93/100). Of note, Safari and Android are both powered by the same WebKit core that hums underneath the webOS browser (and webOS as an OS), so full standards compliance is a possibility. At the very least, the score is worlds better than before and far ahead of Internet Explorer (Mobile: 5/100, Desktop: 32/100). For 99.999999% of users a score of 92/100 is going to be more than good enough for their browsing experience.

jack87 in our forums also notes that several sites (like costco.com) that previously failed out on webOS are now working. How about you, seeing better rendering now that you're all 1.4'd up?

EDIT: Anchors (links that lead to a specific point on a page, e.g. comments) work now too! This blogger = happy camper.


Remember how Facebook's constant tweaking broke browsing for us on the full site?

Yeah, it pretty much all works again now.

LoL! You beat me to it! I was gonna say the exact same thing. I like using the real site over the mobile site for almost everything.

Indeed. Glad Derek pointed this out to folks. Noticing at a few "complex" websites where stuff is working well now, but for sure full-FB more than any other. And here I thought the Acid3 wasn't actually a great marker for rendering.

I'm SOOO happy the full Facebook site is working again!

The original name for the browser on old Palm devices was Blazer. If you search for that in Universal Search, then the web browser appears. If you are looking for a nickname for the WebOS browser, then call it that. :)

I like that a lot. I wish Palm would call it that instead of web browser. Giving it a real name makes it sound more official and more serious. Same with their music player (though maybe it should stay unnamed since it sucks.)

Blazer was a pretty poor browser on PalmOS, so calling it that is actually kind of insulting.

How about "Phoenix"? (Rising from the ashes of Palm's old browser and blazing through web pages.)

Firefox used to be called Phoenix in the early days (as a redesign of the earlier Mozilla browser), but they ran into trademark issues.

when are we getting flash 10

ya i get a 69/100 on a 1.4 newly doctored sprint pre.

Wait longer. It pauses for a few seconds at one point. This happened for people on who didn't get the 73/100 too.

Mine appeared to get stuck on 69/100 but then jumped to 92/100 a few seconds after.

How can I test my Pre browser? I never done it before!

IRC Client Mibbit.com now works in the browser. The client isn't pretty but it's an alternative for those who don't want to Homebrew.

(Yes, I realize most IRC users have already installed homebrew stuff, but this was one of the things missing before...)

some good acid man.....

I've tried getting into a company intranet site since the onset of the Pre. I can get into and navigate most links on the intranet, but there is one (perhaps the most important link) that I can get into the link but it doesn't render the page completely, not allowing me to do anything on it. For those who use Cliqbook, some parts of that don't render completely either, cutting certain parts of the page where for instance the word NEXT would need to be clicked.

I've got a similar complaint but it's not on an intranet. Whenever I look at a detailed job description on Monster.com, I only get to view a portion of the full description (down to a purple bar where the APPLY button appears). I'm not sure if this is the fault of my WebOS browser or Monster's web page. On Window's Explorer, I can scroll past the purple bar to view the entire job description, just not on my Pre!

Has anyone else experienced this on Monster? Any solutions?

redbox.com now appears to be fully funtional as well

Almost there!

Or perhaps you clicked on the reference page.


Are you on acid?

I for one lost the ability to view some crucial websites, like hotschedules.com for my work, and chase mobile. Hotschedules loads fine but once I enter in user name and password, it doesn't render, while chase doesn't even render the main page. Anyone here able to use either of the two websites I'm not able to access?

Haven't tried Chase, but hotschedules doesn't work and I'm pissed.

i updated the 1.4 this morning... and now I just tried to use the browser, and it doesnt work?????? is anybody else having the issue? what can i do? i have dont hard resets, battery pull, etc.... and nothing... it come up, and i type in a site, and it goes to a blank page? i have been trying this for 2 hours... everything else works, pandora, email, etc??? HELP anyone?

This problem is all over the forums. You have to uninstall the multi-mod patch.

is that in preware? in the patches?

you were 100% right.... thank you for the fast response... great people here at PRECENTRAL....

I see the multi-mod/browser malfunction issue everywhere, but haven't found anyway to uninstall it. The removal script fails in both Preware and QuickInstall, and so does the 1.4 update script. nothing seems to affect this thing. Is there some way to get rid of it manually?

Browser is working amazingly!

Facebook works great and so do a bunch of websites that previously crashed.

One thing that got worse: m.nytimes.com

Can't scroll on that webpage anymore

I know. It was the first page in my bookmarks. Really frustrating update.

browser is pretty stable,never had it crash or freeze the phone up..only downfall is no flash but since that is coming soon(yea right) no other complaints

if you really wanted to use a browser,you'd use a laptop/desktop..right?

anchors now work...now, when I click on comments, it takes you to the comment, not the beginning!

I heard mentioned somewhere before that Facebook chat didn't work before, and now it does. That's pretty sweet.

Glad it works on Costco.com,now I wont need to run to a kiosk to help a member.

having issues with kindgirls.com since the update =/

Hey don't link to porn pages here...

I have noticed that it loads faster & more content such as gamebattles.com, but I am still ready for flash release anyone know when it's expected?

So when do we get flash now that the browser is rocking along?

Why dont you ask this in an Adobe forum?

I thought I was going crazy,,i have been posting all morning how full fb works great now. This confirms for me that it is not just in my head,,,so awsome.

does anyone get a brief full page checkerboard effect when going back a page? The browser seems both nicer and more temperamental when loading pages. Lots of flickering.

Just for fun I went to miniclip.com on my Pre, and it takes you to a page that they have already formatted perfectly for the Pre (page title is even "Miniclip.com for Palm Pre)! Can't wait to get flash and hit that up.

+1 on m.nytimes.com....doesn't scroll or load properly

chase.mobi just brings up a blank page for me and many others.

this one works like a champ!

we shouldn't misleading people in thinking that higher acid3 score means better browsing experiences.

On the contrary, this 1.4 update introduced many bugs in browsers, including many image loading problems, and loss of swipe forward functions.

acid3 != better rendering of most website right now. Lets put things in prospective.

Just noticed something. After update 1.4, was downloaded, I did a quick reset.After a quick reset, I updated my Network Settings & Update my PRL. Now,it's 1.5secs to load up any stocked apps, or 3rd party apps. Before it used to take 4secs to load an app.That's a big different in 1.4,it's fast. Also,another tip. To better your video Recording quality, just clean the lens of ur phone. Trust me,i did,&the quality is a lot sharper now.

I get 69/100 without any patches.

nevermind. You have to wait about 6-7 seconds after it hangs on 69.

Great, but still can't handle html anchors properly... :-p

[edit: dupe]

[edit: dupe] [note: commenting from the 1.4.0 browser...]

ING Direct's mobile site works much better now. Before it was always too wide so everything was too small to see. Now it's the right width. Still wish ING Direct would give me the iPhone version of the site, but this is better than what it used to be.

Screenshot from http://twitpic.com/znl6d
Screenshot from 1.4.0 http://twitpic.com/15wsur

I NEED help! I'm having problem trying to upload my videos to youtube.I followed all the description, but my videos can't upload(pending),any help?

I NEED help! I'm having problem trying to upload my videos to youtube.I followed all the description, but my videos can't upload(pending),any help?

Someone in the forums mentioned that there is a bug -- workaround is to leave the description blank in order for it to upload correctly.

I'm glad Palm is putting forth focus on improving everything with webOS. If they keep this aggressive development going, in time I see them gaining traction in the mobile markets.

Browser testing is great.

I NEED help! I'm having problem trying to upload my videos to youtube.I followed all the description, but my videos can't upload(pending),any help?

I'm having the same problems with that too, and also uploading of pictures to Facebook or Photobucket! Seems 1.4 updated borked these upload features!

Tried this with a german gsm pre working 100% as it should.

I NEED help! I'm having problem trying to upload my videos to youtube.I followed all the description, but my videos can't upload(pending),any help?

Seriously, once is enough.

Seems like apps for Precentral and Engadget are built with the browser largely driving their functions.

The Engadget app's Next button on the Comment page has never worked for me. I couldn't get to page 2.

Post 1.4, comments do not load at all.

I was waiting to find the key improvement of 1.4, and for me this is it. A while back I created a page using modernizr (http://modernizr.com) to test which advanced HTML5 features various browsers support:


If you run the test you'll see "Blazer" now supports all features minus geolocation, webworkers, application cache, and fontface. For comparison mobile safari supports all but fontface and the Nexus One supports every single feature.

In the real (virtual) world this means that sites (e.g. http://vodkainfusions.briznad.com) utilizing rgba opacity for borders now render properly and webkit animations function in more scenarios. I need to find more sites to test these advanced capabilities.

The lack of appcache/cache manifest support is the biggest thing that now keeps the Pre from running real HTML5 apps (offline), although continued lack of geolocation and web workers are also quite disappointing (for what I'm working on).

Also, while I haven't done as much testing with 1.4 yet, it looks like webOS's propensity to "blank out" or flush cache when low on memory is still a problem...

Not a real world site (http://html5gallery.com/ might help there), but http://html5demos.com/ has been my goto site for feature testing.

My movie diary/blog, DirkFlix, which is a Blogger blog, but I used a modified WordPress theme as a template used to render improperly with lines of text piling up; now it looks fine. Nice.

The Wells Fargo mobile site (www.wf.com) now works!!!!

ya, this was huge for me, though it seems that wells fargo also created a custom site just for webos. Any other device shows a different layout for wf.com

With the newest update, the drop-down menus on the Next Bus application of Wmata.com nop longer work (http://www.wmata.com/rider_tools/nextbus/arrivals.cfm). I'm also having alot of trouble getting Yammer.com to load.

NextBus for SFMuni works just fine for me-- just tested out a bunch of routes and it all worked. Good luck.

Anyone know what is required from our browser to increase the score to 100? If based of the same kits as others, what prevents ours from scoring the same as theirs.

Well all thats good but my browser doesnt work,I cant go to any webpages at all.When I try to go toa webpage it does nothing and when I try to load the precentral app it goes to a blank white page without any refreash button.Can anyone help??

Whoa, seriously, the webOS browser didn't recognize anchors? That's not even a modern JavaScript thing, that's like 1996 Internet. Really? Anyway, I'm enjoying the new slickness of my 1.4 Pixi, and assuming it can render HTML 3.2. Also crying on the inside over lack of games and Flash. CRYING DEEPLY.

What did you expect by buying the CHEAPER PHONE? Seriously-- it was only a $50 difference. Why are people whining about this?

it's not just about price, some people prefer the Pixi form factor or its more solid build quality. Its a horrible idea on Palm's end to make the Pixi so weak that they fragment their userbase, from hurting sales to limiting what one phone can do over the other.

This isn't helping webOS in the market. Buy one phone with bad build quality and slider, or buy a phone you may prefer with tons of missing features.

It's things like this which describe why Palm is sinking, fast.

I'm not too sure how this acid test calculates it's scores...but I wanna know how can the Safari Browser score 100/100 without flash support? When some websites specifally require flash to render anything besides the "hey go get flash support" message.

flash is not a w3c validated code

Because Flash is not a web standard

Charterone Bank website now works you can now log in into your account! Before I was geting the browser is not compadible.

92/100 exactly right now. Thanks Palm

How did WebOS originally score a 1 of 100? Certainly, its better than the old Treo Blazer would be, even by 1 point or 2.

Because it had a problem with step two. Originally, the browser might have been able to successfully get through 50 of the tests. However, Acid is done in order. Just like 1.4 may have a problem with 2 of the last 8 tests, but still only gets 92, because that is where it stops.

Well, that is ridiculuos! Glad I never had any teachers who graded like that.

In certain subjects, I've had college Profs who graded like that. Essentially what a multi part problem is. Each part depends on the previous.

I bought my Pre when it first came out and quickly found precentral after that and have been a big fan of both ever since. I started a blog and have a twitter account (PreNooz) that I post bits of info including those from precentral and retweets from precentral and any other source.

I am sure that with everyone on twitter reporting on the Acid3 test results today no one could trace it back to where it originated from. I believe it's from my post on my blog and twitter, yesterday, before midnight.

I might be wrong and if I am, please let me know (my world is so small, LOL.)


A Big Fan of precentral: the pre: and webOS 1.4.

I have a page for my own purposes that I use to make entries to a mysql db with php. I use innerHTML to draw out more form fields based on an entry in another field.
Didn't work in but works now in 1.4

+1 on the broken mobile site for the New York Times. I suppose it's really a "-", nothing "+" about this bug. Big bummer - hope it can/will get fixed soon. The workaround of using their reader app is mediocre at best...

just wondering why when i go to www.nasa.gov it wont load page says browser needs to be updated. My brother has a droid and page loads fine?

any one having problems with moble quicken site?

I think it broke something. My site studiobejamin.com background image on the welcome doesn't load now and it also doesn't load on any of my pop ups. This use to work just find. not good.

did you guys re apply the iphone spoof patch? Maybe that could possibly be the problem..just wonderin

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Not sure if this applies to all NFL team websites, but Bengals.com use to crash not only the browser, but the whole phone, and forced a automatic reboot. Now it loads as fast as any graphics heavy page (which isn't bad at all; about 20 - 30 seconds)with no issues. Huge improvement of course.

lots of sites tell me they are for iPhone only, and shuttle me over to the full version, even though the iPhone version would work fine.

FEATURE REQUEST (any WebOS patch programmers listening?) How about a menu item to let you easily spoof that the Pre is an iPhone?

My favorite irony with the Pre browser is that the links on developer.palm.com don't show up...

Actually, I think I have the opposite problem (and there is a spoof that will let websites think you are an iphone).

Since the upgrade, m.npr.org no longer scrolls.

Their regular site (npr.org) works beautifully. m.google.com works beautifully. But some mobile sites think I'm an ipod and won't.

I am guessing it's the ads up top, but I could be wrong.

ORB!!! don't know if this has been mentioned yet but the orb site now works pretty well with the new update. before it was super laggy and the streams didn't work half the time but now everything is smooth. fantastic!

I don't know if anyone uses Wellsfargo.com for banking? Well I do and I could not use their mobile banking site "WF.COM" but with 1.4 it runs like a beast!!! Really loving my pre!

Google Reader has a new, annoying behavior for me: If I scroll to the bottom of a feed and click "Load 15 more" (or whatever it says), I get returned to the top of the page and have to scroll down through the first 15 entries to get to the new 15. Annoying.

Anyone else seeing this?

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