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webOS 2.0.1 hits unlocked devices, shows how fast things happen without the carriers (Update) 26

by Derek Kessler Fri, 19 Nov 2010 1:30 pm EST

webOS 2.0.1 update Those of us that don’t have unlocked Palm Pre 2 phones are still wondering when in “the coming months” we’ll be getting webOS 2.0. Actually, as of this morning, we can revise that to webOS 2.0.1. If you happen to own an unlocked Pre 2, you’ll actually be able to get the latest and greatest from Palm right now. We don’t know what exactly is in webOS 2.0.1, as Palm has yet to post a changelog, but judging by the fact that it’s a rather incremental update, we’d say its probably just to iron out some bugs that made it through the initial 2.0 release.

What this does demonstrate with startling clarity is how fast Palm really can iterate updates. Since the unlocked devices were not purchased from any carrier (direct from HP, as it were), owners of such phones need not wait on carrier approval for their updates to come - it’s just Palm. That’s a two-sided coin, of course. You get the updates faster, but without the thorough testing that carriers tend to require before releasing an update on their contracted masses.

Update: Just got the word from Palm: bugfixes, as you would expect with a .01 update. 

Source: webOSroundup; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


I'm actually sort of nervous that WebOS 2.0 (if we ever get it) will break my overclocking or homebrew. I can't go back to stock, I just can't. Do I need to be worried about this?

I'm waiting awhile after it's available to see all the glitches with patches/overclocking.

@Ashi sent a tip in a comment on another article. Follow this link to donate to webOS Internals & you can help everyone get overclocking when you get 2.0. I donated for the first time and it is the best money I ever spent on tech. I should have done it sooner since they made my phone so much more usable over the last 6 months!




fack :'(

There is no two-sided coin. The carriers only want to see if it doesn't actually fix GPS or allow mobile hotspot. You can't even explain Telcel with that two-sided coin excuse.

If the new pre has a 1ghz stock processor then why be worried about current overclock kernals?I am concerned about patch compatability, although the internalz guys haven't let us down yet.

I'm not worried about the new pre, I'm worried about my sprint pre minus.

I am also concerned about PATCH COMPATABILITY! I couldn't handle JUST a STOCK PRE!!!

when I went to the Palm website yesterday- it showed the Pre2 WITHOUT any mobile hotspot at all !! can anyone confirm or deny this ?

I can confirm sadly there is no mobile hotspot on the UK palm pre 2 and I can't download and install it. I reported this as a fault to palm support!


See that Update icon in the notification area? Does this mean with webOS 2.0 we'll get notified whenever updates are available, without having to go look for them?

That would be awesome!

when there is an update on my Sprint Pre- I get that little icon. when I'm not franticly trying to get the next update or I have gotten busy in life and didn't check pre central to see a new update has been released I get this icon... Then I franticly get rid of all patches, themes, overclock kernals pronto. Download new update turn around and reload everything. Lol

This is the one time I wish Palm was like Apple. I wish Palm was the one pushing the updates to the devices instead of the carriers. We need PAAAAAAALLLLMMMM guy to make a video demanding that the carriers release webOS 2.0, LOL.

Knock Knock Hp palm whoever most users are still on 1.4.5 ...

I have a Pre 2 since Tuesday, (In the UK) and you can install a few apps with Preware, but there are currently no patches or tweaks compatible. It will be a while until everything gets updated I think. I like the speed, but miss a lot of the functionality. Also pissed off that they didn't try to improve the keyboard, I actually think it's worse than the Pre Plus.

But Palm hasn't even released 2.0 to the carriers yet have they? So can you really blame the carriers at this point?

they probally did release WebOS 2.0 to the carriers for their carrier review process and HP learning from dealing with these carriers knows someone (eh em Verizon) likes to take their sweet time reviewing it.. More then likely making sure the new update doesn't open up options that Verizon normally makes you pay extra for... Like GPS..

hence why Palm/HP say in coming months dealing with WebOS 2.0

ya and it sucks thay android gets an update evry week! >:-(

Of course there are many benefits with unlocked devices - hence my request to Palm almost a year ago:


Fortunately it seems as if HP has the vision (=common [business] sense) that Palm was lacking.

And as a result, I now have a Pre 2.

I haven't got the update on my Palm Pre 2 and I have to say the syncing with google calendar is none existent thank god I still have my nexus one to fall back on. Hopefully these teething problems will be fixed.

Best perk of having unbranded device, always first to get the updates but very quick the manufacturer uses you to be the timmy.

oh so it's you sprint that won't let me update my webOS huh? Well then expect 11 years of a loyal customer to go to waste if I don't get the update before 2011.

I've heard this complaint before. What doesn't doesn't do that it is supposed to? I use the viewer routinely. Maybe I'm just not using all the functionality that it should have?