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webOS 2.0 now backs up Linked Contacts 23

by Adam Marks Mon, 15 Nov 2010 6:09 pm EST

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Among the many revolutionary features in webOS 1.0 was Palm Synergy, the ability to pull in contact lists and address books from multiple sources (e.g. Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, AOL, etc), merge similar records together for the same person, and then display them in a single cleaned-up list on your phone. While there is fairly complex methodology behind the scenes on how these linkages are done, it doesn't always work the way you would like it to. The good news was that Palm allowed for a way to manual link records together. The bad news was that those linkages were not saved to your Palm Profile, meaning that any manual links did not survive a device swap or a webOS Doctor and you were forced to first try and remember what manual links you made, and then you needed to perform those linkages all over again.

Fast forward to Synergy in webOS 2.0: Palm Synergy is now called HP Synergy. Additional APIs will be available for third-party developers to offer more sync sources to contacts, messaging, and calendar. And according to a recently updated Palm Support page titled "Using Backup", a new section for webOS 2.0 now states that "Linking relationships between contacts" will now be backed up!

Reviewing the rest of the updates did not reveal any other major changes to how the Palm Backup will work in webOS 2.0, and sadly it still clearly states that "There is no online data source or other location from which to view the Palm profile contacts, calendar, tasks, memos, or other items that are backed up to the Palm server". However, here's hoping that there are more enhancements hidden inside webOS 2.0 for us to find.

Source: Palm Support


lets hope this update comes to us all,pre 2 and original pres alike.

This is great. I hate fixing all my links on friends with the same names after wiping.

We need more webos 2.0 articles!

And we need webOS 2.0 for this right, won't do it for 1.4.5?

Glad to hear they are applying fixes that should have came with Webos 1.0

I just had to do this after Pre#2's screen died and Sprint gave me a brand new Pre.

It is a pain to have to scroll through every single contact (I have over 1000) and see where I need to relink profiles, or decouple, as is the case with my Dad who has the same name as me.

So when we get the WebOS 2.0 OTA update on present day Pres and click 'backup', this will save the linkages?

"a new section for webOS 2.0 now states that "Linking relationships between contacts" will now be backed up!"

I would believe a Yes to your question is accurate based on the quote above.

This is a VERY welcome addition....after a few new pre's, I just stopped linking my contacts because I knew I'd just have to do it again! I am indeed looking forward to being able to view my backed up data online, hopefully that won't be too far off, but I won't hold my breath.

i keep finding unlinked contacts to this day from my last pre swap... it was like 4 or 5 months ago i did that.


does android have synergy in the meantime?




let's see what Madame Primrose sees...continued support for an already revolutionary model that keeps building upon itself like any good platform should.

Very welcome in deed! Does anyone else get annoyed that the facebook chat spoof chat patch creates a separate contact and doesn't automatically link the ones for people who put a middle name on the facebook account?

Hot damn!

Funny this news would leak today.I just finished, minutes ago, relinking contacts that were lost when I had my Pre- replaced a couple days ago.


now if we could just get access to the contacts in our profile... There would be two good things about the profile.

yay! I wanted this.

very cool! now what would also be helpful would be a "suggested" matches option/search - like if the only difference between contacts is a middle name (I often see this when people add their middle or maiden names on Facebook)

I don't mean to be a downer Debby, but this change should have come months ago. Why Palm is waiting so long to make changes like this (including calendar & email fixes/additions) is beyond me. All I know is that when HP releases their new hardware (hopefully in January), I expect a whole slew of OS fixes like these to come along with them. With HP's money, there's no excuse for lapses like these anymore after all this time...

THANK YOU... that was te most annoying thing about swapping out my phone. i didnt care that the phone kept having problems and that i had to get a new one a few times cuz then i would get a phone with a scratchless screen. however, i HATED having to relink allll my contacts. this should have been taken care of awhile ago... webos should do what android does and make an exact "image" of your phone on a server. you are getting there palm, slowly, but surely