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webOS 2.0 poses for video on Pre Plus 74

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 08 Jan 2011 2:57 pm EST

A YouTube video just came over the transom and squinting through the blurriness, we can tell it's definitely a Pre Plus running webOS 2.0. We're not seeing much that we haven't seen before, although it does look like if you tap on Just Type now you get a list of recent searches. It's good to see that Flash is here and sort of working, but we are not embedding the video here because said Flash demo towards the end of the video looks to be of the pornographic variety. So yeah, the source link is not safe for work past the 2 minute mark.

We also are seeing the Virtual Keyboard here brought up with the half-swipe-up gesture previously reserved for the Quick wave launch bar - but since Preware is installed we can't say for sure that users can expect this when webOS 2.0 finally starts landing on devices not called "Pre 2."

....when will that be? We're still in "coming months" territory, but presumably we can expect HP and Palm to shed some light on that on February 9th. Another anonymous tipster said Verizon was looking at a 4-6 week timeline for both webOS 2.0 upgrades and the Pre 2 launch - but we've learned to hedge our bets on any sentence involving the words 'Palm' and 'Verizon,' so we suggest you do the same.

Update: A new, work-safe version has been uploaded and is after the break.

Source: YouTube (NSFW); Thanks Anonymous - but next time keep it clean, hey?



deleted :(

what the heck is NSFW about that video???

Rats! its gone anyone save it?

Great. The best news for Verizon Pre users in months and it just haaaaaaaaaaaad to involve porn. Oh well, I am really pining for some stacking action on my Pre (not that kind).


I was un-aware you speak for administration of this blog. But this is my last post then Goodbye to assholes like YOU...


That was one angry monkey.

When are we going to get webOS 2.0 on our Sprint Pres? They owe us at least this for not abandoning them. It's getting harder and harder to resist Sprint's Android phones.

I'll let them know how much they owe you.

how can you go through life thinking others owe you? nobody owes anything to you, not hp, not palm not sprint, none of them owe anything to anyone. it's the grace of their own free will that's bringing you webos 2.0, be thankful

Thankful for what? They haven't done crap for me lately.

Actually, OTAs are one of the key promises and selling points that Palm propagated when they launched the Pre. Much like Apple did with the iphone,the knowledge that your 'product' will evolve was, I imagine, one of the reasons many people signed up to palm in the first place. In effect, OTAs were a core feature of the 'product package' your bought when you signed your contract.

Probably better to check out your facts before getting all pious!

I can understand your logic if there was any kind of a schedule or frequency of updates promised. Palm HAS delivered many OTA updates and therefore has fulfilled what you seem to believe they owe you. If you've been wronged by palm, by all means take it to the BBB and file a claim. See how far that gets you.

I guess that is partly my point: Palm DID say that webos 2.0 would be available by the end of 2010. But i agree with you, there have been many OTAs but when i was responding to fxspec06, I was making a specific point to his/hers assertions.

But moving on, when you buy products from a company you form a 'relationship' with them (of sorts) which is built on trust. Because Palm have been extremely poor at communicating with their customers throughout the last 12 months with regards updates and development (delaying flash 10.1 and webos 2.0 for example), people have become frustrated. Its like being stuck on a train and continually being told you'll be moving in 5 minutes, only to stay stuck. A far better strategy (if your time lines are not certain), is to say 'look you will receive updates, but we don't know when'. People can tolerate uncertainty when they are certain of that uncertainty! As for me,I do want to see webos 2.0 but I certainly won't be taking to the BBB. What I am talking about is an implicit contract of trust, not a legal one.

I just wish people would use these blogs a little more intelligently.

well technically, webOS 2.0 was available by the end of 2010..the Pre 2 and I believe the unlocked Pre's from HP also received the updates as well...just not everyone has it thats all

Of course you will. patience.

New video sent to the administrator.
Wait for it will soon be published.

Whoa-ho, someone was a little too happy to have Flash. WebOS 2.0 wasn't the only thing posing for video on that phone!

somehow the first thing my eye went to was "We're still in "coming months" territory" so i totally didn't read if from the beginning.

The Palm Pre PLUS WebOS 2.0 is my ... I am the author of the video.
WebOS 2.0 works very well on PLUS ... do not even need to overclock it is very fluid and fast.

if that's true, then care to make a non-pornographic one so others can see it?

if you've time, please could you do a longer video just showing app speed etc.

many thanks

I installed it (I guess you used the guide from PoderPDA) on my Pre- and works perfect. One bug I have is that when I send a SMS the system freezes for a couple of seconds. Does this appen also to you?

Here is the url...


Looks very smooth, wonder how it will work on a Pre-.

Looking forward to the next update. Feb 9th cannot come soon enough.

Why can I not rate comments like others can - no option from me other than reply? Sad Saturday.

Tomorrow will post the guide on how to install the WebOS 2.0 Pre and Pre PLUS.
Stai Tuned

This looks pretty authentic..someone has modified the doctor to load WebOS2 on the Pre-.. anyone brave enough to try it out? looks like you loose your Palm profile

I'm actually trying to meta-doctor this to my Bell Pre as we speak... running into Desktop Driver check errors.

... and success. Turns out I needed to read instructions more carefully.

One thing though, because mine's a Meta-Doctor of a modified doctor, it is somewhat unstable and highly not recommended for daily use.

is it possible to downgrade back to 1.4.5 after?

Just redoctor using the 1.4.5 Doctor I guess

Is the app catalog and preware working? and I guess you had to used a new profile?

Cell network doesn't work at all, probably because the build I got was GSM.

As I mentioned, I highly recommend against the use on your daily phone. I installed it on my old Pre.

Can you connect to Wifi and create a profile without cell being activated?

Wi-Fi works, but I'm not going to attempt to create a profile. I don't want Palm after me. :p

Yes you have to use a new profile, and yes, the app catalog and preware work perfectly.

Remember you're running pirated (as in, the person is redistributing software they have no right to redistribute) software and that the risk for malware could be high.

Also remember that you're violating copyright laws, and Palm (well, HP) can go after you for it.

I'm not telling you not to do it, not chastising you for it, merely saying "don't forget this is highly illegal"

Oh of course, I'm not the one distributing it or encouraging anybody to do so (in fact in my other reply I was discouraging it). Usually the laws say distribution and use for business profit is illegal, but for personal enjoyment of getting something supposedly not working, working.

And don't worry, I didn't caught any malware. It decompiled fine using Meta-Doctor and nothing funny was in it.

is there a guide for CDMA pre plus phones?

well looks like the question no one wanted to ask has finally been answered lol

wtf i wanted to see that video with the porno on it. sounds hot!!!

Awesome vid...a little disturbing is the May 28th release date.

I can wait for the new hardware . . . if HPs reading --- hurry though!

OH Boy! Lets look at a video of something not available! Or imaginary! Oh Boy!
LETS TRY ON REPORTING about relavent things. Like maybe carrier releasing updates or something worth a darn?

my Spanish is a little flaky. Does that website say that once you install 2.0 you lose all palm profile functionality? Or can you just not create a new one? And what does it say about the App Catalog?

is working also in the pre- with some problem but is working....

Nice video. That explains the "coming months" mantra of HP.

Actually the "coming months" mantra is courtesy of PreCentral.

Actually, no, coming months is the line of Palm. Goes all the way back to March. http://www.precentral.net/pre-plus-and-pixi-plus-hit-ATT-coming-months

Honestly, I hope Palm see's these leaks developing and decides to get this thing out sooner rather than later. What is the point of making us wait until the new devices in order to run webOS 2.0 on the old devices? It should be about holding us over on the old devices to survive the wait for the new ones. They say Coming months in October, we're in January and its rumored for a March release on Sprint to old devices. 5 1/2 months, "coming months" caliber? No! I hope they never use that term again, its the type of thing SNL will make mockery skits over!

Not worth the risk. Like playing with dynamite. I can wait a little while longer, but I *am* tired of waiting for updates for this phone...

i took the risk on my att palm pre plus. all i can say is that for me, its definitely not worth the hype or wait.

it is a nice change tho. seems to run just the same speed wise compared to 1.45 with no overclock. went to the app cat, didnt buy anything but it looks as tho it may work.

if you got a gsm phone, i recomend trying it out. installation was easy and it seems pretty stable. try it now thaat way at least you know what to expect when it officially comes out.

The downgrade is possible ... I because of the limit that you can not use the old (Palm profile) are already back to 1.4.5
We hope that all developers are able to Precentral with some patch to solve this problem ...

Removing features to add features is not a step forward it's a step backward. If they've removed the Wave in favour of bringing up the keyboard I'm going to be disappointed. They removed the mini card view in order to facilitate stacks and I don't why that needed to happen either. Why not use a two finger swipe up to bring up the keyboard?

yeah, I definitely liked the wave and removed the quick launch bar as soon as the patch was made available.

My buddy called me and he says he has that doctor running on his sprint pre minus. He said it installed no problem.

Any news for 2.0 being on the pixi/pixi+?????

I am thinking of getting a cheap sprint pre off of craigslist to try this out. It does work for cdma even though it says GSM.

Just put this on my Pre Plus, albeit after a bit of a hassle. Works great!!

Has anyone tried this on a verizon pre plus?

If it worked on the sprint pre it will probably work on verizon

it works okay on my sprint pre but is there a way to meta-doctor the correct modem files for cdma into this jar? It sends garbled texts...

You have guts to use that on your main device :)

Did you have to create a new profile?

yeah but it takes five minutes... actually i can't customize webos 2.0 to the extent that i would like, and i miss all my 1.4.5 specific patches and apps, so going back for now... but other than that it really does work flawlessly. it did freeze up a few times in the setup process but i just doctored again and it worked.
edit: by the way, with this doctor the wave works fine. the vkb is not enabled by default.

i started a thread about this in the forum.
I am so curious

I wanted to throw it onto an old Pre Plus I have sitting around thats not an active phone, but unfortunately can't get past the sign into or create new profile screen.. :(

you can use the palm device tool to bypass that screen

Thanks for that.. been playing with it all day since running that tool.. I must say the Flash is a huge disappointment on these older phones. No wonder they never released it. I have it on a Verizon Pre Plus and I tried video on 3 websites.. www.nba.com, www.tmz.com and precentral.net. It was slow, sluggish and just plain choppy on all 3. Also, it didn't even fit the screen right like it's supposed to when you turn to landscape mode like the Pre2 demo showed us. I couldn't get the VPN to connect to my works VPN. The launcher does move totally fast and smooth like it is graphic accelerated which is wonderful. Stacks seems harder than I hoped it would be, seems buggy. Love the star feature for contacts! Text assist and shortcuts is sweet! I'm very disappointed in a misunderstanding I had with Google suggest in Just type.. I hoped that it would create clickable links in the just type results like it does in a full browser. For example, I typed precentral and hit suggest, and it shows precentral at top of the list but tapping it takes you to Google search results of the same thing and you have to tap it again, that doesn't save any time more than Universal search on 1.4.5 does.. Oh well, very fun to finally play with it but I'm sorta disappointed.. I think I'm over my daily checking and hoping for it to be relased now.. they need to get some more things right..

well, I installed 2.0 on my german imported pre classic (I live in the netherlands)... Installed nicely with the translated page. Didn't log in with my old profile, just created a new one... Everything works ok, downloaded precentral app from the catalog. I had to visit some relatives, downloaded internet radio from the catalog for some music, install of 2.0 whipes. Headphone volume went down by 75% so it's useless as a music player. No preware yet, so no overclocking. The palm pre classic is sluggish with this version of 2.0... I switched phone (htc hd2) a couple of months ago, I like to use my phone as a tool, the pre remains a toy. The fuzz on 2.0 seems to be disapointing. Sorry for the bad english, I don't use it on a daily basis... The spellincheck is rather nice in 2.0, to bad it's unclickable while typing in this little box ;)

after a 16 hours of usage I have some more findings...
battery life still sucks, 10% of drain when in use per hour. Whether on wifi or 3g. Doing some reading in the pre central app, browsing the web, just fiddling with settings... Some quirks: I can not add bookmarks to the browser, vpn cisco will never connect (other gadgets with vpn connect just fine), music player hangs on startup (trouble indexing 248 mp3's). What sux still no live messenger (hotmail) integration. Flash works, no fullscreen in landscape. Trouble with amr audio in mms, pre can not play this file (from sonyericsson to pre). No slide view in mms like other phones, just some objects. I understand this is not the final version, some work has to be done... The real thing I like is stack view. Else webos 2.0 just brings same old stuff to the table... If you have querys post here, tonight I will revert back to 1.4.5 regards

no paid apps in the app catalog in the UK with this version.