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webOS 2.0-running Roadrunner device pops up in app logs [Rumor] 94

by Derek Kessler Wed, 11 Aug 2010 7:47 pm EDT


Fair warning: file this one under "Crazy rumors we can't be sure will pan out but feel the need to share."

webOS developer Zhephree is an awesome dude and has created an awesome app with Foursquare. He’s also keen enough to check the app’s logs on webOSroundup's Metrix, presumably to see how many users had upgraded to webOS 1.4.5 (a good portion so far, it would seem). But that’s not what stood out to him. What stands out is an entry for the until now unheard of “Roadrunner” device and a spot for webOS 2.0 in the operating system charts.

Now we’ll be the first to admit that this is the first we’ve heard of any device called Roadrunner, though with webOS 2.0 (or 1.5 or whatever) set for release by the end of the year, and presumably new hardware in tow as well, we wouldn’t at all be surprised to find that the OS and/or hardware are being tested right now. And testing popular apps on that OS and/or hardware? Also not a surprising development. In fact, we’ve seen in the past new iPhone and iPod Touch hardware first outed by similar logs from iOS developers.

There’s not a whole lot more we can read from this, though it is worth noting that Zhephree’s logs did not show any new resolutions, just the 320x480 from the Pre and 320x400 of the Pixi. We do hope that any new webOS device will come with a higher screen resolution than what we have now, and there’s something at the back of our mind screaming “640x960 Retina display!”, which could very well report itself as 320x480 without diminishing the testing experience. We’re getting into pretty dangerous speculation area here, so we’ll stop while we’re ahead.

Of course, we should note that this is the sort of thing that’s possible to fake. It wouldn’t be easy, as Zhephree notes, but it could be done by somebody deliberately hacking the emulator, changing some fairly-deep settings on a device, or even modifying the openly-available code of the Foursquare app. In his own words:

Plus, the source for foursquare is open and on GitHub. Someone with the knowledge could easily download the source, modify the Metrix JS library I have included, and force it to post to my Metrix stats with whatever string they want. Granted, it would take some effort, but it's doable.

Then our only question would be the same one we keep asking of the developers submitting fake Flash apps to the Palm beta feeds: “Why?” So other developer type people: check your logs - is there a Roadrunner waiting there for you?

Source: Zhephree on Twitter; Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


Rumour mill: start your engines.

Palm promised, Palm promised, Palm promised, that's it, I'll hurt them, I'm gonna go get the droid-of-the-week, then they'll be sorry.

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Oh boy here we go again! Haha

Rumor Mill Entry Number 1:

Sprint is still selling the Palm Pre as opposed to the Pre+ because they have struck a deal with Palm to help clear out their original Pre inventory in exchange for being the first carrier to sell Palms newest handset codenamed RoadRunner...

that's a great deduction.

Considering the price ahs held on the Sprint Pre, I submit they're down to vapor for inventory and hope it lasts until the next device. And they're close enough to Device 2, to not bother with the Plus. Sprint Pre has been EOL'd from a lot of channels, the glut is on the bait-and-switch victim Plus's at ATT and VZ.

Most definitely... A rumour!

Beep Beep :o lol

Fake or not, roadrunner is a nice codename.

Especially if it lives up to its name.

For all you know, they could be testing 2.0 out on a testbed device based on the Pre called Roadrunner. This may have less to do with a new hardware device than testing the OS itself. I'm inclined to believe that, considering that HP's ownership of the platform isn't too long in the tooth and they have got to be planning to have at least some input on the hardware design of any new devices in the works.

Hmmm.... intriguing.... 'Acme Smartphone'? 'Speedy Gonzalez'?

replied to wrong pose

I really do hope the device resolution is increased, definitely one of (several) flaws in the BlackBerry Torch is the low resolution screen (although higher resolution than the Pre's). A new Palm device does need a higher resolution screen just to be competitive with Android and iOS devices.

How is the Torch higher res than the Pre when it's also HVGA? They are the same exact resolutions. That's why it's a significant flaw, your fagship phone should not be HVGA in 2010.

Oops, my mistake, I thought I had read the Torch was 480x360, not 480x320. But yeah, a flagship phone in 2010 shouldn't be HVGA.

No, you're correct. It is the other person who doesn't research anything before assuming others are wrong.

Straight from the Blackberry site, the Torch is 480x360:


Well, I said both HVGA, which is correct:


Different aspect ratios, the extra pixels are pretty negligible. iIt's like the droid's FWVGA screen vs the Nexus one's WVGA screen; they are essentially the same thing.

It's funny how almost no one talked about 480x320 being a resolution problem before iphone4. Even though the pixel density on the Pre seems fine to me, if the new device screen is bigger which it better be, I agree it should have a higher resolution. Personally I think a widescreen format like 800x450 would be nice, but I suppose if Palm/HP comes out with a 960x640 it would keep ports of any new iphone games easy too.

So I guess I'm hoping for 960x640.

I miss fios :(

Wrong terms, everyone, and that's causing the confusion:

Screen resolution = density (number of pixels/inch)

Screen size = physical size of the whole screen (usually measure along the diagnal, in inches).

The Pre/Pre+ has a 320 x 480 pixel, 3.1" diagnal screen size

The Torch has a 360 x 480 pixel, 3.2" diagnoal screen size.

They are almost the same resolution (density):

Pre: (320 x 480)/3.1 = 49,548 pixels/linear inch

Torch: (360 x 480)/3.2 = 54,000 pixels/linear inch

The iPhone4 has a 3.5" diagnal screen, with a size of 960 x 640 pixels. Doing the math, thats a total of 614,400 pixels for the whole screen, or about 176,000 pixels per diagnal inch of display, more than triple the density of the Torch and Pre.

The size of the next WebOS device's screen, along with its pixel size, will determine its resolution (density).

For more, see my post on the forums:



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Damn it, why do I ALWAYS have to correct people on this?? The Roadrunner never said beep-beep... he said (M)eep-(M)eep.

Get it together people! If you're going to quote great beings from history you should at least be accurate!

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Sorry, most people frown on saying synonyms of excremint in daily life. Especially if your eating.

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While it's true the Road Runner's animated blurtings often sound like "meep", I distinctly recall comic books from my youth in which the captions read "beep". Heck, they were even called "Beep Beep: The Road Runner".


In any case, I'd have to say either form is acceptable for something this iconic :)

you know what's funny ya it sounds like the road runner is saying (m)eep (m)eep but I remember watching an episode where they actually put the words "beep""beep" on the screen when he would do it as he flipped is tongue and took off. It was during the era of Mel Blanc when WB cartoons were inked weird and everyone had curly ques at the corners of their mouths is when I seen "Beep""Beep" on the screen.

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4G with 1.3 GHz processor! enough said.

Roadrunner sounds decidedly 4g ("sprint" even)

Hey, nice connection on those two. Well played. The Torch, Droid2 and Epic4G must have HPalm irked (sorry!) that everyone else is releasing new QWERTYs. Hopefully HPalm will wise up and use their Treo755 or Treo800w keyboards on a new slider. Pleeeease!!!

rumor mill #2:

major delay of webos updates and hardware info is in part due to the hp buyout but also to the fact that palm and hp have taken their whole idea for pre2 back to the drawing board. They know they screwed up and their market share is bad enough that their only hope to renew interest is to surprise everyone. They need to pull a 2009 ces again, which means to be dead silent for months, and then out of nowhere release a kick-a phone with webos2 that has specs to rival iphone4 and the htc evo. The tech blogs that thought palm was dead and are yawning over the old evo and other android look-alikes will go nuts over the refreshing news. It is a risk, and the phone better be amazing, but again they don't have much to lose.

You really think they went back to the drawing board instead of following Palm's roadmap like they said they were going to do? You do realize that back to the drawing board means no phone till maybe next summer right?

I think that they were waiting for the recession to be more over so more people can buy their phones (this was said many moons ago) so until then they were pumping money into research. They've been pumping money into research before when the buyout was still just a rumor.

Notwithstandingyettosay I'm hoping for some real wow factor with this next phone. I want it to revolutionize the phone industry like Rock Band 3 is going to revoltionize the music game industry.

If they are code naming it Roadrunner that could only mean one thing Webos is going to get some turbo charged UI.. i hope!!!!

I'm sure there will be a device out before the end of 2010. I can't feed into these rumors anymore. Too much. I'm sure when a new phone drops, they won't slack on the specs.

Along the lines of the toaster. What if this is webOS TV running on a TWC Roadrunner box? Sorry, had to throw it out there!

I found this on an HP site:

"On graphics devices with only one hardware color map, PEX applications may experience "technicolor". Technicolor is the condition where colors displayed on the workstation screen change as the focus moves from X window to X window and where the PEX image looks correct only when the focus is in its window."

Coincidence? I think not. ;-)

source: http://docs.hp.com/en/B3782-90105/ch01s04.html

maybe I'm missing it, but what are you talking about?

Nah, you're not missing a thing. I was being totally sarcastic.

Folks made comments about RoadRunner, WebOS 2.0, HP, and the Palm logo, but no one mentioned how the term/brand Technicolor might fit in.

So I Googled HP and Technicolor to see if there was any hidden relationship. I didn't find anything other than the quoted paragraph and knew I was reaching for straws when posting it.

Weren't all of the old Warner Bros. cartoons shot in Technicolor??

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Wouldn't it be single core dual BOOT!?!?! lol

While it is just a rumor, i think i will be keepin an eye on this one. Palm has been pretty silent lately, for a couple of months actually, not giving much detail of whats coming in the future, except a new version of webos and other devices. I highly doubt that HP would have acquired Palm just based on potential, and i highly doubt Palm has been sitting around for half a year playin with their thumbs and not dont working on SOMETHING. Two quarters worth of salaries for Palm employees, and the nice chunk of change HP dropped to get Palm cant be justified if Palm has just been sitting around playin solitare on their HP Desktops. I guarantee Palm has been busy, and this rumor might have SOME truth to it, along with the little hints here and there that both HP and Palm has been giving (even tho they have been kind of "blah"). Im not saying im gunna hold my breath because of this rumor, but im definately keeping it in my peripheral vision.

Sprint Pre+ 4G. And yes I would still line up on day 1 to get it!

I would dress up like Yosemite Sam to get one if it was fast, stable and had decent battery life.

"I'm Yosemite Sam, the meanest, toughest, rip-roarin'-est, Edward Everett Horton-est hombre what ever packed a six-shooter!"

I wonder why the word "Palm" in the center is so faint. I didn't notice it until the third time I saw the graphic.

Subtly in action, my friend.

I think you meant to say subtlety in action. There's a subtle difference. Wait, I see what you did there. :-)

wow this is getting pretty good...being cautious. but i have that warm feeling inside. fantastic graphic too!


Damn! I should buy some Palm stock. Oops too late.

We should call Mark Hurd...he probably has time to speak these days.

What would be nice would be if HP/Palm makes their new device a bit more modular. Make it so you can easily swap comm boards to add or upgrade functionality without having to replace or redesign the whole phone.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just pop the back off an AT&T device, pop out the AT&T comm board and upgrade it to provide 4G service? Or switch from AT&T to Verizon to Sprint with just an easily swapped comm board(sold by HP/Palm).

With PCs we can swap processors, add/remove video cards, etc. So, why not make that a selling point, much like having a battery the user can swap themselves is always a good dig at the iPhone?

Yes, maybe a splinter group, with some of the top engineers and management from Palm, could license the software, then make a device with boards/modules - GSM, GPS, cameras of various resolutions, that you could swap on the fly...

And focus hard on relationships with the carriers, lock in all sorts of agreements and promotions.

Then, once successful, Palm could buy them back in a merger...

If only that could happen...


Seriously, I loved Handspring/Springboards, but with bluetooth/wifi, devices really should pair easily. I think this is the conclusion Handspring eventually came to as well, which is why they abandoned the Springboard (heartbreak!), and focused on a the Treo.

Hahaha I didn't realize you guys made the graphic until just now. I thought it had just shown up somewhere and was part of the evidence. FacePalm



The only thing I will say is that no one believed the "Need for Speed" rumor either...

There is still hope!

it is interesting (if you have logged it) to know the ip of that device. If you do a whois on that if and share the result with us, will be great.

Meep meep! (I always heard it that way)

This is awesome. Nice catch!

their will be new hardware out for the holidays and if you want a bigger screen go buy that not so snappy dragon droid and don't forget to buy the man purse you'll need carry to around bc it's a F*%$ing monster.....their called smartPHONES! If you can't fit it in your pocket or use a belt clip it's no longer a phone...if you want to waich movies buy an Ipad I heard that they @ least can do that then you'll have def not a laptop, not quite a net book it's a..? Another Overpriced Mac product wheeeeeee! But hey it you'l def be cool, ha! Fools!


Too many promises, too many future visions, too many bad news, too many rumors.

No new devices, no real OS update.

Boring.. boring...

True, but they did promise 2.0 would be out this fall. But they didn't mention a new device at all. Wait till next year for that :)

Gah, coming from the impatience of Copy & Paste for iPhone to this, it's practically the same :D

I'm hoping the Hurricane comes with a mic so we can make calls on it.

And now we're all getting brighthouse adds.

A very interesting rumor, coming from a very reputable source for a change.

My guess though is that if this really is a new WebOS device, then this is the last we'll see of this sort of thing. HPalm clearly follows P|C and they don't like leaks. They'll see this and patch up the device (or devices) so that they read as normal devices running the current OS.

Are we sure that it's a device, and not an app?

Time Warner is making an iPad app, maybe a webOS app is in development too?


I see 1.4.5 and something I am not sure of.

Nova-BabelFish and Nova-Main

Today was the day I predicted official news of the next @palm device, guess I am not winning that contest...

The Samsung Epic 4G hits Sprint 8/31. I don't have a spare $250 for a new phone right now, but if I did I would seriously consider a switch.

The clock is ticking faster HP, time for an engineer to 'lose' a phone in a bar to get some defensive buzz going here.

Can't wait to get the new WebOS phone.
I'm looking forward to WebOS 2.0, 4G connectivity, faster processor, and I hope it gets HP's Beats by Dr. Dre hardware and software.

Someone is playing my game Cloud Hopper on a new resolution with webOS 2.0 called Road Runner HD! http://twitpic.com/2gd0dd