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webOS 2.0 Screenshots drop: Quickoffice, VPN, more 108

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 07 Sep 2010 12:54 pm EDT

  webOS 2.0

Nobody freak out, but a bunch of webOS 2.0 screenshots have just dropped in our forums and we're digging what we're seeing. As we reported in July, QuickOffice is definitely coming and now it looks like it's hitting in webOS 2.0. As you can see above, it looks like it'll be a full-featured client, including support for syncing to Google, DropBox, Box.net, and even MobileMe.

We also see support for

  • VPN - both IPSEC and Cisco
  • More messaging options including LCS, MySpace, QQ, and Skype (?!)
  • A refreshed launcher with named pages for categories (Palm, Services, Preferences, etc) and the ability to add and reorder pages
  • More discrete preferences for text input called "Text Assist." No word whether "Auto-Correction" will be more full-featured than what we have now.
  • A single, unified place to handle all Synergy accounts (Finally!), including AOL, plain email, Exchange, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Photobucket
  • Robust (and definitely needed) preference options for the all-singing, all-dancing Just Type feature
  • A new dialer with Voicemail, Favorites, Call Log, and dial screen buttons

Hit up the forums to see them all, but we've posted a choice few after the break!

Source: wibozi; via: PreCentral Forums



sweet! Can't wait! Now waiting for new phone to leak

Considering how quickly WebOS 2.0 is taking shape and expanding beyond our general expectations, you know hardware is likely very very close.


Indeed very nice...

BUT they REALLY need to CHANGE that ugly grey launcher color... hopefully they use the glass looks, like the glass laucher patch.. its sooo much sexier.. appearences are everything HPalm!

you know, I saw a comment about this patch on an earlier post, don't know if it was you. I thought I'd check it out, and now seeing it again I went to download the patch. It's f*cking awesome! This is exactly the way I will like to keep my launcher. It's like an answer. Awesome patch.

+1 i agree with you dude, get rid of the grey and bring on the glass effect anything but grey..

NEW HARDWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrong thread. This discussion is about the OS.

True, but all these new bells and whistles, while very cool and most welcome, are ultimately meaningless to me if I have to use them on my Pre.

i guess with google maps you can offset GPS data now with webOS 2.0. Probably means one can get google maps to work without GPS data. Any other ideas?

sweet! Can't wait! Now waiting for new phone to leak

now there will be patches to take away the named launcher pages.. lol. But this looks AMAZING!!

haha. yeah im not really into the named pages.

Two things make me tickle; Skype - even though it might only me IM, and the redesigned launcher - looks clean and practical.

Let's hope another thing tickles as well - the general flow of the OS, even on old hardware.

I'm quite happy about choosing Palm for the second time - WebOS just makes me happy.

yeah, but the fact that we have skype support is a good thing! the launcher does look good, we'll see what the response is on the title bars. i was hoping to see some of the home page screenshots, but this is good enough for me!

It looks quite much better than the regular "candybar" overlay, for sure!

BTW. The thought of integrated Dropbox sync and backup software also made it tickle. 8o)


You are about to make my life much easier.

Fantastico...if Google docs will be workable from the phone and pdf will be improved I'll be happy...Audiorecorder would be cool too...

Ahh and the new phones and tablets need to drop soon...before X-mas please...

Nice ^_^

Give also a faster browser! wanna see benches and stuff cant wait for 2.0 or tablet :o (hopefully worldwide release the tablet).

noticing that the launcher bar is not there when you are in the launcher, this allows for more icons to be seen more clearly. good move!

I agree, an even better move would be a disappearing launcher bar with 2 rows of icons and not one. The Ferrari on my wallpaper is cool, but there is plenty of room for 5 more icons without blocking it.

Why hallo thar, Skype.

Seems like a really nice progression in offering us the ability to configure what the phone already has. NICE! I am especially looking forward to official autocorrect editing, and configurable 'just type' searching. THANKS PALM!! Oooh. Native IRC too. I wonder how well that will really work, though, being that IRC is so command oriented. Probably just for private messages, I guess.

So, Now I don't think I'll take the time to turn my autocorrect merging efforts into an official patch :-)

new harware plz the has iphone4 and she's makin me look bad

No quick launch bar in the launcher screen shots?

no and im glad they took it out, it was taking up valuable scroll space. if you think about it, if you are in an app, you swipe up for card view, you are given access to the quick launch there. if you swipe up again, the launcher comes up. why would you need the quick launch there anymore when you were already given those choices? its a smart move to take them out.

Yes!! These look great! Now, bring on the new hardware!!

VPN - both IPSEC and Cisco => About damn time! There are universities out there where you can't use the internet without a VPN :(

I really like the integration of DropBox as well! Have been using their service for all kind of stuff.

I wonder if DropBox will be useable elsewhere in the OS or just through QuickOffice...

if you look on the phone dialer screenshot, why is it called 'Virtura?'

That's what the app is called when used in the emulator.

IIRC it is since the screenshots are taken from the emulator's dialer which does not have carrier.

In my dialer, at least, it tells me the name of my carrier in the dialer screen (top-left). Having said that, I've never heard of a carrier 'Virtua' --> perhaps some sort of network fake-out to get the 2.0 beta1 running?

Correct me if I am wrong, but the screenshot with all the messaging options is in the "contacts." As of right now, if I go into my contacts, edit a contact and add a new IM, I get most of these options (including Skype) even though the phone doesn't support it. So I don't see any indication that its actually coming. Right?

I was about to say the same thing.

Skype, Jabber, etc. already are possible to add to the Pre's contact list (most likely because Google Contacts supports them) and I wouldn't expect that to mean that they'll work in messaging.

new harware plz the has iphone4 and she's makin me look bad

Haven't seen anyone notice/point out the "category-type" labels at the top of each launcher page. Its easier to see in more of the pics at the source link, but at the tops of the pages are titles/labels like "Palm" and "Preferences". Could this be a possible feature of 2.0 allowing you to name your launcher pages for creating separate pages like a Games page, a Utilities page, a Social Network page, etc.?

Overall, 2.0 looks really really good. Lots of new features, and as others have said, looking very mature. Now get with the new hardware Palm!!

From the article:
"We also see support for
* A refreshed launcher with named pages for categories (Palm, Services, Preferences, etc) and the ability to add and reorder pages"

Damn... gotta learn to read better! Thanks :)

The Android version of Quickoffice have the same features.

Who cares?

Oh, my... this is NOT going to end well... that NDA is broken (again), and Precentral is collaborating (again).


*waiting for the war to start*

Amen, brother. Biggest lamest weakness they have. And I too am a Palm, Treo, Pre lover.

uh... VPN?


I fedup listening about new features, while palm CAN NOT make good calendar!

It is really crazy, that the basic business feature is so BAD. And Palm does not care for palm-lovers, who, like me, believed that palm makes most efficient applications. I used almost all palm phones, and starting even from palmtops really found perfect calendar.

Palm Pre kills all this good experiences.
Please look on ubercalendar patch, and all the ideas of calendar webos-gurus make. What is funny, no extra applications appear...(except Agenda)

So, Palm, please, showing new achievements in WEBOS 2.0 just start from calendar at first!!!

What's to say they haven't made improvements to the Calendar?

While a calendar app is definitely a hugely important part of a smartphone it isn't frequently hyped since it is considered a requirement anyway. And it isn't great marketing to say "We've improved the Calendar app so it doesn't suck anymore!".

Also -- adding to the comment above. Keep in mind these are leaks vs. official Palm images. I suspect Palm is keeping as much as is possible behind locked doors: the main purpose for this emulator is to let Dev's start with integration work, etc..

So, unless the 'leakers' wanted to show it AND unless Palm felt features needed to be available to the Dev community now, I think they will keep it hidden as long as possible.

My personal theory: when WebOS 2.0 comes out officially (for reviews, etc..), there will be some 'wow' stuff we don't know about & haven't seen.

Oh I totally believe that too. If I were them, I would surprise everyone with something they haven't expected in the beta. Couple that with new hardware and cloud services through HP's offerings and they have a full event to knock the socks off of people who are Palm'ers and those who don't know what webOS is.

Relax a little would you? Nobody said this is the full list of changes to 2.0 and that nothing else was changed/fixed/added.

I find it funny though. Reading the forums on Android Central, mainly in the Epic section, I see a ton of people complaining about the Calendar app there as well, and most of them are former Pre people.

Here, there, anywhere....I still find it pretty funny how people get so worked up over the phone's calendar.

What's at issue is that those Pre complainers aren't really "Pre People", they're "Palm People" who remember PalmOS and how unbelievably useful it was. They just want to find a platform like that. See my rant here: http://tinyurl.com/26x3ja6.

Honestly, if I could take the Pre's notifications and browser with me, I'd prefer to go back to my Treo 680.

Amen brother/sister.

Good to see Palm adding "Native" features that you can only have now by patching.

Hopefully "Just Type" will let you add sites to search, like IMDb. Not just a set list like now.

all these new account links but why not windows live skydrive and messenger? AOL? Who uses that anymore?

Yep much needed changes definitely!

Oooo VPN, now that I can use, same thing with Skype. I'm curious if we are going to get visual voicemail or not finally. I mean, it's an easy work around with google voice, it would just be nice to have something native and could be brought together seemlessly with GV.

Otherwise this rocks, lotsa good stuff coming out with 2.0, very proud time to be a Palm user.

I realy hope they integrate with GV too. I'd like to start pointing people to my GV number, but I'd like dialer, SMS and everything else use my GV number so I don't create confusion with my phone phone number too.

yesssssss best news i n
entire day can't wait for it I love web os

Can't wait, Can't wait, Can't wait!!!!

as a former 'over reactor', let me just say this is really exciting stuff.

lots of goodness, and they even killed that nasty green dialer!

gj P'm and PC!

Glad you came back

by they way, why does the "name tag" on the page have an arrow? Does that mean there are "folders." Because that would be nice too, IMO.

I can't believe that hardware info/specs have not found their way to the web.

What phone (recently) has been kept under raps until release day? With all this processor news coming in lately, makes me wonder... Are we going to miss the mark?

love the 2.0 screenshots!

I am guessing there won't be any new hardware until after the tablet rolls out in 2011.

Right now I do not see myself leaving Android/HTC for a phone/PDA/communication device. But, I have not decided what OS to get for a Tablet - internet access, light to medium document creation/editing, light PDA management, eBook reader(Kindle and non-DRM books including .mobi books).

I'm looking at Android, WebOS, and Windows 7 tablets. I'm trying to hold out until March/April of 2011. If I purchase a tablet before Dec., It will more than likely be an Android tablet.

If I wait until March/April Android and WebOS is tied. It will come down to what apps are availible on WebOS or is coming to WebOS.

Kewl, eff Docs to Go.

looks like a bunch of patches are rolled in to this. Doctor doctor!

I hope the patch developers get something for keeping the wheels on webOS. Free phones, big checks, whatever.

also glad to see that Palm has been listening!

looks like a bunch of patches are rolled in to this. Doctor doctor!

I hope the patch developers get something for keeping the wheels on webOS. Free phones, big checks, whatever.

also glad to see that Palm has been listening!

"No word whether "Auto-Correction" will be more full-featured than what we have now."

In one of the screen shots it shows the option to "Edit User Dictionary" - it seems to me that that option would be for adding/editing the auto-correct dictionary, which would definitely make it more full featured than we have now.

I don't know what HP/Palm is legally allowed to do as a public corporation, but I think they should be advertising these features, rather than trying to hide them. Since the OS has been released in SDK form, it's not like it's vaporware, so I doubt anyone could accuse them of trying to boost their share price. If HP/Palm puts out a series of cool "look at what's right around the corner" ads, people who are getting ready to jump to Android or iPhone might be given pause.

Also, when the next great phone comes out from Palm, all those current Android and iPhone owners who are building their app portfolios right now (not to mention their stockpile of cases, chargers, etc) won't be terribly willing to give Palm a shot. Ads from HP/Palm might be enough to keep them from spending so much money on their current, obviously deficient phones... :)

Like any company Palm wants to control how we receive information. I'm sure they would much rather introduce the new features in a presentation for 2.0 rather than it getting leaked out like this.

2.0 is is not yet complete, if Palm runs into a problem and has to pull a feature before the final release if you don't know about the feature before hand you won't miss it when it is final. If it leaks and then is pulled you get a lot of upset people.

2 things here:

I like that the launcher bar is gone. I hope it's gone for good, but if it only disappears after a second that's fine too.

Why does it look like it still has only 3 pages? I don't see tick marks so I can't tell for sure. 3 pages isn't near enough after you start installing apps.

This is exactly why people get fired up and pissed off for no reason. If you pay a little closer attention to the screenshots, you'll see that they have also given the option to add extra launcher pages as well as re-order them.

I glanced at all of them but no, I didn't intently study all 25 screen shots. Thanks for pointing that feature out, though. It didn't make sense they would leave it like it is.

I glanced at all of them but no, I didn't intensely study all 25 screen shots. Thanks for pointing that feature out, though. It didn't make sense they would leave it like it is.


Oh wait, missed the "Nobody." Sorry.

I don't see SkyDrive on the list of services Quickoffice supports. Why not? Isn't this the cloud document service?

Oh Ya... Sounds exciting to me.

Don't care much about Mobile Me, but this is actually a good sign that Palm and Apple may be working together and may possibly extend to bringing open technology our way like Facetime to the next webOS phone and or tablet.

Don't know, but can't hurt to speculate, Sorli...


Apple does not collaborate with anybody, it dictates and rips off. QuickOffice support for MobileMe means that QuickOffice, not Palm, is either using an API that everybody may use or is hacking - and be subject to Apple screwing them over like they did in the iTunes sync case.


I don't know where the author saw any hint of Skype, but what I see is the possibility to add Skype usernames to user's contact details. That doesn't help me at all. Oh: We have that already.

Skype is/has always been too slow & arrogant to care about Palm or to release any kind of API, so you might want to correct you statement. I bet you anything we won't have Skype integration.

Seems like you unfortunately are right there ...

Is it just me or are there a great many folks thinking webOS 2.0 will be a free upgrade? HP needs money, I hugely doubt it will either be available for or run on our older phones. Although I'd get it ASAP, obviously.

HP doesn't need the money from an OS upgrade.

It will be free.

Fragmentation (some people buy - others don't) would produce its own cost and problems.

It's in HPalms interest that everybody gets the upgrade ASAP.

I highly doubt they will charge for the upgrade. If anything, If they release this on a new device, Im sure the pre users will be able to download the upgrade but maybe with limited features. Similar to the iPhones update where anyone with a 3G S could get the iOS 4 upgrade. And that was even free to the 3G S users. I don't think Palm or HP they would screw us over like that. And I don't think HP is in NEED of money. lol

Yeah, that's what I meant. Sure they won't charge for the DL ("new OS in app store"). But I'm certain it'll only ship with new devices.

I cant believe I took my lunch time to read all this..but I did and what came up for me is that I am a die hard Pre Lover..have been with Treo so long..my kids are now into the Pixi...and love it. So what would really make me happy is for me to be able to open a program like my flight tracker or even Preware...and if I make mistake or need to make a change simply slide back to the start instead of flipping the page off to the side and having to start all over-- that happens not just with my flight tracker, but Preware and my Outlook calendar and on and on...I get to a place then have to start all over instead of going back to where I was previous to my error or change...and then the other thing would be to be able to send Outlook invites on my Pre instead of having to wait until I get back to my office...wish google were better but this is not google gripe page...so you could send emails with urgent and important so ignore on it... Once again. I am a Pre Lover...husband and child are chained to them as well...too bad folks really want an iphone and wont go away but just bad mouth a sleek pretty phone...

Sorry to be so needy, but can someone please dump the article into a .pdf and send to me. My PC must have a memory problem or something - it's truncating off the last few screen shots. I'm especially anxious to see the screen shot that shows "ADD ATTENDEES TO THE DAMM MEETING" HELLO!!?!?!? Are you kidding me? Is this ever going to get fixed?

Lots of good things to see here.

Some things I am hoping will be involved:

- Broader support for DropBox outside of just QuickOffice
- The ability to add a Picasa web albums account and be able to add albums and photos directly from my phone as a native piece of functionality
- Improvements to the darn calendar (add contacts to an event, support for *.ics files, etc., etc.)

And I personally would be happy to pay for this upgrade, assuming it is the $9.99 or whatever Apple was charging for their OS upgrades. That isn't unreasonable. There is a lot of value here that, for me, would make it worth it. I can't speak for everyone (*ducks the comments on why it should be free*)...

Actually the iOS upgrade costs only applied to iPod Touch users, and the most recent update didn't charge users of any iDevice.

Good Clarification. Still, I might be coerced into paying for it.

What about ZOHO?? :(( I just hope thet they will include this service (email, office andcalendar)

But at all this is greate update :))

Does anyone understand why Cisco AnyConnect (SSL) and VPNC (IPsec) are supported but no PPTP? Is it possible to configure a pptp connection with one of those? Our company still has a pptp gateway. AFAIK iPhone and Android do support pptp.


i'm in love.

Linking to the forum by page number and hash mark to the spot on the page only works if everyone has the same setting for posts per page. For everyone else this means we have to hunt the thread for the intended to point to information.

Screw new hardware.

I want the phone that Ive already paid for to have the features that I expected when I upgraded from my old ass treo.

I've waited too long for this already.


Life is tough.

Perhaps your expectations should be tempered with some reseaerch before you buy?

Ahh yes, Life is tough.
But one wouldn't think that they would drop so many of the useful features of the Palm OS. Research was done and comparisons were made, but in the end it was still a fumble. I take it you think I should have went with the iphone.


iPhone? Nah, I wouldn't wish that on anybody :)

I think Palm will get back to the glory days. It's just going to take some time.

This is exciting, but am I the only one who would love a periodic table integrated with Just Type?

YouLre not the only one--I would like that as well. We might be the only two people, though! The good thing is that with the openng up of Universal Search/Just Type this may become a possibility as long as a developer takes advantage of it.

Let's hope any new document editing application(s) DON'T take after or resemble Google Documents functionality. It sucks! I know there may be a conflict ~but base it on an already open archictecture like Sun Microsystems's/Oracle's Open Office. It has much more capability and functionality. The resulting application HAS to be able to open, as well as save, documents between it's own file formats and those of Microsoft's Office products (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint) in order to be viable.

I just want 1.4.5 for Verizon!

Am I the only one who would like to send files or messages to a network printer?

I love how everyone thinks that the IM accounts screenshot is new, if you check your webOS 1.4.5 device right now, you will be able to add any of those IM accounts to a contact, you just can't use it!

Perhaps the point is that with webOS 2.0 you CAN use those accounts. One can hope.

I am overjoyed at the fact that Palm has made all "Autocorrect" functions optional. I do not need a phone telling me what I misspelled - I'll proofread my own work, thank you very much. The multiple settings are nice though. I'll go for auto-caps. :)

this is awsome! finally some good news! cant wait for 4G I feel all cheered up like femails get lol

As Precentral itself has pointed out before ... newer hardware should have been used the day the Pre was released to the public.

Well, what I'd like to know is if this will coincide with opening the app catalog for access in Asia?

I'm in Singapore, and can't see *any* apps in the app catalog.