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webOS 2 update checker says "maybe" for European Pre Plus, everybody stay calm 64

by Derek Kessler Sat, 12 Feb 2011 10:05 pm EST

That webOS update checker that HP put up just to taunt us has revealed an interesting trend: owners of Palm Pre Plus phones in Europe are reporting that they’re getting the following result:

Palm is working with SFR to provide a software update for your device.

Please return to palm.com/webos-info in the coming weeks to find out more.

Interesting, huh? That result has appeared only for the Pre Plus (the Pre and Pixi Plus are apparently SOL), and has done so for the phone on SFR, O2 UK, and O2 Germany, as well as in unlocked form. Considering that Jon Rubinstein threw cold water on that whole “maybe we’ll do the webOS 2.0 upgrade” idea, we wouldn’t quite take this to mean that webOS 2 is coming to existing devices older than the PRe 2 in Europe. From what we can tell, these plans have been in flux and this page has been in existence for some time now. In other words, it's probably best not to get your hopes up too much and instead just wait to see what comes of HP's promise to “make things right.”


And the best thing is: It will be available... in the coming months!

Just checked with my "old" Pre- from O2 Germany

"Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2"

I love webos, but if hp is just going to piss on my back and tell mes raining, I can go and find another os to love. I have been in love with webos since I first got the pre minus. Just recently I had to argue with spring for 2weeks just to get a replacement pre (which I did get), I did this in hopes of getting 2.0, and to hear this now is just stupid. I have a brand new epic, and bb style from sprint of which I tried both, and still went back to the pre.. If that's not loyalty, I don't know what is. I knew the announcement was coming, and fought like hell getting this pre, and now look!!! Egg on my face, along with the piss on my back eeewwwww!

Hitler learns HP's latest WebOS plans


Dammit HP. I don't want to leave but what am I susposed to do for the coming months you won't give me an update and you won't sell me a pre³, and I refuse to use the grotesque (sloppy at best) ui of android. -sigh

When will they learn ?

this is just too funny. I am using WebOS since it became available in my country,DESPITE all the sh1te that Palm and further HP is throwing at me. They are doing EVERYTHING they can to make me hate them and switch to some other company/ OS.

i can't help but wonder how nice things would unfold, if it was HTC, and not that stupid printer company, who bought Palm a year ago... We would have (in all probability) three or more new handsets by now,some high-end, probably a slab too, by now, instead of piles upon piles of slimy corporate bull.

maybe it is about time to get rid of that double-face slimy type called "stain on the ruby", his word is worth less than a paper it is printed on, and his promises are never delivered. I cannot understand how possibly he is still in charge.

Uh-huh. Let's see...

HTC's interest in buying Palm would have been to carve it up, leverage the patents and maybe introduce some new features from it in post-buy devices. They wouldn't have done what many of us wanted--maintain the OS, let alone maintain Palm largely intact.

So yes, we might be able to point to 3 new handsets--running Android with some webOS-based features--in that scenario. No thanks.

If HTC was the one who bought Palm, webOS would be dead. HTC wanted Palm just to get their IP since they were being demanded by Apple.

With HP and Rubenstein, webOS is dead too. They are making new mistakes every day.
Sad but true. :-(

Unreal...is there only a 200 MHz difference between the Veer and Pre? So the only choice is to buy a Pre 2 or a Pre 3 to get web OS 2.0!? And thats if it ever hits a good US carrier. Sounds like HP has been eating some red fruit.

The MHz does not meassure speed of the proccessor.

Clock speed has nothing to do with performance. The Veer CPU can process a HELLA lot more data for clock cycle.

Hmmm ... I got a pre plus in germany. The message I get after checking my serial reads simply:

''Ihr aktuelles Gerät:

Palm Pre Plus on Vodafone''

... That's all, nothing more. So what the heck does this mean?

Cheers Jens

If this is true, this is really lame that it won't come to the original Pre.

The headline image on the article is showing that a Pre (NOT a Pre Plus) will be upgraded. Is this a PreCentral gaff or is HP changing their mind again?

I have an O2 Pre but can't be bothered taking the battery off to get my S/N and check again.

I suspect (but not very sure) that Pixi plus and possibly Pre's were still being sold in Europe after HPs initial announcement that OS2.x will be made available. I wonder if under European law, they will be forced to pay refunds or make good on their promise made before a sale was made.

you know you can get the serial number from the bult-in device info app right?

And I can log onto my palm profile too. But both options will lead to more depression.

I have a Pre- from o2 and just checked, thats what they said:

Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

Your current device:

Palm Pre on o2.

So?? I realy want to stay with WebOS, but i want a new phone NOW. With an update i could wait some months for the Pre3, but without? Probably not.

Just checked my Pre- (O2 Germany) -> No 2.0 support!!! Palm/Hp was always promising flash support (last time couple of weeks ago!!!) for my Pre. I have to admit, that I am really disappointed. I really like WebOs and believe that it is much better than iOs or Android. However, I will think twice before buying a PalmPad or a new Pre. In my opinion this is not an ethical business behavior.

Sample serial
Sample Serial Number

The serial number of your phone is located on the back of the device underneath the battery.
Help me find my Serial Number (webOS phones)

Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

We are working on alternative plans with Sprint and will be sharing details in the coming weeks. Please come back to palm.com/webos-info to find out more

Assuming the O2 Pre Pluses get the upgrade, then why can't any other Pre Pluses get the upgrade? It would prove that old hardware (at least the Pre Plus) can handle 2.1. It also proves that they are able to workaround any 1.x -> 2.x Palm Profile issues.

If they release 2.1 on O2 Pre Pluses, then they should release them on all Pre Pluses. And personally I think the Pre Minus can handle it as well. I'm running 2.0 on a Pre Plus (dev phone) and it works very smoothly. Since it works as good or better than a Pre Plus running 1.4.5, I would assume the Pre minus would also work as well or better.

I think the profile issue is a red herring at best. If that was a true issue then anyone moving from Pre to Pre2 or above would have the same issue unless they recreated their profile. And if recreating a profile is a show stopper, we would have heard of it by now through the Pre2 upgraders.

They don't anticipate having upgraded hardware in the near term, so they're stringing you along until you have something to truly "wait" for.

You're in the same situation we were up until Feb 9, but they didn't have any new shiny sparkly newness to share with O2 yet. Your day will come when "maybe" turns to "not", but on that day, they'll have something you can get around Christmas, or CES, or....

Can anyone explain me why carriers are involved?

If you load the Device Info app, you'll see there is carrier-specific software/firmware loaded on the phone. It's not just HP/Palm software being loaded.

Also if people have issues with the new OS, they might contact the carrier. So the carrier is very much interested in what gets loaded on their phones.

I have a Pre Plus with Verizon and I received a similar message yesterday. I understand both sides of not updating the older phones, but it would be nice to get a webOS doctor for manual upgrade.

i cant be bothered with 2.0 anymore i don't think my old pre can handle it, i rather have HP give me a good discount on the new devices if they don't upgrade to 2.0

Frankly - who cares?

For months everybody was wailing after new hardware and now all of you suddenly want to keep their Pre[+|-]es or Pixi[+|-]es?

My O2 Pre- is with me since end of October 2009, so I guess it will be just right to move to a Pre3 after 2 years. This phone was too expensive to be used shorter anyways.

But if its too long to wait for you, move on. But stop spamming these comments and these forums with your wailing.

Oh, and one more thing: please name the company that did not lie to its customers yet, if that's soo important for you...

You don't care. Others do.

You may find that in a forum where the vary vast majority of posters are venting their frustration, your comment is more of an spam than theirs so please do not be insulting to anyone.

People who bought the Pre on a two year contract one year ago have another 12 months to go. It is very fair that they would expect their phones not be made EOL half way through the contract especially as they were told it would not be.

Its not like these phones would stop working if they didn't get 2.0, right?

They stopped o/s upgrades only 9 months after releasing an incomplete phone. Promises were made, lies were committed, and,....whining and trolling is now fully justified. For the last 20 months, the trolls have been more correct than Rubinstein.

Worship a false idol if you like bela, people had a chance to opt out when Sprint changed the TOS. People had a chance to upgrade early until Sprint dropped the policy. Jon screwed people out of two chances to vacate the Pre without having to pay off Sprint. Now they dont have the phone they were promised and they cant get out until June without sending Dan cash. So, Jon and Dan have earned four months of bitching and moaning that they fully deserve.

Want to keep it? Is there a choice? If you are on Sprint and under contract or have an expiring contract, what else is there but to keep the phone? Switch OS and most people here don't want to do that or, frankly, they wouldn't be here.

After the initial flux of devices on 2009... MOST of them contracts are going to expire in a few months... and there is NO WebOS phone on Sprint... or on ANY US carrier. Millions of Pre/pixi customers are literally gone, and no way to get a new phone because Pre3 isn't coming out till "end of summer"... thats the big problem! And Developers are jerked even more.

Here's what I got for a US Pre Plus on AT&T:

"Your device is not able to support the new features of webOS 2.

Therefore, your device will not receive a webOS 2 update. The latest software version for your device is webOS 1.4.5.

We are working on alternative plans with AT&T and will be sharing details in the coming weeks. Please come back to palm.com/webos-info to find out more."

No luck for Palm Pre in Movistar (Spain). Without alternative plans, SIM Toolkit support, ..., nothing.

this is just plain selfish and upsetting to say the least. I'm currently running 2.0.1 on my Sprint Palm Pre and its running beautifully to say the least. Its a bit "buggy" but that is a given with any OS. I'm personally sticking with 2.0 even if its a beta, this is NOT the dream that palm envisioned. This is no longer truly about what the user wants. Its Hewlett-Packard...

I might be reading this slightly more optimistically than most, but if our Sprint Pre-s "cannot" support webos 2.x and they're working on alternate paths with Sprint, would this not mean that they're trying to get new webos devices out on Sprint to give us access to 2.x?

Well for Pre minus users in germany it's a bad situation: No upgrade to webos 2.0 and no alternative plans possible, cause there is no german Pre2 at all (not even planned) .

Let's see what O2 will come up with, and hope HP will throw a lot of money in, cause of the broken promisses of bringing 2.x to all devices.

I'd take 6 months of a Pre 2 on VzW if they still allowed me to upgrade to Pre3 in September! I like my OC Pre Plus right now. I was hoping for / looking forward to Voice Dialing on 2.0.

I look forward to a Pre3.

backpeddling is great for getting your heartrate up but you looks stupid while doing it. HP.

and i read somewhere on here that HP has heard the complaints and like, they're not made of stone? Are their feelings hurt??? That's a great image for a company. "stop making fun of us!"

I just got a javascript error, so I guess that's my answer?

Yes, it looks like they pulled the page down.

Watched the new HP webOS commercial on Saturday Night Live last night and the URL at the end offered a link to http://bit.ly/f4bpgq, which shows a Pre Plus in exhibition mode with the soon-to-be released webOS 2.0 (OTA by the way). I guess no one told the advertising department about Jon's painful decision to screw us.

The past week has been a disaster for the webOS group at HP. They have alienated the existing customer base and given a vague roadmap to their developers. Given the scope of devices that HP plans to implement webOS on, you could right off those two groups as a cost of the webOS relaunch. However, the real damage they did was the buzzkill they generated. There will be no articles in mainstream publications when or if the new devices come to market and the leading tech blogs will only report what they hear in the enthusiast blogs, which is buzzkill. That damage is more than HP calculated. I put the odds of the TouchPad coming to market this year less than 50%, higher if you count the Slate 500 as launched.

Can't wait to see the commercial again tonight on the Grammy's.

Wow that is terrible. I'm telling you no one runs these companies at all. Sometimes I really think they don't want to admit the software comes from the middleEast.

What I don't understand is why there's such little development. If you look at all the applications (5,000) there is less then 50k worth of development. Yes it is that bad.

For 500k, they could have a quality development facility. You only need one and still their stating its easy to transfer applications yet its done for every device besides this. Now consider thats 1,000,000 millions users. If someone would have said will you all pay 10 more dollars to guarantee this isn't a piece of crap? Of course we would have. 10 million dollars in development. That would give the Palm Web OS the highest applications. So where is the money going? These guys must literally being hiring people to do absolutely nothing and its true. I goto a bank (which they probably own) for a business loan. 5-10 people in each bank sitting around talking in a ridicule tone.

I ask for an SBA. Not one has the slightest clue of how to go about doing it. Their dividing into too much support just to get paid.

Same situation. No matter how much we pay them their not going to produce their going to split the money to more people. These people think their bigger then their own devices. Maybe a few should be but not like this.

That 10 million dollars toward development, There is less then 50k worth. They have given 1 million away to developer. I don't think their looking at how cheap some of this **** is. You've made a platform to take days instead of hours and in some cases minutes, to complete a job that could be done on visual studio in less then 2 days from top to bottom in depth. Look at Nokia phones. Supposedly Palm devices are made to make others feel poor about the device or appreciate small additions too much. They simply still want too much from too little.

All the people with a Prē 'classic' just stick with 1.4.5. You don't want 2.0 on your device! I've got a Prē 'classic' and a Prē2. WebOS 2.0 does not sync as well with your Google account as webOS 1.4.5 does. My Google Calendar is useless with 2.0!! I'll keep using the Prē2 because it is much faster and got better hardware inspite of the syncing issues with Google Calendar. I'll just trust my Palm Profile backup for my calendar! Hope this wil be solved in 2.1....

I don't see a problem using 1.4.5 a little longer on my old Pre (minus).

Don't like too much that it was said to be otherwise, but plans can change, especially for software! And I think HPalm is working hard.

Better they work on the new stuff instead of updating devices which soon will expire / be given up by most people anyway.

This sort of confirms my suspicion that it is the carriers and not HP that put the kibosh and pushing out webos 2.X to legacy devices.

Carriers sell you phones and retain your contract regardless of who makes the phone/OS, so I see your point... why would a carrier update your 2 year old phone when they can try and force you to sign a new contract and offer you their latest phone!

as stated before, the only real thing hp could do to make things better for those of us whose phones have been EOL'd (vzw pre+ here) would be a free/higly discounted pre 2 as a replacement WITHOUT using our upgrade tickets. That's really the only fair option at this point. Maybe something like we send in our pres & we get back a pre 2 fully activated & restored with our data. I was fully ready to stick it out with my pre + until my upgrade (in oct unfortunately) however just before the announcement my phone got stuck in headphone mode & started developing the usb door crack.. And there are no longer any replacement units..

For those of us who use our phones for business, this would not be an acceptable option since we would be without a phone while it is in transit. I would propose that the program should ask for our Palm profile login(not password), plus serial number for our existing phone. Palm would then have us pay the $200 price for our HP Pre 3 replacement device.

That would be nice and simple, and at that point, we either return our old device, or we could sell/retire it, or keep it as a backup phone.

I personally CAN wait for a new WebOS phone. I was frustrated with not getting WebOS 2.0, but I got over it. I want the new hardware with the new software. I know they said summer, but I think it might come sooner. I understand people are upset, especially with the flash promise, but I keep watching the videos on Pre3 and seeing that bigger screen and keyboard, I get excited about it :) I think HP is doing what they can to get these products out pronto and not have quality issues aka Pre minus and marketing mess we experienced the first time around.

Am I missing something, The Screen Capture above Clearly states the device is a "Palm Pre on O2"
It also Clearly does not state the device is a "Palm Pre Plus on O2".
Again, I may be parsing too much here, but I fail to see how "(the Pre and Pixi Plus are apparently SOL)"
Assuming the Screen Capture is not doctored (no pun intended)

I bought a palm when I heard about a Flash upgrade... but my pixi plus from SFR will not be update, ...
My brother offer me his old Pre from O2 Germany and it will not be update, ...

Merde... I should understand HP, but i'm more than desappointed about Palm...
I changed from Orange to SFR for Palm, I gave a lot of money, and finally, ... Nothing...

Cyril (France)

I ran the checker for my original Sprint Pre - Here is what palm spit back


So, basically, Sprint may have the new phones on release. I certainly hope so.

I went out and bought an Evo yesterday. So long webOS, I will miss you, but HP is unlikely to get a second chance to screw me.

This is what I get when going to the update checker:


What's this mean?

Doesn't give any info. Try it on an actual computer.

here I come Android

pre 3 rocks. I just want a compensation from palm for the pre minus that gets no further updates.

I got this "

Palm is working with your carrier to provide a software update for your device.

Please return to palm.com/webos-info in the coming weeks to find out more.
So is there any hope ??

There is some hope, but it is of the "don't hold your breath" variety. If we could doctor our phones and have our current profile work, I'd do that as long as our 1GHz overclocks will work.

HP won't get a chance to make things right with me. After 13 years of using and evangelizing for the zen-of-Palm, I'm out. Android has the apps I want and the hardware is better looking and offers me more options. Hello Epic 4g, goodbye Pre.

In Dec. 08 I made the decision to leave Sprint & go over to the dark side for an iPhone. With the Pre announcement just a couple of weeks later I knew I found the successor to my Treo. I'm going to be looking at the iPhone again, because I simply can't trust HP.