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webOS 2.0 will be released to "all devices" in coming months (Update: Video online) 98

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 20 Nov 2010 4:41 pm EST


We just heard a confirmation from Palm's Josh Marinacci that HP / Palm intends to get webOS 2.0 on all existing webOS devices in "the coming months." That timeline is still vaguer that we'd like, but we're glad to get solid word that none of the current webOS devices will get left out in the cold - or at least they won't as far as HP / Palm is concerned. You never know what carrier hijinks / delays / restrictions could get in the way (and carrier love for webOS seems like it's at an all-time low).

Looking to develop apps with webOS 2.0 features? Get in the Early Access Program, because the webOS 2.0 SDK is still under a Non-Disclosure Agreement and not publicly available despite the fact that webOS 2.0 devices (that'd be the Palm Pre 2) are shipping right now. The SDK should go out of beta and be available to the general public when HP starts sending out those OTA updates to existing phones. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see what cool stuff developers are making for webOS 2.0 - until that SDK is out of NDA (OMG), we can't know what Just Type, Synergy, and Exhibition-compatible apps are coming.

Anyhow, kudos to HP / Palm for committing to a stable, non-fragmented platform across all their devices - from the lowly Sprint Pixi to the beefy unlocked Pre 2 - by bringing webOS 2.0 ..."in the coming months."

Update: Palm / HP has already posted the video of Marinacci's speech online, check it out after the break!


We know, we know .... patience. Same old, same old....

yup... my patience is running out. We were supposed to be the first to get flash, we are told webos 2.0 by the end of the year and now it's "in the coming months."
sigh... i'll keep waiting till end of Jan. If I don't have some upgrade (hardware or software) by then, i'm switching to the EVO.

I have been patient, more than patient I think. I have been an evangelist for this phone even before I got one myself. I could have upgraded to another phone 3 months ago. However, there is only so much patience one person can have. I was certain that Palm would release webOS 2.0 before Christmas to keep its loyal fanbase happy until an announcement at CES but it doesnt seem like this will come to pass. What are they thinking in Palm headquarters? They don't have the luxury of telling people to be patient and giving vague future predictions. Well unless between now and July 2011 they don't have a compelling (revolutionary) device I am moving on to another platform on Verizon (I am also tired of Sprints crap phone lineup).

Cannot wait! Bring on WebOS 2.0!

If the Republicans can still claim they are for smaller government and reducing the deficits than anything goes. HP has learned well.

well I have no hope, in Mexico we're stuck in 1.4 :(
No paid apps, no nothing.

I wonder what the **** is up with Telcel, leaving you out in the cold like that. Too bad there is no real carrier competition in Mexico like there is north of the border. Otherwise, you could switch carriers and give Telcel the finger.

But the owner of Telcel is the 2nd or 3rd most richest person in the world. That make me feel much better. #Sarcasm

believe it when I see it. Especially on Sprint...

Im sitting in the conference room with you guys but I have no idea who you are! I wanna say hi, would you mind like waving your hand in the air for a couple minutes?

Ugh, its now been a month since the initial "in the coming months" so it sounds like they've tacked on another month to that as nothing has changed.

In coimng MONTHS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT TO HEAR! I Take eveything with a grain of salt in what they tell us! Palm was TERRIBLE in their promises in what they told us and NOW it looks like HP is following their FOOTSTEPS!!!

kudos to dieter for trying to keep us interested still.

HP and Palm's new slogan: If you want it, you've got to wait for it.

This is beginning to sound like a broken record. For a superior product that does not have the luxury of patience in the marketplace, this is not good. "In the coming months" is not good enough when you're not even in the rear view mirror of iOS and Android.

It would be great if someone could "accidentally" release a beta 2.0 leak so we can all try out...

for some reason that i cant help, im really starting to dislike palm. they are really putting a sour taste in my mouth


What happened to the "work" that was being done to offer a bootleg edition of 2.0 via Homebrew? Any progress?

Some a**hole named PreHype broke the rules of the forum by installing the unfinished version Rod Whitby was trying to share. They bricked their Pre then returned it to the carrier under insurance for a replacement which is clearly stated is against the rules so the thread was closed. Pissed me and others off real good. http://forums.precentral.net/webos-internals/267880-frankendoctor-1-4-5-...

Too funny! One person uses this to take a political shot, and everyone else just complains endlessly. It's a phone, if you are unhappy, use something else. There is no shortage of options, so switch to something that you will like better. I know you could all run HP/Palm better than they do...but since somehow you didn't get the chance, we have to live with the folks actually doing it, or switch to something else.

sorry I cannot agree to you. I paid 500 Euro for this "phone". Due to the lack of competence in marketing and quality Palm failed to create a sucess story of the Pre. So if I would like to sell this device I would loose a lot of money.

so I hope to get at least a better OS with these options and features I hoped to get already 1 year ago (office app with editing, facebook chat, flash, faster OS)

Palm sold not only a phone - also an OS and regular ota-updates. And now? Delays delays delays.

Nothing new here, I'm sorry but Palm has let me down... :(

December is a coming month so for all we it could be the week after next - LOL!

i'd rather they not tell us anything instead of having to hear "In the coming months"... such a vague timeframe is not news worthy especially since we've heard it before.

Coming Months (January) I'm geting a new phone. It better be an Webos phone

So that means that Sprint(and other carriers) already have the 2.0 awaiting approval! Grrrr... Sprint dont spurn us! We already got dissed wanting a upgrade to the OG Pre!

How is that? As far as I've understood it, the only WebOS version(s) 2.x released by Palm are for Pre2 hardware. As much as we all want our updates, there is some ironing out they have to do to ensure WebOS 2.x works on on the existing Pre+/- & Pixi devices out there across multiple networks.

In the meantime: I also want WebOS 2.0, but, think of it this way: it will take the Homebrewers & patchers a bit of time to build in patch compatability for 2.0 (for patches that make sense).

don't think i can wait. may jump ship for windows phone 7 soon.

Does any know how apps work on an unlocked Pre 2? Can I download apps before I get a carrier? And if so, from whose store?

As I am Canadian, this question is of particular interest.


My thought is the delay is about making sure the other programs from other developers are ready...Flash, document editing, etc. If not, we'll hear same complaints and take away some of the excitement they want to generate with the release. If we have all those other programs ready to go, more enthusiasm, more praise, and more people start looking at this OS. The last thing they want is new HP/Palm getting negative feedback from the public, when instead you wait a bit longer and get excitement with the first HP/Palm release. Would you do it any other way? The complainers will say yes, but the smart business people will say do it right on your first merger release (and the business people include the carriers who want enthusiasm as that means sales).

If webOS 2.0 wasn't ready then it wouldn't be on the pre2


Being on the new hardware has no relationship whatsoever to being on the old hardware. Has anyone actually seen webOS 2.0 (or webOS 2.Noooooooo) running on old hardware (specifically the Sprint Pre and Pixi)?

Remember that the new hardware has a different processor therefore just taking that version and deploying it to the old processor hardware is not necessarily a simple slam dunk.

I really don't care anymore. After 1.4 it has gotten old waiting and anticipating the release of the updates.

2.0 is dissappointing anyway. 1.5 woulda been a more appropriate name.

I have a few things to say regarding this. First off? Every time the announcement comes for a new webos version, you always have that handful of people threatening to jump ship if it doesn't come out "tomorrow". To that, I say good riddance. I buy palm because I love palm, not because it's the newest new gimmick phone. I'd like a Pre2 but I am not going to get one until I am sure that my current phone no-longer runs the apps and programs I "NEED" to use on a daily basis. Just because a phone is old, does not make it useless, and my original Pre still makes most clunky droid phones currently out look like buttered garbage.

For the "usual" complaints though, I have to agree some what. I honestly think that sprint should let palm deal out the updates. Have someone from sprint/verizon/etc monitoring them to ensure they hold up to carrier specs, but atleast with palm in the driver's seat we will see the updates almost as quickly as the unlocked phones. I noticed, with sprint at least, once a phone is no longer "the most popular phone ever", they stop putting priorities on it despite it being still listed as an active model.

As far as I am concerned, all smart phones still considered active should have high priority. Some of us (as I stated earlier) purchase phones for specific features we use in our daily lives for work or home. For me the pre does this quite well and I've found very few flaws with it that I couldn't work around using a 3rd party app from the catalogue. I will not jump ship, because I love my phone, but after waiting patiently for sprint to get off their lazy asses and remember they carry phones other than droid, I can see the appeal to buying an unlocked phone, considering the pre2 already has 2.0.1 while we haven't even seen 2.0.0 yet.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but at least I "try" to list valid points instead of making empty threats expecting some cellphone rep to be anxiously watching these threats, hear my plea and bow down to kiss my ass immediately.

"I buy palm because I love palm"

The only problem with that statement is that there is no Palm anymore ... it is HP. With all the higher ups that were in Palm that have since left, I think we can safely assume there really is no Palm left.

Until Palm is completely erased, then they are still there.

1. www.palm.com
2. the logo says hp palm
3. So far to date, all equipment says .... palm

It is definitely safe to say that palm is still there.

He meant to say that he loves the brand. He's in love with four letters put together.

Why hasn't the 2.0 SDK been made public anyway?

i want mines now so at least ill feel like ive got something new until the actual new phones start coming out.

I guess this really gives more credence to those out there in the P|C community who have said the "BIG NEWS" at CES isn't going to be a device, or devices, at all, but rather a "We have released HP webOS 2.0 to the carriers, you will have to wait until they have approved it and release it to you". And they will then show the Pre 2 and what HP webOS can do.

Boy, wouldn't that be thud...

I'm sure they have something HARD to show. The HP e-printer is already selling in stores. It's got to be running some sort of webOS so I bet they show a tablet @ least.

You're right, they do have the e-printer. But, it is running Android, not webOS.

This is the product that was in the pipeline before the acquisition of Palm. BUT, I bet they are keeping it alive in case their whole experiment with webOS is a failure.

HP would have no qualms at all with abandoning webOS in favor of Android if they flop webOS.

keep stringing ur customers along as more defect to other platforms that develop 100x's faster. i'd like to come back to webos but the empty promises and sprint upgrades made a lot of us look elsewhere...

Webosroundup has a review of the Pre2 and their on review of webos 2.0.

Sprint stores have been telling me January 1st for getting 2.0....

I got "Right around Christmas" today.

I neither agree, nor secretly desire a on screen keyboard. I like to feel the keys, and the screen keyboards are never that great on any phones I've played with.

There is an OSK in the app catalog called Wog O.S.K. It works pretty good after the recent update. It also allows you to Slide or to tap. The only problem is they haven't been able to get backspace working. If you make a mistake that needs to be deleted, you'll have to open the slide.

As a original pre user I just want flash now that's all... keep your stacks, your exhibition, your auto correct feature... i just want flash now so i can user one simple flash based program on my phone when im out. thanks

"in coming months"...
the patience webOS users showed until now is ending.
too generic. too vague.
could be tomorrow or 2035.
and where are new devices? palm pre 2 is just what Pre should have been from the start. 1 year and 14 weeks (at least for me in my little poor Italy) and just two devices. no paid apps. no nothing.
i really dunno what to think... :(

And this is new news? they have been lubing us with "coming months" for a little bit now... http://www.cesweb.org/

47day 19 hours 30 minutes to CES 2011

We'll see then... and even then.. may be 3-6 Months before we see a device.. i hope i'm wrong.

So now with 3 different version of webos in the wild its clear WebOS is nearly as fragment as android. So much for controlling the software and device to curb fragmentation eh Palm?






you forgot the new


oh, come on, 2.0 hasn't even been out for a month, and 1.4.0 is still out in the wild only due to one hold-out carrier. It's not nearly the same as the situation with Android.

it's not up to Palm it's up to the carriers to approve it. So they have to say "coming months" since even they don't know when carriers will approve it either

But wasn't this already common knowledge? Palm needs to say something BETTER and something INTERESTING that will keep their existing customers even a little happy. They're not getting any new customers until at least January so the only thing that they can do is attract devs (giving us a $200 coupon of the Pre 2 is a start) and keep all of us existing customers happy!

Do these guys have their heads up their butts, or what? Stringing along your loyal users and customers about the release of an OS that no one cares about is good business sense, guys. "In the coming months" is such corporate bull crap. I wish there were people over at XDA Developers who could hack into 2.0 and give us a copy. I will go back to Android if these buffoons don't announce something more definite before Christmas.

it's not up to Palm it's up to the carriers to approve it. So they have to say "coming months" since even they don't know when carriers will approve it either

...and I also give kudos to Dieter and his unyielding optimism.

I do hope Sprint gets it soon!

Will there be a wake for Palm OS at Developer Days?

LOL you guys have no idea how sick I am of palm, hp, and getting treated like **** after spending $300 on a phone I have had to exchange 5 times. I will NEVER get a palm /hp device again to be treated like this when there is a lot better out there. Lesson learned. :) hp and all your lame fat leaders...go to hell :) looking forward to verizons iphone in 2011.... in the coming months.

you can't be THAT sick of it. Your still here bitching like a little girl.

He's voicing his concerns, just as everybody else is. Way to personally attack him jackass. Oh, I guess that was a little hypocritical...

No, he was trolling, nowhere was he making a gripe, he was flat out attacking and made it clear he was through with Palm. Oh, I guess you can't tell the difference between an actual concern over an attack, jackass.

It would be trolling if his comment didn't have merit. And the first part of his comment is a very valid reason to be mad at Palm, the second half however I'll have to admit you're right it's definitely trolling.

HP should change Palms tag to: Life moves fast...in coming months!

As much as I would like the "new" Pre 2, my Pre + works fine. WebOS 2.x would be nice but I'd rather get the right thing the first time.
And as a side note I have droid users asking to borrow my phone. Goes to that droid isn't all that it's cracked up to be.

Are those droid users who ask to borrow your phone owners of an EVO 4G, MyTouch 4G, Droid X, or Droid 2? Probably not, because anyone who had any of those phones isn't likely to be interested in using a Pre Plus. I have a Pre Plus and have encountered iPhone and Android users who aren't the least bit interested in anything about my phone because theirs are far more capable, with more apps, and more functionality. Our interface is prettier, and the user experience is nice but that isn't impressing users of other platforms who aren't enamored with ours.

As far as droid users asking to use your phone, it is most likely so that they can do the same thing that webOS users do when asking to use their phones ... to validate their choice that they chose the right platform.

I find it highly unlikely that anyone with a droid would ask to use a Pre+ to do something that they can't do with their phone (just as I feel that webOS users would ask a droid user to use their phone to do something that the Pre+ couldn't do -- unless you are wanting to view a Flash video or something...).

yea - mine will be in the trash compactor by then. I have been a palm lifer...... Well - that life is ending and BB is starting.....

I am on my 3rd Sprint Pre from 8/09 and haven't complained. If this fails I'll get another and so on. Great hardware will come, but great software that utilizes the hardware is what I need the most. All I want is more productive apps and a fluidness experience without lag.

That may come in the new hardware release "in the coming months" but meanwhile, you and I and everyone else who doesn't bail, will be waiting for WebOS 2.0 to be released "in the coming months".

"You're an adult, it's your phone."

But that's now what Steve Jobs said.

I'm tired of waiting. These guys do a terrific job, when it comes to drive users away. This is not how we bring WebOS to "scale".

Ah! This is maddening! Especially with the news that some phones are getting a 2.01.


I love how Android has turned WebOS into the red headed stepchild that nobody cares about now, lol. WebOS sure has the most devout and loyal userbase. They see something in the OS that few still see. Hopefully HP\Palm doesn't let them down.

The whole thing could be a plot to attempt to get everyone interested in a Palm Pad. It would be funny if Palm didn't produce any smart phones persay, but did produce netbooks and tablets with cell carrier 3G data access. How would all the Palm fanboys feel about that? Right now, no one can confirm anything that is coming because it will be seen "in the coming months". All we know for a fact is that WebOS 2.0 exists and runs on the Pre Plus right now. Anything else is just speculation until we see something "in the coming months".

The beginning of the end of mankind.....

On Bell in Canada we only have the original Pre. while I am interested in 2.0 for keyboard support I worry about how well it will run on the original Pre and what drain it will have on the battery.

Good 'ole Bell Mobility.

I'm wondering if they'll even think it's worth their while (ie money) to "approve" 2.0 and make it available for us.

Last time I was in a Bell store looking around, I mentioned I had a Pre and was asked, "Oh, you still have one of those???"

(yeah, I know their job is to sell phones but still)

I just visited the 2011 International CES Floor Plan website to see how much space Palm has reserved compared to Google. It looks like N246(Palm,Inc.) has 3 times the space as N211(Google,Inc.) and 2 times the space as N241(LG Electronics).

Why would they need so much space? They must be planning something really big. Something has to be revealed here.

If I'm wrong about this please tell me so.

Here is the link:


It keeps getting cut off when i copy and paste.

well I guess that good for friend who has a sprint pre (i have a plus,but sadly it's been discontinued [verizon])

I am pretty bummed that sprint drop the ball with palm, but they are number one in 4G coverage, at least for the time being. For now that is enough to passify me.

They should do like apple. Shut up till something is reading to be on sale. Announce it. Sell it in a few days. None of this coming months garbage.

He was using a Mac at the last Dev Day...

I bet a lot of those ex employees who took off and fled to Google and elsewhere just couldn't hang. Culture shock.

So many people complaining that WebOS updates are slow, and they'll switch to Android in X months.

I did get an Android Samsung Epic phone, as I needed some apps on it. And it has never got the update to AOS 2.2 that was "promised" either.

The grass ain't any greener in Android land....and WebOS is way better to use!

My patience is nearly up! For whoever has the update and won't release it, I say 2.0 or we go. Everyone start the protest

2.0 or we go
2.0 or we go
2.0 or we go

Ugh, I'm so over it. By the time they decide to give 2.0 to the people that have had to wait patiently, it's going to be time to renew my contract and I'm going for a different phone.

I will admit that I have been waiting for this update for the past few months. I do understand that some of this wait is Palm/HP and some is the carriers. I tuely wish that this was not the case. I did buy my phone due to the promise of Flash availability. I am disappointed in the delay and frusterated by the total timing.

The statement really should not have been

Well it's February 10, 2011 and we now know this was an outright lie.

Bottom line: if HP does not give me the 2.0 update for my Pre Plus, then I will switch to a Blackberry Torch as soon as I am eligible for an upgrade later this year.

I have owned, and been loyal to Palm devices for many, many years, and still use my TX along with my Pre Plus.

But that loyalty will end if HP sh*ts on loyal Palm customers.