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webOS 2.1 on Pre Plus Hands On [Video] 47

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 22 Feb 2011 3:19 pm EST

Even though we're not in Europe, we couldn't hold back on the dangerfun of installing webOS 2.1 on our AT&T Palm Pre Plus. While there's some progress already on the necessary steps to make this fully functional on US devices, we're still recommending all but the most expert users hold off - and those expert users should still only try it on test devices.

Now that we have those warnings in place, how is webOS 2.1 on a Pre Plus? Insofar as we've used it so far, quite good. Performance is slightly better than what we have on 1.4.5 - though as always it's difficult to compare a freshly doctored Pre with one that's been in use for some time.

Sadly, it doesn't look like Flash is included in this ROM and neither is voice dialing or Skype. In fact, the only major difference we are seeing is that this build contains the first working and live version of Exhibition mode that we've yet seen. It works as advertised, so well in fact that at least with the default options there actually isn't much to say. You've got your clock, your agenda, and a photo slideshow to choose between. QuickOffice reader is also on deck.

If you're unfamiliar with the major changes that came in webOS 2.0, might we recommend our full webOS 2.0 review as a starter before you partake in the video above. 


No Flash? Wow, they continue to fail on delivering that promise.

Meh, at this point I'd prefer bug fixes, improved performance, and Exhibition.

More like 1.5.

2.0.1 (a.k.a. the leaked one) had Flash.

More like they just got rid of the things that didn't work worth a damn.

It seems that doctor was the wrong doctor O2 uploaded and was a testing only version with some limitations.. they are supposed to upload the correct one later today, so curious to see if Flash is in the correct one..

Edit: You may want to checkout the following post.. http://forums.precentral.net/webos-internals/276460-how-install-webos-2-...

I hope you're right. I'd like some Flash with my webOS 2.0.

Ahh c'mon Flash! ;)

Hold the fuck up!
How are you running so many apps without the essence of frame lag .___.???
Overclocked already?

Well, the Pre Plus does have twice as much RAM as the Minus. And presumably Palm fixed at least some of its memory bugs for webOS 2. Combine that and you have a recipe for snappier performance.

Have you put this on a Pre (minus) yet? If so, would you be able to upload a video showing how it runs so us Pre- users know what to expect?

Without Flash it's a fail that is not even worth all the hard work for. Sure some of those other features are great but without flash they are all pale in comparison.

I don't understand all the excitement over that exhibition mode? I don't see much use for it. Am I missing something?

Voice dial is another feature that I barely ever used in the past. With WebOS there is barely any need for it.

The only thing about exhibition mode I like currently is the Agenda view (although there is room for great things - particularly if you use a touchstone in the car - when other apps start using it). One wonders why Palm can't include Agenda in the ACTUAL calendar.

You’ve obviously forgotten about stacks. Stacks, man! C’mon! Now that you can stack cards, how can you in good conscience request anything else? Seriously, why would you want flash now that you can group twitter and facebook cards?

Well played, sir. =)

They probably have a lot more planned for Exhibition mode with Touchstone v2.

Voice Dialling IS INCLUDED and WORKS. At least for me.

Yeah, it includes all of the necessary IPKs in the Doctor, so I don't know why it doesn't work for Dieter.

Yes, i have installed it on my Pre PLus coming from O2 germany, but with Italian language, without problem... it seems speedy and good, i make some experiments...

webOS rocks!!!

I did test it on a movistar pre-. It appears to work fine and at a decent speed: I use the most excellent unixpsycho's AV8B kernel on my 1.4.5 pre, so my memories of how the stock webos should feel on a pre- are rather fuzzy, but it's probably faster than that.

I can confirm that voice dialling is included and works here too.

Hola amigo, tengo un palm pre movistar pero liberado y quisiera actualizar a 2.1.0. Agradeceria tu ayuda de decirme como lo hago, porque lo del meta-doctor lo he hecho pero no puedo ejecutarlo. Mi correo es anticmaster@gmail.com

Un saludo amigo.

I'm confused. Did Palm post a doctor that works on US phones, or did the PreCentral gang have a mechanism for using a german 2.1 doctor on a US phone?

I hate being the slow kid.

The PreCentral gang used Metadoctor to force the german 2.1 doctor to work on a US phone.

Does anyone really care? WebOS was great until HP stopped supporting it for old devices. I dont want to hack my phone everytime I want an upgrade!!! I especially dont want to buy a crappy little veer or a Pre3, these phones are no more then a beefed up pre plus! Where is the great looking screen, worth while app market, or any real mobile advancement like Android and Apple are performing... Open your eyes folks the future for HP phones is NO FUTURE!

android is so frickin cool... i hope the pre 3 wows me when i play with it. i really do

excuse the pun, but watching this video on my pre... made things very META. ar har har... still waiting for palm to make things right.

Is this Pre Plus overclocked??

Everyone please stop saying fail, if you cant think of more sophisticated term then the all encompassing "fail" then please don't say anything. It just makes you look like a poser who is trying to be cool by using one of the most over used words of the year. also please think logically before you say stupid stuff, why would flash not be in there? maybe it wasn't performing well enough on the older devices, logical reason to not be there, if it ran perfectly they would put it in there. contrary to what a lot of you thinking HPalm higher ups are not sitting in their cube laughing with pleasure and thinking of new ways to get the original users mad. It is your own fault for getting mad. What if they put flash in there and didn't work to your expectations you would all say "fail". HP is doing what is best for them and the future of WebOS. HP is trying to please the old device users. I see no reason for them to even try. we are less then 2% of all smart phone users. The number they are trying to get with future devices will far exceed us. so if some of you are that pissed just leave, and come back once WebOS is how you want it. I have a Pre- and I will be getting rid of it as soon as I am able to get a new WebOS device(probably in the next few months 3-6). I really think the 2.x version isn't all that impressive for the User(one reason I don't care much for it). The biggest part of the 2.x version is that it opens up things for developers and their apps. which are in short demand to begin with. so getting 2.x isn't very important in the big scheme of things. Just think about it with a level and logical head and you will see 2.x on old devices is pretty pointless.

It may not be a total failure, but in terms of what WE want.. it is a letdown. We were inticed with Flash long ago and yet it it is still not here. So in some peoples mind it is a FAIL until a new device comes out with flash.
Honestly, its the one thing I am looking forward to. Slow or not

in the grand scheme of things it is not a fail. it is just another letdown/hicup on the long road of Palm/HP letdowns. Anyone who has been in software development realizes just because you talk about something doesn't mean it will or can be done in the originally given time frame. Some times things dot even make it to the consumers. Yes they could handle thing better on letting the customers know but we have no control over that. I want WebOS to have flash and everything else that all the other smartphones have, but for what it has it does it extremely well,(multitasking, UI...) and better then most other smart phones. I would rather have an product that works well with fewer features then a device that has all the features and is crappy.

If it's being released as a doctor, only the people that know about it, really want it, and understand the risks/limitations will use it. I say it should be up to them how their experience with Flash is.

yes and no, do you know how many experimental things are out there for the pre that are for people who are knowledgeable and should understand the risk/limitation of. (frankenPre, test kernels, loading up WebOS 2.x profile upgrade issues) All of these have many people who have none to little understanding of the risks and limitations yet they try it and mess something up then complain about it not working. If you know and understand the risks and limitations I have no issues with it being given out for them to use. but when deal with consumers in the software business world you should always be on the side of caution.

Say thanks once :) Please. They are working hard to make this happen...

They heard us. That is the most important message.


Pre,Pre Plus why not give the best handy smartphone the Pixi some love and get some doctors working for that, all this talk about the Pre really hurt the Pixi allot, so far support is concerned.

Flash is awful, thankfully this doesn't come with it.

Flash is overrated on mobile devices. Most people want flash to watch vids on sites but are forgetting those sites have agreements with carriers to block their mobile devices from touching those vids. No loss here.

Okay HP explain to us why we can't get this on the Pre(-) it has the same hardware and plenty of RAM?

Customers should not have to hack their devices to get need functionality out of them. My whole Experience with WebOS has felt somewhat like a Beta. Even my old dumb-phone from 2006 had voice dialing...

If HP would just release a doctor for legacy devices things would be so much easier, it should take them no time at all being they own/have the code, and now seeing how fast they did it for Europe Pre(+)'s.

I don't want to have to change profiles to get 2.x...

I had my hands on with a Pre 2 @ a Verizon store, and Flash was choppy. It still would not play Flash Content from the youtube app either. So when I seen how choppy Flash was, and still won't play certain youtube videos. I was no longer mad about not getting the 2.x update to my Pre (-). Flash is the biggest reason I wanted the update. Everything else was just icing on the cake.

what other lying excuses do HP/Palm and Rubinstein have in stock?

I just watched this on my EVO Shift straight from the browser with wait for it............

FLASH!! Muahahahaha

I thought about making a very similar post about my Evo. ZING!

No but seriously I look forward to seeing the WebOS lines relived this year in the Pre 3 and Touch Pad. Touch pad is the first tablet that made me think a tablet might need to be added to my things to buy list.

Can anyone confirm that the new VPN support is present?

Ummm I would like to add a correction to the review. Actually the Voice Dial function is present if you notice in the video the mute popped up at the bottom when attempted to activate by pressing volume down thats because sound switch is in off position, I put the 2.1 on my Sprint Pre- and it works pretty well as long as the ringer switch is on


I should probably keep this to myself! When Palm was acquired by HP, it was down, way down. Soon thereafter, HP began to feel the effects of the Hurd controversy. When these sorts of things happen to companies the size and breadth of HP, most everything is thrown up in the air. Things just seem to stop. Stuff you were working on now have different priorities and that's the case for everyone in a company the size of HP. The word is always "Go fast, but don't go anywhere." It's part of corporate largesse. When you’re in the midst of it all it’s like slogging through molasses. So when you think about the translation from Palm, to HP, what that means to the product management, tech support…it’s just a pain. I’m surprised they’ve managed to push anything out the door to say nothing of Flash.

No, I do not work for HP, but I worked for IBM…twice.