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webOS 2.1 SDK finally available for all; Veer 'just around the corner' 57

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 18 Mar 2011 7:33 pm EDT

HP just let us know that they've finally lifted the Non-Disclosure Agreement from the webOS 2.1 SDK and made it available for anyone and everyone to download. It will allow developers to dig into Synergy, Exhbition mode (please!), and plenty more.

We've been anxiously awaiting the public release of the webOS 2 SDK ever since HP started shipping webOS 2 devices - last October. We heard earlier this week from HP's Richard Kerris that it would be released this week and, sure enough, 'tis here.

In the post announcing the SDK, HP also noted that developers should be thinking about making sure their app is fully Pixi-compatible, as the HP Veer is "just around the corner." 

Of course, the SDK for webOS 3.0 - full of Enyo and Tablet-y goodness, is still understandly under NDA. Developers can sign up for the Early Access Program to get a peek, if they like. HP promises that the webOS 3.0 SDK is coming "very soon."



I have a programing degree but swithed never entered the field. I have a few ideas. Any advice on how to get a feel for the code.

I am a doctor, and just started making WebOS apps in the last month. So I got books on WebOS (Practical Palm Pre WebOS Projects), Javascript, and Web widgets.

WebOS is very web based, and is basically widgets, except games. So I got this book http://www.amazon.com/Developing-Widget-HTML-JSON-AJAX/dp/1450502288/ref...
which I found really useful at understanding web and widget programming from the ground up. Most WebOS books and tutorials assume you already know how to code web and Javascript stuff, so the basics book was really gold for me not knowing anything.

Hope this helps!

(my app that is out so far is Bishop Score in the Palm Web Distribution feed, find it easiest here at Pre Central).

Not sure why someone gave you a negative vote. I thought this was a great reply. A lot of apps (at least with PalmOS) were developed because someone had a personal need for an particular program, so they wrote it themselves. I've thought about teaching myself how to program, too, and I appreciate your advice!

P.S. I thought it was "ridiculously easy" to port iOS apps to WebOS? Why haven't we seen more of that? For example, bank apps, LogMeIn, xfinity streaming, etc.

Ridiculously easy to port iOS GAMES, but not regular apps. Games on iOS are generally written using OpenGL, so they port very easily. Apps use Apple's own UI framework and do not translate well to Mojo.

Exactly, all those Apps that use Apples UI and are written in Objective C (which is iOS "native" language) aren't that easy to port. Especially those written in C++ etc. are easy to port.

This applies to most games (those games also usually aren't written in Javascript which is webOS "native" language) on iOS, but a lot of those little Apps like some Fart-Programs or Egg-Clocks are not that easy to port ;)

"Just around the corner"

"Very soon"

"In the coming months"


Don't forget "the coming weeks" (referring to when we'll hear what HP will be doing for those of us with the Pre- ). Oh wait, its been about 5 weeks since that 2/9 announcement so I guess it automatically rolls over to "the comings months" - my bad. :(

You guys are so negative, even on a positive post! Are you masochistic or why do you do this? ;)

Uh, because we haven't seen any difference in behavior since the HP takeover? Uninspired hardware design, excruciatingly long hardware and software development lifecycles, miscommunication, painfully slow software upgrades/fixes, and betrayal (Classic support yanked after a year, a promised OS upgrade reneged on).

Believe it or not, I really love my Pre Plus, but unless I see better from HP soon (including a horizontal slider keyboard phone), my tenure with them may not last much longer.

I would be very surprised if the majority of our developers haven't already made the jump...

Addendum: I forgot to mention the obvious problems HP is having with software quality control (which is a carry-over from Palm). Under Palm, they had that whole fix-the-Exchange-fix fiasco, there were several inexcusable profile and app catalog problems that caused people to lose data or apps, etc. Under HP, now we have the music catalog bug. Anyone ever hear of code reviews, unit testing?

painfully slow software upgrads/fixes and "long hardware and software development lifecycles"? Do you actually know that Apple didn't invent the iPhone in 6 months?

HP doesn't do magic either. Things take their time and if you would have looked at the development, you would have noticed that a lot of people are getting excited about the things that HP has done so far and announced.

Obviously not you, because you expected probably that HP would pull out the designs of 6 new phones out of their **** by six months and produce immediately and offer them 3 months later... You are wrong, the development cycle of such a new device is usually at least one year in forward... So the phones that you see now were the ones that they started last year.

This also counts for HTC, Samsung etc... just that they didn't had such issues like Palm had. So if the Galaxy XXX 2 from Samsung comes out in May 2011 it means that Samsung has started it's development at least in May 2010.. Or (as they do often) just uses an already existing design and does an iterative Update by changing only small things.

HP had to do a major overhaul of their lineup, you won't see anything too different before one year of the merger is up (ie. June 2011) and nothing drastically different (4.4 inch bar?) 1 1/2 to 2 years after it.

You are complaining because you mix all your frustration that you had with Palm with the little of HP.

Why is it only some WebOS-Fans who are now such doomsayers? Try to see the good points and you will realise that WebOS is actually looking towards a really great future

Yes, HP inherited much of the current design portfolio from Palm, yet their lineup all the way through September includes tablets (yay!), a tiny phone most people won't touch, and a larger phone that is barely acceptable by today's standards. I'm digging the better keyboard, but it's still a cramped keyboard by comparison to a horizontal one. Like it or not, it's not exactly a lot to get excited about hardware-wise. By the way, you failed to mention the other problems I mentioned. HP needs to honor not only their commitments, but Palm's as well, unless it's humanly impossible, and they've already proven it's possible to upgrade older devices to 2.1. It's also possible to get their messages straight. It's also possible to improve software development standards. Yes, the touch-to-share is pretty cool, but is it as revolutionary as the Retina display or the Atrix-style plug-in architecture? Umm, no. I'm willing to give HP some leeway here, but they need to get older devices up to 2.1, and Enyo released, pronto...

We don't know whether Veer will be successful or not. The sales may yet surprise you. As for the Pre 2 or 3, the more important measure is its day to day speed, stability, build quality than cpu speed.
Retina display is not revolutionary. That's just Apple hype. (and I have a Iphone 4 as my work phone) The Atrix plug in idea is interesting but the speed of upgrading phones every 1-2 years may prevent people from investing in peripherals that will lock the consumer into motorola. I would rather have two functional devices that work well alone and together like HP's plan.
All I can say to the negative people is without HP, your Palm phone would be completely dead and unsupported. At least webOS has a heartbeat with HP's support.

Since I (mostly) love my Pre Plus, by inference I could obviously love my Pre 3 as well, but I'm not the target audience (since I'm already on board). Stable and fast is good, but typing on the current keyboard is less than ideal on a good day. Give us a good virtual keyboard we can use on ANY app in landscape mode, and that would go a good ways in solving that problem, but a real, horizontal keyboard is still far superior.

As to hardware innovation, we'll agree to disagree. I think a super-sharp screen is more important than touch-to-share, especially since I'm getting older, and Relago (sp?) and other software trickery can fill the gap on older hardware...

Palm supposedly had a pipeline. HP said as much and said that "nothing was changing."

Then HP said they wouldn't announce anything until they had it in their hands.

Then they held Think Beyond. It held nothing but bad news and nothing has come along to mitigate any of that so far.

Let's recap:
1) Veer -- total rubbish that nobody will want, what with its nonstandard inputs, and its lower-than-a-Pre resolution screen.

2) Pre 3 -- Nice looking phone if it released today. Stale, out of date phone when it releases in six months. Made all the worse by (4).

3) Touchpad -- Nice when it was announced. Now the Xoom and iPad 2 are out, so it's stale, too. Running a brand new development environment (4) and missing a key element that makes webOS webOS.

4) Mojo is out, Enyo is in. By the way, Enyo won't run on the (not even released yet) Pre 3, so there will be virtually no new apps for that phone after it launches. In short, it is a dead-end product. Thus, anyone who buys a Pre 3 is being suckered.

Thus, I see no sign of anything getting better since the HP takeover and, in fact, only see things getting much, much worse.

In the meantime, Microsoft's position remains tenuous, but no one can deny that they are moving and shaking in the Mobile business and are a real threat to be "the third choice" after Android and iOS -- and given that theirs is an "open" platform (not like FOSS, but like anyone can have it), I wouldn't be at all surprised if they are in contention for the #2 spot in the not-to-distant future.

That leaves HP with essentially no near-term prospects, and no indication that they can ever possibly compete.

Game over unless there's something we don't know.

As I said... you doomsayers just took all the negative, multiplied it and spread it now.

But I tell you, that in one year we are looking at a established webOS-ecosystem with millions of devices and multiple device types and form factors.

This is one huge company declaring webOS to be their soul and main focus from now on, why don't you get it that this is something huge that you never could have expected from Palm?

Think small, think big, think beyond, THINK POSITIVE!

It all really depends on how fast they get Enyo (3.x?) ready, and how fast they back-port at least version 2.x to older devices (which I think is crucial).

i'm just so disappointed that they released this AFTER convincing devs to leave the platform w/ the whole 'legacy/enyo' fiasco...

There is no fiasco in it. And ther is no 'legacy/enyo'. There is no legacy. It's the 'now' and future. And the transition will require work. But that's as it always is. Especially in the 'computing world'. H/Palm has, however, to work on their communication...

of course the transition will take work. But this one was exceptionally sloppy. Asking people to develop apps that 1)cant be used by most customers, and 2) using a framework that will soon be absolute, certainly doesn't fit into the "as it always is" category.

I dont fault HP for switching to enyo. I don't even fault them for not getting 2.1 to all existing customers. But when you couple those facts with HP failing to get the SDK public in time for people to actually find value in using it, certainly is a fiasco.

guess I goofed up just starting to develop tools in WebOS to use while I work! LOL...

But, it sure does complicate things. I want to use database encryption, which means WebOS 3, I guess. Yet I want to do tools that I and other docs can do. It is a little annoying to think about having to do 2 different environments. However, I am hoping most doctors etc will upgrade pretty quick, as I will. Then Enyo should be fine.

I'm still in the program design phase, and haven't really tackled webOS programming yet, but from what I know, one of the reasons Palm adopted/created Enyo was because it was much more object oriented. I've been doing object oriented programming since Delphi 1.0 (we're talking 1995, folks). I understand a desire to "go all-web", but why in God's name did Palm adopt Mojo? Did anyone there think about the state of modern programming methodologies before leaping on this? Granted, Palm didn't have a lot of time or money to create what would eventually become webOS, but they *did* squander their market leadership position and thus were forced into doing *something*. Too bad it turned out to be Mojo. Now all webOS developers are having to start over because Palm was forced to start over. Of all the mistakes Palm has made in recent years, that one could be the worst of them all...

Mic/camera access?

Just poking through the docs, and yes, audio, video, and picture capture are part of the webOS 2.1 SDK :)

I just joined the program to begin getting ready for Enyo.

what's up w/all the spam lately on precentral?

Okay HP. Time to start going from 1G to 4G in releasing products and software.

I suggest we pick a day & time to get together as a group & spam the spammers back with a DOS ATTACK. Any one have an app for generating consecutive emails?
just a thought....

we need Apps...Apps...Apps. Yes there's an App for that will be nice on webOS device.

Time for Developers to play ball!

And we still have NO IDEA which carriers will carry these new devices... Just speculation... It's ridiculous. The urgency to get this new generation of hardware is only being felt by the people who still clinge to their devices like a silly afterthought. Does HP still not understand how easy it is to just say we are working with "x" carrier just to give us hope and some type of idea? *sigh*

I hope they've really optimize the native software of the phone. They have left too much allowable space for the developers. The standard should be from the company. For example, look at notifications. Many of the applications run notifications much too differently, sliding in different directions poping up at different times and slowing down the phone drastically. There should be pretty much be a scrolling list for notifications running in the background. An application with notifications is simply added and update through preferences.

It slight but I think most can tell the notifications are running completely independent from one another and with not enough guidance from the phones software. There should be small things they can change but developers need to get on board with one another and conctrate on developing.

College basketball this year, not one application supported this the feed is live on ESPN's website and free for public use all over. Theres no excuse for major features not to be working. AzDak? Come on. We can't appreciate the application until its released.Sporting New Pro has a baseball calender feature that still doesn't populate with baseball right around the corner.

This is comin amongst the standard, their seeing how low they can go until they reach that maximum allowable deviation. What the concern really is its just a phone. Its entertaining, obviously technically non of it absolutely has to exist. We hope HP does better and has realized the phone has to work resourcefully. Each application produces typically less then any other phone yet uses resources as if it were a full out application. Wasn't the processor suppose to have a duo processor one for media and one for background application. Nokia has done this a few times now and the difference is outstanding. Music should never skip regardless of the tasks. 300 mhz for pandora or music is enough to run a single application.

I mentioned this on the forum awhile ago and of course the nerds came out to say I was wrong. The mention that resources broken down this way can be more efficient is true but the moment one person doesn't use fully efficient integration and knowing palm is likely either completely unresourcefull or resourceful enough and only because every element was optimized which simply will not end up happening as developer see this as " their ability" nor does someone want to spend 10 extra weeks on an application that could have been finished 3 weeks ago.

I know you all want to make a phone based on our nation but there are times to be present and there are time to push forward into the future.

Obviously it is now a fact that a more uniform code produces much higher results, though the combination of both innovation design, and a uniform standard is whats needed, a microsoft model is what is need by palm. Not all out but think 6.1 integration on webOS and it will win.

yeah, Veer is what we been waitin for, for the past 2yrs! another failure fone is what we need for webos!

I personally wouldn't want anything to do with a Veer. (Pre3 for Me!!.. Hopefully). Although my 17 yr old brother and many of his friends can't wait to get their hands on one. He uses a Pixi now and I suppose moving to a Veer is a HUGE upgrade (get it?). WebOS 2.1, I believe a better camera, Hopefully touch to share, wifi capability (if on - now),adobe flash... The kids love the whole deal. Also, it seems theres alot of excitement about moving to the Pre for factor.(It is nice)
There is a want for the VEer out there!

I'm on a Sprint Pre - with WebOS 2.1 (Sprint Nav & Flash working) Thank you Internals! Tremendous Job!

yeah you are right about people wanting to move to the form factor. the whole massive slab thing is getting old. the pre, when slid open, actually feels like a PHONE. that is one of the main reasons i will b getting a pre 3. well, granted it comes out by the end of july cuz my hw is in bad shape

my preplus

yeah what about my pre+ from Verizon? still no update to Web 2.0

I HATE HP. Palm sold to the wrong modaf**kers. The veer is useless

what grown man is gonna carry the veer around calling it his phone?HP, I wish someone could sue your pants off for what u've done to Palm.
Apple sold at least 400000 units of the Ipad 2, I'm willing to bet my whole month's pay check that you won't be able to accmplish that in a month, why? Because your plan of actions are plain retarted.

well everyone seems to forget that the same man that ran palm to the ground is still running things. That's who everybody needs to be pissed at. Hp either needs to demote john rubenstein or fire his **** He has good vision. I'll give him that. He lacks on execusion........

Depending on the size of the project, ability to execute requires scale. HP has the size to do whatever they commit to. Sometimes too much scale hinders vision. But you just noted Jon has vision.

So we now have ability to execute + vision. Sounds like a perfect marriage.

I'm expecting great results from this combination. The Veer looks great to me. If I didn't already have a Pre 2, I'd get one the day it was announced.

I can't believe hp went along with this guy.......

yeah but the simple fact that they are still making the same mistakes as when they were just palm is beyond me. Why are you going to anounce a product months away from availability with no prices or any hint of what carriers might carry these products....... They have the scale now. Why??......

"available to anyome and everyone" translation: available to people with pre 2. "just around the corner" translation: 9 months

Do you guys honestly believe HP cares about anyone beyond the borders of the US?? Perfect example is the developer program for a Pre2 - you must have a US address and a US credit card to get the discount. And do the math on 100 million devices to have WebOS within a year. Doesn't take much to figure out how many printers and PCs are sold in the US each year.....

They only sell to the rest of the world (and I use that term *very* loosely) because the others do!

So, after WebOS internals gets ahold of this will it make the Pre- upgrade even easier?

I don't believe this has as much to do with that process as webos doctor for 2.1 does......

I remember March 2010, one year ago, things like mic access for devs were "coming soon".

I'm so sick of this unprofessional management I am definately leaving the WebOS platform.

But (perhaps) I'll be back "sometimes". If WebOS survives the next few years...

...i don't understand why I can't the latest commentd unless I make another comment.

I have to laugh at some of these comments... You want to sue hp because???? They aren't moving instaneously?

they're definitely moving faster than palm would have because palm was DEAD before hp bought them.

I'm not an apologist for hp...i wish the products came out faster too.... But get a grip... You have the largest tech company in the world starting to rollout webOS everywhere... Sounds good to me... I'm sticking with them because I love how webOS works.

you're the one who needs to get a grip. Stringing people along is what I'm upset about. If palm had died then so be it, but if HP is picking up where they left off, then do what you promise instead of promising to have products ready to be shipped on announcement when they are not. I don't care if they're the largest tech company in the world....kapesh?

No - *you* need to get a grip. They are in this to make money and are doing the best they can. If that's not good enough for you, buy something else stop wasting your time here, and let the rest of us make the best of this situation without the useless noise.

as i agree that some people can take it too far with their negative comments, it is good to have those that are outspoken to tell HP what the costumer base is looking for


I don't understand all the negativity - although things are slow in webOS land, when I look at my wife's android, it is confusing to operate and the quality of apps is terrible. For example I use Jogstats regularly. FitRack has similar functionality. Yet I have tried half a dozen running programs on android and can't find one that approaches the useability of the webOS APPS.


Exactly. I have a Pre 2, but what I really like about it is the same features I had on the original Pre. I've tried Android and it still doesn't compare to the original Pre.

I don't understand the hate for the Veer. It is a small phone that is more of a phone than a computer. If you're going to buy a tablet, why do you need a phone that's even bigger than what you have now? The Veer is a good companion if you walk with a laptop/netbook/tablet. If you don't, then the Pre3 will be more your speed.

No need to hate just because it isn't exactly what YOU need. News flash: the world doesn't revolve around you. Thank God for choice and variety.

I just don't understand all the negative comments here. If you don't like McDonald's, then don't go through their drive-thru just to complain. If you think the McRib can't compete with another sandwich on the market, so be it they probably still sold millions of those dang things! Not trying to compare HP to McDonald's though.

If products take too long to get to market, go shop somewhere else. I couldn't wait for the next Palm device so I switched to Android, but check my history and you won't find one negative comment.

I was a first day Pre- owner. I'm still an UnbiasedPreUser (or will be again soon).... this message is sent from my Evo 4G.

I want a touchscreen keyboard on the Veer! That would make sense hp ^^ comon give us a scaleable onscreen keyboard, I will use it on XL.