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webOS 2.1 update finally lands for Verizon Pre 2 69

by Derek Kessler Thu, 23 Jun 2011 7:27 pm EDT

Finally. That’s the word that Verizon Pre 2 owners are going to be saying, as they’ve finally got access to the webOS 2.1 update for their phones. It seems to be being pushed out sporadically right now on Big Red, but it’s out there. Finally. As expected, the webOS 2.1 update officially brings support for Exhibition, Voice Dial, Bluetooth keyboards, text message backups, and more to the table. If you’re a Verizon Pre 2 owner, we’d suggest firing up the Updates app to see if there’s something waiting for you. If it’s not, don’t despair – it’s on its way. Finally.

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...but never on Sprint, :-(

At this point, it looks like you can thank Sprint for that.

I do, on my verizon sprintified Pre2. And it was totally worth it. I spent about as much as I would have paid for an upgrade on Sprint without losing my upgrade. I know it's not the same, but hey, it works great.

I've been running 2.1 on my Sprint Pre- for a long time. Use Meta-Doctor. Google it.

that's because Sprint doesn't have the Pre2. This is not an update for the Pre Plus - only for the Pre2 (newer hardware).

HPalm already said a while back that they're not going to update the OS on the Pre-/Pre+ anymore.

This post serves only to capture what will follow. Here goes:

Sprint, Day One Pre Owner, Pre-, Sprint Pixi, Make it right, Legacy, Early Adopter, Slap in face.

I think that covers it.

Best post ever.

True! He forgot: They lied.

And: Where is my flash?!?

This is also one of the best Sprint lines as well. "I've been with Sprint since 2000 and if they don't come out with any webOS devices then I'm taking my five lines and going to a carrier that does!"

The funny thing is that I've been a Sprint customer since 2000 with five lines. I just got a Pre 2 Sprintified so that will keep me happy for a while. Its much better than the Pre Minus. The screen is simply scratch free after two months.

Oh yes, the funny thing is, that for me it wouldn't have been a problem to get a Pre 2 (as I'am in Europe) but here the Pre 2 is much more expensive and I was waiting for "something newer" all the time and thought that it wasn't worth buying a Pre 2 now when the Pre 3 is just around the corner...

Well, I could have had the Pre 2 for almost 8 months now :D

Long story short: Don't bother about "future" handsets, just buy what fits you right now! You did it right :)

I agree! I love when I get F***ed over by HP! I think I will pay 200 dollars for their next phone and not even get one, they can just send me an empty box, and I will still be totally in love with HP.

What would be really awesome is if The promised all sorts of stuff to get you to buy it and then never follow through with what THEY said they were going to do.

hahahah! Yeah, lets rip on people who feel that they were mistreated by a company that blatantly lied to them!

You Fanboys are worse than little girls that love Justin Beiber.

I've been with Palm since they invented the cellphone. I demand that HP pay Sprint to take the Pre 3, overnight us our device free, and pay for 1 line free for 2 years, or I'm getting the Evo. Oh ****, I got the Evo last June with my 1 year upgrade. Make it right anyway dammit!

Succinctly. All those hard core, long term Palm owners, the cream of the crop, loyal to the end; discarded like little empty $35 inkjet cartridge.

In other words, queue the Sprint Cry Baby Choir.

Pre2 not the Pre/Plus. Get over the software update for 2 year old hardware, get to reality the hardware sucks anyway.

I miss seeing those notifications on my Pre-. =(

another sad day for us sprint pre users :(

My retired Sprint Pre doesn't miss this update at all.



idk what you all are talking about, I've had 2.1 on my pre - for months, with flash, and dual booting android 2.3

why's everyone complaining about sprint not releasing updates? The phone is eol, my gf's hero isn't getting an official android 2.2 update, and my pre has a newer version...

if you want to update, just do it.

you raised my hopes, and Verizon dashed them quite swiftly as my system updates app holds me under 2.0...and I go back to waiting

I wonder if the VZW Pre² has any of the same bugs as the unlocked Pre²?

I mentioned this last week...after hearing about a software release for my Droid 2 Global I called VZW and the rep explained to me that the update would be rolling out soon. Trying to clarify whether or not the UD would be for the Droid 2 or the Droid 2 Global she looked somewhere in the cpu and said that the only smartphones that were to recieve SW updates anytime soon were the Palm Pre 2, Palm Pre, Palm Pixie, and ( as she emphasizes) the Droid 2 Global. I still have not received my update and you know what they say about the salt....has anyone else talked or heard anything? I do still have my Pre plus regardless of my user name. I'll always love the OS.

well with worries of touchpad 3.0 profiles and backwords compatible profiles w/ the touchpad. I wouldnt think all carriers would have 1.4.5 or 2.1 and touchpad having 3.0 and them all not allowing the profile to just "work" across various hardware. If I login my touchpad and then my sprint meta pre on 2.1 says my profiles logged in elsewhere or is not compatible anymore i'll be pissed since i have no veer or pre 3 option w/ sprint as of now at least.


I can't wait for this. Uninstalling patches and kernels now in preparation.


And I'll get to use my two promo codes as well!

i got my pre- on day one. HP simply owes me a new phone.

Really? You exchanged money for a carrier subsidized phone 2 years ago. Please explain how you arrives at this conclusion just because you did not receive a software update. Somehow the math doesn't work out.

Its about time for the Pre2. Now where is the update for the Pre+...

Does this improve any of the software available to doctor a Pre+ up to 2.1?

Any idea if this includes Skype?

Does it fix the email issues?


1. not coming
2. no
3. yes
4. yes

the verizon pre 2 does have skype

is this a Sprint site? A bash Sprint site? I thought these devices are on several carriers? Just because Palm messed up with the Pre launch and made it Sprint only - folks here think somebody owns them something.

You all every hear of a "free market"? Why do so many of you stay with Sprint but complain every freakin article???

Amazing how fast things go to Sprint in these comments - with no content regarding the actual story posted.

Last, the update is not available for me yet. I'm in Northern California and my Pre2 says I am current with 2.0.1.

Yeah imagine HP and Sprint announcing Pre 3 for Sprint... Wonder what this sites comments will look like after that, if we'll even have comments left at all ;)

Are original iPhone customers getting the new iOS5 update in the fall?

(My brother had the original iPhone3G or 3GS, heck I can't remember, and when the previous update came out around the time of iPhone4, his phone literally became unusable due to the hardware and massive overhaul of the OS.)

Just fyi :-)

@louisoneal iphone 4 will get full iOS 5. Iphone 3GS gets a "modified version" of iOS5 supposedly can't fit full rom or are worried it will bork the phone like iOS4 did for older phones. Iphone 1 and 3G are done with upgrades.

well but 3gs came out same time as pre 1 and they are getting all the new iOS5 notifications... in fall. Pre 1 and even Pre Plus users are out of the game since, well fall of last year.

no update on my pre2 yet.... Where is it?

nothing here either....

I'm starting to suspect we might have been punked on this one.. only one guy here on the boards says he's gotten it.. no one else on PC has reported getting 2.1 on their VZW Pre 2. I've been checking on mine obsessively and nada.. you would think someone else on here would have been able to download it by now.

I sent a tweet to @VZWSupport asking for official confirmation of the release. There is zero on the VZ support website about it, nor is there anything official from VZ on their community boards.

I got so excited while reading this... Then realized it wasn't for the Pre+. :(

I am getting tired of waiting for Pre3.

been tweeting with @VZWSupport... They say they have no release date for 2.1...


From @VZWSupport at 8:45am EST today :

@j_benj The current software version we have is WEBOS 2.0.1, you can sign up for email alerts for release dates at http://bit.ly/hlA0CQ ^TH

No 2.1 update confirmation from VZ. We've been punked.

At least the update's in the air!

I'm a little angry someone didn't do their homework before publishing this article.

tweets from @VZWSupport:


You and me both.. I went ahead and removed all my patches. I feel sorry for people who actually went ahead and doctored back to 2.0.1 for this...

as did i.... patches that is

I saw your posts on the VZ support community forums. I just posted in the thread supposedly announcing this update and asked for confirmation from VZ.

I don't get why VZW is taking so long to update.

I know they have to test it and to add their own software and assure that everything works fine, but this is ridiculous.

Luckily I don't have such issues, as my carrier in Germany basically just approves HPs update and all software is not bloated on the device but can be downloaded from the App-Catalog.

I doctored back to 2.0.1 at 3 am as soon as I saw this post. I'm going to be PISSED at P|C if they really posted this from just ONE person stating that they got the update. I don't mean to sound like such a prick but I'm seriously ready to throw in the towel with webos. I know id miss the OS itself a ton if I went to android but I think the actual support from developers providing a plethora of apps and such would be well worth it. I'm just sick of staying with webos because of things promised in the future rather thanwhat I actually have which is a phone I spent money on just to have webos2, then shortly after it was released they decide to give everyone 2.1.0 but us.

It's not just P|C posting this, take a look around the web. There's at least 6 or 7 sites that are reporting this too.

It's coming guys, be patient. We go through this all the time with every other update....... same stuff different day.

Remember 1.4.5? Remember Yeah, this is the same. Sheesh. "ZMG I'm pissed because something I didn't have yesterday I still don't have today, and will have next week!"

My frustration isn't exactly how you put it "ZMG I'm pissed because something I didn't have yesterday I still don't have today, and will have next week!" because I did have 2.1.0 on my phone and with the exception of voice dial which I never will use anyway everything will work great. What upsets me is that I've only been able to find that one person who initially reported it. And just because it's not P|C reporting it doesn't mean all the other reports weren't from the same source. All of these "news" sites simply copy what everyone else is reporting...

with the exception of voice dial which I never will use anyway everything was working great.*

That sounds like people blaming HP for Sprints refusal to take new hardware. Verizon has the update, they are the ones delaying it.
Buy an android, and run into the same problem, enormously magnified. I'm still waiting 9 months passed the announced update for my galaxy phone on verizon.
HTC is no better, they announced that one their models will not get an android update because HTC Sense doesn't leave enough memory.
This stuff happens with all carriers and OEMs.

Nothing here yet, but Verizon does updates in a rolling fashion - they'll do a small group of users, then if there are no issues, they'll push out to a larger group of users, and then they'll push it out to everybody. I'd expect an update to everyone within a week, and if it's not there, then there are likely issues with the update that were uncovered by the first test group that need fixing first.

OK - so somebody reinitialize my brain on this...

I've got a Pre+ on VZW. Can I or can I NOT upgrade to 2.1 via Meta Doctor?

You can and you could since a few months. Just read on at webOS-Internals Wiki.

Continue here:

I hope this fixes the unacceptable google calendar sync bug that creates a gazillion entries in the calendar. My girlfriend is furious over this, and ready to dump her pre2 for an android device.

How on earth was that allowed to happen?

Myself, still stuck with my pre- on sprint :-(

I have one Verizon Pre2 that got the update but the other still says today 2.0.1 is up to date. Even for controlled releases, we should see more getting the update so betting this was the same fluke we saw with and weeks later the update was actually released. Multiple peeps got is so it exists, just those like myself jumped the gun and thought this would not be a fluke or a hella controlled release :(

Tired of waiting, but thank you for confirming. So far it is you and the op from webosroundup that have confirmed the update. Lol, can anyone else confirm?

Will this make the process for installing 2.1 on VZW Pre+ any easier or less dangerous?

Can anyone confirm they have received this OTA (Over the Air) update on a Verizon Pre2 phone?!?!?!

One of the authors over at webOSRoundup got the update, so I guess it's legit.

But as somebody explained, probably this update just went out to a small group of people (as a test) and the rest will follow during the next week if no problems occur.

stupid question time: I hacked me pre2 to get preware, etc. Do I need to 'unhack' it to get the update?

so lonely out here in 2.0 land...

webos 2.1 is ok, but 1.4.5 folks on pre- are not missing much. I have a pre+ running 2.1.0 metadoctor and yeah I enjoy the just type, and flash. It runs best on a PRe2

But pre- has a hella time with 2.1.0 = the pre- just doesn't have enough memory. It actually runs better (and 2 family members are much happier now that I downgraded them back to 1.4.5 from 2.1.0).

Face it : the Pre- is aging. DOn't expect any updates. It's end of life. Sprint = hard to say if anything is coming, but that rumored slab pre is a distant possibility.

I'm jumping to AT/T as soon as the Pre3 is out.

still nothing on my end.... Sad face


I went thru the VZW official forums and a moderator stated they are still testing and it is not ready. This might have gone out to a couple of lucky BETA testers.

Below is the link as well as the verbiage from the post.


Re: Verizon Finally Releases webOS 2.1 to Pre 2 users!

06-25-2011 07:38 AM

Thank you for your inquiry. At this time the 2.1 software update is not available for this device. The software is still being tested, and we do not have an exact date at this time. When we do have the software update available, you will be able to find information here along with instructions on how to complete the update: http://support.vzw.com/clc/devices/index.html?p=5570&m=

Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport

Any update on this? Still waiting for my phone to tell me WebOS 2.1 is available to download. I mostly want the voice dial so I can use it with the bluetooth on my car.

I wish there were other voice controls on this phone. I had a program on my old Treo where I could not only call people by voice but I could also dictate emails and text messages and it would almost always work perfectly. It was a bit slow because it used a server for the processing. But it was nice to be in the car and just hit the side button on my phone and say something like. "TEXT Brittanny, BODY call me when you get this." I hope HP is working on this. Sorry for the off topic rant :)

One more question. Does anyone know if one needs to be in 3G coverage for System Update to work? I don;t have the best data coverage at my house I do have Wifi though. Hopefully the programers are smart enough to check wifi. Seems like this would be the preferred way to download an update.