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webOS 2.2.4 Doctor made available for Pre3, update itself MIA 64

by Derek Kessler Mon, 19 Dec 2011 9:30 pm EST

Got a Pre3 and really find yourself wanting webOS 2.2.4? Tired of your selected Pre 2-owning friends having a handful of minor bug fixes to hang over your head? Well lament no longer, so long as you're willing to undergo the webOS Doctor process. That's right, webOS 2.2.4 is now available for the Pre3 (we've checked with both an unlocked Euro Pre3 and AT&T Pre3).

What's exactly is in store for a Pre3 running webOS 2.2.4? Compared to the webOS 2.2.0 they're running now, not much, at least that we're aware of. For the Pre 2, 2.2.4 added Bluetooth messaging support and Skype voice calling, both major features already present in webOS 2.2.0 on the Pre3. Considering it's an X.X.4 version update, we wouldn't expect much more than a handful of bug fixes.

It's worth noting that this has only been released as a Doctor, which while not erasing the contents of your USB partition, does require redownloading all of your apps and manually restoring your settings (though Save/Restore will go a way towards alleviating that concern). It's a process that's nowhere near as smooth as a handy over-the-air update. But if the Doctor's here, the update might not be that far behind (though usually this happens in the reverse order).

Ready to download and Doctor? Here you go (both are a 225MB download):

AT&T Pre3: http://palm.cdnetworks.net/rom/manta/p224r0d12192011/wdmantaatt/webosdoctorp224mantaatt.jar

Euro Pre3: http://palm.cdnetworks.net/rom/manta/p224r0d12192011/wdmantawr/webosdoctorp224mantawr.jar

Thanks to AllTec for the tip!



Installed. Quick and painless. :)

Ok, being dim here - but how do you use it - the previous webosdoctor available from the palm account runs a java file, but this download doesn;t have an obvious java/executable to run, just 3 folders! what do I lick on to make the update happen?

I have something you can lick on but I may get banned so I guess I will refrain.

On that note, cya around webos I will miss you.

My Epic 4g Touch should be here today... Upgrading from the original Sprint Pre.

Hopefully you will come to visit me on my new phone now that you have been open sourced

If you can hate on a phone/platform so deeply, I strongly suggest you go and see a psychiatrist.

What is that coming from? When did I EVER say I hated the pre or webos? I have been with the phone for about 2 years, does that mean hate to you? I suggest you contact a reading teacher.

The fact that you posted a comment on Pre3 tells that you still have love for webOS.

Hopefully you will start licking THE Epic 4G Touch when webOS gets ported on it.

I will be licking it indeed, that was my first hope when I heard webos was going open source. That phones such as the galaxy s2 would get it, i figure all major phones will get it... It will be like a smaller touchpad! I will likely bring my Pre around with me at least for a little while even though it will not be activated.

The Pre and WebOS were the first mobile things I fell in love with.

.. I'll refrain from licking anything on my Pre 3, water damage is not covered on the warranty, er hang on, what warranty, it was from ebay.

Anyway, some chap further down the posts advised renaming the zip file extension, and hey presto, I'm now on 2.2.4.

So far not noticed very much different, although my Yahoo account settings now have messaging, as well as calendar, email and contacts! Not sure if that was teh case in 2.2.0 (but not sure). Shame Facebook doesn't have the chat feature still!

i had an issue with my touchpad, and i did a chat with a palm rep. i asked what was up with the north american unlocked Pre 2 getting the 2.2.4 update. he asked me to hold and when he came back, he said it was released to "select devices" already for testing and once it was confirmed that it was working it would be released. no time table, but still good news, i guess.

either way, doctor or not, it's pretty great that the team is supporting a device that was never released with an update.

Pre 2 doctor is already available for all Pre 2's.


nice! are there any patches available yet?

i'm not running too many, fortunately.

That link is only for the unlocked doctor.

Even for a Sprint FrankenPre2?

As for Germany the Pre3 was released. As a 3G model at least for a few days and it was sold through regular channels. So I can expect to get support at least for a decent amount of time.

veer update or doctor? N e time soon?

Maybe sometime wouldn'tcountonit

Woohoo! So happy to be a webOS user right now!

It's not selected Pre 2 friends anymore. It's available to all Pre 2's, but through the doctor only. Same deal with the Pre 3.

How do you figure?

I can't see references to a Verizon Pre2 or Pre3 2.2.4 doctor _ANYWHERE_.

There have been people quoting you on the internet on this, I thought they were misreading you. If you have info we don't, please update the wiki. Thanks!

They should have used this update as an opportunity to do away with all the AT&T branding. Would save us the trouble of meta doctoring and combinign the Euro version with the AT&T version.

yeah that will be great for the 20 pre3 users in the u.s.

And many more worldwide.

cool story bro

I personally know of more than 20 Pre3 users in the US...

I thought Rod said we won't ever see updates? Am I seeing things??

I'm always happy to be proven wrong.

-- Rod

Hopefully Skype quality has been improved on EU Pre 3.

and ATT/Verizon too :)

It is. With awesomeness!

Maybe all updates for the unofficial-never-actually-released "AT&T" Pre3 will be thru Doctors only... I hope not.

Well I did get my OTA for 2.2.3... My phone came with 2.2.0.

me too

Anybody else getting Error 404 when attempting to download the WR version for Pre 3?

Grr.. I just doctored my Pre3 last night.

Do we seriously not know what this changes? Is it worth the download? or could it come to OTA for EU unlocked Pre 3's?

(p.s. someone seemed to be upset and just went thru and disliked every comment. I reversed their vote.)

Can someone please upload euro doctor? I am getting 404 error.

WR version is back up.

AT&T version seems to have been pulled now:

404 - Not Found[/quote]

When entering your AT&T Pre 3 S/N here: http://ws.hpwebos.com/webosdoctor/serialnumberinitial.htm, you get offered 2.2.3.

ATT is back

I really want the update for my sprint pre 2 ... I want Bluetooth SMS!!!

I would love to get a code for this!

Any word on 2.2.4 for Verizon Pre 3?

Does this fix the PEAP/MSCHAPv2 bug that stops you logging on to enterprise wifi networks like eduroam by any chance? It was a problem in webOS 3 too and got fixed by the 3.04 update.

To answer my own question - the enterprise wifi
(PEAP/MSCHAPv2) is still broken in 2.2.4.....

It's not "broken" or a bug. It's just a missing feature that they still have to implement.

Nevertheless I also would like to implement it into webOS 2.x. I wasn't aware that the newest Touchpad-Update finally delivered it, now I will be able to use it at my Alma Mater! :)

..Please Please, accelerometer fix? Gunna download and check!

...downloaded, but do not knwo what to do with the zip file, contains three folders, and no obvious executable or java 'setup/install' binary! I know, it's me, but what do I click on to install the update to my Unlocked UK Pre 3?

Rename .zip to .jar, it will work!:)

Thankyou, did that and now am running 2.2.4. Yay!

Boo, accelerometer still clunky! will there ever be a fix for it?

So VzPre3 2.2.4 is still missing, but a possibly interesting thing is the palm doctor download page reports "Build Verizon.202.1222 , webOS 2.2.3"
the current version is 169.1218, from september.
what could it all mean..
unfortunately the doctor that is actually downloaded from there hasn't been updated. Eh!

does it break any of the kernels? e.g. uber/wart/A1

so a device that has never been officially released (Pre3) gets a bug fix and a device we were promised to get TTS and SMS-sync with TP will never see these features???

this update (comparing the existing user base of these devices) makes no sense to me...

my at&t pre 3 is running 2.2.3 after an OTA update months ago, not 2.2.0

That's nice for you but the rest of the world (i.e. the vast majority of Pre3s) never got that update and are still on 2.2.0.

Anyone know if the longitude bug around the meridian has been fixed?

I guess I will be downloading tonight so I will try for myself tomorrow and report back.

I find that weird (I believe you obviously)but why would at&t give my phone an OTA update and not the rest of the at&t Pre 3s???

Im curious what the updates from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4 are, cant be too many. I would like to see a 2.3.x =)

Is there any release note / change log for the webOS 2.2.4 for Pre 3?

My understanding (I read somewhere) was that it included support for Data-at-Rest Encryption (or hardware/on-device encryption) as an enhancement to it's enterprise security.

This would put it in a league with the iPhone/Blackberry in terms of enterprise-ready and ahead of other platforms like Android/ Windows Phone 7/Symbian.

It would be nice to see this documented somewhere officially. In which case, I'd consider this worthy of it's own bold print headline.

I'd rather the doctor came out first anyway. Let all the patches get updated and such before I update....

This -is- the doctor.

Uploaded the EU version because of the 404 error: http://www.2shared.com/file/F6yBOn_z/webosdoctorp224mantawr.html

I got that error a few times but finally could download it from HPs site. Still thank you for uploading it! :)

Now we just need an official doctor to 2.2.3 or 2.2.4 for the veer.

Yea, would be nice to see some update love for the veer.

It's been so long since I tried the Systeem Updates button, but when I did, I see that a 2.2.4 update is apparently available for my Verizon Franken Pre2 on Sprint. The question I have to ask now: Is it safe?

OTA 2.2.4 just became available on my (german) Pre3.

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