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webOS 2.2.4 rolling out to limited selection of Pre 2 phones, brings offerings of Skype and TouchPad messaging 69

by Derek Kessler Fri, 09 Dec 2011 8:52 am EST

We were beginning to think this day would never again come: a webOS phone has received a webOS update from HP. It's the Palm Pre 2 that's getting some love, at least in a limited fashion, with an update to webOS 2.2.4. The new version of webOS brings syncing improvements for Calendar and Contacts and some other small feature enhancements. Oh, and it also brings Skype support and support for Bluetooth MAP.

Skype support is nothing new to owners of an HP Pre3 or Verizon Pre 2, but until now we were left wondering when (or even if) other webOS devices would be getting access to the service. You can check out our Verizon Pre 2 review for a look at how you can expect Skype to work on other devices (quick overview: you log-in and can make calls and send messages via Skype).

Bluetooth MAP is another story, and it's something we've only seen on the Pre3. It's nothing to do with location services, it's the Messaging Application Protocol, essentially the standard that allows the Pre3 to share text messaging with the TouchPad over Bluetooth. The TouchPad itself was updated a few months back with 3.0.4 to enable it to act as a Bluetooth speakerphone to any handset, and now with Pre 2 phones running webOS 2.2.4, it can also share text messages.

You'll notice that caveat: "Pre 2 phones running webOS 2.2.4." That's because this release seems to be of limited nature, at least to start. For the looks of things, it seems to only be available to unlocked European GSM Pre 2 devices, with the unlocked US GSM and Verizon Pre 2 phones currently left out of the mix. Also out of the mix will be anybody who made a Sprint Pre 2, though you should have known that would happen before performing smartphone grafting surgery. Also, the usual note about themes, kernels, patches, and Doctors not being available yet still stands. They'll hit eventually, but in the meantime just hold tight.


Good Omen.
It will survive today.

Do not work (do not update) in Spain. I'm currently running HP webOS 2.1.0 with a model P102UEU (Pre2).



I have an unlocked european Pre2 and update is not available... It says my phone is updated

Awesome! I can't wait! Now I can hold out longer for a Pre 3 in the future. SMS on my Touchpad!

I have a qwertz german pre 3, and still running 2.2.0, So f**k you HP for not updating my officialy released phone and updating pirate at&t versions

What exactly is "pirate" about the AT&T version?

Also from the description of the update they only catch up some functionality that you and I already have on our Pre3 - so why the hate?

For one thing: Skype call quality in 2.2.0 is appaling. It seems only affect European GSM Pre3s. It is bug ridden, in general, it just painfully shows that PAlm GBU was dying during their affair with HP. My Original Pre- was supported ten times better, and tested better as well.

BTW, EU GSM PRe3s are running 2.2.0, as mentioned above.

So yes, f**k you HP, I could not agree more.

Any chance of getting this (especially Skype) on a Pre- (currently webOS 2.1)?

Probably not. Only reason Pre Classic got 2.1.0 was because the Pre Plus got an official 2.1.0 doctor.

Can't wait till this makes the franken world!!!!

Yes me 2 . . I love my Pre 2 and would love to get some of those updates !

Yeah, I'm curious to see if it will work on a Sprint Pre 2 and what it will take to get it loaded.

of course it will; it will just require the release of the Pre2 2.2.4 webOS doctor, and then a meta-doctor script from the clever fellows at webOS internals... pretty much exactly what was required to make your original frankenpre2 in the first place.

Come on, Veer too, please!

Yeah, the VEER! Remember that one, HP? My calendar functionality is terrible!

do i have to uninstall all my patches? i have nightmares about this.

It is rolling out for unlocked devices only !!!

Canadians are still sitting on 2.1 - let's kick some of these updates up North, please!

Those of us slightly further south are on the same thing.

I've got it, pre2 on rogers.

Not available on my unlocked Pre2 in France yet

While my Sprint FrankenPre2 sits around as a clock these days, wouldn't a potential forthcoming webOS Doctor, mean that it might be able to be upgraded?


Updating Pre2 (unlocked GSM) in Australia :)

I have got a german Pre3 and have not got the update. still running 2.2.0

this article is about the Pre2, not Pre3. 2.2.4 is known to exist already for the Pre3 and Veer as well, but has not been released yet.

All those things sound great! Most looking forward to the Bluetooth MAP to share SMS with my TP! Though, in addition, I hope it fixes the messaging-lag bug, where there's a delay in responsiveness after sending a message.

Webos Internals Assemble! Can't wait for a Meta-doctor update for FrankenSprint Pre2!!!!

Why would a company update an OS that's future is supposed to be set four hours from now? Because that OS' future is that it's going to live.

Thanks, HP, long live the best mobile OS ever created!

Or because they're going to kill it in four hours, and it's now or never.

Well, hopefully it's one of those and not another postponement of the decision.

Touchpad messaging??? As in SMS via touchpad over bluetooth?

Ok. It's time to frankenpre my old reliable Pre- !!

Holy webOS Update, Batman! Good sign from HP?

For the record, my Sprint Pre 2 could OTA update to 2.1 just fine when it came out. The problem is that it won't get recognized as a European GSM Pre 2 any time soon. Can't wait for either the US GSM update to come out, or the metadoctor to come out.

remember, just the fact that HP rolled this out is excellent. If it doesnt go to all devices, the homebrew community will make sure it does.

Please donate to them.


I had my verizon pre 2 doctored to webos 2.1.0 and today I just hit my update button and it came back with "An Update is Available". I was excited until I saw the update version was 2.1.0?

Strange.... it's applying but not sure what it's applying....

Read the Wiki. It covers that explanation. If it's the same thing that happened when I doctored my Sprint Pre 2, the main thing I remember that 2.1 "update" you're seeing does is fix the voice control.

Unlocked UK QWERTY GSM Pre2 on O2-Germany - NO UPDATE available (Still 2.1.0)

Random update=HP keeping webOS?

UK Pre 2 unlocked on O2 - I have it, updating now.

Update 2.2.4 OK on France Pre2 P102UEU unlocked SFR.

But very bad thing : The YouTube application desapeared replaced by a web link, so I've loosed the video recording function (from Jason R. Patch) !!!

that sucks, any time i watch a video in flash on my pre 2, i end up having to reboot a few minutes later from TMC errors. flash works good for like menus and **** but it sucks for video on the phone.

Fix the VEER already!!

I've downloaded 2.2.4, and it's installing now on my AT&T Pre 2.

I have a UK unlocked Pre 2 on O2, and it is not offering an update, and says:

"Your phone is up to date"...

at Web OS 2.1

Thank you HP. This is fantastic. Now I can wait on the next webOS phone with my pre2...Skype is wonderful and SMS to Touchpad is a great addition. Hopefully you fixed the calendar the right way.

Cheers Let it roll out to Germany soon.


Let me know when there's a metadoctor for us frankepre 2'ers.

I'm anxious for it, but after working a 10 hour shift, not much excites me.

Hmmm an update to the Pre 2 . . This makes me wonder about the announcement today. Seems like a good omen but I wont get my hopes up too much. Dont want to be disappointed when they announce something completely different from what I expect.

that's very cool news, makes my heart beat for news from meg today.... It would be nice if they could do some tune ups for us Sprint Pre- people. I still have my original phone from April 09. Never been dr'd. Scratched up but still does it all. I have well over 300 apps and patches on it too. Now that I have the touchpad I rarely use the phone other than calls or linking it the the pad. Been thinking of getting a warrentee replacement but that would probably be a piece of **** and mine is just scratched up.

It would have made my day if the Pre3's are getting an update.

I have a USA VZW Pre 2 version that I checked to see if I can update the software and it is now telling me that I can update to version 2.1 today, which I did but I can't tell you what is different than before.

VZW may be a different story... since those phones are sold by VZW with their branding, the update probably has to be tested and approved by VZW which they may not bother with. Though they are still selling Pre2's, so who knows?

Once the generic 2.2.4 doctor is made available, there will no doubt be a meta-doctor script for the VZW Pre2 just like there was for 2.1.

why is it whenever HP/Palm releases an update for one device, all we hear is instant griping that some other device doesn't have the same update available at exactly the same time? Really, they have to roll updates to EVERY SINGLE DEVICE at the same or you're all going to **** and moan on day 1?

this actually looks like a really good development, since 2.2.4 is known to exist for the Pre3 and Veer as well. It looks like HP is trying to unite all the current-gen phones on a single webOS version. That'll be refreshing given how fractured webOS 2 is at the moment, with webOS 2.1, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.2.0, 2.2.3, and now 2.2.4 all being current versions for different devices.

got it in sweden, on UK pre2

@HP I do not get it! You release an update for the third oldest webOS Phone (Pre-, Pixi, Pre+, Pixi+, Pre2 - right?) which hasn´t been available to a broad audience (leave alone at a decent price) in EMEA while the most recent ones (Veer and Pre3) still do not have all the advertised features (TTS for Veer, send and receive SMS for Veer, extended TTS for Pre3). However their firmware update is ready for primetime since at least early October?!?

And this is the expected modus operandi for a multi-national billion dollar company? I say it´s more Kindergarden than ever ...

A deeply frustrated and still (for whatever reasons) loyal webOS user.

well, its better than nothing. (I seriously wonder about that too)

I need this for my VZW Pre2. Calendar syncing sucks on it. My Pre and Pixi never had any calendar issues, but my Pre2 is terrible.

US GSM Pre 2 here, hopefully we'll see it soon!

Hopefully this will be able to benefit Pre and Pre + users :D


Now I only have to wait until mine gets repaired... :(

Nothing for now in Spain. :-(

Just a heads up - installed on O2 UK and now all my apps have disappeared.

not come to my Pre 2 yet, although it is GSM, unlocked and in Europe (Denmark) - really look forward to MAP feature

UK Pre 2 here. Got the update this morning. First observations are that the Phone app's menu looks kinda...shrunk, and also the "Preferences and Accounts" card for it does NOT scroll smoothly at all. Furthermore, it displays my number in US format, despite my phone numbers setting being set to "United Kingdom (+44)."

Aside from those (admittedly minor) UI gripes, Skype calling works as expected. So yay. :D

Just for a point of info. I have three Verizon Pre3s. one for my wife and one for myself plus a spare. The last two that I obtained from an ebay auction had 2.2.4 already installed on them. The phones work perfectly and are very well constructed. They were activated by me over Verizon wireless web activation with no problem. I am a long time Verizon customer. I upgraded from a Pre2. Downside can't install patches but can install preware.

I applied this upgrade from 2.1.0 to 2.2.4 on my unlocked Pre2 EU phone. Getting Skype was really nice. BUT - the downside - all my patches where gone :-( Preware and other Homebrew applications though, survived :-) I found a FIX getting patches back again - adding the 2.1.0 feed manually in Preware. Worked smoothly :)

I did the upgrade over the year-end on my Rogers pre2 (yes, 2.2.4 did arrive in Canada) and the first thing I noticed is that the phone no longer accepts dial commands from my car handsfree kit; it drops the connection right away. Calls dialed from the phone or received are fine over the hands-free. Anyone else experienced this? Thanks!