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webOS 2.2 doctor for Pre3 released 45

by Derek Kessler Fri, 02 Sep 2011 12:43 pm EDT

For the handful of you that have managed to secure an HP Pre3, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the OS on your phone is now safe to toy around with: the webOS Doctor has arrived. HP yesterday finally released the Doctor for webOS 2.2 on the Pre3, meaning that should you manage to somehow screw up the OS, you can easily reload it and start fresh.

More exciting, however, is the homebrew potential. Those picking through the Doctor have already discovered the SD card support lurking in webOS 2.2, but we’re excited to see what else might be pulled out and made available to other devices. Particularly, we’re interested to see Enyo support and phone/messaging sharing spread across webOS devices thanks to WebOS InternalsMeta-Doctor, as well Touch-to-Share finally getting enabled on the HP Veer. Of course, there’s no guarantee’s that such feats can be accomplished, but you can rest assured that if there’s anything the webOS homebrew community can try, they’ll try.

Source: WebOS Internals


Let the games begin!

I don't wanna Meta-Doctor, hoping for a TTS patch maybe???? =)

Can we get this active for the Pre 2?

My Pre 2 needs to be doctored since it's constantly freezing all of a sudden and getting too many cards out of no where.

Uhmm ok. Does anyone even have a pre 3?
I've been so bummed out about the WebOS news lately that I haven't even been looking at precentral as much and I've done my research.
My next phone will be the samsung Galaxy SII. However if the pre3 is out... despite it's much more underpowered than the samsung, i'll still take a look at it.

Yes there are people with a pre3 (including me).

And it's a great phone.

You 8 guys must be really excited about the news then, eh?

We sure are! The Pre 3 is a VERY nice phone - the screen, the keyboard, the camera....

Sorry for -1ing, the buttons don't get displayed (dunno why), and I clicked accidentally on one of those invisible buttons...

My Palm Touchpad has renewed my WebOS spirit

How did you get a Palm TouchPad?

I'm still mad at HP for cancelling hardware.

ah, fair enough then!!

I've taken my Pre- back to 1.4.5 and now I have the Pre logo at boot up again.

Makes me feel a smidgen better.


you can change your boot logo anyway :) Use Jason Robitaille's Quick Install app...


Good point!!

Cant be bothered now anyway as I'm going SGSII in a few weeks!!

Verizon Pre2 with 2.2 and messaging with the TP would keep me happy with webOS for at least another year.

Interesting how the title bar states that its a verizon release. Any chance for a 2.2 pre 2 release for verizon soon???

That is, indeed, very interesting! Or, is there any chance that a CDMA comm board from a Pre2 can be franken'd into a Pre3?

As much as I would love (LOVE!) a Verizon Pre3, I think that Derek is just using an old Verizon screen shot. :-(

yeah, when I first saw that I just about crapped my pants, then noticed the date. It obviously is an old screenshot.

I'm still hoping that there was a prodction run or two of Verizon Pre3's that will eventually be sold somehow. Probably not, but I can dream. My guess is that the Pre3 was going to launch on AT&T initially with Verizon to follow some months later with a CDMA/GSM world radio, and that no production VZW Pre3's were ever made.

I have one too. Fantastic hardware and, finally!: Skype integration!

Now if only we in the US can get an 850Mhz Tri-Band (or does that make it a quad-band?) version.

So Wanting TTS! Use case #43284939403

Take a pic of a birdy with my phone and TTS to the TP and have it pull up Audobon birds automatically and go to the Birdy's page in the book.

Touchpad's and WebOS's potential ...is...right...over...there.

Hopefully the Homebrew peeps will be able to pull something useful out of this WebDr for patching. :)

Um, hello? Veer update? Ever? Over here!

Go to H.E.DOUBLE.HOCKEY.STICKS. all you new Pre3 owners. I wanted one but looks like I can't have one so I'm stuck using a Pre2. >:(

Quite harsh words. Don't blame the Pre 3 owners, blame Leo Apotheker.

Huzzah! I eagerly await the adaptation of this doctor to other phones. This is more great news on the webOS front!

webOS lives!!

Nokia is going to buy it, and gain all the market share, and then they will buy out Microsoft before buying Apple. All because they've bought a living breathing mobile phone OS!

Praise be!!

Put the crack pipe down and go take a nap...

I bet some people are thinking you mean "pass it around"

Lol! Clearly you've not read any of my other posts?!

And you also have a problem recognizing sarcasm!

I just franken'd a Verizon Pre2 and my old Sprint Pre-... holy **** I'm a believer again. On the new hardware webOS is awesome. I wish Pre3 had been possible, but I'm really very happy with my Pre2 on Sprint.

Recommended to anyone who's still on their Pre-. $150 or so on ebay last I checked to pick up a Pre2, and the only tough part is finding a t5 Torx driver and having some patience and a fairly steady hand.

what do all the sprint 2.1 users do about the PRL? just don't worry about it?

i'm on my second sprint pre2 (i broke the first one's glass screen doh!); the PRL isn't too big a deal really. The first time I did the transplant I did the last minute PRL update, and reception was always decent, no noticeable difference between that and my pre-. With this brand new one I couldn't update (as I was transplanting the comm board from the already hacked VZN pre2 into a new unlocked Pre2). Frankly the reception is identical, if not slightly better.

Also, bonus tip, on this second transplant I transplanted only the comm board and no other part of the Pre- I had previously owned; all I had to do was reconnect the wires, no big deal. Now I have a brand new camera lens and speaker!

I bought the Pre 3 in france and when I select 'Download webOS Doctor' in the Palm Profile I get the following error message (translated from the german message: 'Es tut uns leid, aber dies ist keine gültige Seriennummer.'):
'Sorry, but this is not a valid serial number.'

Oh pleeze oh please oh pleez! Can there be a meta-sprint-franken-unlocked 2.2 doctor!!! That would be so awesome!!! I need to go buy another pre2 as a backup, to stave off android or WP7 for another 3-12 months! Gotta keep this Pre2 screen safe... Rod I will donate again!

FrankenPre 3 Sprint.... Dreaming? Perhaps. Still... Dont take that away from me :)

*smirks* I LOVE WEBOS-Internals!!!! That last line Derek def made me smile. :-D "Of course, there’s no guarantee’s that such feats can be accomplished, but you can rest assured that *if there’s anything the webOS homebrew community can try, they’ll try.*"

Hi have a pre 3 :D and loving it. Been on my original pre- since the release in october 09, had no probs with it at all. got webos 2.1 on it and run at 1Ghz and everything was ok just slow and pre- would hang but could live with it just! but the pre 3 is super fast, screen is lush and the feel of the hardware is excellent, a nice upgrade for free and cheaper then my last pre contract by £15, this is a bargin, I'm well please, I'm just ticked for missing out on an £89 touchpad, must have been a sleep!!

I do take a moment and think you poor guys accross the pond and feel your pain, HP have shattered many people's hope and dreams, it is not fair, they have a lot to answer too, I just hope webos can live on for years to come in some shape or form... WebOS is the best!!! :)

I read somewhere in the forums that the unlocked Pre³ not supporting 850 mHz was software-based (vs the cellular radio not recognizing it). Here's hoping the homebrew community can change that now.

**** at least u all can get them south of the border.. up here in the great white north NADA.. rogers even stopped handling the pre 2 so cant even get that.

Any chance for 2.2 ever make it to the Pre2?

Would skype integration work on the Pre2?

I've had a Pre 3 on pre-order in the UK since July. I asked about availability yesterday and was told they are awaiting stock.

Although they haven't cancelled my order yet I can see the writing on the wall - I doubt I will actually get a Pre 3.

Shame - if HP can't get folks into the ecosystem who actually want a webOS device (at full price) what chance has it got? Why bother?