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by Mark Jensen Sun, 06 Feb 2011 7:55 am EST

While the HP Think Beyond event of February 9th is just days away, here’s an announcement of sorts that webOS users won’t have to wait for.  According to HP Palm’s official product support page, webOS 2.x is syncing device calendars, in some use case scenarios for a little as only three months.  Not the kind of announcement you were looking for?  Likely not, but this is what PreCentral forum members have encountered from Palm as an official response to what appears to be some rather odd calendar syncing characteristics in webOS 2.x.

Filed under the support banner of “Some of my calendar information is missing” on the HP Palm support website is the following note:  “Different accounts sync events for different periods of time into the past and future.”   The support article then goes on to explain that Google, Yahoo! and Exchange calendars do in fact sync events for as little as three months in varying combinations depending on which of the three calendars you are syncing with on your webOS 2.x device.  As far as we can tell the support article is treating these odd syncing characteristics as standard behavior.

We are certainly in the early stages of webOS 2.0 and any iterative improvements that are sure to follow, however, calendar syncing issues of this sort as standard fare are not among the new features we have been anticipating in the evolution of webOS.  Let’s hope that further light shed on the subject renders an announcement of a different sort (as in a fix) in the near future as webOS 2.x is rolled out en masse.

Source: Palm SupportThanks: gizmo21


My Google calendar doesn't make any sync. So don't use it anymore on my Prē2. Just sync with my Palm Profile until this is fixed. Just can't rely on my Google calendar.
On my Prē 'Classic' it worked fine.

I experience the same problem with my new Pre. The old Pre I had had no issues with syncing with Google calendar, syncing events from nearly a decade ago. Evolution on my desktop & laptop syncs all of Google calendar to years ago & into the future. I see it as a stupid bug in the webOS v2.0.1 implementation of the calendar. Let's hope they fix it soon!!!!!

I have been syncing calendar and contacts against my corporate Exchange account and my Gmail account for almost two years now.

No issues except for two times early in the life of WebOS after OTA OS updates broke Exchange and Gmail, but that was fixed within 5 days.

edit: oh, this is supposed to affect WebOS 2.0 only? I happen to also have a Pre2 (from the developer day conference giveaway) but have only set up Exchange sync on that device, so I don't know if Google sync is borked.

You expect a free WebOS device because your current one is now obsolete and/or because some sort of promise has been broken?

What company that is still in business has ever done anything like that before?

yeah, "free swaps and a free tablet" - because that's what apple would do, right?

you guy's are too funny! ;-)

Just "hold your breath", your free tablet is on it's way - 'cause you deserve it! ;-)

feel better budy

You've got to be kidding me. Hopefully this is temporary.

What is it with webOS and anemic PIM data management? PalmOS had it down--every category and field you could think of; create your own categories, even; YEARS of calendar entries; Agenda view; year view in the calendar; color-coded everything. The purpose of a smartphone used to be ORGANIZATION. It was a productivity tool. That's what made me love Palm in the first place! (That and the keyboard+touch screen combo).

WebOS comes out and we can't even separate business contacts from family--everyone's all lumped together in a long, scrolling list. The calendar app was barely usable until the patches came along. And the Tasks app is a joke! Who doesn't have recurring tasks or want a reminder?

I understand that today's smartphone users are all about YouTube and Angry Birds. But does that mean we have to lose the organization? Is it that difficult to implement the business side of a phone?

Okay, my geek rant is over. Thank you for letting me vent.

apparently Ruby doesn't really understand "Palm DNA" although he likes to continue using that phrase quite often.

It's not DNA, it's NDA, because anything beyond 3 months (i.e. "the coming months") cannot be disclosed on your calendar.

Good one!

I'm afraid illogical and confusing design decisions like this might be caused by the iOS' success with limiting functionality to keep things simple. 8o(

In rgard to how well people here "organize" voting for webOS on polls, I suggest "we" do the same for certain key functions so that a "demand" for having the basic needs covered are delivered to HPalm with some punch ...

I'm with you.

I'm so annoyed with having to carry my Palm IIIxe with me all the time just for PIM purposes.

Nobody, and yes, that includes Blackberry, has ever matched the usability of the original PalmOS PIMs. And that is because they weren't build to be applications, they were built to be a replacement for pen and paper... and successfully so! While I love WebOS, and would own a device if one was sold in my part of the world, I am so tired of having to carry that IIIxe around. I love it, but it's 1997 technology for Pete's sake. It deserves a happy drawer life now.

Sync with Exchange two weeks back? Are you kidding me? This is just unacceptable. How can I acess notes from previous meetings that I regularly need? With the IIIxe, I can find notes I wrote 13 years ago should I need to. I don't know about Yahoo/Google calendar syncing limitations, but I'm fairly sure this limitation isn't coming from Exchange. Hell - on BBs and Windows CE 6, you can select the amount of time you want to be synced... and it includes an "everything" option.

I have all the respect for Ruby because I like his work, and I think he mostly nails everything right... but when I read stuff like this and I see the PIM (especially those damn memos) on WebOS, I wonder if the guy ever used a smartphone for business.

While I do enjoy the entertainment value provided by modern pocket devices, I still use them mostly - during office hours - for work. And I won't buy a device I can't work with. What's next? Having to buy a heavy, big, unsynchronizable, unsearchable paper datebook and notepad?

To sync with these restrictions is not the same as the device itself not remembering them. I expect that as long as you have the data on your WebOS device already, it will stay there, and the only problem you MIGHT encounter is if you change data on Google or Yahoo calendars that goes forward by more than two months, and even then, a sync SHOULD get any updates at Google and/or Yahoo.

This would be more annoying if you wipe your phone and then want to sync all your information back to it.

I expect that we will see an unofficial patch that comes out fairly quickly once WebOS 2 is released for the Pre and Pixi that will let us set how far forward and backward sync will go.

I agree. Where is the "Ignore call with text message" option I had years ago on my Treo???

Rant on, my friend. Palms should be PDAs first, phone's second. That the Treo remains the best PDA phone on the market is a sad state of affairs, indeed.

Geek rant?

C'mon man, this is NOT geek stuff. PIM is the stuff of the masses. Business people should be able to buy this thing at VZW store and have their calendars synced and functional by that afternoon.

PIM is mission critical IMO. I'm definitely a geek, but any adult-acting user needs a great Calendar, Contacts, Memos, and Tasks. WebOS sorta delivered on the first two (with some exceptions) and laid 2 eggs on the others. This would be a PERFECT correction for v2 of WebOS. This bulletin indicates that they don't see wimpy Google, Yahoo, or xChnge sync as a major issue. Maybe I'm wrong and there working on it.

C'mon HP/Palm, please let somebody up there listen to the cries of Palm faithful since the 90s who are begging to just get close to Garnet functionality in PIMS.

We need ...
*Year View (w/ selection) in Calendar for landscape.
*Month View in landscape. It just fits!
*Worthwhile color coding in Calendar month view.
*Syncing of EVERYTHING, or just call it a gimmick
*Real Contacts search, that can search EVERY field. Maybe call it Universal!
*Search in calendar w/out a 3rd party cloud search, when I already have it right on my phone.
*Tasks with simple Palm OS functionality. Sync somewhere besides PP.
*Memos, I won't even comment on that.

Get the Calendar up to SPEED! It is borderline unusable. When a customer asks "Are we set for next November", or "What are the dates in the fall", or "When are we set for next month" etc, do you realize what kind of theater must be used to keep them from hanging up while the WebOS Calendar churns away to finally get the events of the months to appear? If the code is going to the cloud, then stop it! If you won't stop it, then let us choose to go there or not. If it's not going to the cloud, then optimize the freakin' code to get it done fast. If you don't want to do either, then hire me in management. I'll demand, hire and fire until the code-monkeys MAKE this happen. This is ground floor functionality that has to work 100% right, even

If you've already fixed this, then just disregard the above. :-) Now that's a rant.

This is 100% the reason why I bought my Palm Pre Plus - so that I could have great functionality in a small device (as opposed to additionally lugging around my old Sony Clie!) - not to mention the fantastic UI. I am completely freaked out every time I search for past calendar entries (with detailed notes!)...and the calendar is...blank. Detestable. How could this be acceptable for a Palm device - is this a joke?

( I came back to the top of my post after i wrote it to apologize for the length. I didn't think it would turn into a rant of my own )

i must be a geek to cause PIM is my number one funtion of my phone.

I have gone through the channels to file several complaints asking to just have the "reminder" setting for calander appointments extended beyond measely 1-day.

I don't want to be reminded of a birthday party or a dentist appointment, or that i have to reregister my car one day before its due. I want to know 6 days ahead, 18 days if i want so I can plan my life around my responsibilities, not wake up and find out that aunt betty's 50th wedding aniversay surprise party is tomorrow and I never got her a present. Oh that's right, why dont I grow up, take initiative and responsability for my lack of memory, and set a reminder and stop the wining. BECUASE MY PHONE ONLY LIMITS ME TO ONE DAY!

I cant always trust my memory and this is one missing feature of an older, obsolete palmOS that i thouroughly miss. maybe i place yet another request for such a simple feature, while my rate of making doctor's appointments continues to be around 50% when it used to 99% with my treo650.

You are soooo right... It's a shame that they not implemented the magnificent PIM functionality from Palm OS yet and it's also incredible stupid, because it was that huge advantage that made Palm superiour and they have everything "in the house" so nothing stop them to fix this!!!

And yes, the Task application is the worst part now - even if that one is the most important part, when you work with many different projects and stuff!!!

But "recurring tasks" and reminders is for the calendar in my book... Task is for things you don't do a specific date - type as fast as possible, when you have time or info you save for the future, as exemple when you buy your next videocamera.

I TOOOOOOOTALLY agree with you!!! Palm has lost their way. They used to be complete leaders and now they have decided to follow the worst parts of others... I just don't get it...

Where have all the smart people from Palm that put the "smart" in smartphone gone??

Two months forward is too little for many things I want to watch (like 6 month dental checkups, etc). I shouldn't have to go to my desktop to see what's 6 months or 1 year out.

It seems like this should be a user preference instead of hard limits for Google or Yahoo users.

Using Outlook and Chapura Sync manager would be another way around this also.


No - another way around this is to go to phone platform that actually works and not imposing additional costs on the end user.

my calendar in 1.4.5 syncs well past 2 months.. just saying

OK, this is why I switched from Yahoo calendar to Google calendar in the first place. Yahoo could only get the next two months of calendar info to sync, while with Google, it syncs flawlessly out as far as I have been willing to test it. If this is true, I will not be "upgrading" to 2.0, as this makes the calendar function basically useless for me.

I wouldn't count on Palm/HP "fixing" this problem, when they don't view it as a problem. This is not a good vibe, leading into Feb 9th! :(

That part @ not viewing this as a problem scaaaares me. Coupled with the "we wanna be cool like Apple" ramblings of the CEO only increases my fear that real productivity usage could get a non-mission critical priority on the platform going forward.

Somebody bring back the tap counter and a little cubicle! Wasn't it Rob Hatiani back in the day?

...and let the fun begin. I'm sure this is only the beginning of the future nonsense coming our way. Great stuff... BUT....

looks like other phones are starting to look better again.

hmmm, "reply" works, but "edit" doesn't...

would love to fix "because"

hmmm, "reply" works, but "edit" doesn't...

would love to fix "because"

hmmm, "reply" works, but "edit" doesn't...

would love to fix "because"

hmmm, "reply" works, but "edit" doesn't...

would love to fix "because"

hmmm, "reply" works, but "edit" doesn't...

would love to fix "because"

For those interested / concerned, I'd suggest also taking a look at the Forum thread (see the link below). Bottom-line: this is a big issue to many people that we *hope* will be fixed soon. I for one would appreciate this being raised with Palm on Feb 9th -- by any of you lucky enough to attend.

Mark -- thanks for raising the subject here on the main blog.


"Think beyond" - just not beyond 2 months.

It looks like Palm is setting a limitation on THEIR side (for new accounts) - which would seem to be independent of OS version. See this post:


I can't possibly switch back to a new HP phone if this limit stays in place, the biggest thing I do with my phone is long range planning. The only exception would be if HP offered an online replacement for Google Calendar.


Not a problem for me since the only place I record, view and edit events is from my phone. Palm Profile, Google, etc. are merely backup services for me. And as for categories... this works just fine in the default calendar app. I just created different calendars for each category and assigned them each a different color. No, the colors don't show in month view without a patch. But they do show in the week and day views just fine. Comes down to a slightly different way of doing the same things I always did in PalmOS.

precentral: you need to FIX your website. Posts are disappearing constantly. Either that or you're removing individual's posts - not cool.

It is a bug in the new commenting system. Precentral editors are not removing posts.

You'll notice the number of comments indicator is often incorrect. The workaround is to post a message of your own -- then you'll be able to see those 'missing' comments.

ugghh...why do I love webOS? Why does my heart seek so much punishment?

I eagerly bought an unlocked Pre 2, and like the phone in most respects, but the calendar sync issue is a real turn-off... I had to export my google calendar into exchange, because I have to be able to see my calendar at least a year into the future while scheduling events at work. You can't tell people in a meeting, "let me run to my desktop and see if I'm free." Only being able to go back 2 weeks is irritating, but not the end of the world for me.
The other major turn-off is lack of support for Classic. I'm still using it, thanks to a workaround suggested in the forum, but I recently had to reset the phone (delete apps, etc.) to clear up a static issue, which means going through the hassle of hacking into the phone again.

This is unacceptable.

The upcoming PalmPad will probably hold the additional months when paired with a webOS phone...

Even though I think Palm is crazy for making it necessary, this is why I use Outlook for contacts and calendar and sync directly to my Pre+

Irritating that I had to buy Pocket Mirror, but worth every penny of the cost...

This really sucks, I hope Motorola and HTC dont make fun of Palm. Only syncs 3 months worth of data. I hope they treat it like a bug, for it is a really really big bug.

What it doesn't address is that I cannot even access the google calendar - neither as a synced calendar nor through the browser on webOS 2.0 on a Palm pré2...the browser is not supported that is why...I guess.

It's not the most important feature but it's important to me...

thanks for reading.

And I like to choose my sync time frame. I like to have control...not the other way round.

Although the Pre browser may be different from Pre2, it would be odd if HP has gone even more backwards in their evolutionary jump to OS2.x

I can access the Google calendar in the browser, and I do it so I can send calendar invites (should I get going on this?).

However, the default calendar page that loads is the mobile version and I get a blanc screen with just the headers and footers. I then click on the desktop version link at the bottom, and presto, I get the full shabang - and it works. Hope this helps.

This doesn't seem to be the whole truth. I'm looking at my Palm Pre 2 right now and I had to do a "Erase Apps & Data" last week and resync.

I can see an event on Tuesday 26th July that came across from Google, but I can also see that there are a number of events that are missing, e.g. a couple of flights that I'll be taking in July, that are in Google Calendar but not in my Pre 2.

That is slightly worrisome now that it has been brought to my attention.

(Frankly, the calendar and contacts sync are pretty flaky - I can't get contacts to sync from the Pre 2 to Google, though Google to the Pre 2 is fine.)

If you go into the contacts app and into preferences & accounts is Google the default account for contacts or your Palm profile?

Yes. And syncing with Calendar isn't much better. I find I get about a month of two way syncing before it breaks and I have to delete the account and re-create it to get it going again. It's as if it jams on something and it can't dislodge it.

About the only problem I have is if I leave the facebook app open for any length of time all connectivity gets hosed as if the FB app is corrupting the network stack. After that if I toggle airplane mode everything works again.

A. HP/Palm's response feels like posturing. There IS NO WAY HP can claim WebOS is an enterprise tool with this issue. They'll fix it - I have not doubt. The only question is when.

B. HP/Palm owes me nothing. No freebies, no 'We feel your pain, so here's a free Topaz for hanging in with us.' Jeez, come on folks, this is business. As someone noted before me, Would Apple do that? Na, they want you to buy a new gizmo every 12 months to keep their profits high.

C. See A. It'll be fixed.

That is probably why it is fixed for exchange server and not Google. They likely think that enterprise users will be using exchange while people using it for personal stuff will be using google.

I checked, and my calendar is syncing over 10 years ahead on my 1.4.5 Pixi (i gave up after that...i wonder how far it goes?)

Anyway, this is a real problem. It makes me think twice about getting another webOS device, i NEED a working calendar!

Got CalDAV?

This isn't a "new" support article. it's been up for quite some time, and does not only apply to 2.x. At the bottom, it references all of the devices it applies to, and it runs the gammut of all webOS devices.
Also, the source code for the article gives date created of 5/12/2009, and date modified of 12/20/2010.

My calendar syncs further than the 2 months advertised, but this is likely stating 2 months is all it's guaranteed to sync, YRMV.

If THEY really want to fix calendar- then they will sync with Palm Desktop again- now I am forced to use an outside ap- Companionlink- THEY MUST bring back sync with Palm desktop- I am syncing back to 2000 with companionlink and my Palm desktop.

I had thought about Pocket Mirror when I switched to the Pre Plus, but it didn't take a lot of work to export my Outlook calendar to Google. On my Pre 2, I just looked at Pocket Mirror again in the App catalogue, and it says that it's not compatible with WebOS 2.x. So that doesn't seem to be an option. I will eventually get weaned off my old PalmOS apps, but without a fully functioning calendar and other decent enterprise software, things do seem a bit gloomy for the future.

is someone working on an app that somehow "fixes" this in the meantime? The webos homebrew/dev community (trolls aside) is great at fixing the quirks in webos

I also have recurring and non-recurring events well over six months into the future on my Pre that have synched properly. But in general I only enter calendar events directly into Google or my work calendar rather than via the Pre. May be the time limit issue applies when synching from Pre to the Cloud rather than both ways.

Reading the actual support page, this issue is not OS version specific, although reading the P¦C comments, it is unique to 2.xx. If that is the case, and I WILL wait to check and verify this when OS2.0 is finally out on a device that is not the Pre2, and if so, I will switch switch away from WebOS. As much of a shame as it is, this will otherwise affect my business.

It's not unique to 2.x, been this way for quite some time. future time sync is the 'minimum' you should expect to see, as some see more, others don't.

I believe this was done to fix the speed performance of the calendars on our WebOS devices. I think it's a step backwards. Can I at least get a Year worth of information in either direction of the current date?

To fix speed they break user ability to function properly as a business tool. There has to be a better solution. Currently, my Pre minus running 1.4.5 doesn't have this issue.

Makes me weary of WebOS 2.x.x.

At least Precentral has belatedly noticed this issue. I've had a Pre 2 since it was released in the UK. Quite quickly, I noticed that Google sync for both calendar and contacts is completely hopeless. When I discovered the two-month calendar-sync limitation, and then that this limitation was DELIBERATE, I nearly threw the phone away.

HP surely cannot think that either of these flaws is compatible with selling phones. If both are fixed in webOS 2.1, I will accept having been a tester, albeit an unwitting one, for a new product. If not, then every Palm owner might as well just pack it in immediately.

Unbelievable, this is not true, or?

Everyone needs a calender that shows more than 2-3 months in future. HP INSTNATLY has to fix that, or does HP present an own calendersync service on wednesday?

This is really worrying. Like so many others I was disappointed by the loss of PIM funtionability in webOS as compared to PalmOS but have made do. It really annoys me that I need to use Google Calendar Search to search my calendar but at least I have a way to do so (was really hoping next upgrade would fix that). However, if it's true that we'll be losing the ability to save more than three months on our webOS phones I may have to go to iPhone on Verizon (have already tried an Android and found that OS clunky and frustrating)or look into Blackberry.

I absolutely love webOS and was really looking forward to Wednesday's announcements. But this information has really brought that excitement down. Really bummed....

FYI -- take a look at the Agenda app (homebrew) -- lets you search calendars regardless of online/offline Google or otherwise.

Still, a workaround to the fundamental problem, I realize....

Since I've ranted a bunch about this in the forums, I'll simply add an anecdote here:

My Wife is a longtime Palm user (Palm 505 & then a T3) who makes daily use of the Palm PIM tools & synced with Palm Desktop. Since her T3 is dying, she needed a replacement.

As much as it pained me, I guided her away from the Pre2 (Rogers) as it would completely fail to meet PIM calendar needs (3 months is garbage, no Chapura is also garbage).

So, she joined the masses and bought an iPhone yesterday. Not a stellar PIM device either, but, with the purchase of CompanionLink, it will cover her needs where Palm currently fails.

I honestly hope the Enterprise people at HP are yelling at Palm for this --> if a Palm fan like me can't even imagine recommending a WebOS phone, how do they expect to market/sell these features?!

thx for finally bringing this issue to the frontpage. Much more on that int the forums:


shout this out to palm feedbackform to get this fixed - NOW

BTW, the only-2-weeks-back Exchange calendar sync has been hardcoded into webOS since its launch--I got this directly from Palm in response to a query months ago. {Jonathan}

I have been waiting for HP/Palm to make WebOS:

1. a complete PIM data management system with full sync.
2. better hardware.
One without the other will not keep me for the long term. I have been using Palm products from 1998 and I still miss my old Treo's PIM system. HP/Palm this needs to be fixed soon. I was looking forward to Wed., now not so much.

If this is the case in webOS 2.xx then I will have to move to another phone. I have only had the pre plus for a few months, and generally really like it, but the inability to actually use the calendar fully would be a deal killer.

I hope I don't have to "upgrade" to 2.0, because with out the calendar I'll just get rid of the phone.

I am a longtime Palm nutcase. My Tungsten E is in my bedside table, and my Treo is still in the charger on my desk. I bought the Pre with giant hope, and I am still trying to be starry-eyed. I could hold out for the next thing, but the calendar is killing me. I work three jobs, and a lot of prn stuff, and several of my work schedules will not sync with Google or Yahoo. I can import them all into my OutLook Calendar, but can't get it to completely sync with my Pre at all. I'm always afraid I will not show up for something, so I am forever running around with a paper calendar. I like WebOS, but little things like the calendar and syncing my contacts from Outlook are killing me, and making me look at other things. I make a phone call maybe once every two weeks, and frankly my phone service sucks no matter which service I use. Right now, the other things matter. Do they not see this? Do they not see me?

OK, I am back on this forum and I don't want to be rude but I am the only person on here since 8pm. It is 2:30 in the morning. Welcome to real life. I NEED a real calendar that tells me where I need to be when, because I DO forget dentist appointments, I DO forget which job I am working on which day, and I DO lose track of what time it is. I want the alarm, but I want to turn it off and on, depending on the situation. I would LOVE to be able to type in recurring things, like a work thing, for several days with a limit. Right now I have not figured out how to do that, import it into Google Calendars, zip to my phone, and get it all straight before it disappears into the zone. Being able to go from Outlook to the dang phone would be nice, but the only software I've been able to find to do that with is useless and stupid. It seems to do things that no adult human would want, and yet not do things that anyone would require.
So, I've had about enough. Good night.

HP Palm Division has many versions of their Desktop Applications that can sync with their Smartphone.

The old Palm PDA users were waiting for the new Web OS to include a desktop application that synced the memos, calendar and contacts with their Smartphone in one location using the Palm Desktop.

I could not find any third party software that performed has well as the Palm Desktop Software.

If Palm does not want to use the Desktop Software on their new phones and pads. They should sell the software to current and old Palm user as a utility that can be user with other phones and pads on the market.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of vic-...er...defeat.


I hate to say this because I really like the OS, but there are many issues/limitations....Maybe time to switch platforms until they get it further in development...

Bash me all you want but not the greatest SMART phone out there right now...

Too many locations to backup, edit and view your calendar, memos and contacts in the cloud.

The only USB two way sync looks like using Sage Act software for calendar, memos and contacts in lieu of the Palm Desktop Software.

So is the general consensus "sync everything, forever"? And then what about storage space? And data overages for those on metered plans or capped downloads? And then there's speed?

I would guess this was carefully calculated adaptation. 90% of people probably only care about the immediate future for personal calendars, and further ahead for business. But people using the calendar for business are probably 90% of those people are on exchange.

So do you modify the settings and affect OTA performance for 90% of the users to satisfy 10% of people this actually affects?