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webOS 3.0.2 Developer SDK available for download 17

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 05 Aug 2011 9:05 am EDT

The webOS 3.0.2 over-the-air update for the HP TouchPad was pushed through just a few days ago, and now the SDK has been released for public use as well. Developers can grab the new version of the SDK from the webOS Developer Portal and install it just as they have previous versions of the same development kit. The download is 368 MB in size and will take a few minutes to complete, but once it's on your computer you can use it to get your TouchPad emulator up to date; install, build and package new applications; and dig into the code to see what else might be going on under the shine of the webOS user interface. Hit the source link below for more details on what the SDK is and how to get it installed.


After what we have here today.



Do you expect HP to answer you here?

I don't think anyone expects HP to answer anything. It's so sad what they are doing to webos :(

Is win XP really dropped or did they forget to mention XP support on 32 bits systems?

If you're still using XP you gosts some updating to do!

that is great progress


can sdk1.4.5 mojo apps also be developed with this also (ie does the download include the 145 sdk)

Different animals.

the n9 with meego will have more marketshare than webos by the end of the year. You can quote me on this

Meego is dead.

It doesn't matter how many n9 are sold. Nokia won't support it. Developers won't support it.

As long as HP keeps pushing webOS it will keep going.

I don't think so. Nokia has no plans to support MeeGo, so what you will get is an experience worse than the Palm Pre & Pixi after the HP acquisition.

Nice, that's a pretty good turn around time considering the OS update was released only a few days ago. Keep up the pace :)

Uhh so who is developing for this. They need to give devices to developers if they expect apps. Developers develop for the device they have. Give them a touchpad.

The blackbelt approach is a swift kick to the nuts of developers focusing on app quality instead of quantity.

Is it normal to release the SDK *after* the upgrade has been released to users?

Or is this for a future update?