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webOS 3.0.4 77 pushed out to TouchPads, includes new camera app 100

by Derek Kessler Tue, 18 Oct 2011 9:47 am EDT

Fire up System Updates, TouchPad owners, because there’s an update to webOS waiting for you. webOS 3.0.4 77 is now available, weighing in at 53MB. Aside from the typical faster/stronger/better improvements, webOS 3.0.4 also includes improvements to the App Catalog that make it “easier to find great TouchPad apps” and a new camera app to let you use that 1.3MP front-facing camera for more than just Skype. We’re downloading now and will let you know if we discover anything else.

HP webOS 3.0.4 makes TouchPad snappier, includes a new camera app, makes it easier to find great TouchPad apps in the App Catalog, and a number of other improvements.

Update: According to webOS chief Ari Jaaksi's blog, webOS 3.0.4 also makes "connectivity with non-HP phones possible" and includes improved messaging, UI touch-ups, and enhancements to Enyo. WebKit, and V8 (the webOS JavaScript rendering engine). Amusing that the info's up on Jaaksi's blog before it's on the official website.

Source: Ari Jaaksi's Blog; Thanks to sledge007 for the tip!


Hopefully I don't need to uninstall any patches for this update.

Good point, is this ok to use with patches?

Good Question!!

I came here to ask this same question. This will be my first update post-Preware installation, so I am not sure.

Anything from Preware can be left on the TouchPad EXCEPT for themes!! Make sure you remove any themes you have on your TouchPad before running the update!

Oh Great! Now you tell me. :)


Here you go. I thought we would not get any more updates until after the final official word came out whether they were going to start up again or not. Thanks HP, (or the people within) for giving us something else to love our TP for. I love my Touchpad.

Haven't seen this yet, so I had to say it.

"I need TP for my bunghole."

Beavis and Butthead, classics like my Sprint Pre minus which is still kicking. Yes, the only real issue I have is sometimes it kicks into headset mode on its own. That's about it.

Keep WebOS alive.

You do realize that Mike Judge is bringing them back?

Hopefully, they've enabled printing to non-HP printers. That'd be swell. I'm still excited, nonetheless :)

Is there ever going to be the "Hardware Acceleration" update for much smoother UI?
Or is it me making this up?

Man! And I left my TP at home. Can't wait to get back. :)

Your work doesn't have toilet paper?

I'm also wondering about patches and homebrew - will this update affect them?

Will have to wait until later tonight to install it. Didn't bring it with me today.

Anyone install with CM7 on their TP?

I installed CM7. I'm installing the update now on without doctoring back to stock first. I'll let you know if it affects CM7 (or if CM7 affects the update!)once it's finished.

OK, update finished with no problem. It wipes out the custom bootloader that CM7 installed so you can no longer boot to CM7.

I'm going to doctor back to stock and stay stock until CM7 comes out of Alpha and Beta.

Interesting. When I pulled up System Updates all it says is "This update contains a variety of software improvements." Same WebOS release, 3.0.4 77.

Wonder if the 'snappier' comment is in regard to all of the logging and other patches we have done to 3.0.2 thanks to preware.

Great news that they are still updating the Touchpad, I hope I don't have to uninstall any of my patches though, didn't even think of that.

I just plan on doctoring, I jut want to be sure that having CM7 on the TP doesn't cause any severe issues (brick :()

I don't understand the point of the person that thumbed this down. This isn't even an opinion comment... people are idiots

Could anyone check if the Webkit changes makes it work again with Soundcloud? Afaik, the current Webkit version has a problem with more than one "playable" object on a website. For soundcloud, this means any page view with multiple songs won't play. Wonder if this is finally fixed.

Well, my patches no longer work after update :(....need help...what to do!

All patches will need to be marked compatible with 3.0.4 before they work again.

You'll probably see a bunch of updates in Preware in the next couple days.

I installed it and none of my patches are working. I only have 9 installed. So do I just reinstall them?? Also my uberkernel isn't showing up in govnah. Is that just a reinstall too??

Looks like the webkit now works a little better... still not fully compatible with all the mobile frameworks out there... Testing it mostly with frameworks that offer scrollviews for touch devices and I still see many problems...

This is very improtant for HP to fix ASAP. There are a lot of mobile websites now and webos is still not upto date with their webkit support... although this version does add some new improvements...

ACID3 test is now 94...

I would have preferred the zinio app or picsel, but the update is appreciated even so

The non hp phone connectivity is huge now that hp is getting out of the biz. I can't wait to see how it's been implemented.

Its via bluetooth.

I just connected my wifes Centro to her TouchPad for auto-answering calls.


Govenah loses frequencies above 1.18 ghz and Uberkernal is not compatible with this version, so, WebOSI will likely have to look at these for updates.

Well, hopefully this fixes the black page printing issue with my new HP P1606dn B&W laser. The tech rep said that the upcoming WebOS update should resolve it. We'll se when I get home to try it out.

I've got my TP here with me at work, so until then I'm going to attempt an update via freeTether from my Pre. Wish me luck! I'll post back later to let you know how long it takes - IF it takes.

It'll take - I'm doing that very thing right now :D

That's good to hear. You got your TP powered as it updates?

Yes, it was plugged in. Everything is working as it should, meaning none of the patches work, nor does Uberkernel, which is to be expected after any OS update. Everything is so snappy, I didn't realize my TP wasn't overclocked anymore. I also noticed copy and paste function isn't so glitchy anymore - yay!

Nope. Forget it. Not gonna happen.

It took 4 minutes just to discover that there was too much traffic for it to get through ("Unable to connect. Try again later")

It burned through 2% of battery life just doing that. I've only got 37% left now, and I didn't bring my TouchStone. I'm certain a 58MB update would kill my batt before it even reaches the 1/4 mark. I'll just wait until I get home.

I also have the P1606 printer that has been printing black pages. I have the update and will try printing when I get home. I will be very happy if this now prints!

Did the update fix your issue with the P1606dn printer? I am looking for a laser printer. Trying to find one that will work with TP.

also messaging on the tp is a little different. Both my yahoo accounts can be manipulated (online, offline, busy) separate.

Really surprised his isn't getting more mentions. The ability to log into/out of individual messaging accounts is a BIG improvement.

On the patches, perhaps somebody at PreCentral could copy/paste/edit the instructions for handling patches before and after an OTA update. I'm downloading the update now. I ran SaveRestore and Emergency Patch Recovery before restarting and downloading the update. I will comment on how it goes.

Because we have a lot of new people I will state that patches should be compatible with updates. I ran the update with my patches installed. Now all patches are disabled, as the authors update the patches for compatibility (or simply designate them as compatible) they will be updated from preware and their function restored.
Update: Ok I was partially wrong apparently. To restore functionality to my patches I uninstalled and reinstalled each one. Some patches are however incompatible and simply wont reinstall(private browsing among them ;;)
Might be able to run "Emergency Patch Installer" after the update to restore function to patches that happen to be compatible, but I didn't think of it till after I had done it the hard way.

I'd like to see them put the Tasks app from the Pre into an update. I haven't found a suitable replacement for that app yet. And, unfortunately there's no built-in way of exporting (via MMS or email) any of the Tasks content.

tapnote. I got it free in one of the HP code giveaway things and love it. Syncs across my phone and touchpad nicely. Only thing I would like is more sorting options.

Thanks. I'll have to check that one out.

I guess I will have to wait until I get home also. However, the one feature (or patch) I hope they add is placing arrows on the keyboard. Not having arrows for scrolling in any direction is the MOST annoying thing to me. It doesn't provide for a great typing experience. But that does not mean that I don't love my TouchPad. It's mine until it is replaced with a better hardware by whomever decided to invest in the WebOS future.

By the way, has anyone come accross a keyboard enhancement patch?

Hulu patch is not compatible. Didn't work after the update, and I uninstalled, and now it doesn't show up in Preware.

:) This makes me happy! Thank you HP!

Thx HP! Now please bring hardware devices production back!

3.0.4 just killed my touchpad. sweet. alert with palm.com/rom on the screen. thanks HP!

Man, that's not good. Sad to hear that.

Were you running an overclock patch? If so, which one. (just hoping that didn't have anything to do with it)

Same here... nothing 'unusual' with regards to patches. I hope this device isn't dead.

I removed my patches and upgraded with no problems.

Ugh. I keep getting the racing circle of doom every time I launch the System Updates app. Probably too many people trying to download at the same time.

Removed My Patches & Upgrade works eat. Can
't reinstall Uberkernel.All the Patches Reinstalled except " Muffle".
TP seems to run almost as fast as 1.5 after the patch.

Removed My Patches & Upgrade works great. Can
't reinstall Uberkernel1.5.All the Patches Reinstalled except " Muffle".
TP seems to run almost as fast as 1.5 after the patch.

I am probably going to wait about a week before I do this update. You know, let all the patches update so I don't have to spend so much time in limbo.

I just completed my TP update to WebOS 3.0.4...
I had installed:
127 Apps
1 Kernal
7 Lenux Apps
16 Patches
2 services
4 unknowns
I left them all installed and as far as I can tell the patches aren't working yet, but once they are "updated" they will work again... Though I did have the "No Launcher Button" and that messed up the launcher at the bottom of the screen since that patch give you like 3 extra spaces but a simple "remove" "install" did the trick and it is working again just fine.
I may run EPR and then reinstall the patches.

the only thing I have noticed is that my TP is much slower than it was before with the Uberkernal 1.5GHz which appears to not be working!

I connected my android phone with Bluetooth, no problem. But the freecell I downloaded is now always upside down.

If HP really lays off all remaining webOS engineers then this may probably be the last update ever.
Sad. There's still so much missing. There are still so many bugs.

Lets maintain a hopeful optimism that the engineers will stay with the Palm unit through the sale process. Otherwise, why would anyone buy the unit without the expertise to go with it?

Anyone having a problem with the camera app (or the camera in general)? I have been unable to get it to work right. With the last release of Skype, it would never kick into video mode at all (the call would drop). With the new release, the video call connects, I see nothing from the other side and all they see is a really fuzzy picture (and neither can hear sound). (If you use Skype to make an audio call, it works fine...) The FreeCam app never shows anything. Is it just my TouchPad?

Ogg Vorbis support!!! Yeah! I can finally stop having to convert my audio to MP3. It's been sooo long. I don't know if I can handle it.

Tell me about it. My 20gb of ogg's will finally be loaded tonight!




It gets even better, the Doctor moves very slowly, and then says the device is disconnected and offers for me to try again.

On the bright side, I'm using the Doctor while watching The Doctor. Fun. :)

As he always does, The Doctor came through and saved the day. And as is often the case, it took him several attempts.

Damnit same **** here! and judging by your responses I have no choice but to Doctor :-(

I just BlueTooth Connected my iPhone 4S and it worked flawlessly. The setup connected super fast for both devices and the reception sounded excellent. Good job HP.

YAY for Ogg Vorbis support! I begged the devs for ogg support when they announced the Pre abck in the day. And I waited and waited for a player with ogg support, and finally got it with the touchpad. But now it's supported YAY.

Now to import my entire collection of ogg.

Seems like there are some problems with Flash support: youtube now says that Flash isn't installed (haven't tried other flash stuff).

Anyone with the same problem ?

pretty responsive camera app for such a low quality camera works good though and scrolling is much smoother (browser patches won't work like : private browsing) but reaaaaly good update

Damn I'm late, Was web browing on my comp and my TouchPad made a noise? looked at it and said there's a new update webOS 3.0.4 77. I thought "Very Nice" how come I aint see this coming on Precentral? Low and behold its all over here lol with tons of comments! Well its in that "15 min" process, hope all goes well!

They should add touch to share for the older Pre's!! oh and the text part.

AHHHH! My TouchPad came up with a triangle and exclamation point with the text under it "www.palm.com/ROM" stupid update! what to do what to do? you guys didn't wish me luck did you god damnit! lol

Is Doctoring the only way!!??

If folks are having trouble with the OTA failing, check if you have any full partitions (my /boot didn't have enough space to take the new kernel, which, for some reason, is a lot bigger).

really glad to hear a good reason for the failed OTA. i have CM7 installed and for some reason CWM has failed to boot since installing it. i'll bet you a dollar that this was the same issue: CWM couldn't install right since the boot parition was too full and this also killed the touchpad update.

All is well post-update except that the sound is absolutely ghastly. Was fine before. I saw another post about it earlier, but it must have been another article about the update. Any thoughts?

I had trouble with my sound, too. I rebooted my tp and the sound went back to normal, so give that a shot if you haven't already.

Seems to be ok now. The first audio through here after the update was a video on PreCentral about the update itself. Really bad. Then launched Pandora to check another source. Awful. YouTube was ok and Pandora since has been fine. I didn't reboot, so not sure what took care of it. I did uninstall the homebrew volume boost, but that didn't seem to make a difference initially. All's well that ends well, I suppose. I'll reboot again just to make sure.

I'm glad to hear (pardon the pun) your sound wound up better, amigo! ¡Viva el touchpad!

Mine updated pretty quick. Camera works. I like the video option. Patches, as a few have stated don't work, so I will uninstall and reinstall to see what happens. Sound seems fine, youtube works but no other issues as of yet. I need to get everything back in order and tested on mine so I can look like I know what I am doing when I upgrade my wifes! :-) Anyone know if print functionality will be added to QuickOffice?

Worked great for me, took about 20 minutes. A couple of the apps already had updates. Connected my Nokia phone on the bluetooth.

Connected my Atrix & it works great!

Really seems to improve speed on my Touchpad. Nice work. The camera's nothing to write home about, but the price is right and it works as well as at least one of the 99 cent camera apps.

hmmm... I do not see the patch category on preware. Added the patches back via USB and quick install but they do not work and I still cannot see them in predate so sad.

Still missing tasks is weak sauce, but the device is MUCH faster. Loving it.

Hello everyone! I did not think to remove Preware patches prior to update. Drats! When I removed some patches to reinstall them - they disappeared from Preware! Does anyone know why this happens and how to get them back? I am afraid to keep un-installing patches even though they appear to not be working. Help!

Thanks for all the great posts everyone! Very helpful!

Does anyone know why this happens?

Same here... I can only add patches via Quickinstall. They do not show up on the TP though. I don't think it'll hurt to keep them on until some updates are rolled out, I had the muffle logging patch tell me it could not be removed. I have another TP that's not updated and they were neck and neck in speed, so maybe some of the perf issues were a part of the update. I'll probably hold off on updating that one until a few days go by to get more info.

Just installed the update and all my previously installed patches show they are there in the preware app on my touchpad, but they do not work. I tried un installing the patches, but then they do not show up again to install on preware installer or quick install :(

24 hours later and no updates or explanation why patches disappear from Preware? Some patches appear to be un-removable and others un-useable.... Too bad, we were all enjoying the extra abilities provided by these patches...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAA! lost the french keyboard???? I guess HP killed it because it was good, like everything else

- Problem with Email after the update, first message on reading pane not displaying
- Updated with .04 and installed F15C Kernel, camera app not working
- Removed OC, Asphalt6 HD seems slow
- Connected my BB 9300

My touchpad updated itself on it's own this morning, while it was sitting on the touchstone. :(

Really upset about the breaking of the browser patches, especially Private Browsing. I hope that one gets updated so that we can use it again.

my iphone is found by touchpad

Just took my TP off the touchstone. Battery was almost dead. Found it no longer charges
with the case on. Never had that issue before. Anyone else having that issue? Can you undo the update?



Mine works fine and charges with case on.