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webOS 3.0.4 makes your TouchPad finally compatible with PreCentral comments 90

by Derek Kessler Tue, 18 Oct 2011 11:40 am EDT

PreCentral readers: download webOS 3.0.4 onto your TouchPad right now - those updates to WebKit finally made the webOS browser compatible with the PreCentral commenting system. Like every other browser on the planet. Thanks, HP!



Commenting from Touchpad - yeah!

Sweet!!! Only problem is patches and 1.5 GHz kernal don't work yet. I'm going to personally wait til those get updated before updating my personal Touchpad. My mother-in-law updated hers and the patches don't work.

...it is "kernEl", not "kernAl", for crying out loud, what the heck is with all these "kernals" being posted everywhere?

Hello, how’s it going? Just shared this post with a colleague, we had a good laugh. swimming

Love the update, seems my sound issue turning off on its own is also resolved without needing to reboot, or download the hack fix.

Way to go webOS, proofing the haters wrong, is always good!

don't use an iphone lol

which phones allow texting?... My epic 4g doesn't seem to support texting either

WebOS 2.2 and above phones are the only ones officially supported (currently Pre3 only). Some people have been able to get other phones to send texts, but it's hit and miss.

just think, I was gonna sell this thing tonight. Now I can send text messages from it, and do phone calls. Woohoo

You kinda can't make HP solely to blame for the site being incompatible with its constituents. Still, LOL


I'm commenting this from 3.0.2. I don't know what the fuss is about. It's always worked for me.....

ditto here!


It's very hit & miss though.

will it now let me see pics from android central?

same here always worked with my 3.0.2. same goes for pairing with pre- and then reborn frankenpre2.

Anyone know if it fixed the issues with the Evenote web page displaying properly? My TouchPad is at home.

On Evernote web on the TP, the list of notes would never show. Evernote support said it was a known issue, but had no info for me.

Works for me as well.

Dude, it disabled my uberkernel. Tried reinstalling it, and now it says it's incompatible. I guess I'll chug along at 1.88 for the moment while waiting for that to be updated as well :/

Mine doesn't work either. I have 2 touchpads and only updated 1. You definitely want 3.0.4. Much smoother and the bug fixes outweigh the slower speed. They will get Govnah and Uberkernel updated soon to be compatible with this version. Sit tight.

Yup, thanks. It's definitely almost as smooth as when it was overclocked. I be waiting patiently for the Govnah & Uberkernel updates.

Hmm... The new update overrode my patch to get rid of the ripples when touching the screen.

Aside from that, camera app is not saving pics to where my photo app can see them. Same issue I've had since day 1, screen captures, other camera apps, Quick Office all not saving docs to where native apps can see them. Internalz sees them in the root folder though.

When you say slower speed is that because you're no longer overclocked or is it actually slower? I'm not overclocked so I'm hoping this update speeds it up a bit for me.

I was overclocked at 1.512, and now I'm down to 1.88 and it runs just as smooth as it was.

Wait, what? lol

tz3026 & I were both overclocked at higher speeds. Since updating our TouchPads, it lowered us down to the stock "slower" 1.88 speed. I'm saying that the update still makes it feel like I am running at the faster frequency. It's almost as smooth. No complaints, just minor inconvenience.

Think it was a typo, think they mean 1.18

A typo he made three times. Lol. I think you're right though.

Yup, my bad

nice update you can Bluetooth to the iphone4s if anyone cares. siri activates the vmail on the pad though lol

The "Networking App" doesn't seem to be working now. This is the app that pops up when you connect to a network that requires an additional login. I'm at work and it was working this morning before the update. Now I can't get to the login/password page

I just updated from my desk at work and after the updated it connected just fine. On the other hand, I was connected before I downloaded the update too.

Thanks. I was connected before as well. I downloaded the update while connected at work.

you mean the 'Captive Portal Detected' screen? I don't know how your particular login screen works, but if you had already authenticated before the update, it probably wouldn't have timed out and asked for another login by the time you reconnected. the touchpad is still the same device connecting from the same MAC address.


thanks for the info

wiped out a lot of my patches, concerned about muffle system logging as well as other basic performance enhancements. Can't wait for return of uberkenel and Govnah . Aside from camera app curious to see what actual performance enhancements this update brings. Nice to see webOS is not D.O.A ,wondering if this update is in preparation for another platform or sale

Same here. All my patches and mods are non-functional.

Mentioned on another thread....all patches are deactivated until the patch authors update them as compatible with 3.0.4. (Sometimes no code changes at all, just have to indicate that the patch works with 3.0.4.) That should happen this week sometime.

seems hit and miss on mine. the lock screen is back, but the thumb-nav pop-ups still work. I've not looked at every patch. I guess it just depends on whether the OTA updated the particular file or not.

Will these 'updates to webkit' fix the commenting on the Facebook app too?

Does anyone know of a way to stop the upgrade without keeping wifi turned off? Unfortunately, this upgrade will cause my Touchpad to rebood continuously, as I have Arabic and Hebrew keyboards installed, which required changes to the Webkit, LunaSysMgr, other files, and a couple of fonts. I don't want to ungrade until there's a solution, but HP will push the upgrade whether I want it or not.

I am not sure that the update will happen without your permission. It may download the files in the background, but you will have to OK the actual upgrade itself.

Edit: Sorry, apparently it does say it will auto install in **** minutes.

its so buttery smooth!

Yep, it works!

I bet the update came from webOS internals and not hp.


i have a probleme with asphalte his not sensitive like before and its very dificult to play now .
any idea?

The upgrade went a-ok for me. I tethered off my Pre+ on 3G and just went about my business for the next hour. I actuall forgot I was updating my TP's OS. I checked back and I hadn't noticed any performance changes. But after reading folks say Uberkernel was disables/incompatible, I can attest to it being snappy as I thought it was still overclocked.

Nice Pic to go along with the post ;)

Anyone having a problem with the camera app (or the camera in general)? I have been unable to get it to work right. With the last release of Skype, it would never kick into video mode at all (the call would drop). With the new release, the video call connects, I see nothing from the other side and all they see is a really fuzzy picture (and neither can hear sound). (If you use Skype to make an audio call, it works fine...) The FreeCam app never shows anything. Is it just my TouchPad?

(I'm posting this on two other articles - sorry for the redundancy...)

No reply means my camera's likely bad. Hmmm. How badly do I want to get this fixed? Enough to ship the thing back to Amazon (HP?), wait 8 weeks, reinstall all my stuff? Mmmm, probably not...

it look like always can be comment. I using 3.0.2

Does anyone have a Pre 3 paired? Mine will no longer send SMS, it only "mirrors" them as per the option on the Pre3. The actual option on the Touchpad to receive SMS has been removed.

I can't believe they would take that out, it's one of the reasons I bought a Pre 3, so I can leave it down when I get home and not miss anything, if I have to check it for SMS, what's the **** point?

my pre3 and touchpad still functions as before. messages can be sent and recieved while paired on the touchpad, but sent messages from phone do not show up on touchpad.

Finally comments available on touchpad for precentral. i dont know how many app giveaways ive missed out on for not being able to comment...

Same here. Confirm paired send and receive sms with UK pre3 and 32gb touchpad.

Should I uninstall the few patches I have installed or does the update safely disable them until a new patch version can be installed?

preware patches are all OTA-safe (but the functionality of the patch may be lost and won't return until the patch is updated). you're just supposed to remove themes first.

I don't know if it is just me, but stock apps seem to launch INSTANTLY.

After the update I launched calendar, mail, messaging, etc, all of which asked me to confirm the accounts. If you then tap on "Go" and then flick them off the screen, upon relaunching they just appear instantly, faster that iPad 2. Just extremely quickly. I don't know what trick they have got up their sleeve, such as caching or whatever, but the core stock apps are launched like rockets.

The mail app did that before the update for me.

gmail still doesnt work well.

phone pairing is nice, works well. Shame sms and email isn't working, because my android phone seems to support it.

I could comment before the update though? just had to make sure I was logged in first. Although It was buggy at times.

I'm not on 3.0.4 and can still post this from my touchpad. Whatever. Yay for the update!

Anybody having a problem with the download? I went to System Updates and it says "checking for updates" but nothing is happening. I verified my system is working by going on the web. Is the servers overloaded? Thanks, Rex

WebOS 3.0.4 77 Update Error!

I downloaded the OTA updated just fine, the I tapped install. It finished the installation and rebooted.
After rebooting it displays the following error


I reseted the TP but it stops at this error.

I will have to doctor it back to 3.0.2 and try again!!!

I posted the error on the Palm developers site!!!

+1 for the browser not bouncing around when scrolling up/down.

just updated so far so good. But don't recall having a problem with posting from my pad before.

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It works!

I updated the OS, now the touchpad won't connect to my wifi. It recognizes my network. I'm not sure what to do now. You guys have any ideas?

now maybe I can get a free app now!

Commenting from my Touchpad (just received it today) so I'm glad!

this makes the touchpad wayyyy better now ;-) I was able to pair my iphone 3gs with this haha it was awesome BETTER THAN THE IPAD!

update smooth. Paired with my Blackberry tour, and phone calls on to are a snap. What app would I use to send a sms message from the tp?

Hope this fixed the problem with sound going away, requiring a re-boot to fix. It does seem much quicker and smoother.

My speakers keep going out since the update. Anyone else having this problem? I have to reboot every ten minutes.

Two things I am noticing, I have to search to find the camera app and then second, I can't reconnect to WebOS Quick Install to install anything.

Anyone else see this? Still stayed in Dev mode during the update, so that shouldn't be a problem.

My touchpads from the "last batch" just arrived! Of course I have missed all the app sales and the precentral half price sales... but I am still just excited to have them!

I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere so I don't know if anyone noticed.

The added enterprise WiFi security support including PEAP support. I know there were people who needed that.

The browser fix was seriously needed. FINALLY! Thank you HP


Comments still don't work with the idiotic app giveaway contest. How stupid is that to have a "contest" that can't be entered from the devices that utilize the prize.

***one of the last ones left where a dying bread: original pre minus 1.4.5 sprint user from 2009 ive ran threw at least 5 phones and havent involved any preware yet but thinking real hard about it so i can have the lastest verion and functionality but would someone please tell me why there has never been a software update for sprint users when every one else has gotten them even recently for bing maps is it sprint or hp??? and can derek kessler get some real ansers as to y not???? im gonna wind up just going franke-pre2 shortly just due to out-dated hardware and no more memory -


WEBos 4 life

Really??? Was there nothing PreCentral could have done to their site?


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I am so happy to hear this. Thank you for sharing.

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one of the last ones left where a dying bread: original pre minus 1.4.5 sprint user from 2009 ive ran threw at least 5 phones and havent involved any preware yet but thinking real hard about it so i can have the lastest verion and functionality but would someone please tell me why there has never been a software update for sprint users when every one else has gotten them even recently for bing maps is it sprint or hp???

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