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webOS 3.0.5 to bring the bug fixes 80

by Derek Kessler Tue, 06 Dec 2011 6:02 pm EST

It hasn’t even been two months since webOS 3.0.4 was released, bringing bug fixes, massive speed improvements, and a new camera app to the TouchPad mix. Now we’re hearing that webOS 3.0.5 is right around the corner, being that Release Candidate 1 of the updated OS has been released in the Early Access Program.

Like 3.0.4 and 3.0.2 before it, 3.0.5 is focused on fixing bugs in webOS and making small improvements. Included is a new “sensor API” for PDK applications, support for SDL hybrid apps to utilize both cores of the TouchPad processor, and a bug fix for hanging WebSQL calls (affecting some Enyo apps like Paper Mache). Also present in webOS 3.0.5 will be support for HTML5 video in all screen orientations, double space for a period, low disk space download alerts, and the incorporation of a homebrew patch to enable support for binary data in the Bluetooth SPP service.

Like we said, bug fixes and not much else. Seeing as webOS 3.0.5 is currently sitting at RC1, HP has ironed out the intended issues for this release and is giving it one last round of testing before release. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see webOS 3.0.5 getting pushed out to TouchPad owners the globe over by the end of the month.

Thanks anonymous!


Not bad for a grave product. In case anyone was wondering, I am still happy with my Sprint Pre- and my TP.

My 10 year old, who I gave my Pre to while I tried the Evo out for 2 months, still wants my Pre back over the Evo I gave her when I decided it was not better than my Pre. She is even excited about Pre greatness.

I agreee. I've had my Bell Pre- since launch day. My contract is almost up, but I plan on keeping it. There's just nothing that works like webOS.

I've been on an EVO for 3 weeks now and am absolutely miserable. Switching back to the Pre- when I can get it out of the hands of my kid.


Merry Christmas from Meg

Your ten year old has a smartphone? get a **** grip son.

My 8 year old has my Pre Plus (VZW) and my 6 year old has a Pre- that was given to me by my best friend. Both phones have their own Palm profiles preware, Uberkernel overclocked to 1 GHz, a host of GREAT games & educational flashcards, and Music Remix (both of them are experts at running that app, too). I keep the Radios turned off and the apps hidden and so far, thy've been very good stewards of their phones.

my 10 yo likes my Pre2 better than the Pre due to the speed bump. I like being able to call him when he Is at his friend's, and he can call of we are late picking him up from hockey practice because my wife and I stay busy, too.

Opie in Mayberry may not have needed a phone. I don't know many 12 yo kids who don't have one now, and lots of kids younger.

By the way, for other parents out there, Verizon's parental control settings are great for keeping young minds from getting into the garbage on the internet. My son is not allowed to use wi-fi connections (which bypass parental controls) and then I don't worry.

Good news...Maybe it is our Christmas gift from HP.(before they shutdown WebOs for good) :(

Go TP!

Merry Christmas to me! And they said WebOS is dead? Idiots ... Long live WebOS ... My TouchPad ROCKS!!!

webos is basically dead!! you think a small update which basically equates to *bug fixes* means webos is alive?!?!

people on here will believe anything. when HP finally comes out "in the coming months/weeks" (LOL! I always lol when i see that) and kills it off will anyone believe it?! or will it be the start of "my uncle who was a janitor @ hp heard....." rumors......

well, an update is better than none at all

Why are you here maverick7526. Yes, You have every right; no one disputes that. I wonder if you are paid to lurk sites of devices you don't use and try your best to spread discontent.

Or maybe you're very lonely, perhaps confined to your bed and very bitter. Pity. I hope if webOS is fully shut down that you become a little happier, you seem to need it. Good luck and God bless.

Maverick every comment I see from you is negative. You can call us fanboys but we know the reality of the situation. WebOS is basically on life support with HP. We love palm and webOS and want it to suceed. Precentral happens to be where we get our news and updates on webOS. We would all prefer not to have the comments filled with negativity from you. It is kind of like the old saying "If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all."

not every comment is negative. HP/Palm left me with a sour taste in my mouth. So basically you want no "negativity" everything is all ok right?! thats the REALITY of the situation! It sucks right now. We could all sit here and say "be nice" "only talk good about webos and hp/palm" but that is basically just lying to yourself.

I wanted webos to succeed when i bought my pre. but after all the stupid decisions made by palm and hp in the end how could you not be angry, or even just jaded as to how this situation ended up? webos had some good things (synergy, multitasking) but it also has bad things. (poorly optimzed software, **** hardware)

maybe hp/palm can resurrect webos, a little bit of me wants it back. it was a very unique os. not the best imho, but good.

Any word on a fix for the distorted sound issue that made its' debut in 3.0.4?

yeah, I've noticed that as well. Not sure what causes it. It sounds as if the audio system went into a lower sampling frequency or something. It's definitely a 3.0.4 regression, since I've never encountered it with the previous versions.

My workaround for the audio bug is to put it to sleep (via power button), count to 10, then power it on again.

really, that works for you? I find not even a device restart restores the sound, I have to do a full power-off to get the sound working right again.

In fact yesterday I noticed I had the sound problem when I was about to reboot into Android to play the new angry birds seasons; I did a restart into Android, played angry birds for awhile with perfect sound and then restarted into webOS... the sound was STILL bad so I had to power-off to get it back. So even booting a different OS, which was able to play sound fine, and then back to webOS still didn't restore the sound.

I never had the sound problem until I installed Android. Now get it intermittently . Could it be due to Android?

No I don't have Android installed and I still get it. It was really common when I first updated to 3.0.4, every few hours or so, but since I've doctored to 3.0.4 to install a Ubuntu Chroot it's only happened twice.

I hope they fix this. Playing music is my main use for my TouchPad. This bug has really ruined the experience for me. I'm considering Doctoring 3.0.2 :(

After the last update, my Touchpad constantly disconnects from my wireless router.

I don't even turn it on anymore, I used it to catch on my tv shows, but now that requires me to refresh every 5 minutes, and then I have to sit through extra commercials because you can't just fast forward to spot.

Also, webOS "forgets" my Office365 password all the time. I had to disable the account otherwise it continuously drained the battery. My Sprint Pre does the same.

So I basically have an unusable touchpad.

So sad.

PM me, I'll but you're unusable touchpad! 100% serious. :-)

I haven't had any of those issues at all. Perhaps now that the cloud back-up is back on line you need to run webOS doctor.

Mine is fully functional and I'm still loving it! Not saying that as a gloat, but maybe inspiration to get yours fixed.

Is developer mode on? I had the same issue until i turned off developer mode.

Liking the vibe...

and how about some update/fix for Pre 3 ?

All well and good but its annoying that the smartphones aren't getting any love. HP, you released the Veer and Pre 3 this year...they also need updates!!!


This tells me that any hope for continued WebOS support will be confined to non-phone products. My Pre 2 works fine. But like you I'm sure it will need updates as the world changes. Best phone I've ever had. I bought my wife a Veer and she loves it.

I wish they'd bugfix the Pre2 also! I like mine (which my son uses now that I have a Pre3) but it freaks out after a call, trying to decide if it is by an ear or on the table. I think probably a proximity sensor software bug. Otherwise great little phone.

I hope the fix the browser video issue. It is very annoying when I'm trying to show off my touchpad and try to play videos on the browser and it goes into a big circle little circle cycle with the page reloading every time. I dont even show it off anymore. When people ask about it I say it's just a cheap tablet u can't buy anymore. I love we is but damn how hard is it to have a reliable browser that works everytime and remembers my page position when I hit back.
I recently acquired a iphone4s and it's annoying how far behind as far as usability iOS 5 is. But I'm also impressed of how well it works. If only webos could be optymised to work fast and glitch free then it might have a small chance.

Can we get a browser update!
need it to open hotmail!
and load Gmail correctly!
add tabs. and allowing more cards to be open.
file manager! and a zip extractor program
that all I want really.

maybe also if amazon would update the kindle app so it won't crash

This is great but when will we get webOS phone updates especially some bug fixes for 2.1?

Hope it adds the filename to display on each Photo while viewing and to thumbnails too.

there is a Preware patch that does that.
it is called Show File Names.

Since it's Christmas I'd just like two small things: please Santa, bring back "empty trash" in the email app 'cause I have a thousand deleted emails taking up space, and could you also pretty please make the email app stop forgetting my email password? It happens 3-4 times a week... just sayin'..... love my TP...

there's a patch somewhere in the forums that restores the empty trash. I think it was Maverickz that did it, check his signature for a link.

HP please fix the accelerometer!!! I need to play my games!!!


It's fixed.

@ wade

Why am I here?

I used to have a webos device, and I've used other ones as well. Sorry my viewpoint is realistic and not stuck in the clouds like all the other dreamers.

Whats more sad is your personal attack on me because I have a different viewpoint than yours. Grow up man, it's just pathetic.

I'm here because this place is like the car accident scene from final destination 2. You can't look away! Everyone here thinks some mythical company will swoop in spend billions and **BOOM** webos is saved?! Ok......

Hey if HP changes course and decides "in the coming months/weeks" {LOL!} to save webos, cool! But until then I think I'll be realistic about things, and not a "fanboy"

I think (know) that what he was getting at was WHY do you lurk on a website for a device/operating system that you do not like and do not support? It's like the PS3 and Xbox fanboys who troll the opposite platform's websites just to bash on them. Its pointless, sad, and in all honesty...and I REALLY, REALLY mean this...not to insult you or instigate more inane ramblings...but it is REALLY pathetic. If you don't like or support webOS then why would you bother visiting the site? Go outside, read a book, watch some **** ..anything at all would make more sense than keeping up to date on the goings on of webOS.

Only here does acknowledging the grim reality of the situation and not getting excited over the meager scraps of this "bug fix" update - which by you and Johnson's very own words below DOESN'T FIX THE MAJOR BUGS - constitute "not liking or supporting WebOS.

Obviously, we all liked a good bit of WebOS to buy the phones or tablets in the first place. But I guess after that, you should blindly stay hopeful and "supportive" regardless of what empirical evidence tells you otherwise. Feel free to insult the corporations that gambled and lost millions giving WebOS a chance, mind you....it's always their fault.

The OS itself is perfect, aside from the HUGE showstopping audio, accelerometer, and browser bugs allowed to fester on the one product - the Touchpad - that HP is still actively supporting.

What's more sad is you feel it's your duty to "wake" all us "dreamers" up. You grow up, man.

I totally understand your point of view. But those of us who have stuck with our phones and tablets experienced a unique OS that we know could have great promise and so we all hope. And that is the big difference.

all those other fixes are cute and all, but a LOT of users are going to be mighty upset if it doesn't fix the BIG 3 bugs of 3.0.4:

1. accelerometer lag - this one has to irritate the game devs too (the few that still care), as since 3.0.4 the accelerometer game reviews have all been 1-star... who's going to pay $10 for Need for Speed when everyone says it's unplayable?

2. sound distortion bug

3. auto-correct sometimes tries to correct while still typinh the word, leading to a big mess.

I agree on all three points and I will raise you the desensitized touchstone charging issue. The fact that I can no longer charge my TP while in it's case has made me one VERY unhappy camper.

I noticed that you have to position it very carefully with the cover open and the speakers facing down. This happened after the 3.0.4 update. But it still works. Its just more fickle.

I think the touchstone problem is far less widespread than the other 3; I've certainly had no problems with mine (and yes, I do have the HP case on). But yes, for those who have the problem I can certainly see how frustrating it would be that an OS update effectively disabled charging your device without some inconvenient work-around.

those are indeed the big 3!!!

accelerometer lag was fixed in 3.0.5

Woot! Long live webOS. Also was wondering about the sound bug, feels like it goes into lower quality or something but a full restart solves he problem.

I hope 3.0.5 fixes the accelerometer to work on apps properly. Instead of responding as just "rotate screen" which takes like 2-3 seconds.

It's fixed!

@ mrgrod

So being realistic is now "lurking" I'm sooooo sorry!

IDID LIKE webos! It has glaring issues, but if you don't want to acknowledge that then don't! Your acting just like a fanboy, are you going to keep blindly supporting hp/palm??

All the evidence points to it being dead! Those are just the simple facts. What's more pathetic is ignoring REALITY, if you want to keep thinking it's alive then go ahead! A little piece of me wants webos to succeed, but each day that goes by it's chances decline.

Each comment does have a reply button, you know.

if it's still getting bugfixes and new apps, then simple evidence shows it is still alive, and your statement is wrong.

but to use a medical analogy, I would agree that webOS is in critical condition, and is only getting little dribbles of hospice care instead of full-court press intensive care, while the family tries to make up their mind about pulling the plug or not.

All of which is unfortunate, as I am one of the few doctors still using webOS devices, and developing apps to help me use it. My TouchPad dual-boots Android so that I have more medical apps to use. But I like using webOS far better, for now. When ICS comes out for TouchPad, if it is nice enough to use, then I may switch for good, unless HP rescues the platform, which seems unlikely. A shame, but reality...

I've had the sound distortion issue after updating to 3.0.4. I usually had to do a device restart, but the last few times, I've been able to fix it by making a call (paired with my Pre³, making an actual call--haven't tried just attempting to make a call like the old trick), and then running Pulseaudio Restarter. Seems to work just fine, and the sound issue doesn't crop back up until I restart. I do hope the sound issues are finally ironed out in this update.

The Preware pulse audio restarter fixes the audio issue.

no, it definitely does not. perhaps it does for you, but not for me nor have I seen anyone else.

The Preware pulse audio restarter fixes the audio, SOMETIMES.

Interesting, I'm gonna try that next time mine glitches.

Finally true HTML5 video in the browser should make viewing Vimeo a lot better :)

Copy and Paste and the other essential keyboard shortcuts via BlueTooth keyboard. Please #okthanxbye


joking aside, typing on my pre3 is better in some respects than my TouchPad. The Android cursor slider is way better, though the TouchPad on-screen keyboard is better.

calendar fix anytime soon? It is so slow it is barely usable. Calendar on my Sprint pre was awesome though.

Could it be a hint that Meg is keeping webOS? Let's hope so...

Hopefully it fixes the no Netflix bug :)

I wonder what Leo is up to?

spending his multi-million $ severance pay!


I see no mention of fixing the constant audio problems that have been around since the beginning. My audio still stops working (no sound at all) or gets distorted, both issues requiring a reboot to fix. How is HP continuing to ignore this problem?

..Sound issues, acceleromter issues, Application issues (database). Would be great if all that gets sorted in this update. Perhaps if they (HP) do decide to continue bug fixes, updates to webos etc, then the TP will survive.

I hope for the same for the sound issues. The accelerometer issues were fixed.

My TP is working great with 3.0.4. I have been lucky as I have none of the issues mentioned here, and we own 4 of them.

The one and only thing I want for the Touchpad is the Bluetooth DUN support so I can connect to my phone when away from wireless. Then, it is the perfect device in my opinion.

I tried to go to palmdev site for early access program and got 404 error messages both on my Touchpad and computer. My only concern is the updating of apps both market and preware to make them compatible with 3.5 ( by the way, where did touchplayer go?) So far I have had no problems with my Touchpad and webOS. I find it the most fluid and intuitive OS of all my devices-Android Gingerbread and iOS 5.1 . Ice Cream Sandwich seems like frivolous bells and whistles, with no substantial improvements other than potentially ending Android fragmentation. From what I have seen in the test videos I saw cards and multitasking are not a threat, webOS still wins, most likely because these were built into webOS from the beginning at the core of the OS and not tagged on later as an attempt . The only real issue I have with the Touchpad is a simple solution to the USB host

I predict there will be new HP tablet announcements. They may run Android. An official TouchPad Android release from HP would not suprise me or a new tablet with an upgraded WebOS. I prefer my TP over my wife's iPad and think WebOS still has tremendous possibilities. Meg?

I'm just hoping that they will fix the sorting of photos from revers cliche date to alfabetical on name... How fun is it to view your photos backwards? How did they think?

...or maybe someone smart could do a Preware patch for this...

They really need to fix the fact that you can no longer disable Advanced Gestures.